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  1. Claimant Lowell's Date of issue: 09 Dec 2016. What is the claim for the reason they have issued the claim? 1) The Defendant entered into an agreement with Three Mobile under account reference xxxxxxx (the Agreement). 2) The Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and a default notice was served and not complied with. 3) The agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 21/08/2014 and notice given to the Defendant. 4) Despite repeated requests for payment, the sum of £193 remains due and outstanding. And the Claimant claims a) the said sum of £193
  2. Hi, I know there are a fair few similar threads here about the same type of things but I wanted to put down my details here in case there is any guidance with my specific situation. I recently started looking into my credit report after being refused for a credit card. I generally don’t use credit products but was advised that I should as I’m looking to get a mortgage in the next 2 years. I found I have 4 defaults on there. 2 From Yorkshire Water. One from Lowell (relating to a BT account). One from Hutchinson 3G (Lowell). The 2 Yorkshire water default are bei
  3. I have 2 defaults on m credit record from Hutchinson 3 UK which i am having massive difficulties resolving. On Experian they both have an outstanding balance. I have called 3 who have stated that there is no outstanding balance, but that it has been written off as "bad debt". Apparently it went to a DCA May 2017, who then sent it back to 3 at some point in November 2017 as uncollectable. It was uncollectable as i had move out of that address 4 years ago......when i moved i called 3 and asked my my address to be changed. Obviously that didnt happen, and then beginning of
  4. I received a letter from Northampton County Court over an alleged bus lane infringement in which the amount was £195 made payable to Harrow Council, the date of the alleged offence was 06/03/2015 at 11.28. I had never received any correspondence from Harrow Council about this ticket, I had to do a notice to owner to send it back to it's original PNC. Now the bus lane in question I know very well and have done for almost twenty years, the end of the bus lane you can enter two lanes , the right hand side to go up towards Harrow on the Hill, or Roxeth Hill, the left hand
  5. Hello Friends, I am a Leeds city resident and I got three parking tickets in a span of two weeks. There are multiple issues with these PCNs as I spotted some discrepancies in councils guidance on the time limits. Few years back Leeds city council has introduced a mobile based parking solution by partnering with a company called parkmobile. Being a daily commuter I really love the convenience of the app though it charges 25P convenience fee for each transaction. The way the app works is as below: Step 1: Drive to the intented parking space and open the app.
  6. Hi, My mother has been using Three mobile for her broadband (she lived in a caravan, and later a flat, that were unable to have Virgin/Sky installed). For all of 2017 she lived in a flat with a 6GB internet allowance, over the year she went to her limit twice. Purchasing a 2GB extension each time, she had no issues. In November, following weeks of issues, she went in to the store and complained and got upsold a new contract. 20GB allowance, plus she had BINGE (which allowed free watching of Netflix without using her data), her data would be capped and stop automatically when she hit
  7. Online retail giant Shop Direct is to close three distribution centres putting almost 2,000 jobs at risk. The company – which owns Littlewoods and Very.co.uk – is to close sites in Shaw, Little Hulton and Raven, all in Greater Manchester, from mid-2020 onwards. It said it plans to build a new warehouse in the East Midlands employing 500 people, but that redundancies were likely. https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/2000-jobs-risk-littlewoods-owner-shop-direct-shuts-three-warehouses-135202471.html
  8. The above have today issued a county court claim for Three mobile for a debt they bought many moons ago and I thought was statute barred. They subsequently wrote to me and said that as I made an offer in 2012 to pay and never paid it is not. (this was done as part of DMP which I could not complete due to loss of income and breakdown of a relationship) I want to know if I can use the CPR18 as part of my defence as I asked them before to send info such as credit agreements etc and they have failed to do so. I have sent the acknowledgement back to t
  9. Hi, I am knew here so I hope someone can assist. About a week ago I got a court claim (from Northampton) from Lowell Solicitors for a debt with Three mobile. Long story short, went through a nasty divorce, family mobile contract in my name, due to "hostilities" I stopped the contract, in the furore I forgot about it, thought ex had taken the contracts over. Lowell have sent the matter to court and was wondering what I should do next? I have sent in the acknowledgement of service and stated intend to defend in full, however would be grateful for some words
  10. I have been a Three customer for a few years recently ended our relationship on the basis that I consider that they have breached our latest contract by not providing the service as expected. Since the first year I have been with Three I had to constantly complain about the quality of the service, in particular the fact that I had no phone signal at home and little signal everywhere I went in the UK, from Cornwall all the way up to Scotland. I had at most three bars, but more often one or two, with the result that I was unable to make calls or calls were dropped in the middle
  11. One in three nursing homes in England 'fail safety' READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-40499567
  12. How can my Mother cancel a 12 month contract when it comes to an end without telephoning? Tenmencount
  13. Can anybody offer any constructive advice please? My daughter was involved in an accident on 29th April last year and her car was declared a write off and removed the following day by her insurance company who took all the documentation and paperwork including the V5. She tells me that she sent off the section 9 part to inform the DVLA that the vehicle was now transferred to her insurance company and thought that was that as far as the DVLA was concerned. However, in September, she received a Late Licencing Penalty letter demanding £80, as she hadn't renewed the licence
