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  1. I sent a letter dated 31st March 2015 to Three in Glasgow to cancel my mobile BB stating the following; Although we have contacted Three by phone and advised of cancellation of the above account, cancellation has been refused. Please ensure that the above account is cancelled when it expires at the end of the current contract which is on the 5th May 2015 otherwise I will have no choice except to escalate the issue to the Ombudsman. By return snail mail also I received the following; Thanks for writing to us. We tried to call you, but could not get through. (A lie as we never supplied a phone number) We've taken a look at your query and that we'd like to speak to you about. Please call us free on 333 from your Three mobile or 0333 3003 333 from another phone (standard call rate applies) Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm and Saturday to Sunday 9am to 8pm. IMHO I have done everything necessary to cancel the contract and see no reason why I should be phoning Three to tell them I want to cancel. I still have a DD set up and normal debit date is ab out 27th of the month. Should I cancel the DD to get some reaction from them? We have a clean credit record and do not want three theatening us or putting a black mark on my record. I never thought it would be such a hassle to cancel a contract!
  2. Claimant Lowell's Date of issue: 09 Dec 2016. What is the claim for the reason they have issued the claim? 1) The Defendant entered into an agreement with Three Mobile under account reference xxxxxxx (the Agreement). 2) The Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and a default notice was served and not complied with. 3) The agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 21/08/2014 and notice given to the Defendant. 4) Despite repeated requests for payment, the sum of £193 remains due and outstanding. And the Claimant claims a) the said sum of £193 b) interest pursuant of s69 County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of assignment to the date of issue, accruing at a daily rate of £0.042, but limited to one year, being £15.47 c) Costs What is the value of the claim? £283 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Three Mobile Dongle. When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? After. Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Debt purchaser. Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No. Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? No. Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? No Why did you cease payments? Mobile dongle returned not fit for purpose. What was the date of your last payment? 2013ish I can’t remember. Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? No. I logged onto MCOL and did the following: A claim was issued against you on 09/12/2016. Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 13/12/2016 at 18:44:22 Your defence was submitted on 13/12/2016 at 18:59:56 Your defence was received on 14/12/2016 at 08:02:27 Your acknowledgment of service was received on 14/12/2016 at 08:02:28 My defence was/is as follows: 1. The Defendant entered into an mobile dongle agreement with “Three”, the contract was mutually terminated as advised by “Three” Customer Services as the mobile dongle wasn’t fit for purpose, in that it didn’t receive any data as designed. 2. “Three’s” coverage software was inaccurate stating it would work within military accommodation at the xxxxxxxxx and it didn’t. 3. After numerous recorded telephone conversations with “Three’s” Technical Department and Customer Services the Customer Services operator advised the Defendant to return the mobile dongle to “Three” and the account would be closed with no more monies owing to “Three”. 4. The Defendant sent the dongle back to “Three” in a padded envelope as advised by “Three”. 5. Paragraph 2 is denied. The Defendant denies failing to maintain the required payments to “Three”. It is not admitted that any valid Default Notice was ever served. It is denied that I have failed to respond to demands for payment sent by the claimant and/or its agents. The Claimant is put to strict proof that any such demands have sent to me by the claimant. 6. Paragraph 3 is denied with regards to the Defendant being informed the Agreement was assigned to the Claimant. Claimant has yet to disclose any such documentation as requested by CPR 31.14 The claimant is put to strict proof to: (a) show how the Defendant has entered into an agreement/contract; and (b) show proof the Defendant was sent default notice andtermination notice/demand notices; and © show how the Claimant has the legal right, either understatute or equity to issue a claim; and (d) show how the Defendant has reached the amount claimed for. 7. As per Civil Procedure Rule 16.5(4), it is expected that the Claimant prove the allegation that the money is owed. 8. On the alternative, as the Claimant is an assignee of a debt, it is denied that the Claimant has the right to lay a claim due to contraventions of Section 136 of the Law of Property Act and Section 82A of the consumer credit Act 1974. 9. Notwithstanding the above, should the alleged amount claimed include an early termination charge(s) amounting to the entire balance of the remaining contract. OFCOM guidance states that any Early Termination Charge that is made up of the entire balance if the remaining contract is unlikely to be fair as it fails to take into account the fact that the provider no longer has to provide and pay for their service. 