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  1. had a letter come through the door from the land registry. this was telling me that amigo loans had applied to have a charge put onto my property due to my wife standing as a guarantor for her cousin. you can imagine this has come has a major shock to me as i was not made aware of this by my wife. my permission would never been granted. i have until noon on thursday to reply to the land registry as my wife is a bit simple she said she did not know what she was entering into and the consequences. can i add this was the first time we have heard about this the land registry let
  2. After having issues with gambling and payday loans, my credit score was ruined and my partner agreed to help me with a guarantor loan to consolidate some of the debt, a terrible idea as we've found out. At the time I had over £10,000 of HTSTC loans outstanding and said I would consolidate some of these with the loan. UK Credit lent £7,500 to me, with repayments of £281. I paid around £6,000 off the HTSTC loans with the money, the rest I owed to my partner. Straight away I struggled, took out more debt to help with payments and then in April 2017 stopped due to lack of finances.
  3. I am acting as Guarantor on a rented property for someone who is now in serious rent arrears, to the tune of almost £3k. If I pay this off, does anyone know if can I then make a claim (small claims court maybe?) against them in order to try and get the money back? If so, has anyone done it? How easy is it? What power does the court have to compel the tenant to pay me? Thanks, dK
  4. Hi I acted as guarantor for a friend of mine on 31/10/14. He has since fallen into arrears and been evicted from the property. The first I heard about it was in a letter from the landlords solicitor on 28/11/16. In response to the solicitors letter I did admit to being guarantor. I also advised the solicitor that I am not in any financial position to pay this debt as I do not have any income at this time after losing my job in October 2015 and trying to get my photography business up and running, with no success as yet. I have now been issued with a County Court claim, however, in th
  5. Hello, I've had a gambling addiction which has lead to thoughtless borrowing and large amounts of debt. Earlier this year i decided to do something about it and I've currently got the gambling under control, put in complaints with all the PDLs i borrowed from and joined StepChange. The CAG guides have been a massive help, so thank you to all those involved. One problem I still have is a £7500, 4 year guarantor loan with UKCredit. I've currently paid UK Credit £3,800 but have fallen short on the payments since March. I've found the guarantor loans really cause problems on a dmp, as St
  6. Hi, This is a frustrating situation and time is pretty limited so hopefully someone may be able to help. Lol due to the fact that i'm the family banker this post is on behalf of my partner last year our daughter acquired some equipment and used Admiral Leasing, (my partner was the guarantor). The equipment was not proving to make the profit that was required and our daughter contacted Admiral Leasing, explained that she could not afford to keep up the repayments and asked for a solution. She was informed that they would collect the machine and it would be resold. She w
  7. Hi You guys were great giving me information a couple of years ago and i hope you can help my friend. He stupidly went as a guarantoor for his friend for a glo loan and it was supposed to be repaid in full the next month as his friend promised the money in the bank would be realeased to him and he would then pay the loan off in full. As you have probably guessed the friends money in the bank was non existant, the firend then defaulted and the guarantor who is on a DAS (like myself) didn't know he couldn't be a guarantor until he spoke to his advisor who has now told him if Glo t
  8. Hello, I am new to the forum having joined today. I'd be so grateful for any advice please. In September 2015, I signed as a guarantor for my son's first year student rental in a shared house. I understood then (as now) that each renter and guarantor were jointly and severally liable for any debt or damage incurred. This agreement was signed by each party on the understanding that there would be six tenants in a shared house. However the sixth tenant never showed up and the letting agency have failed to find a replacement renter. This has meant bills have had to be shared by 5 instead of
  9. Just looking for some advice. My father is my guarantor for my house which is rented privately through an agent. I claim full LHA due to first being unemployed and now claiming ESA due to a medical condition. The landlord through the agency want to increase my rent, no unreasonable since its been the same for 2 years. However the problem I have is that my father moved to France at the start of October with his new wife. He is therefore no longer a UK homeowner or in employment as he retired then as well. He still has a UK bank account that all his pensions are paid into a
  10. Need some advice please, sorry for the rambling post but its a long story. I stood guarantor for my daughter and to put it bluntly, the landlord has been nothing but a bloodsucker. I have cleared several lots of arrears as he has been charging £25 each for a letter to me and my daughter each time he notifies us of arrears. On this notice, he states that there is a £1 daily charge every day there are arrears but makes no reference to these other charges...(they are in the small print apparently)...so they mount up un-noticed until they put her back in arrears again and another lett
  11. Every now and again after spending a good few years reading many peoples stories on the consumer forums something about some peoples experiences give you a uneasy feeling in your stomach. After the subprime chaos came the payday loan crisis that is still raging in many countries causing misery for millions of people. These kinds of companies change and find new ways to extract money from their targets which is usually the hard working low paid in poor areas worldwide. Call them Legal Loan Sharks,Lepers of Lending many of us have names for them. Changing like Chameleons their
  12. Hi all, I'm afraid that I've been a bit silly. My son has lived in a flat for years with some old friends and recently one moved out. They replaced him with another boy who they didn't know and had to sign a new joint tenancy agreement. With the first one, I filled in an application and signed a deed of guarantee in addition to signing a box on the tenancy agreement itself saying 'Guarantor'. All of the other parents did the same. This time, I only saw the page I needed to sign and signed in the Guarantor box, didn't fill in forms/sign anything else, as did the
