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Found 11 results

  1. Good evening. My step daughter has just received a letter of Statutory notice to provide her details and also three alleged offences: RT 88218 - Failure to stop after a road accident RT 88220 - Failure to report an accident RT 88575 - Driving without due care and attention These are the result of an incident that I suspect many of us have experience during our driving careers. That of someone driving too fast and close to the middle of the lane down a country road, resulting in smashing each others drivers door mirrors. The incident occurred at 5.30pm on 3rd December and my
  2. hi dear all i read tones of posts over hire about the gym problems and all is brilliant thx for help all of you first of all. but i need a simple info /sample of letter/ or info what i should send to them ( gym / crs ) as i not the first one over hire with this problem i make my story short . i joined golds gym on harrow last january 2014, ( btw, if any one can tell which gym we talking about in other golds gym post will be nice ) and i been using this gym for 4-5 monte, then because i was living London and i move to sundown area witch is far away from gym ( 1 HR drive ) a
  3. Someone said to me today that they were putting cucumber slices on their eyes. I thought to myself is this a joke. But then i checked things out. Can you believe that cucumber slices can help in many ways. I am dumbfounded at this news. Cucumber Benefits for Great Skin and Eyes http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/cucumber_benefits.shtml WHO KNEW CUCUMBERS COULD DO ALL THIS!!! http://hackerspace.kinja.com/who-knew-cucumbers-could-do-all-this-717278789 15 Surprising benefits of Cucumbers. http://www.miraculousladies.com/15-surprising-benefits-of-cucumbers
  4. " The Department for Work and Pensions has admitted using made-up stories from fictional claimants to demonstrate the positive impact of benefit sanctions. A DWP leaflet featured one welfare claimant, "Sarah", who said she was "really pleased" a cut to her benefits had encouraged her to improve her CV. " But after a Freedom of Information request by website Welfare Weekly, the DWP said they were not real claimants. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33974674
  5. Hi guys, you've helped me out many times and I come asking again. When I was young, naive and irresponsible, I said to many forms of credit when I wasn't in a secure job. I have 4 defaults. 3 are settled are will all be older than 6 years old in January. One however is causing me some distress. The account start date is 27/12/2006 however the default date is 30/11/2011. I cant remember what is was for, all it says is unsecured loan. I am sure the last payment I would have made would have been in 2007 at the very latest as looking back at bank state
  6. I just wished Lowell Financial Customer Relations a Happy New Year in my first email to them in 2015.... Sadly no money for them this month. After their Virus email they sent around, that money has gone on replacing the hard drive of the sandboxed machine I opened it on haha
  7. I have one outstanding default on my credit report for a charge card. The last payment made was before 2006 but the company Amex just logged late payments on file and didn't set the default marker for four years! That was 2010 so it still has 18 months to run before it drops off. Isn't it reasonable for defaults to be applied after 6 to 9 months of missed payments not 4 years? Can anyone advise best course of action removing this as I believe it to be statute barred.
  8. Hi... I need your advice I have been an engraver for many years and 3yrs ago I moved on-line and have had no major complaints. I take a pride in what I do. The other week I received an order for a Pewter Tankard from a woman in Cornwall. The tankard arived with me from the manufacturer. As always I inspected it for any damage or tiny marks. There was none. I proceeded with the engraving and plced it in a hard presentation box... then into a well insulated shipping box... Fragile tape all over and posted it off. She received it on the 15/7/13 but phoned me on the 17/7/13 to
  9. hi new here read lots and lots of posts lately managed to get on the forum so i can ask for opinions and advice so here goes. I am mum of an autistic lad aged 17 he has recieved DLA mid rate and low rate MOB for a good few years . When i worked smashing mum in law used to watch my son however in later years she became older and more tired on the advice of my sons consultant I claimed carers allowance only working enough hours to be entitled . I have always been fairly on the ball with checking earnings .etc BUT last year my dear mum in law was diagnosed with cancer o
  10. I saw this while browsing news sites earlier http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-10-25/banks-pushing-into-small-loans-compete-with-payday-shops.html What really stood out was this How much! They got it easy
  11. Had a message left on my answerphone, so i felt like a 'challange'. Rang them tried to work out what type of company they were...financial management all they would say even to a direct question if they were a dca. So much about being transparent in their dealings. Asked them not to ring again as per the oft guidlines and all in writing. Checked out via a web search.. yep a dca. A little while later i got a message through the post, can i ring them? Of course i rang them, refused dpa as usual and asked for a copy of their complaints procedure to be sent to me. I dont expec
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