10. By reason of the facts and matters set out above, it is denied that the Claimant is entitled to the relief claimed or any relief. I sent a CPR 31.14 request on the 14th Dec recorded to Lowell Portfolio Ltd and Lowell Solicitors Limited. On the 16th Dec I received an acknowledgement receipt of your defence stating claimant has 28 days to proceed. On the 17th Dec I received a Notice of Claim Issue dated 14th Dec from Lowell Solicitors as follows: As you are aware, we represent Lowell Portfolio I Ltd. We have now issued Legal Proceedings in the form of a CCC which you will shortly receive directly from the NCC as you have failed to make payment towards this debt or respond to our letter of claim. It then goes on about totals and what you need to do now. As I received their letter on the 17th Lowell Portfolio Ltd and Lowell Solicitors Limited both signed for my recorded CPR request. From Lowell Solicitors a letter dated 30 Dec, envelope says 03/01/17 and was received 6th Jan as follows: Thank you for your letter dated 13 December 2016. We note the contents and write to advise you that the documents have been requested from our Client and we will forward these onto you upon receipt. However, legal proceedings have now been issued and you are required to respond to any court documentation that is sent to you. We look forward to hearing from you. I have heard nothing since either from the Court or Lowell's, I think if my maths are correct that the claim is now stayed 14th Dec – 19th Jan even allowing Bank Holidays its been 36 days. So do I leave it stayed or request it struck out?
  3. Hi, I know there are a fair few similar threads here about the same type of things but I wanted to put down my details here in case there is any guidance with my specific situation. I recently started looking into my credit report after being refused for a credit card. I generally don’t use credit products but was advised that I should as I’m looking to get a mortgage in the next 2 years. I found I have 4 defaults on there. 2 From Yorkshire Water. One from Lowell (relating to a BT account). One from Hutchinson 3G (Lowell). The 2 Yorkshire water default are being removed after conversations with them. These were at 2 addresses I was registered at living in but never actually did. (A bit complicated, I rented a room in a property but was living with my girlfriend at the time. Early relationship, needed back up) The Lowell default relating to BT is from one of these properties, but I put my name on the account so I accept this one. The Three one is where it gets a bit more complicated. My Mobile Phone contract is with Three and it has been for 7 years. I have never missed a payment or been late with payments. The problem with the default is that it’s showing separately and is registered at my parents address. I live there when I was younger but not for about 12 years. My father has the exact same name as me and lives at this address. I believe this default is related to him in some way but I have tried contacting Three and they can’t find any record of the default. On the credit report it looks to be linked with my DoB but once again, I have no idea why. It’s getting increasingly difficult getting any information out of Three in reference to this so I’m a little bit stuck. Any advice on what my next steps should be in terms of both of these outstanding Debts would be great.
  4. I have 2 defaults on m credit record from Hutchinson 3 UK which i am having massive difficulties resolving. On Experian they both have an outstanding balance. I have called 3 who have stated that there is no outstanding balance, but that it has been written off as "bad debt". Apparently it went to a DCA May 2017, who then sent it back to 3 at some point in November 2017 as uncollectable. It was uncollectable as i had move out of that address 4 years ago......when i moved i called 3 and asked my my address to be changed. Obviously that didnt happen, and then beginning of last year i called to cancel my contract(outside of terms, i had been with them for 4 years). The last bill i never received as the address on the account hadnt been changed. Whatever though, thats not really the issue. The last week i have been trying to make payment for the arrears to get to marked as settled on my credit report. Three wont take payment as its been written off, and the debt agency it went to apparently hold no records as it was returned to 3 over 6 months ago. Just looking for some advice on how to get this resolved? I've raised a complaint but need to wait until they respond at this point. What i want is for the default balance on my credit file to be a big fat 0. If three are unable to take payment off me so i can clear it, then i would like them to report it as being 0 if they have written it off
  5. I received a letter from Northampton County Court over an alleged bus lane infringement in which the amount was £195 made payable to Harrow Council, the date of the alleged offence was 06/03/2015 at 11.28. I had never received any correspondence from Harrow Council about this ticket, I had to do a notice to owner to send it back to it's original PNC. Now the bus lane in question I know very well and have done for almost twenty years, the end of the bus lane you can enter two lanes , the right hand side to go up towards Harrow on the Hill, or Roxeth Hill, the left hand side to go straight up or turn left, now what happens is there is a box junction so the right hand side stops until you can go on, I crossed the bus lane to go left I believe but because of the length of time I can not remember what I was doing that day. The reg is correct, you can clearly see the make of the car on the photo yet on the part of the form where it has Vehicle make, it has unknown which is strange. Now I thought you were allow a certain distance to enter the bus lane towards the end of it to turn left, I may be wrong, do I have a leg to stand on to appeal, now there is one photo and you have to pay £10 if you want to view any additional photos on line, it's free if you go down to their office.
