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Found 3 results

  1. Hi... I need your advice I have been an engraver for many years and 3yrs ago I moved on-line and have had no major complaints. I take a pride in what I do. The other week I received an order for a Pewter Tankard from a woman in Cornwall. The tankard arived with me from the manufacturer. As always I inspected it for any damage or tiny marks. There was none. I proceeded with the engraving and plced it in a hard presentation box... then into a well insulated shipping box... Fragile tape all over and posted it off. She received it on the 15/7/13 but phoned me on the 17/7/13 to inform me the base was damaged in two places but the packeging had received no knocks (undamaged) I asked her if she could send me a photo of the item to which she later did (several images) The damage seems to get worse within certain pics and they show a third area of damage to the top (which she did not mention) So, she is now saying that the damage must of ocurred at my end.... As if! Would I really sent an item out like that?? I am saying the damage could ONLY of ocurred after opening the parcel. A copy of her email follows along with my answere: Hi, I called earlier today with regard to my recent purchase from yourselves of a Celtic Pewter Tankard. I received this item on Monday 15th July. The packaging is all in tact and the gift box is in great condition, however, the tankard itself is damaged in two places which are parallel to each other making the base of the tankard uncircular. You asked me to take some pictures and send to you. Please see attached photos. I wish to have a full refund as this item is not in the condition in which I expected it and therefore is not the great gift it was supposed to have been. Regards -------------------------------------------------------------- Dear XXXXXX Thank you for the email and requested photographs. In order to refund we need you to return the item and gift box well packaged. We are now studying the sequence of the photographs received and have our own opinion on what may have occurred, however we would need to inspect the item ourselves before issuing a refund. Please note every item is inspected when received from Manufacturer before any engraving is commenced. Also note that the damage shown in your photographs would not allow this item to be physically placed within the engraving machine as both ends have to be perfectly circular. As we have been caught out on this before, we started to take photo's of every item before they were despatched and having you admitted and also proven with your images that both the outside packaging and the gift box are totally undamaged then we can only assume that the damage has occurred upon your receipt. This leaves us two options at the present time: Return the item for further investigation or you are welcome to invite trading standards to investigate. Please let us know how you wish to commence ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Her reply: Dear Sales, Thank you for your response. I can accept that the item may have been in perfect condition when received from the manufacturer but perhaps the damage occurred after the engraving was completed. Please may I have a copy of the photographs taken by yourselves of the Tankard before it was dispatched? I shall also be seeking advice from several consumer bodies. Yours Faithfully, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trouble is I did not take any photo's although I wish I had.
  2. Hi, just a quick question here, I have found out that the director/sole owner of the company I work for has been employing family members on full time wages for a considerable amount of time. The family members are never in the office, have a corp email, or are on the phone system. I have also seen a large amount of personal expenses from the owners family such as computers, laptops, flights for holidays etc being claimed through the company. In my eyes this is fraud, and as I will be leaving soon I wish to wipe the smile of this dishonest person's face. Is this fraud? and how serious is it? Who do I report it to? What usually happens after it's reported? Many thanks CM.
  3. Hello all, I purchased a keycode for a PC game through ebay/paypal a few weeks ago and it seemed to work fine so left positive feedback. I had already checked the sellers feedback too before purchase and it seemed ok. A couple of weeks ago though, Origin/Dice/E.A.Games cancelled the my account (the part associated with that keycode). When speaking in chat help with Origin they tell me the account is cancelled as the keycode is fraudulant. I open a case with ebay and after some time the turn around and refuse to refund. ebay claim it is an online transaction of good so not covered. Ebay.co.uk's conditions state that they cover buyers and transactions in UK and Germany and they also state that a buyer does not have to return good if the seller sells from one address then gives a different address for returns if a complaint is made. (seller sold from Würzburg, Germany but gave a return address of michael chang 彌敦道733號(振宜大廈), 5F/前座Hong Kong) ebay state that differing addresses are in breach of their t&c's. I have written (via chatmessage help) information from Origin that this keycode is fraudulant and that as such they have taken the goods from me. I have been as helplful and as informative to ebay as I can but I am currently out of pocket. Can anyone advise me on this please? I know the DSR doesn't cover auction sales but is there anything else that might help with this (I am in UK, used ebay.co.uk, seller claims to be in Germany) I really need help as I can not afford to lose our money. Cheers, Darf.
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