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Found 6 results

  1. Today I received a white county courtclaim form from northampton for the MBNA Credit card 2008 – now with PRA GROUP - £2723 – defaulted 2012. On 12th Nov PRA Group wrote to me in response to my returned PAP form where I stated I dispute the debt because I need more documents or information Specifically I wrote: I need a copy of (1) the Default Notice, (2) the Notice of Assignment, (3) a complete set of statements detailing exactly how the debt has accrued detailing: (a) All Transactions, (b) Any additional charges, be them by the original creditor or you PRA Group (UK) Limited, the debt purchaser or any predecessor, © Details of all contractual interest added by whom and on what date, (d) List of ALL Payments made toward the Agreement. The PRA group letter on the 12th said, that in response to my query (PAP form) please find enclosed copy of statement of account from MBNA and a copy of the credit agreement (was an online application 2008) plus statements from the MBNA credit card (virgin). The letter goes on to say that they will put the account on hold for 30 days until 12th December to allow sufficient time to receive the letter and contact them. Today I received the county court claim form. I don't know what to do now? Please advise. Should I try to a negotiate an offer with PRA or will I have to pay in full somehow! I don't want a CCJ registered.
  2. Hi all, (COPY OF LETTER ATTACHED) Been ignoring letters after parking in a train station and now received this letter ? How would i handle this, this is a company car and plenty of people have use of it but it's in my name so was going to reply stating i don't know who the driver was? Any ideas please Thanks Guys Gladstones.zip
  3. Hi all We have received two PCN's from a Euro Car Park - members of BPA demanding payment of £100 each for both mine and my husband's cars. The date issued is 17/12/2016. I cannot recall the full details of the incident so I am relying on their evidence to advise me - however it looks to be very lacking in detail with simply an images of my number plate twice with text underneath it alleging the time of entry and exit. Now this does not seem sufficient to me but you tell me.... Is there advise on the best route of action to take as this is the first letter from them i want to deal with the matter asap but do not want to pay. is there a thread on here that i might've missed that talks about what to do Many thanks Tam
  4. To take the discussion off another thread, there is an idea that councils can now attach to DLA or the new PIP to recoup Liability Orders, this is problematic if said benefit is funding say a Motability car on lease. Can we look at which benefits can lawfully be attached to so we can frame best advice?
  5. Hi all! i am seeking a bit of advice on behalf of my friend. a few months ago they were caught shoplifting from TK MAXX and was stopped after leaving the store by store security and asked to go back to the office. When they got in to the office my friend was asked why they had taken the items and everything was recovered in a fit for re sale condition (all tags still on items and un damaged) my friend explained that it was completely out of character, expressed how deeply sorry they were and had no idea why they had done what they had done. After searching my friends bag they found some tablets and asked what they were for and my friend told them they were antidepressants and they are currently under going regular counselling (which is true) The Police weren't called but they took a copy of my friends passport, name, address and place of work and he was aloud to leave. Obviously my friend was distraught and was worrying that they were going to contact his work over the weekend, so, in result he wrote his notice and was ready to hand it in Monday morning first thing. Unfortunately, TK MAXX had called his work and he was called in to the office after he had handed in his notice and they said he can either A) leave with immediate effect or B) have a full investigation carried out regarding the incident. He decided to leave with immediate effect not knowing what could come of the investigation (he'd rather leave on a voluntary basis than be investigated and then ASKED to leave) A week later he received a letter from RLP saying that,in short, pay up £157 for compensation to there client or the matter would be escalated to court. he told me about this and I had a little look on the Internet and after reading pages and pages of posts and advice from people who had also been contacted by the RLP gave him the advice to ignore the letter as it was just a speculative invoice with no legal basis and that they are just using scare tactics to suck money out of you. he took my advice and a second letter came through the post (as expected) with pretty much the same as what the first letter had stated but worded differently with a few scary words added in. Again I reassured him and sent him some links to forums for him to read to help with his anxiety and he ignored this letter. so next up, you guessed it, a third letter has been sent through today. i worry that I am falling in to there fear trap and my friend is too and he is uncomfortable with ignoring these letters anymore due to what they are saying. i know there has been a lot on RLP but every case I have read has been under different circumstances I.e they're under 18 or currently jobless some advice would be much appreciated i still believe that there is nothing they can do and to just ignore it but I wouldn't forgive myself if I gave advice to him that was bad and that got him in to avoidable trouble! Thank you! Turns out I can't send links to the letters, ill post as soon as my post count goes above 10
  6. Hi, Maybe I am the only one experiencing this but I looked over my credit files after getting an obligatory Ruthbridge/Cabot threat yesterday to discover searches made by organisations who have not left their name. So on my record they show up as "Organisation: Not Reported" I checked this on checkmyfile and also with Experian. I thought companies had to tell the CRA why they were conducting a search and if that is the case, why is the CRA not reporting the name of the organisation making the search? Getting annoying now. Any help appreciated.
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