  14. Guys. I am with THREE (not for much longer) on PAYG. I hardly use the phone at all for anything other than receiving calls and the occasional text or call out. The package is the 1,2,3 so is very cheap and a £10 credit usually lasts me months. I topped up on 24 Jan and that would normally be it until maybe May or June. But yesterday I received a text from THREE asking if I want to top up. The balance was £0.59 Now I know I have not used it and I always have mobile data switched off, so wanted to know where Three has used my money. I logged into my3, but as I am PAYG
  15. Hiya, I have recently found myself in some sever financial hardship due to my son needing surgery and have fallen behind with my phone bill. Today a guy from three collections found me and was very aggressive and told me that I needed to pay to day. I don't have money until the end of jan and explained that I have just come out of hospital with my son and there was nothing I could do. He told me that the services were suspended and that they are at risk of being cancelled. ~This is my son's phone who has autism and epilepsy and needs it for emergencies. The guy then
  16. Hi, I'm a customer of Three and am currently on contract. My Sony handset has broken, and through no fault of my own. The screen has literally just come away from the frame, without being dropped or anything. Three do what they do best - wash their hands of the situation and refer me to Sony. Sony are taking ages to sort it out, it's been almost two weeks since I first called Three and they referred me. All this time I'm paying for a contract and I don't have my handset! Where do I stand from a legal point of view? The sale of goods act covers me, as the phone was bought b
  17. My partner and I have both been relatively satisfied customers of 3 mobile since June 2013 until the last 6 months or so, as in and around our home we keep having complete signal outages where call attempts are either completely unsuccessful or drop after 30 seconds or so. Once I gave up and drove 20 minutes to see the business I was trying to call (they had thought I was prank calling as it kept connecting then cutting off!). Once I was making an essential call to ESA - an 0345 number - calling first thing to avoid queues, but ended up having to use my landline costing me money (and alm
  18. READ MORE HERE: http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/thousands-of-three-mobile-phone-customers-double-charged-due-to-technical-error-34970802.html
  19. Hey guys, just a quick query, I have a old account on Three between the dates of November 2010 and January 2013, the account is showing clean until January 7th 2013 (the exact date it was closed) then I have a £26 default, February 2013 is showing as default but with the balance at zero. I was just wondering if it would be worth contacting Three to remove this default? As it was for a single month. (surely it should just have gone down as a missed payment if I paid late in a single month) Thanks for any help you can be.
  20. I ordered a standard sim card in my mams name for my phone as she gave permission. but my samsung galaxy mini series 4 phone only takes the smaller sim cards can I use my Pay monthly card deal on my pay as you go card even if it means doing some tweaking with numbers. dose any one no what to do or even understand what im talking about? Bankers4me
  21. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. Posting on my partners behalf as she is too stressed over it. Last month, my partner had noticed a direct debit coming from her bank account from H3G and rang up Three to try and see what it was about. She has NEVER taken an account out with Three. She is with EE with whom she gets staff discount as she is an ex employee so would never have any need to get an account with Three. Three weren't very helpful on the initial phone call and just told her to call her bank and get the charges refunded. She then spoke to the bank the
  22. Hi All, I took a contract out in my ex-partners name in 2010 (Very silly of myself) He managed to default a account and also open another account under my name as he had full access to the account via customer services. The second account has numerous late payments on the account. The first account is now closed with the defaulted account being satisfied as of 2013. Upon looking at the accounts, and my main question which I want answering/help with escalating. Both accounts appear under his address (which is different to mine) as he paid for the bills, he had to enter the addres
  23. Hello, Looking for some advice on an issue I currently have with Three UK. In 2013 I rang Three to discuss a cheaper tariff for my ongoing phone contract. The call went well and they offered a new tariff at £15 a month. Brilliant! However, last week I received a demand for payment for a three account that I had no idea was in existence. It appears the new £15 a month tariff was actually a new contract! I was under no impression that when I agreed to £15 a month they were in fact opening a new contract in my name, and not changing the tariff on the contract I already h
  24. Hi Everyone, I've got a particularly horrible problem on my hands . . . well two of them, but let's start with this. In July 2013 I left the UK to live in America. However, during the move I neglected to settle an accuont with Three for a SIM used in a 3G iPad. Sometime in the last few weeks, I checked my credit report and there is a default. I should not be surprised, but I am upset about it, my UK credit was largely OK, but now it's completely useless, which sort of traps me here in another country. I can't rent or get a mortgage, or probably even get a phone.
  25. I am trying to get my finances in order and have been reading up on forums about those who have had successes dealing with DCAs, but unfortunately my accounts don’t seem to make sense. I have four default accounts on my credit file, showing a D sign every single month on my account, but I have three payments from DCA going out of my account two I know why I am paying but PRA I don’t know what its for, and the two bank account overdrafts I have defaults for I don’t know what is happening with them and what to do. Should i send out CCA letters to all creditors including barclays and
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