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  1. Hey thanks for the reply, Yes noise and dirt/dust, no green space as promised (this area out the front is a dumping ground for building supplies), constant lorries/diggers/vans passing and turning outside - both front and back, builders' dogs roaming around - the reversing beepers drive me nuts! It is a rural location and I moved here from a private rental (that I could have stayed in) with an elderly cat (22!). The reason I moved was to get away from a stressful and noisy environment (I used to live above a pub - ironic considering it's been closed due to the lockdowns) and to give the cat a happy retirement in his senior years in the countryside - the HA knew this. As it is, the cat is nigh on a prisoner in the flat now as he cannot/doesn't want to go out during the day for the aforementioned reasons and that alone makes me feel terrible knowing that I brought him to this. The property I live in is a block of four flats and it is obvious that they rushed to get them ready for rental as they knew the lockdown was coming. For example the grout was still wet in the bathroom and the downstairs flats were supposed to have a small garden which suddenly turned into a stone covered 'yard'. All of the building 'efforts' over the past 14 months have been focused on the large, private houses at the bottom end of the development and the area directly around me has actually become worse in that time with nothing done. I was led to believe that the area directly around me would be completed by Christmas 2020 and the whole development by late 2021. I did raise a formal complaint and the HA visited and simply said that they 'were sorry if I misunderstood or if there was some confusion'. I feel that they were not forthcoming about the reality when I signed the lease and in fact were only interested and focused on getting bodies in paying rent prior to the lockdown - the fact is that if they had been more honest about what was going to, or not going to happen, they would have found it harder to lease them at that time. I would have thought that the directly surrounding areas of a property can and will likely have an impact on a persons wellbeing and quality of life, which kind of defeats the point of offering someone social housing? Sorry if I ranted a bit but hopefully this explains my thinking as to why I asked in the first place! Cheers
  2. Hi all, Wasn't sure exactly where to post this but hoping someone may be able to shed some light on this issue. I just typed a lengthy post about this but it seemed too convoluted as a first post so I have reduced it to this .... Is it legal to lease social housing to a tenant if the actual property is finished but the areas directly surrounding it are not and still a literal building site? This is the situation I find myself in after over a year. Would be interested to know the legal aspect of this if anyone knows? Thx in advance
  3. Thanks again but .. "Transcripts of marks for past graduates are available ..." I didn't graduate. So I would need to call the dept.
  4. The link appears to be for people who have graduated. As I mentioned I was unable to complete the course so was just looking to get the official modules and points earned document/transcript.
  5. HI and thanks for your reply. I did have a look at the link you posted, however it requires me to call the same dept that is refusing me the docs
  6. Hi I have a question that I'm hoping someone may be able to answer. Some years ago I undertook a degree course with the University of Exeter. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the course but did do enough to claim a Cert of HE. However I had a disagreement with the uni about some fees 'owed' for a field trip and they refused to issue the certificate .... so now we arrive at today - more than 6 years later, when thinking of applying to the Open Uni, I contacted them to get official proof of credits and they still refuse citing the 6/7 year old debt as the reason. I mentioned that the debt would be statute barred by now but they still refused. So I have two questions: 1) Are they within their rights to do this considering the debt is technically/legally not owed anymore? 2) Its possible that i may be having to apply for a DRO in the near future. If i was to do this, and add this debt on to it (even though its now not owed, would they then have to issue the relevant certs/info? If anyone has any info/knowledge/advice they can share I would be most grateful Cheers
  7. ***UPDATE*** For any of those of you following this - I have just returned from Thailand after an extended 2 month trip and, unfortunately, have had to be in touch with QBE Insurance (Cory Environmental's insurers) during this time to ask them to explain why their insured misreported the location of the incident to them. After being thoroughly bemused and annoyed by the response I got, I then threatened to send Cory an LBA upon my return and to post a copy of every email, photo and any other correspondence regarding this matter all over social media. (Both QBE and their insured (Cory Environmental) have, as far as I am concerned, been complicit in deliberately misreporting the incident, misleading the witness and also been down right rude to me.) The response I received the following day, in Thailand, was the first positive step I have had in this whole fiasco. They said that 'they were in discussions with their policyholder and could I provide a quote for the cost of repairs' ... I got two quotes when I returned last week and have forwarded them the costliest one. There is no doubt that the vehicle is worth far less than the estimate for repairs so I guess I'd be looking at a Cat D write off?? (Could I buy back if this is the case?) I am wondering what the next likely steps are and, again, how long? (This has been going on since Feb!)
