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  1. I think the GMC has to consider harm to the public. The case seemed to be a person demonstrating his emotions in an unexpected fashion to members of his profession. So I will hazard a guess that even tho it was misconduct the public / patients had not been exposed to it. Of course there are redacted elements of it, so we will never know the full extent.
  2. I believe the council can contact the bank and see financial records. Found this on a random council website: http://www.newham.gov.uk/Pages/Services/Fraud-investigation.aspx
  3. Sali http://www.connectingforhealth.nhs.uk/systemsandservices/infogov/codes/lglobligat.pdf apologies for not quoting exact bits, but essentially they need your consent
  4. Hope the judicial review will support those that need help the most instead of being let down.
  5. I had reason to contact them recently. I am sure the 'company rules' they operate by are certainly not transparent, helpful or even honest.
  6. I think use of aids has a qualifier 'reasonably'. As I understand it, if it isn't medically required , to high a cost, an item that isn't usually used for that condition or sufficient space to store the aid the it isn't reasonable to consider that aid. ESA: use of aids and appliances section 9~13 http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/m-24-12.pdf Examples are given towards the beginning of that document. Upshot of it is just because some brain dead zombie thinks you can use a wheelchair , DWP DM has to decide if its reasonable. Otherwise everyone with mobility problems would be passed as they would all be assessed as using an electric mobility scooter thing.
  7. Continuing on Mr P advice regarding obtaining bank statements I seem to remember that you can obtain a printout of your account statements at a lower price, however, I cant back this up with a link. Further to his subject access request advice £10 would be the maximum they can charge. I would word the request in such a way where its up to them to advise you there is a charge. The benefit of that is if they have already commenced with the subject access request then realise they have not requested a fee they still have to proceed and not use it as a way of extending the time to comply.
  8. 25. You must take prompt action if you think that patient safety, dignity or comfort is or may be seriously compromised. a. If a patient is not receiving basic care to meet their needs, you must immediately tell someone who is in a position to act straight away. From: http://www.gmc-uk.org/guidance/good_medical_practice/respond_to_risks.asp You could use that to argue a Dr who is bound by their professions codes if they find something that hasn't been diagnosed or treated to HAVE to act upon it.
  9. Zonker

    PIP Claim

    My friend is unluckily waiting on a pip claim as well and rang ATOS and DWP trying to get some answers on why such a wait. Just the same as you , awaiting on ATOS / DWP basically say its going to get done but no timescale.
  10. A subject access request for a doctor is different than the usual subject access request. Different rules apply. If you have seen the doctor recently you can view your records for free, however getting a copy is another matter. http://www.nhs.uk/chq/Pages/2635.aspx?CategoryID=68&SubCategoryID=160 That's a list of maximum charges. The ICO has a webpage on medical records, http://www.ico.org.uk/for_the_public/topic_specific_guides/health Hope that helps
  11. Zonker

    What to do next.

    The lack of treatment isn't good. Symptoms have got worse. Suppose all I can do is make it clear to the Doctor is he responsible for primary care and its his problem to get to me appropriate treatment.
  12. Zonker

    What to do next.

    I find it easier to explain as a diagnosis that encompasses a lot of different symptoms that at least lets you put something on official forms. Yes you are right its a short term diagnosis. Since its gone on for a long time 'proper' diagnosis would be nice
  13. Zonker

    What to do next.

    Did a bit of research.... no hope of finding out names of consultants but asked hospital and no one it seems, is better at this than another. Because where I live it dictates the consultant ill see. Yep the one who hasn't listened from day 1. 1st referral no letter to me just a letter to GP 2nd referral no letter to me just to GP. GP this time wrote saying they didn't want to see me. After speaking to the GP I have the feeling they just confirmed diagnosis and said no point in seeing me. I asked for a referral back to them originally because I was 'forced' upon them from another consultant (the previous 2nd opinion I got) and didn't address my concerns.
  14. Zonker

    What to do next.

    Yes mr_masiff I have the right to ASK but not the right to GET a 2nd opinion. Learnt that last time I asked for a 2nd opinion
  15. http://www.maplin.co.uk/buy-leisure/outdoor/outdoor-heated-clothing never used myself , I have been known to wear t shirts in sub zero weather, but there seems a variety
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