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Found 6 results

  1. You just couldn't make some of this stuff up, Why is this man who is also 60years old and registered Blind even being mandated to submit to the F2F farce WCA ? What is the point in it, He is extremely unlikely to ever regain his sight ,? So apart from it benefiting Maximus in another fee they can charge the DWP it's a waste of tax payers money this is an example of how flawed the system in place is http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/blind-man-benefits-axed-after-9380033
  2. Yesterday, I received a renewal form for my driving licence photocard. Nothing unusual in that you would think. Wrong! The reason they want to issue a new card (apart from the revenue) is that they need an updated photo however, if you have a current passport, you can use the online service and they will get your photo and signature from your passport. What if you got an updated passport 9 years ago? The photo will be much the same as your driving licence from 10 years ago but that doesn't matter to the DVLA, I'm still trying to get my head around that! As it happens, I only updated my passport two years ago.
  3. Not sure if anyone knows what the likely outcome might be for this one... Picked up a used car today for my wife. I insured it before I headed out to pick it up, but of course couldn't tax it yet. When I picked the car up (just 15 mins away from where I live), I attempted to tax it online using my phone - but being in a small village meant I couldn't get a stable connection to do this. I instead drove it home, and taxed it when I got back - so about 20 mins later. However... I'm pretty sure I saw a fixed ANPR camera on my way out the village Assuming it 'got' me, am I likely to be stung for it? Officially, no grace period is offered when buying a new car - but will the fact it was taxed on the same day - and therefore paid for from the beginning of the month - help me out here?
  4. Just letting off steam......... I'm sure I'll get some sense out of it or bugger off to another supplier -----Original Message----- From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To: keith.anderson@scottishpower.com Sent: Tue, 18 Nov 2014 21:08 Subject: Mr xxxxxxxxxxxx - Account number: 76xxxxxxxxxxx - Formal Complaint Dear Keith Apologies for troubling you with such a seemingly trivial matter but I find putting pen to paper can sometimes relieve the most apoplectic of moments. For background; I have been a customer of Scottish power for a little over a year and, not having found the need to telephone the business prior to today bumbled along without too much fuss. On checking my account last week I noted the credit balance increasing with the rather unseasonable weather conditions we have had the good fortune to experience [in the South East at least] I was somewhat bemused by the options of credit refund preferences but followed the process of entering up to date meter readings and changing preference to refund any credit balance over £5.00 On changing the preference I noted that rather than informing me a refund was being effected I was referred to a new message advising me that the direct debit facility would reduce to £169.00 per month from £219.00 with no refund offered. This seemed [on the face of it] rather sharp practice of the service provider [scottish Power] to retain the benefit of the excess funds on the pretext that they would perhaps be absorbed at a later date should I have the misfortune to require a substantial increase in energy consumption. On telephoning your customer service department this evening and being subjected to an appalling 33 minutes on hold waiting to speak to a human voice I was advised by your agent that Scottish Power only refund credit every 12 months and would not review any refunds until December 2014, this seems contrary to the premis of refunding any credit balance over £5.00 on demand and certainly contrary to the 12 month account opening cycle of Oct '13 to Sept '14 which should have created a credit refund of £635.46 However; after a few minutes of conversation with your agent it was soon apparent that I could indeed have MY money in MY bank account on demand but it would take the business 10 working days to effect........ this too seems appalling slow and lacks any modicum of service. I was further advised that by the act of refunding MY money to ME I would now be required to pay Scottish Power the sum of £269.00 per month for its overestimated and extrapolated increase in consumption over the winter. For your records and as indeed reflected within Scottish Powers billing my 'actual' total consumption for the 13 month period October '13 to November '14 equated to a total of £1842.42, payments to the account for the period total £2628.00 resulting in a current credit balance [to include billing at 14th November 2014] of £785.58. By interpolation of current usage and fixed pricing to September '15 a direct debit of £269.00 per month would provide the result of an overpayment in the sum of £1385.58 at October '15. The basis for this appears to be a somewhat convoluted estimate of consumption for the same period last winter and the debit balance inherently created by the overestimated consumption combined with Scottish Powers 60 day delay in drawing down the first direct debit to the account. Whilst I have no objection to the original direct debit sum of £219.00 per month which will inevitably [again] build toward a credit on the account I do object strongly to any business using false projections of assumed usage in determining what it deems it will take from MY bank account at will. It seems quite extraordinary that after 13 months as a client and having paid a total of 12 monthly direct debits I am now the equivalent of some 5 months consumption in excess credit and yet should I have the audacity to request my money back I would be required to further increase the credit balance for next year and subject myself to the same utter waste of time and resources in asking for my money