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  1. No I don't unfortunately. Is my best hope to fight for the original amount offered by Avant Credit before ACL bought the debt? I phoned the FOS and they've said I need to now raise a complaint about ACL formally and ask them to put the Letter of Claim on hold.
  2. I've had a letter of Claim from TM Legal Services come in the post. Here's a copy, I've removed names and references. Claim Form TM Legal Services.pdf
  3. I know it's an email and not written instruction but I've had a "Instruction of TM Legal Services Limited" come through. "TM Legal Services Limited are instructed by us to commence the legal process. You will shortly receive communication from TM Legal Services Limited, which will include details of how you can contact them." Should I still ignore this?
  4. it says it was settled on July 2017 It states 6 missed payments but no defaults but there is a DA status on Aug 2017.
  5. Just had another look, it's under Avant's name as a settled account with 0 balance.
  6. Thanks for both of your advice. I will wait, They have offered a reduction last week for £1.6k. I know it doesn't matter but there is nothing currently on my credit record of this debt. Thanks
  7. Did you get chance to look at the agreement iv uploaded?!I’m not sure what I’m looking for.
  8. I've had the credit agreement back and now i'm getting emails with "We have been trying to contact you to discuss your account but have had no response to date. Our goal is to resolve this matter with you, however if we do not hear from you we will have little option but to refer this matter, which may result in commencing legal proceedings against you. This would result in a claim being registered with HM Courts and Tribunals Service (England & Wales), Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service (Northern Ireland) or Sheriff Court (Scotland) with a view to gaining a County
  9. Here's the agreement. I've taken out personal details. Asset Credit Agreement Gensk121.pdf
  10. I sent them a CCA request after this, it's been just over 3 weeks since they signed for it, with no response. Just wondering the best course of action now? I'm still getting the odd email and phone call from them threatening further action if nothing is done. Do I just sit tight and wait?
  11. I previously took Avant credit to the FOS won the case and had a £4500 loan reduced to £2200. Avant then made me a good offer as I was struggling for money. They emailed me saying pay us £877 and we'll close the account. I managed to get the money together and went to pay them £877, only to find Asset Collections now own this and will not accept anything less than 2k. I have sent them the email from Avant. Which they have refused to accept. Do I have any power here to keep the offer at £877?
  12. I missed 7 payments from Apr - Oct 17. £281.50 each - £1,970.50 They demanded the full sum of £7,771. be paid in October and I said I could afford to start repaying the £281.50 from November. So they took that as a last chance to stop it going to court. Then this month the guarantor has been asked to pay more.
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