  6. Hello Friends, I am a Leeds city resident and I got three parking tickets in a span of two weeks. There are multiple issues with these PCNs as I spotted some discrepancies in councils guidance on the time limits. Few years back Leeds city council has introduced a mobile based parking solution by partnering with a company called parkmobile. Being a daily commuter I really love the convenience of the app though it charges 25P convenience fee for each transaction. The way the app works is as below: Step 1: Drive to the intented parking space and open the app. Step2: App presents the user a map with the exact location of your car by using mobile’s gps location. The map also shows the parking machine Ids on the map corresponding to the street. The same ID is also displayed on the parking machine with big, bright and bold letters so that any one can see it from far distance as well. Step 3: User selects the parking machine ID and click on pay now button Step 4: App asks user to re confirm the Vehicle registration Step 5: Counter starts The beauty of the app is that it also incorporates any timing restrictions that may have been imposed on that street parking machine (for eg : Maximum Parking Duration 2 hours), Price list for each of the hours (for eg 0-2 hrs – 2£). My case: Now coming to my case, I drive a fully electric car and Leeds City council incentivise all EV drivers with a free parking permit(to be displayed on windscreen) which enable EV drivers to park for free on any of the city’s street parking spaces. As I am so used to the parking app since its launch I always use it to check the parking restrictions and payments etc. On this occasion I parked on a street named as ‘Edward Street’ which has 2 hour maximum parking rule according to council and as per the front facia of the parking machine. But to the contrary on parkmobile app it was tagged as full day parking. Following the guidance from the parkmobile app I simply parked on the street came back in the evening only to find a PCN attached to Windscreen. Later in the week I started parking in a different street and it has also got similar issue and ended up getting another PCN. . Finally I ended up in getting 3 PCNs I was so desperate to speak to the Enforcement officer. Luckily I got hold of one of the officers sooner than later and explained the situation. Officer heard the whole story and agrees that there is a problem and council has to correct it. Officer also advised me to park in another street near by where the parkmobile info marry up with the front facia info. Since then I stopped getting tickets. Current situation: Current situation is that I appealed all the PCNs and council politely rejected and sent a NTO letter on my wife’s name as my wife is Registered Keeper of the car. Way forward: I am thinking to take a video of the whole situation, parking app usage video and put similar explanation as above in my respresentation to council. Questions I do have now: 1) The NTO letter is on my wife’s name, As me being the driver at the time PCN issuance can I do the representation? 2) How strong is my case and what are the chances of cancelling the PCN by council after my representation? 3) PCN states a contravention code as “06 – Parked with out clearly Displaying a valid pay and display ticket or voucher”. I think rather it should state “07-Parked with payment made to extend the stay beyond initial time” as I am displaying the council permit on windscreen all the time. Does this discrepancy invalidates the PCN? 4) Does council accepts the video as evidences in representation? 5) Any other suggestions please ?
