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  1. Dear All, I have had a scary incident today! I was rushing through a saintsbury's local and accidentally tagged one item worth 2 GBP as carrots, I purchased 4 items and only one had the issue. The security guard asked me to go to a room with the manager who claimed that I did this 3 times without showing any proof! It did happen a time before and I assured her that it was a mistake and I re-scanned the item I wanted to purchase and paid for it (it was a glitch in the system which she did not admit, the self checkout was already waiting for carrots to be scanned and did
  2. I was in a rush for a charity event, which the irony of the whole situation. I didn't have the change for the second set of chocolates (£2) I just walked out with them. I was taken into a small room and after being given a talk on not doing it again I wasn't banned or given anything to sign, as I was told it wasn't worth the hassle given the extent of the items, and was just given a verbal warning. However on a paper they wanted my address, will I be getting any fines in the mail, or third party fines? If so would I have to pay it?
  3. For years I have been struggling with debt but I got in contact with payplan and applied for a DRO. All the paperwork was set up with all my debts on. Council tax is with Marstons. I then received a letter from Rundles saying they were recovering council tax. I thought the council and changed agents and now everything was with Rundles. I informed payplan and they amended the paper work. I was just about to pay the £90 fee when last week while I was in bed asleep after a nightshift. An Enforcement guy...tapped on the front door and walked in scaring the life outta my partner who was in t
  4. Gran suffered heart attack at job centre meeting - but was too scared to leave as she feared losing benefits http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/gran-suffered-heart-attack-job-10458734 After leaving the meeting, the lady went to the local walk in centre where an ambulance was called and she was then hospitalised and stents inserted.
  5. Please help, (I suggest a comfy chair and a cuppa, this is a big mess) Last year we had three new windows installed in our bungalow. In addition to this we also signed a contract (27th June 16) for a new composite front door to be fitted in our recessed porch which required raising of the internal step, removal of the old door and frame and replacing this with a door and top light on the front of the porch, not the recess. The fitter had to leave and collect another piece of glass for one window as it was incorrect (a small triangular window) and this delayed the job which I
  6. Please help, I'm so scared that i'm going to prison I'm on ESA and have been for the past 3/4 years. In that time, i've have 3 part time jobs all 16 hours and under and i've declared all of them with a permitted work form. The only reason i can think this has come about is that at the beginning of July this year i was offered a job for 16 hours but was told i'd have at least 1 day extra as overtime. I rang up ESA and told them i wanted to stop my ESA claim. A few days later my mental health went to crap and i told my new boss that i wouldn't be able to do it. She the
  7. Hi There I have followed a number of the threads on this forum, and hope you will forgive me posting this. I am just absolutely terrified about my current situation and the legal implications (if any). I would highly value any help members could provide. My situation: I was on a six figure salary with my previous employer who, a few days ago, informed me that they would be closing with immediate effect. Unfortunately, I have just gone and taken out a couple of loans (about five weeks ago) to help fund a new car and decorate my mum's house for her 80th birthday, and have accru
  8. Hi, I'm a new user here. I don't underestand forums very well, but I am going to tell you what happened me yesterday. First of all, my English is not very well, because I came to England a few months ago. I am from Spain. I'm so humiliated and disgusted with myself but I was caught shoplifting £80 of goods from Primark. I am having bad money problems so I decided to do it. I honestly don't know what went through my mind. When I were about to exit the store, two guards were waiting for me and we went to a dark and close room on the ground floor, and we were there for about 1 hour &
  9. Hi everyone,Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate any advice you can give me. today we have found out we have had a £5500 housing benefit overpayment over 9 months. We are totally in shock and absolutely devastated about the situation . The council were not aware that my partner had started part time work in Dec 2014 and that I returned to work part time after my maternity leave in April 2015. We did not know that we had to inform the council as we thought it was all automatically done through tax credits/hmrc. We didn't think anyth
  10. Hi. I had a medical last month with ATOS, and got a letter recently putting me in 'work related activity group' . I then got an appointment with the job centre which I went to last week. It was basically a woman talking what to me, with what sounded like jibberish for 10 minutes before handing me a paper leaflet called 'work programme' , it didn't really have a lot of information on it. Yesterday I got a phone call from another lady from a company called 'prospects' we were on the phone for about half an hour whilst she reeled off bizarre questions which had no relevance to my situ
  11. HI Apparently i have 2 outstanding pay day loans , I think with money in advance and access fast money. After i left step change and started dealing with the debts on my own one of these debts went to OPOS who i wouldn't communicate with as they were really nasty. Now its gone to Sll Capital and they say so has another. They're not for a lot but still more than i originally borrowed plus one month interest. I know i am being cash cowed as i paid monthly to Step Change for a while. About £65 pound each. The amounts i borrowed are around £150. the
  12. Hi, I thought I'd see what I can do about settling a joint ge money loan taken out approx 7 years ago. Unfortunately I've been reading posts on here and now think I'm in for a rough ride : I spoke with them last week and have a settlement figure of 4.5k although the original debt was only about 6k. I was actually hoping to be able to offer a reduced full and final settlement but from posts on here it seems highly unlikely. The loan was taken out jointly by my ex and myself. We split and had a couple of joint debts so we agreed to take one each, I'm stuck with thi
  13. Hi everyone, I am under a DMP with hubby, have been since Jan 2014. We owe £42,000 and pay £240 per month. Hubby works full time, earning 1650 after tax. At the moment I do not work as I lost my job a few months ago. I am expecting our second child in May 2015 and we have a 5 year old. This morning I got a claim form from the solicitors representing Nationwide. We owe them £3838 inc court fee. We have been paying them under the DMP, so I have completed the admission form with an offer of just under £18 per month. It is my belief they will go for a char