to be refunded. I have no desire to be nannied by a customer service agent attempting to advise me that it's for my own good to overpay 'just in case' consumption increases. Please ensure that the full credit balance is transferred to my banking account without delay, please also ensure that the direct debit facility is not abused by woeful attempts to justify increasing sums to be drawn down...... £219.00 per month is the agreed maximum sum, quantums drawn down in excess will be regarded as an abuse of my banking account and the facility the direct debit mandate affords the business will be removed. Any attempt to justify its demand should comply with condition 27 of its gas supply license and should certainly address its failure to redress credit balance per our contractual terms. I understand that I do not have the option to address the direct debit sum without either switching tariffs or supplier........ after the car crash of my first experience of Scottish Powers customer service I believe the latter would be the only sensible action should the business be unable or unwilling to adjust the direct debit value to that previously agreed and which is more than adequate to satisfy the account. I trust common sense prevails and your intervention will resolve matters. Regards xxxxxxxx [def not kisses]
  5. Hello everybody, I'm writing to ask you what you think I could do in this situation. I apologise in advance for the long post, but it's a very long story with many details so I thank you for your patience in reading this. 1 months ago I bought a motorbike from an official Peugeot dealer, that was the beginning of the nightmare. 1) the bike arrived several weeks later, there were always delays and I had to chase them because they did not inform me 2) once the bike arrived, the wrong number plate was put on - I was asked by the dealer 2-3 days later to take it back for number place replacement as he swapped it with another one by mistake. Later on this year when my road tax renewal has arrived I have then found out I was registered as the owner for 2 vehicles: mine and another one (first number plate I was put on) 3) On the day I picked up the bike for the first time in the shop, the bike kept turning itself off at every traffic light - took it back and dealer said he didn't adjust the idle before selling it, he then did and it was ok 4) I had a crack on the front mudguard, which I only noticed 2-3 days after the purchase, I asked it to be replaced and they never did, they conveniently forgot about it - eventually I gave up Later on a mechanic points out the back mudguard is practically rubbing against the wheel because the hook was broken, he repairs it with wire but doesn't keep it and asks for the replacement part as it came out like that from the factory - no part received 5) 11 days after the purchase the motorbike starts leaking petrol, I call AA, they take it to the garage and replace a cracked fuel pipe and a leaking fuel filter - leaving the bike parked outside at the end of the reserve with barely any petrol in for me to ride it to the next petrol station 7) Despite me not being instructed about oil checks etc (I was told I didn't need to check oil levels and that would be checked only by a mechanic during the routine service), after about a month I decide to check the oil level - stick comes out dry. I think I must have got it wrong so I take it back and ask to have a oil check. One of the mechanics just fills it with oil, doesn't say a word and says here you go. I ask what happened, he said nothing it's safe to ride away, there's oil. 6) the bike doesn't start in the morning, regardless of hot/cold weather, once it's been parked for 2-3 hours it doesn't start I take it back, they first say there's nothing wrong with it and return it to me. I take it back again, they adjust the idle again. I take it back again, they change the spark plug and say the battery is fine so they can't see a problem. Still the problem isn't fixed, I take it back again and they change the automatic choke and ask me to come back if it still doesn't work - by then I just had lost hope. The problem persisted but I didn't go back, I just lived with it and said to myself I was going to take it another dealer. 7) I had been there at the garage at least twice a month for the first 6 months. I have asked when's the next check due and they say 5000 miles (my meter is in km though) 8) The bike gets stolen, no big damage just the ignition had ripped cables, the bike was pushed along the street then they couldn't start it so they just left it there (I guess that not being able to start the bike in the morning saved my bike on this particular occasion) 9) I ring the dealer asking if he could fix my ignition by soldering the cables back, as he asked for £120 for the new part and it was gonna take time to order it (other dealers I contacted were selling it from 60 to 80 pound) He said the soldering can get complicated and I might end up having to pay 120 for the labour anyway (5 cables? really?) and started mumbling away something along the line that he wasn't sure if it was possible because the back of it is plastic and it melts, etc. etc. he wasn't really convinced he could do it but he ended up saying he could at least try. I was happy with try and I need the bike for work I ask him if he had time that afternoon, he said yes but not too late - I said to him I could take 2 hours off work and head there around 4pm, should take me an hour so should be there at 5pm. He said it's fine. I asked him 2-3 times because my employer back then wasn't really happy about giving me 2 hours off if he was gonna at least try to solder it back I would have come otherwise I couldn't afford to go there, not have it done and then having to take more time off which wouldn't have been possible for me at the time. He said he was going to at least look at it and try so I went. Got there around 5,15-5,20pm (shop closes at 6pm but sometimes I see them opened for a bit longer), he said I could leave the ignition there and he would have taken