  7. Hi, My mother has been using Three mobile for her broadband (she lived in a caravan, and later a flat, that were unable to have Virgin/Sky installed). For all of 2017 she lived in a flat with a 6GB internet allowance, over the year she went to her limit twice. Purchasing a 2GB extension each time, she had no issues. In November, following weeks of issues, she went in to the store and complained and got upsold a new contract. 20GB allowance, plus she had BINGE (which allowed free watching of Netflix without using her data), her data would be capped and stop automatically when she hit her limit, but 20GB would be more than she needed (she was informed) November she used 8GB, December she used 8GB. In fitting with what she'd used before. Then in January, she suddenly jumped to 12GB, 19GB in February. No explanation for her sudden jump, she only uses facebook and searches on google for stuff. There's no downloads or streaming (apart from Netflix, which is not included in her data usage, it has a separate part). Apparently most of this usage was on Mondays, when she's only in the house for 4-5 hours at most. In March though, she had the real issue, when after 2 weeks she found that she was unable to access the internet. Anytime she tried she was told she was past her limit. 20GB, in two weeks! Still no explanation as to why it jumped so much. I went on her account to check her details. Imagine my surprise, when despite constantly being told "You have used your allowance" and being unable to connect to anything (Including Netflix, which was supposed to be free, but was for some reason cut off when she hit her limit), on her charges it listed a further 6GB that she was OVER her 20GB allowance (despite being capped and cut off, as was requested and told would happen when she had the contract) The 6GB over use, came with a lovely £53 charge. She only pays £15 for the 20GB, so it's extortionate to charge nearly 10x that amount on a per GB pro rata rate, but it shouldnt have been possible to go over. Naturally, we called Three to ask what had gone on, and had a very rude staff member tell us "You cant say you only use so much data each month. We know you used a lot more" we asked how, and why it went up so much, given her habits have been the same for about 4 years now. "I dont care, you cant tell me I'm wrong. You owe use the money" Then we were cut off. One rude customer service agent. Possibly hung up on us, maybe a real disconnection. So we called again, and got basically the same response and also got told that the store could not cap her usage, so she owes them the money. Unhappy with this, we went through their Resolver complaints procedure, and this is where we now stand. They have admitted: *They should have capped the account *Mum should not have been told it was capped, if it wasn't *The £53 charges are not fair They have said: *Mum cant cancel her contract, without paying them £70 early cancellation charge, despite them not giving her what she was told she was getting. They have offered: *My mum stays with them, and pays the £53 charge, along with her £15 bill *To make up for their mistake, they will give her £40 credit towards her next bill *They will now cap her account. Leaving my mum, with an internet account that is still using an insane amount of data for facebook and google searches (she changed the password too, in case someone was using it somehow). A £13 deficit after the £40 credit, and no real apology, given that the £40 apology doesn't even cover the charge that they shouldn't have been able to add anyway! She currently has her Three Mobile broadband unplugged and is just sticking to her phones 4G data (10GB a month, different provider, no issues). Is there any advice for how to reply to Three now? To me, I was sure this was a breach of contract on their part. Because at the POS she was told she was getting a capped internet (that would stop at 20GB), with unlimited netflix. She was given an uncapped internet, that had a 20GB limit before incurring extra charges, and netflix that stopped when she hit the separate 20GB allowance. Leaving her to go 6GB over, despite not even being able to go on the internet. Thanks for any help
  8. The above have today issued a county court claim for Three mobile for a debt they bought many moons ago and I thought was statute barred. They subsequently wrote to me and said that as I made an offer in 2012 to pay and never paid it is not. (this was done as part of DMP which I could not complete due to loss of income and breakdown of a relationship) I want to know if I can use the CPR18 as part of my defence as I asked them before to send info such as credit agreements etc and they have failed to do so. I have sent the acknowledgement back to the court. Is there anything else I can use in my defence as I really do not want a CCJ and I cannot afford to pay this debt in full at present. It is incredibly co-incidental that they have issued this before the debt pre-action protocol comes into force in October! Thanks in advance for any advise received.