  8. Just to clarify .... If I were to go down the LBA route, who would I be sending it to? Cory or their insurers - because to me it feels like they're tag teaming!!!
  9. Thanks for your help guys. They have now admitted that THEY had put the wrong date on the letter but are still arguing that the location is the issue now. Their clients (Cory Environmental) have obviously, despite me and their rep agreeing as to where it happened, deliberately (I would guess) reported the wrong location to their insurers as I mentioned above. And .... if I don't know the name of the road (and I live there) then it is perfectly understandable that my witnesswould not know eh!?
  10. He was simply in a rush. The letter simply asked him to fill out the attached form relating to the incident that occurred on X date at X location. He had no reason to pay much attention to that I guess. You wouldn't expect it to be wrong. And as far as the location is concerned , myself and the company rep never agreed on a road name because even I didn't know it (and I live around the corner), he asked me to draw a map which he then drew again and we both agreed that he understood where it was.
  11. I have copy documents emailed between me and the company prior to the date that they reported!!!
  12. Ok peeps, so the story goes on and this is where I'm at now ...... any help with how to move forward would be great!!! Witness was sent statement to fill out. However he copied the date and location, which was on the cover letter, onto his witness statement. Now the insurers are saying that the date and location are wrong and they will not pay out. I have a copy of the cover letter that was sent with the witness statement and sure enough the date and location are NOT what I reported when I called, and met with, the company's reps who came to look at the car. So they have mis-reported the incident to their insurers, my witness copied date/location believing them to be correct and because of this they are refusing to play ball!! Infuriating! Any suggestions as I'm getting to the end of my tether tbh!!! Cheers all
  13. Ok so the latest update is that the witness received a statement to complete regarding the incident and the driver's actions. He did so, categorically stating that the driver definitely knew he had caused damage. Cory are saying their driver "can't recall" anything. I received an email from the insurers saying that they will not do anything as there are "inconsistencies" in the witness' statement relating to dates and times and locations. I have a feeling that the form already had this info on it, provided incorrectly by them (whether deliberate or not) and the witness simply wrote his bit and signed for that. I am currently trying to get a copy of the statement.
  14. Thanks for all your responses people Guess I'll just have to wait and see what they say first. They do have a copy of the note that was left on my vehicle. The witness was also able to tell me what the truck was actually collecting at that time, so that should correlate with their records ... Thanks all
  15. Hi all, I am hoping someone can advise me of the likely outcome of this situation that I find myself in. My car was recently hit by our local recycling firm causing some damage to the bodywork - car itself is ok. No note was left by the driver, although he apparently got out and had a look at the damage before driving off! A note was left by an independent witness however. I have contacted the company in question and they have moved quite quickly so far. Called them on Monday, they came and viewed car on Wednesday and then called me on Friday to say their insurers would be in touch soon. The car is probably worth about the same as the cost to fix the damage would be, maybe less. My questions really are: 1) Do I need to inform my insurers? 2) What is the likely outcome? 3) Is there anything I should know about this process as it's all new to me!? I don't really want to lose the car but feel aggrieved as something of mine was damaged by a third party - and the fact that the driver left without reporting it. The company's rep was very quick to point out that they encourage all their drivers to stop and report incidents. This is probably because I mentioned the word 'criminal' in the conversations we had prior to his visit. Any thoughts would be much appreciated
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