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  1. My FOS details have today been sent, after talking to them on the phone they said they will take it on and that in their opinion I have a good case for recompense. It's been a long slow battle for me, mainly due to ill health (still) but the help I have had on this forum is amazing and I want to say a BIG thanks to all those who put themselves out to help 'me'. As a kinda' final post (maybe not) I just have 2 questions or requests for further info: My application to FOS is almost £4000 now with accruing interest (from the spreadies) they say it can take up to 2yrs to go through... so my question is, do I still accrue interest or is it now frozen as a 'claim for the amount at present'? That's the one question regarding PPI (promise) So, NOW... I want my pound of flesh from Cap One for all the problems they have given me over the last 10 yrs. ... I want to now instigate claiming back my expenses. I mean over charges (which they had a field day with me) Simply, where do I start this new venture? and my NEXT claim from them?
  2. Excellent info there... Thanks Only difference with me it that my circumstances DID change between application in April 2000 and the alleged sales call. BUT... I will use the info in my covering letter... Thanks again. G
  3. Yeah... I know. Just other life problems sometimes get in the way. Anyhow, could you please just tell me how to go about the FOS? I am assuming including: 1) The 'original' SAR copies, I have 3 all different in what they included and there is too many pages to photocopy. 2) Copies of all letters I hae sent them. 3) Copies of all Cap replies. 4) The FOS questionaire. 5) A covering letter. Is that everything? Thanks DX
  4. Well after reading that letter I can see no way of continuing... They won't give in and they say it is Time Barred. Is this true? Is there ANY avenue left open to me now? If so let me know how to go about it please.
  5. So here is their reply after all this time. Seems I'm shafted big time and I've lost the claim. If I had gone to a firm of solicitors at least I would have gained SOMETHING. Disappointed!
  6. Well it's been 6 weeks now and no reply at all.... Any advice on what to do next? G
  7. Thanks dx Amended and will send tomorrow..... another 10 week wait lol Thanks for your help again G&J
  8. Hi dx I'm attaching the amended letter... is this more to the point? G
  9. Ok, DX or Anyone... Been a little long in getting around to this (disolusioned I guess) but here is the reply I intend to send to Cap1. Bearing in mind that their last reply said it was the last word in the matter and I would have to go to FOS (see last pdf posted earlier) Is there anything I should add or take out? Am I on the right track? This has been going on now for almost a year.... is that normal? Thanks
  10. Did not really want to go there but can't for the life of me think how to tackle them from here on... see post above from the Brig. UNLESS you know better (and I know you do) Sorry.... just feel abandoned..... Reading this long, long thread.... What oulf YOU do? I NEED further advice, please G
  11. Great stuff ... thanks Going to put my FOS claim together this next week, so do I include all the corrispondance between me and than? (as a case) or keep it simple? Very lost on all this but not giving up!
  12. Can anyone advise me on the 8%.... do I claim it to the present day? Thanks for any advice G
  13. Maybe I got that wrong... I mean the 8% or something we are entitled to as on the spreadsheet... Does that figure stick at when I submitted to Cap One or is it still running.... Any objections to posting my FOS app or giving advice? Thanks again G
  14. Thanks DX I will put a final letter together... Can I post it here for your to Vet? I know it will take them another 10 - 14 weeks to reply but... If I go to FOS or indeed they agree on something (not holding breath) Where did/does my compound int. stop? Is it today? or when I 'first' sent the PPI complaint? They still have my money lol Thanks
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