  9. Hi, I am knew here so I hope someone can assist. About a week ago I got a court claim (from Northampton) from Lowell Solicitors for a debt with Three mobile. Long story short, went through a nasty divorce, family mobile contract in my name, due to "hostilities" I stopped the contract, in the furore I forgot about it, thought ex had taken the contracts over. Lowell have sent the matter to court and was wondering what I should do next? I have sent in the acknowledgement of service and stated intend to defend in full, however would be grateful for some words of advice regarding what I should do next please. I have no income so this is a bit of a nightmare to me! Hope someone can advise. Thanks
  10. I have been a Three customer for a few years recently ended our relationship on the basis that I consider that they have breached our latest contract by not providing the service as expected. Since the first year I have been with Three I had to constantly complain about the quality of the service, in particular the fact that I had no phone signal at home and little signal everywhere I went in the UK, from Cornwall all the way up to Scotland. I had at most three bars, but more often one or two, with the result that I was unable to make calls or calls were dropped in the middle; this even happened regularly when phoning Three support. They would also often complain that they couldn’t hear me properly when I called them. Each time I complained and also when they were trying to get me to sign an update contract they promised that the network was being improved and promised that within the term of the contract it would get better and to compensate me for the poor service at the time they gave me a 50% reduction on my monthly payment they also sent me a device to connect to my internet router which gave me a three bar signal at home some of the time. This pattern was repeated each year until this year. I renewed the contact and upgraded my phone in March this year, but found instead of improving the signal got worst. I complained to them again, they said there was nothing they could do about it and refused to provide any sensible discount in lieu of the poor service. I decided I had had enough. I therefore told them that as far as I was concerned they were in breach of the agreement as they had not provided the service they had been contracted to provide. I then went to O2 instead and now have a fantastic full strength signal almost everywhere I go! Of course Three don’t acknowledge the breach and have sent a bill for over £900 which they claim is due for cancelling the contract. I don’t intend to pay this bill and will defend my position in court if necessary. However, my main concern is that they will probably mark a default on my credit file which I do not want. my first question is this; can they legally issue a default, or mark a file over an account which is in dispute? If not, is there anything else I need to do to ensure the account is legally recognised as in dispute? Thanks.
  11. One in three nursing homes in England 'fail safety' READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-40499567
  12. How can my Mother cancel a 12 month contract when it comes to an end without telephoning? Tenmencount
  13. Can anybody offer any constructive advice please? My daughter was involved in an accident on 29th April last year and her car was declared a write off and removed the following day by her insurance company who took all the documentation and paperwork including the V5. She tells me that she sent off the section 9 part to inform the DVLA that the vehicle was now transferred to her insurance company and thought that was that as far as the DVLA was concerned. However, in September, she received a Late Licencing Penalty letter demanding £80, as she hadn't renewed the licence or declared SORN! She telephoned the DVLA, (I know, big mistake, she now knows to get everything in writing!) who claimed to know nothing about the accident or it being written off or that her insurance company had taken the car. The DVLA followed this call up with a letter dated 12th October, stating that they had now received the section 9 and acknowledged that she was no longer the keeper of the vehicle but that they still wanted their £80. However, they said that if she paid before 2nd November, it would be reduced to £40. This is only 21 days and I was of the understanding that the law states that they should allow her 28 days? I only found all this out since the penalty has been handed over to a debt collection agency who are now demanding the £80 on behalf of the DVLA. The DVLA have washed their hands of the matter and will not respond. The debt collection agency have put things on hold for 30 days. I am of the opinion that instead of owing the DVLA £80, they owe my daughter £45! (three months refund of her tax) Where do we go from here?
  14. Guys. I am with THREE (not for much longer) on PAYG. I hardly use the phone at all for anything other than receiving calls and the occasional text or call out. The package is the 1,2,3 so is very cheap and a £10 credit usually lasts me months. I topped up on 24 Jan and that would normally be it until maybe May or June. But yesterday I received a text from THREE asking if I want to top up. The balance was £0.59 Now I know I have not used it and I always have mobile data switched off, so wanted to know where Three has used my money. I logged into my3, but as I am PAYG there is no billing available, today I called them and asked for a breakdown of how they used my credit. They point blank refused to tell me as 'that is not available to PAYG customers' Surely this cannot be legal. They can effectively just fritter away my credit with no accountability. Can anyone help with this? I know it is pennies, but it is a lot to me. I asked them for a PAC code 17 times before they finally stopped asking me why I wanted it and caved in when I demanded it as I am entitled to have it!
