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Found 3 results

  1. Good day all. This is a very good forum and I have an interesting case I'd kindly like some advice regarding. I've been with Three for a number of years now. I used to be on their One Plan where I got 600 mins, over a thousand texts, and unlimited data with unlimited tethering. When the contract ended and it was time to upgrade, I wasn't pleased with the phones on offer so I asked if I could continue with my current phone and current contract but with a lower monthly price. Person on the phone obliged, but what they didn't tell me is that I've lost my tethering ability, and some of my minutes have now been replaced with three-to-three only minutes. When I realised I couldn't tether I initiated a complaints process but found it so tediously long that I gave up half way. However, more recently, I began a new job in which I really needed tethering and so this time I re-initiated the complaints process and took it further. The best they were able to give me was 4gb of tethering. It's not the same as unlimited but I went ahead with it anyway as I really needed it and didnt have infinite time - which seems to be required to #makeitright with Three. However, at the beginning of this year I went above my minutes allowance and it was then that I realised that instead of having 600 mins, I only have about 200 and the rest being three-to-three only. This time I've had enough and I am proceeding to either the Ombudsman service, or complete and permanent termination between me and Three for good. After several rounds of email exchanges with India-based operatives, by complaint has finally reached the ‘Three Executive Office’. Here's what they said: { Hello Mr Thanks for your email. I’ve been looking into your concerns about the upgrade and change to the tethering allowance, from what you had before on your earlier price plan. You called our customer services on 26th April 2013 and discussed the options for upgrading your account. However, as the phone you were looking for wasn’t yet available, you decided to move on to a one month SIM Only plan. You called us on 16th June 2013 to say you couldn’t use tethering services and notes on your account show you were told that tethering wasn’t included on the new plan. The notes also mention that the call ended unexpectedly and we were unable to get back in touch with you. There was no more contact from you about this until January 2015, when this same matter was investigated by our customer relations team. The original upgrade call was listened to and we confirmed that you were wrongly informed that the SIM Only plan you chose did include a tethering allowance. As a resolution, you agreed to let us change your plan to SIM Only, 200 minutes and ‘all you can eat’ (AYCE) data, with a 4GB tethering allowance, plus no change in the monthly charge. We then received an email from you in March 2015, but unfortunately, your email didn’t pass our data protection requirements. You then sent more emails to us, in September and in October, when we confirmed that the One Plan was no longer available and that none of our plans now offer an unlimited tethering allowance. Our email to you on 16th October was in reply to an email from you and again explained that the option of unlimited tethering wasn’t possible. We reiterated that you had agreed a change in price plan to one which gave you a 4GB tethering allowance and we applied a £50 credit to your account. This covered the cost of six months of charges, £30, for the add-on you bought giving an extra 1GB tethering, along with a refund of the £20 ‘out of bundle’ charges you had incurred. Just to be clear, we won’t be able to return you to the One Plan, or give you an unlimited tethering allowance, as we no longer offer either of these. The maximum tethering allowance that’s available on our SIM Only plans is 8GB. I’d be happy to move you onto the one month SIM Only AYCE data, 600 minute, with 8GB tethering plan. This would normally be charged at £25 a month, but I would include a £5 recurring discount, so you’d only pay £20 a month. This will be our final position. Since more than two years had passed since you contacted us about this matter and you accepted a change in price plan in January 2015, we won’t be able to provide you with a deadlock letter. If you wish to accept my offer, just get back to me by reply and I’ll be happy to arrange this. If not, I can confirm our final position to you by letter. Thanks Luke McKeown Three Executive Office } This executive seems to be using the fact that I gave up on their almost never-ending complaints process as a defence. I am currently paying for 200 mins any time any network, 300 mins three-to-three, unlimited texts, and unlimited data with only 4gb of tethering. Currently paying £12 per month. Whereas what I should be getting (for the same price, carrying on from when my One Plan contract ended) is 600 anytime any network minutes, at least 1000 texts, and unlimited data with unlimited tethering. This is what was promised to me when my One Plan ended. So, my question is, should I go ahead with taking this to the Ombudsman service. I certainly am not happy to pay £20 per month for what is actually less than what I should be getting. The executive has since emailed me a follow up asking me to reply and accept and has even posted me a letter saying the same - it seems he is rushing to close this. Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated! I will update you all on what happens. I have 5-6 days to get back to him. Many thanks indeed!
  2. hello i checked my credit fine and saw an entry from microcredit for £500 back from 2012. I didnt not reconise the debt so i sent off the standard CCA letter with enclosed fee ect.. I got a letter back yesterday from micro credit. No signed agreement or statement as requested.. Just a load of junk advising i should go to the police if i think that someone has taken out the application in my name as it could be fraud.. bla bla bla.. anyone else received such a response?
  3. Money-saving Martin Lewis is a man on a mission. Two years ago he launched a parliamentary campaign to make financial education compulsory. Today, he is still campaigning for a change to the curriculum that would force schools into teaching the calculation of an APR alongside algebra. “I’m locked in a vicious circle,” he explains. “The Government says it doesn’t need to put it on to the curriculum for schools to teach it, and the head teachers say they won’t teach it unless it is there. I want them to know that I am not going away until it is.” Since Lewis first started work on his campaign for financial education, two major things have happened in his life. First, he sold Moneysavingexpert, his website for savvy savers, to Moneysupermarket for a life-changing £87 million. Secondly, he became a father to Sapphire, now nearly two months old. Both of these occurrences have only strengthened his resolve to teach the nation’s children about personal finance. A large proportion of his £10 million charity fund will go towards funding the project, while he also pledges to get the subject into the classroom “before my little girl starts school”. “It’s not about her – my knowledge of personal finance will ensure that she knows so much more about money than other children her age,” he explains. “That’s part of the problem – some parents will be great at teaching their children about money, but others won’t. Lack of financial education perpetuates financial injustice.” More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/9752033/Martin-Lewis-My-mission-to-teach-children-finance.html
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