  13. Could I please have opinions as to whether this guarantor agreement linked below would be legally upheld - the landlord referred on this to is actually the letting agent, and the witness is also an employee of the same agent. A county court claim has been issued for an amount of rent oustanding less than £1000 but has nearly doubled due to their charges and fees despite the claim form stating no solicitor has been instructed... No breakdown of fees was given with the tenancy agreement (referred to as an appendix but not provided) and has been requested twice but not provided so we are mi
  14. Hi. I am currently going through with a DRO (debt relief order) and it's taking longer than I would wish, plus the guy from Citz Advice is not really helping at all. I get back tonight and 2 letters. One is from Collectica, saying I now owe them £215, £140 of the remainder of the fine and £75 for their BS fees. I have been paying this weekly, missed a week here and there but generally up to date, it was for a motor fine with courts. This is not in the DRO as fines can not go in dro. However the 2nd letter is off CCS Collect. Saying I owe upto £300 for vari
  15. Hi, I am new to this site, but hopeful that someone can offer me advice. I stupidly, and under duress, signed as a Guarantor for my friend, for a mobile phone contract. This was around 5 or 6 years ago. This 'friend' ran up a debt of £700. The debt has been passed to Lowell's who are chasing me for payment. I spoke to the 'friend' in October 2014, who agreed to pay, and she set up a payment plan with Lowell in October 2014. She made 1 payment and cancelled the direct debit, so Lowell are now chasing me again. I have spoken to Lowell to ask why they are coming dir
  16. Partner and i are due to rent a property. They have told me that my partner would be 100% responsible for the rent as he earns more than me. Despite this they have told me as i have a CCJ i would need a guarantor who has a proven income of £22,000?? My partner is earning all the money to pay for the rent (3 x what the they need for minimum amount) yet they say i need to fin someone who is earning £22,000? Why do they need someone earning over 22,000 for my share if the contract has my partner down for 100% of the rent?? Can my partner be my guarantor? Another thing the estate agent
  17. I apologise if this has been covered on another thread, I have tried to scroll through to see. My husband stood as guarantor for my niece for her rent on the promise she would put £100 a week into a savings account we set up for her should she ever falter on the rent. She hasn't been doing this and I am trying to find out if he can be released from the contract. Does anyone have any information on this please?
  18. I stupidly agreed to stand as guarantor for a friends daughter to enable her to rent a house. I received an email from the letting agent on 15th July asking me to sign the agreement they attached for the tenancy which started on 4th July. In this agreement it stated that ID was to be taken personally into the agents office or witnessed ID was to be sent in, neither of these was requested. I did not receive a copy of the tenancy agreement and had to email the agent to ask how long the tenancy was for. I have since written to the head office of this company stating these facts and
  19. Hi all, Need some advice please. I stood guarantor for my daughter for her rent on her first home. She is experiencing difficulties due to preferring to work rather than claim benefits but the Council are really dragging their heels over sorting out any help she will be getting. I am aware of my obligations and am not trying to wriggle out of them however the Landlord is not one of the nicest people in the world and we find out later he has a reputation for being a bully boy and going to the courts at the drop of a hat. My current query is that today I received a copy of a lett
  20. Hope this is in the correct place? Would appreciate some views on whether this would stand up in court - have no intention of it getting to that stage but am wondering how it would be possible to get out of the obligation - aware that the tenancy wouldn't continue if no guarantor was in place. This makes no mention of the amount of rent due, and no word in this states it is a deed or to be taken as one. It says "this AGREEMENT is made BETWEEN the Guarantor and the Landlord Guarantor _____________ Address _______________ Landlords (Agents details) Address (Agents addr
  21. hi, im new to this thread, need some urgent help ,it all started in 2009 when family member started buiseness. unfortunatley the buiseness folded in 2011. then suddenly i started to get letters from national westminister bank for £15k overdraft payment. after enquiring with them they said i was reponsible for the dept as i was the guarantor. this was a shock to me as i never signed the guarantor documents. they asked me to produce 5 signatures of mine, which i posted to them. then i got the shock of my life when they went to court in my absence and go
  22. hi all, my girlfriend needs help, she paid a deposit for her granddaughters rented flat it appears the documents she signed stated that she was a guarantor ,now the granddaughter is being evicted and they want the arrears from my girlfriend , she has been in touch with the letting agent and told them that as she is an old age pensioner she cannot afford to pay ,I suggested that she pays them a £1 a month but I cannot find the template letter can someone point me in the right direction or give me advice .thanks
  23. First of all hello, just recently found the forum. Oh, I have been so so silly. I bought a caravan on HP in 2008 over 60 months, last year I sold the caravan and didn't get enough for it to pay off all the loan. I know now that I shouldn't have done this, that I could have let them take it back as I'd paid half the loan. I feel so stupid, but I really didn't know this, and I didn't realise I couldn't sell it on either. I've made such a big mistake. I have never defaulted on the loan payments, I'm still just about managing to pay everything I owe (there are o
  24. Help with aggressive HSBC AND EVERSHEDS ! A family member incorporated a business in 2007 with a partner and 8 months later they were offered a loan of nearly £400,000 by HSBC (they had no trading record at that time) to buy a business. Both parties needed to secure the loan. The family member needed to guarantee their part of the loan but also needed to have a security guarantor as they had no assets or trading assets. The family member put sever emotional pressure on their parents who agreed to be guarantors using their house as security, joint and several. The family me
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