  15. Hiya, I have recently found myself in some sever financial hardship due to my son needing surgery and have fallen behind with my phone bill. Today a guy from three collections found me and was very aggressive and told me that I needed to pay to day. I don't have money until the end of jan and explained that I have just come out of hospital with my son and there was nothing I could do. He told me that the services were suspended and that they are at risk of being cancelled. ~This is my son's phone who has autism and epilepsy and needs it for emergencies. The guy then went on to tell me that I could get friends or family members to pay the bill and until they receive the money I would be getting phone calls several times a day! Can they say these kind of things? My son is still suffering complications from the surgery and they are not willing to accept any lower payment. I am a mess with anxiety and just don't know what to do for the best.. we had a rubbish christmas and then to be hit with this is just sending me into panic If there is anyone who can offer some advice I would be very grateful. Many thanks Vix
  16. Hi, I'm a customer of Three and am currently on contract. My Sony handset has broken, and through no fault of my own. The screen has literally just come away from the frame, without being dropped or anything. Three do what they do best - wash their hands of the situation and refer me to Sony. Sony are taking ages to sort it out, it's been almost two weeks since I first called Three and they referred me. All this time I'm paying for a contract and I don't have my handset! Where do I stand from a legal point of view? The sale of goods act covers me, as the phone was bought before the newer laws came into effect. And from what I understand, it's the responsibility of the retailer? And they should do it in a reasonable time so as not to cause me inconvenience? It's causing me inconvenience. I don't have my phone, which I need for many reasons. So would I have a strong case to take Three to court via small claims? I'm really sick of these large companies, and would love to be able to send in the bailiffs. I did try to upgrade early, but Three want a fee to do so, which I'm not willing to pay out of principle. I only have 3 months left, and it's not my fault my phone has fallen apart. From what I understand it's a design flaw with the z3 compact. Any advice would be appreaciated.
  17. My partner and I have both been relatively satisfied customers of 3 mobile since June 2013 until the last 6 months or so, as in and around our home we keep having complete signal outages where call attempts are either completely unsuccessful or drop after 30 seconds or so. Once I gave up and drove 20 minutes to see the business I was trying to call (they had thought I was prank calling as it kept connecting then cutting off!). Once I was making an essential call to ESA - an 0345 number - calling first thing to avoid queues, but ended up having to use my landline costing me money (and almost 20 minutes in a queue after faffing around trying to make the call). At this point on 16/09/16 I put in an online complaint form, part of that was asking them to pay the £2.47 the call cost me, as the cost was only incurred due to their not providing the service I pay for - to date no response whatsoever. Then the last straw on Friday, waiting for a text from my brother - kind of important since we were arranging to meet in order for me to to drive us 65 miles to see our dying grandfather! BUT just at the wrong moment - no signal! Causing me severe distress and an almost panic attack, in case we missed the visiting hours on possibly our last visit. Luckily my partner used his old phone to call my brother. Then his text turned up when we were nearly there, 2 hours later - thanks for that 3! To give some context - I am suffering severe mental health issues just now and this is not helping. I need my phone to liaise with ESA, keep in touch with family and await the inevitable call about my grandfather. Adding insult to injury, they keep telling me to use ThreeIntouch - well I would, if it was available for windows, which is the phone you sold me!! Again, thanks for that. I used the online complaint form on 16/09/16 and not had any reply whatsoever. There are no email addresses or any other useful way to complain. I suppose I will have to write a letter, paying for printer ink and proof of receipt postage. Currently waiting for a response from the twitter team, tagging them to show my full story and writing this to see if anyone has any ideas / has had experience dealing with 3 complaints procedures.
  18. READ MORE HERE: http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/thousands-of-three-mobile-phone-customers-double-charged-due-to-technical-error-34970802.html
  19. Hey guys, just a quick query, I have a old account on Three between the dates of November 2010 and January 2013, the account is showing clean until January 7th 2013 (the exact date it was closed) then I have a £26 default, February 2013 is showing as default but with the balance at zero. I was just wondering if it would be worth contacting Three to remove this default? As it was for a single month. (surely it should just have gone down as a missed payment if I paid late in a single month) Thanks for any help you can be.
