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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Friends, I am a Leeds city resident and I got three parking tickets in a span of two weeks. There are multiple issues with these PCNs as I spotted some discrepancies in councils guidance on the time limits. Few years back Leeds city council has introduced a mobile based parking solution by partnering with a company called parkmobile. Being a daily commuter I really love the convenience of the app though it charges 25P convenience fee for each transaction. The way the app works is as below: Step 1: Drive to the intented parking space and open the app.
  2. Are PCNs subject to the 6 years (england) statute barred law anyone know?
  3. Wonder if anyone can help alleviate the burden of these series of PCNs.... I left my car legally parked on the road for approx. 1-month in March during which time my father was critically ill in hospital. When I came back to find my car to my horror it was not where I left it. Luckily I spotted it 50-100 yards down the road, half parked in a permit holders only zone and half parked outside it, with 10+ PCNs attached! Luckily a good Samaritan who lived on the street had written a note stating "your car was moved here by a lorry and lifter by the people doing the road works".
  4. Hi All, I recently received 2 PCN for parking on the pavement on consecutive days (the car didn't move). I don't deny I parked on the pavement but (!): 1) the "pavement" isn't usable by pedestrians, doesn't lead anywhere and is dangerously overgrown with brambles 2) there are signs around the area stating that pavement parking is allowed and the markings on the pavement are now completely invisible. 3) although, in theory parking off this tiny section of pavement is allowed and wouldn't block the road, it would make passage harder especially for vans. There wasn't
  5. Hi all We have received two PCN's from a Euro Car Park - members of BPA demanding payment of £100 each for both mine and my husband's cars. The date issued is 17/12/2016. I cannot recall the full details of the incident so I am relying on their evidence to advise me - however it looks to be very lacking in detail with simply an images of my number plate twice with text underneath it alleging the time of entry and exit. Now this does not seem sufficient to me but you tell me.... Is there advise on the best route of action to take as this is the first letter from them i want t
  6. Im fuming. It just seems to me that car owners are one big cash machine for councils. Stick some cameras up and let the money roll in. I recently moved to a new area and started driving to work. Unbeknown to me one of the roads I was turning into on my way to work each morning at 7:30am has a time restriction in place that you cant turn into it after 7:30am. Its dark, its christmas , the streets are empty, no one was killed, no traffic was caused. But yet I have appealed against these tickets and am told by the council they are 'certain an offense has ta
  7. Hi, I would greatly appreciate a bit of advice. Having previously naively paid PCNs many years ago in NHS car parks where I have worked , in recent times I have wised up and appealed multiple tickets successfully. I am currently awaiting an NHS car parking permit from the Hospital I am working at, but I have been advised there may be a long delay. There is no public parking space in the area and I live to far away to take public transport. I have had a few PCNs that I have provisionally appealed against on grounds of Empark not owning the land and the
  8. Hi, I am really hoping someone may be able to help me understand what I should be doing. I'll try and be concise ... I currently have 5 local authority PCNS that have now gone to the bailiffs at a cost of £187 each (originally £35) + the threatened bailiff charge of £235 on top should they call. Early in the year I was diagnosed with acute depression and anxiety by my GP brought on by a combination of events , some of which are still continuing today, that ultimately ended up with me being signed off work and eventually having to resign. I don't dispute the fact
  9. Hi all! Long story short, I got into a bit of a mess 18-24 months ago and through my own daft fault failed to pay a number of PCNs issued for parking too long at work/home (my area operates a time clock system). 1 of these went to TEC and Jacobs were instructed (pre April 2014, in May 2013). After a couple of visits and notices through the letterbox I heard nothing more from Jacobs and as far as I understand the Warrant for Northampton expired start of April 14. I had 9 others which I managed to set up a payment plan with the council for and was p
  10. Hi everyone I've read here with interest for about a year now but decided to register to post the following, partly for advice but also because I am in contact with a Magistrate (a friend) who has kindly offered some advice (which I don't have yet, we will be meeting up next week). So, sans advice, here is what has happened so far: I have several PCNs issued. All of which I'm sure are valid. There is a time limit on the streets near my workplace and due to the nature of my work I have occasionally been caught short. My fault. I had paid all PCNs I received (except 2 which
  11. Hi Guys, I'm new to this site, seems like a great resource. Any of your help will be greatly appreciated. I have uploaded a couple of files of the PCNs in question. Anyway the story... I came home from work on Friday to be greeted by two PCNs. You can imagine how blue the air was. On closer inspection they are for two offences committed within a minute of each other. One is for parking in a loading bay for about five minutes(while loading for a local business) the other is for entering a no entry zone, all of this on the same road. With regard to the the no entry o
  12. Hi My partner parked my car in a residents bay last April and received a PCN on the windscreen. He stupidly removed this, and left the car where it was. When he returned a second time, there was a second PCN. I was not aware of this until a couple of months ago when I received a bailiffs letter for one of the PCNs. The fee had increased to £263 and I reluctantly paid this. The bailiff advised us to make contact with the council and ask them to waive the second charge as the car was not moved. I did this a week later, and when I had not heard back from them, I rang them today.
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