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  1. ok thank you. I am sorry for the questions I am just unsure of what to do and how to proceed. Do I need to write to them again, or just leave it and see what they do?
  2. Does that also apply if it is not SB, I know theses debts are only a few years old at most
  3. I am just worried about court claims and things as I have never dealt with that before they defaulted 2 years ago
  4. Hello, I have had an ongoing problem with Lowell for the past few years for 3 three mobile debts. Now yes I had contracts for these but I left due to lack of service and the fact that the phones were practically useless as none of the 3 could ever get signal in the house. The debts are for the cancellation fees that Three applied to the account. I have written to Lowells asking them to prove it, only to be sent the statement form three of the charges that were applied, now it is my understanding that mobile phone contracts are not under the CCA and therefore I don't have many options other than to pay them? I tested the water with the one for £188 and offered to pay £100, but Lowell declined and instead offered 20% discount and a partially settled mark on my credit file, which is pretty much-ruined thanks to this nightmare. I am looking for some advice on what to do now as this is causing me a lot of upset and stress, and I'm not really sure where to turn. Thank you in advance
  5. no, it is a different one that one was paid.. they sent me the details for that one
  6. Hi, Just looking for some advice please. I have been trying to get Lowell to prove a 'debt' to 02 that goes back to 2012.. the debt is for £181 and all they keep telling me is that it is for a phone contract. On Friday I received a letter form Lowell solicitors saying they now have the debt and that I need to talk to them about paying it. . today however I receive a very strongly worded "Letter of claim" letter with several pages for me to input all my details and reasons for why I have not paid. I emailed them and this is the reply I got back from them, I am just wondering if i do have to actually provide them with the details they are asking for? I have sent them the "Prove it" letter from this site via recorded delivery as well. Dear Sir or Madam, Please be advised that if this is the first email we have received from you, we require some information from you in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 so that we can conduct our security checks. Please confirm: Our reference number Full name Full address, including post code Full date of birth By replying to this email, you also confirm that you give authority for us to record this email address and correspond with you by this method. We are currently experiencing high volumes of emails. We aim to respond within 5 working days, once we have satisfied our security checks. Please note that until we receive the above information from you, we will not be able to deal with your correspondence. If you are responding to any contact that suggests that we may take further action against you within a specified time, please call us on the below number as we cannot guarantee that we will have seen your email before this action is taken. If you wish to speak with a member of our team, please telephone us between 8:00am and 8:00pm Monday to Friday or between 8:00am and 2:00pm Saturday on 0113 335 3334.
  7. it was aqua that went to arrow and then to Restons
  8. aqua credit card taken about about 2 years ago
  9. i have not paid it for about 18 months, fell behind and then I had health problem so i sort of ignored everything because I couldnt cope with it all
  10. we are instructed by Arrow to seek payment from you for the outstanding balance on the above account, being £752.75. you have been previously notified of our client's rights to this account. Failure to contact us by tuesday 18th April could result in further action, which may include the issue of a county court claim plus costs. Our client may be prepared to accept payment by installments, if you wish to consider this option, please fill out the enclosed financial statement or fill it out online by the 18th April. please note, they may be an opportinity for you to discharge your libility through a short settlement payment. If you think your financial circumstances allow you to pay a lump sum, please telephone us and provide a full financial history, without this our client cannot accept a lump sum, as it is important that any such payment does not have an adverse impact on your financial circumstances. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact us, we want to understand and help you come to an affordable agreement. That is the text of the letter, sorry I dont have a scanner or anything. I am just worried as i have 5 children, 3 of which are disabled, our only income is benefits and I am worried about them trying to take my car or something as payment. I do owe this debt and should have sorted it sooner
  11. Hi, This morning i have recieved a nasty letter from Restons about an old aqua card that has come to them from Arrow. I have read online they are a nasty bunch to deal with and go down the CCJ route quickly. I dont not want that to happen, I have severe anxiety and already this is scaring me so much. They need a reply by the 18th or they will go for a CCJ and I dont know what to do for the best. I have no idea how to do a financial statememt and can only afford to pay a bit each month to get this paid off.. they are offering a short settlement payment, but I will only be able to pay half of it and even that is going to leave me short as it will be out of my sons DLA and he needs that. I am hoping someone can help me and give me some advice please Thanks in advance.
  12. Hiya sorry we had a family emergency and I have not been online. I need to make a complaint to 3 regarding this, spoke to them yesterday and canceled the contract, was advised it was up in may and I would have to pay a fee, they would take this as my final bill in march. Today I have a just recieved a call from a very aggressive man who demanded that "I do my job and pay my bill". This has upset me and caused even more stress and anxiety which I really dont need at the moment . My son who has the phone was assaulted on sunday and ended up in hospital having a seizure, it was just lucky that he wasnt too far from home! Fuming isn't the word.
  13. also I didn't get the guys name, he was very poor english and shouted over everything I was trying to say
  14. Sorry, it was a phone call.. I am sorry I didn't make that clear, my head is all over the place at the moment . I suffer from severe anxiety and this has just put me in a bit of a panic
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