  20. I ordered a standard sim card in my mams name for my phone as she gave permission. but my samsung galaxy mini series 4 phone only takes the smaller sim cards can I use my Pay monthly card deal on my pay as you go card even if it means doing some tweaking with numbers. dose any one no what to do or even understand what im talking about? Bankers4me
  21. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. Posting on my partners behalf as she is too stressed over it. Last month, my partner had noticed a direct debit coming from her bank account from H3G and rang up Three to try and see what it was about. She has NEVER taken an account out with Three. She is with EE with whom she gets staff discount as she is an ex employee so would never have any need to get an account with Three. Three weren't very helpful on the initial phone call and just told her to call her bank and get the charges refunded. She then spoke to the bank the same day and received a refund of £180 last week. Today she received a phone call from CARS debt collection agency in Basingstoke saying that she owes £200. CARS just told her to speak to Three..... She has rang back to speak to Three about it and their attitude is pretty much "how do we know its fraudulent". They are asking for Three mobile numbers or account numbers and she doesn't have one to give them as she has no idea about it. Three are saying it's for a Three SIM Only deal which was taken out in August last year via a 3rd party website. At the time that the contract was set up, my partner was in hospital with sepsis and she was in there for a good few weeks. Their attitude on the phone is disgusting. They've said "you could still have access and use the internet in the hospital". My partner was in ITU and there was no way she could have used the internet. I'm disgusted that they are treating her like this. Nobody seems to care that her details have been used to take out a SIM with them. They just want their money. She is also really concerned that her credit rating has been damaged because of this. We are both disgusted by how they are treating her and will seek legal advice if this isn't resolved as nobody is taking ownership. Is there anyone from Three on here that can help?
  22. Hi All, I took a contract out in my ex-partners name in 2010 (Very silly of myself) He managed to default a account and also open another account under my name as he had full access to the account via customer services. The second account has numerous late payments on the account. The first account is now closed with the defaulted account being satisfied as of 2013. Upon looking at the accounts, and my main question which I want answering/help with escalating. Both accounts appear under his address (which is different to mine) as he paid for the bills, he had to enter the address as his own for the payment to be accepted. My issue is, obviously three say that the accounts are my own financial management and I accept this, but legally are they allowed to change the address on my credit report? I never have lived at his address. The payments what made the link have ALWAYS been paid via his Debit card in his name, surely a payment from a different name does not justify the change? How can I argue this with 3 to remove the address link and possibly remove the account information? Thank you in advanced. Sorry!! the first sentence is wrong, I took out a contract for my EX partner in my name.
  23. Hello, Looking for some advice on an issue I currently have with Three UK. In 2013 I rang Three to discuss a cheaper tariff for my ongoing phone contract. The call went well and they offered a new tariff at £15 a month. Brilliant! However, last week I received a demand for payment for a three account that I had no idea was in existence. It appears the new £15 a month tariff was actually a new contract! I was under no impression that when I agreed to £15 a month they were in fact opening a new contract in my name, and not changing the tariff on the contract I already had in place with them. Three are not being helpful at all - they say that when I used the new £15 a month deal I accepted its terms and conditions. They did send a new sim but in my naivety I just thought this was normal practice for changing tariffs. I should have checked this, but at the same time I had no further contact regarding the original contract, which was accruing monthly line rental up until the point they cancelled the contract due to non payment - some 2 years ago now. No request for payment has been received until Lowell sent me a letter saying they have bought the debt (including a dodgy looking notice of assignment from Three). All correspondence with Three has been with their Executive Office, and they are flat refusing my version of events and claim I must have known there was two contracts as I have used the sim card in question. They can't provide written or verbal evidence that I accepted the contract while on the phone back in 2013. The new/later contract was issued by their direct sales team in Glasgow over the phone. Could anyone suggest the best line of action from here? Thanks for taking the time to read.