  14. I have a problem and went out of the country for a while, on my return I have my company with a proposal of strike off flag, so as i wanted to keep operating with the company I called Companies house and asked what do I need to do. They reply this and I am scared, what are my options please? I still have time to fix this? --------------------------------------------------------------------- I can confirm that the following documents are outstanding: Accounts for year ended 31/07/2013. Annual Return (Form AR01) for period ending 15/07/2
  15. Hi, really sorry but i don't really know where to turn at the moment, i have received a letter today from local compliance service/ part of the job centre to attend an interview to discuss change in 'circumstances', however, i'm not aware that there are any? i sent off an application for maternity grant, signed by my midwife last week, and this is the letter i have recieved, i have googled it because it sounded serious and benefit fraud comes up or that someone has reported you? i really do not understand any of this and i'm a little worried and confused i may be doing something wro
  16. Hi, firstly I am not proud of my situation, in fact I am highly embarrassed but none the less it's my situation and I need some help in how to deal with it correctly please. I left the UK five years ago with two credit card debts totalling 7000pound (combined). Over the last 4 1/2 years I have been paying the minimum amount. The Companies have my address and phone number in Australia - I was not trying to hide from my debt which is now around 5000pound combined over the two cards. Six months ago my situation changed and I was not able to continue payments without slipping into
  17. First of all hello, just recently found the forum. Oh, I have been so so silly. I bought a caravan on HP in 2008 over 60 months, last year I sold the caravan and didn't get enough for it to pay off all the loan. I know now that I shouldn't have done this, that I could have let them take it back as I'd paid half the loan. I feel so stupid, but I really didn't know this, and I didn't realise I couldn't sell it on either. I've made such a big mistake. I have never defaulted on the loan payments, I'm still just about managing to pay everything I owe (there are o
  18. Hi, about 3 weeks ago a bailiff came to our property to "recover" £50 owed to council tax, I didn't have it because I was made redundant in February and I am 29 weeks pregnant so have been pretty much unemployable, though I have tried. We managed to set up a payment plan which would be £20 every fortnight, paid on a payment card and he said I would receive one through the post then had to start doing it. I didn't receive any card and to be quite honest I pushed it to the back of my mind as I have been trying to get the things I needed for my baby, my partner is working but he doesn't e
  19. Hi, I need some advice please, am worried sick. Letter came yesterday from hmrc compliance saying I did not respond to their request for info regarding child tax credits award for 2012-2013 tax year in November. This letter I genuinely did not get so need to ring them tomorrow. I am not definite about what they want, but have to admit here that I've been overpaid because I did not declare all my income. On checking P60s (frantic trawl thru bags of paperwork) I can see I have also claimed for 2011-2012 when I wasn't entitled. I'm not attempting to hide what I've done, initial
  20. hi new here read lots and lots of posts lately managed to get on the forum so i can ask for opinions and advice so here goes. I am mum of an autistic lad aged 17 he has recieved DLA mid rate and low rate MOB for a good few years . When i worked smashing mum in law used to watch my son however in later years she became older and more tired on the advice of my sons consultant I claimed carers allowance only working enough hours to be entitled . I have always been fairly on the ball with checking earnings .etc BUT last year my dear mum in law was diagnosed with cancer o
  21. Hi I am so worried - I live on my own and have noone to turn to. Baiscally without getting into a long essay I took out a MBNA credit card in 1998. Ex partner used the card but paid monthly up until the last payment march 2007. We stopped getting statements and after spending hours on the phone aguing with them about non statments I gave up. My credit file now says £2000, defaulted November 2007 status history 8... I never recieved a default notice or heard anymore from them. Partner and I spilt up and we both moved in late 2008. Have been renting until last year w
  22. Hi, My ex-partner recently died a few years ago while I was with him he took out a 2nd mortgage loan on his house to clear his debts but I signed too - the loan people said I needed to sign because I lived there. The house was not in both our names - it was his house and the loan was secured on his property. He said it would not affect me, they just needed to know who was living there. We split up nearly five years ago. I don't know where I stand with this. He had not been paying it, his mother says she has found a lot of horrible letters regarding
  23. I received a letter from tax credit saying that they are looking into my single claim for 2011/12 as they believe my husband was living there. I want to be completely honest with them and admit my guilt but am terrified of the consequences. My husband and I decided to separate in 2007. We was affected by the floods that year and was living in a caravan. I applied for tax credit as my husband was going to be moving out. To cut a long story short as there was a lot of things going on with the flood claims, builders etc and my husband couldn't afford to pay for somewhere to live he didnt mov
  24. Hi, I was caught shoplifting yesterday in a supermarket a really small item, less than 5£ in value. I left the store and an employee was waiting for me outside. He asked me if I had something in my pocket I did not pay for and I took the item out straight away admitting it. He then took me to a small room were I was patronised by the store manager for a while. My details were taken from my drining license as well. The manager then went away with the guy that stopped me and when came back said that his decission was to ban me for life to enter any branch of the supermarket store and
  25. Hi one of my friends had received compliance check letter from HMRC. We are not sure why he had received the letter as he is not self-employed nor own a business. he is on a permanent job with a company and earns a single household income. He pays taxes promptly which looked after by his employer while paying his salary. He doesnt claim any benefits except for child benefit(not tax credits). He only works for one company. he was asked to send bank statements, payslips and p60s for the past 5 years. very scared to hear this. Has anyone faced a similar situation???? your inputs and s
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