a look at some point another day. I pointed out I couldn't take any more time off to pick it up and that I asked him several times if he could do it on the day but he was adamant that no, I was 15 mins late, the shop closes in 40 minutes so he couldn't possibly solder 5 cables. I then ask for the wiring scheme so I can solder it myself and he said he didn't have it, but I could google it - that's what I had been trying to do but I couldn't find it online either. I asked him to just tell me how the cables had to be soldered back (in what order) and he said he didn't know he would have googled it himself but if it's not on google he would have waited until another bike of the same model came in so he could check the wiring and solder it back, so he didn't exactly know when it was going to happen. I start freaking out, I said that he was wasting my time and I was in huge distress and that by the way the bike still didn't start in the morning after and he said I could take the bike there and they can have another look. Happens that I had talked to another dealer who said he knew exactly what the problem was, and given the past experience with this dealer I decided to trust the other one. I have said to this guy that no, I wouldn't have left the bike there anymore because they don't know what they're doing, they messed everything up from day 1 and instead of showing a little bit of respect and appreciation for my patience by fixing the ignition they were bold enough to say that no, 15 mins late I'm not even gonna look at it. I said I would never come back. 10) I end up buying the part on ebay and fixing the ignition myself 11) I take it to the other dealer because it still didn't start in the morning, they notice the spark plug was the wrong one for that bike, they replaced and it got a bit better but still would struggle to start 12) The other dealer also notices a weird noise in the piston, says the piston was worn and was getting too small for the cylinder - I ask him if he could be a damage that was caused by riding it without oil for a month, he said yes and he also added he wasn't going to do anything about it because he didn't want to get involved with Peugeot for a human error that somebody else did, as it would be difficult to claim it under warranty. He says the engine will die all of a sudden sooner or later. But it was still working I used it as it is. Yesterday evening the bike turns itself off in the middle of the street on the way home and doesn't start anymore. Looks like flat battery, I charge the battery put it back in but same thing. This morning I try again, same thing - I call AA and take it to the original dealer where I bought it so I can also explain what the other dealer said. The guy I had spoken to before as he sees me leaves the shop (found out today that he is the owner) I speak to one of the mechanics said he was going to look at it, I go to work prepared to come back there at 6pm when I finish. 20 minutes later I receive a phone call from the owner saying I just left the bike there and legged it, I explained I spoke to his mechanic and he said he was gonna look at it. He said that since I said I wasn't going to come back then he doesn't want to fix my bike so I must go and collect it now because he's pushing it out on the street and once it's out of his shop that's entirely my problem - plus the warranty is not valid anymore because I didn't service it, so he wouldn't have done any work on it anyway. I say.. what service? I asked you and you told me next one 5000 miles, I'm 3000km behind. . well, apparently there were 2-3 services in between that I wasn't made aware of. I was actually told 5000miles was the first service I had to do, now.. I never owed a NEW bike so I didn't really know when you're suppose to service it. Then the guys starts shouting at me I ask him to please don't shout, he's adamant it's out of warranty and also that he doesn't want to see my bike in his shop he's pushing it out. I said I was gonna make a complaint with peugeot. I do.. I call customer service at Peugeot, explain the whole situation to them and they say that unfortunately since the service is explained in the manual and service book (that I was NEVER given by the shop but the shop is denying it) the warranty is not valid. As for the guy's manners he can't do anything because Peugeot don't impose any standards for the level of service of their dealers so they can conduct the business like they want, and if he wants to be rude then he can be rude and Peugeot is not responsible. As for the lack of oil from the start, he said that no written proof is there, he will deny it and it is just my word against his so they can't do anything to help me. I picked up the bike called AA and had to transported back to my home. The mechanic from AA reckons the piston got thin and bent, so when the bike runs for 3 mins, the piston gets bigger, jams in the cylinder and the bike turns itself off. When the piston cools 10 mins later the bike starts again but as soon as it gets hot it jams again. Only his opinion anyway he didn't look in the engine. Now, at this stage what can I do? I was thinking of claiming under the sell of goods act, trying to prove the bike was not fit for purpose from day 1 and the services received was insufficient, but can I prove it? When I went back to the shop today I set my phone on recording, so I have a conversation with me and the mechanic where he apologises saying it wasn't up to him to fix it or not and I asked him if he remembers I was always there and the bike was broken from day 1 one I bought it, he said yes I know. I wonder if I could use it as a proof (I feel guilty for the poor mechanic though), but I doubt that I can because I didn't warn them I was recording. Any thought?
  6. I saw this while browsing news sites earlier http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-10-25/banks-pushing-into-small-loans-compete-with-payday-shops.html What really stood out was this How much! They got it easy
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