  24. Hi Everyone, I've got a particularly horrible problem on my hands . . . well two of them, but let's start with this. In July 2013 I left the UK to live in America. However, during the move I neglected to settle an accuont with Three for a SIM used in a 3G iPad. Sometime in the last few weeks, I checked my credit report and there is a default. I should not be surprised, but I am upset about it, my UK credit was largely OK, but now it's completely useless, which sort of traps me here in another country. I can't rent or get a mortgage, or probably even get a phone. Ok - I approached Three and asked nicely. I will pay £49.08 if you completely remove the default. They refused. I asked for the original credit agreement, default notice (which i never saw) and the deed of assignment as it ended up with Lowell Portfolio. They responded that a SIM is not governed by the consumer credit act. This seems bleak - the default was added in 2014, I have a VISA until 2018. This is really not good!!!! at all. I have requested the same information - credit agreement, default notice and deed of assignment as a SAR under the DPA. I am still prepared to pay this money, as long as they remove the default - a settled default is no better than an unsettled one, as I understand it. My idea is this - I think for a default to be enforceable, I needed to have seen it? Which I did not. There is one other piece of weirdness in all of this. I use my Mum's address for all my correspondence, however I totally forgot about this Three SIM, so I did not update my address. However, when I spoke to Lowell Portfolio - they had my Mum's address and lo and behold just last week whilst this all blew up - my Mum received a letter from them! - they claim to have contacted me, maybe they did - I don;t know I was in America. Yet, my Mum is very fastidious at opening my mail and emailing me. they had her address but did not send anything prior to the default? How did they get her address? And is this relevant to their claim that 'they tried' Can anyone offer any advice, any suggestions - any argument, or mechanism I could attempt? I'm not even looking to dodge this; I made a mistake and should pay it. But, I feel that a 6 year penalty on an otherwise clean credit report for such a small sum is just unfair. I have made a SAR under the DPA - I'm hoping with this extra information something might arise in my favour? but, i really don;t feel confident. Being trapped in another country - sure isn't as much fun as it sounds. Really hoping someone has some advice, or an idea - or any suggestion that I could try! I have money available, and I have time; I just need to somehow get this default cleared. Thanks a lot in advance.
  25. I am trying to get my finances in order and have been reading up on forums about those who have had successes dealing with DCAs, but unfortunately my accounts don’t seem to make sense. I have four default accounts on my credit file, showing a D sign every single month on my account, but I have three payments from DCA going out of my account two I know why I am paying but PRA I don’t know what its for, and the two bank account overdrafts I have defaults for I don’t know what is happening with them and what to do. Should i send out CCA letters to all creditors including barclays and natwest? On my credit file are these four defaulted accounts Lender Idem Capital Securities Current Balance £1,868 I am paying this via direct debit reduced monthly installment at the moment, this has been passed from Agilent to Moorgate and now to Idem and I it was so long ago now I cant even remember who the original company was who I took a loan out with. Lender NWB Current Accounts Current Balance £1,691 It says I am paying £5 per month but I cannot see any standing order or direct debit going out of my account for £5 per month, so I have no idea what is going on with this account. Both Barclays & Natwest overdrafts have been passed over to DCA I am sure of it, but I am unclear on who they are or what is going on with these accounts. What shall I do? Do I chase up with the actual banks to see what information they can pull up (send SARS) Lender Barclays Bank plc Current Balance £1,590 Similar to my Natwest account, I do not have anything on my bank account showing I am paying them, yet it shows I am paying £18 per month, once again I do not know how to handle this and whether I have a DCA I am paying, I haven’t received any letters for a while and I don’t have a clue what I should do. Lender MKDP LLP Account Type Credit Card Current Balance £264 Finally I have a PRA Group direct debit set up for £8.86 per month but yet again I don’t know what debt this is for now, as it seems to have been set up some time back, with moving and getting married last year I lost a lot of paper work and I cant remember what DCA is for what account and why now. DCA payments: Idem Robinsons Way this is on my credit file under MKDP (are they the same company?)But there is nothing on my credit file saying I am dealing with Robinsons Way PRA Group £8.86 No clue whatsoever why I am paying this and for what account.
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