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  1. I request your assistance for dealing with DRP (Dept recovery plus ltd) who are acting on behalf of Empark UK Ltd operating on ground of Mount Vernon Cancer centre. I had a letter on 12th April 2018 that my vehicle was issued with a penalty charge notice on 12th February 2018 for the reason of 'parked in marked ambulance bay'. I disputed the matter in writing that; 1. My vehicle was never parked in the bay 2. No where the location states 'Ambulance bay' rather at one point it says 'Authorised vehicles'. The parking area is used by Ambulances, private hire vehicles (who are contracted by hospital to pick up/drop off passengers) and also for people who pick up and drop off passengers. My mother is a cancer patient. On 12th she attended hospital to see the consultant, due to some internal issues she continued to wait for over 4 hours and her condition deteriorated, started vomiting i drove the car from the car park which is fair distance to the door of cancer centre (never parked in the bay), i then walked in, pushed her wheel chair to the car. Within this matter of minutes, the parking attendent issued a ticket and had gone to avoid confrontation. I went back to the reception and explained the matter, showed them the parking ticket i had paid. I left the parking notice with them and was assured that this matter will be taken care of. After few weeks I received letter demanding the payment. I wrote on 29 April 2018 back with all the details as above. I then had rejection on 22nd June 2018 and that i can write to POPLA. I must admit at that time, my mother wasn't well and I was struggling to look after her full time and also concentrating on my full time degree course that i did not spend time to attend to that matter. Now on 17th Dec, I received letter from DRP (Dept recovery plus ltd) demanding £145.00 by 26th December. I had a look to see if i can appeal but POPLA only accept appeals within 28 days which i missed.. what options do i have? anything i can do?? I have been in full time studies and out of work for over a year now.. can't really afford to pay..
  2. There was an article in todays paper that sums up what is wrong with charging for hospital parking. A private security guard has been jailed for stealing with others over £200k from the parking machines at Wythenshawe Hospital over a period f just under a year. To pick through whty this is a particularly rotten endictment of what is wrong lets start with his employment, he worked for a subcontractor security firm and he was stealing £30k a month in cash he was handling for the parking co/hospital. He was only caught because a student working part time there dobbed him in. Now that means the cashiers and accountants hadnt noticed a shortfall of £7.5 k a WEEK in their cash takings, the security staff were not supervised in any aspect of their cash handling and it took a volunteer to point all of this out. A hospital spokesmand said that the money could hve paid the slaries of 6 nurses blah blah.- NO IT COULDNT, that wouldnt be allowed so not only do the management of the hospital not know what they are doing they then tell lies to try and deflect their dreadful greed and incompetence into some sympathy for their plight. The obvious point is what was happening to all the money in the first place then if no-one noticed it had gone missing? Why charge for parking in the first place. At the time this was going on the Chief Exec of the hospital was in a court battle with his own trust over plans to cease certain functions and he was forced out of his job. Well, that says all you really need to know. Anyone suffering demands from the parking co there should just claim they paid cash to the the security people and the parking co can find the money in a box behind the telly of their employee. That will see them laughed out of court
  3. Just got back from an appointment to find the parking arrangements have yet again changed. It's not my local hospital and I attend maybe once a year. Things used to be simple with a barrier entry/ticket then after your appointment put your ticket in the machine then pay before exiting. Then the barrier got smashed off and they relied on a person taking reg numbers and times giving you ticket to pay in the coffee shop before you exit. Today's visit was most confusing, with people waiting at the ticket machine not sure whether to pay before of when you exit. It appears most people were of the opinion that you pay when you are about to exit as they have cameras set up. I checked with reception and they said you can pay before or after. Very strange I thought and proceeded with my appointment. When I returned I punched in the reg number expecting it to say how much, but nothing, you have to the guess how long you were parked up for!!! I paid for two hours as I checked my watch and it was correct. I've since checked my dash cam and i arrived at 14.34, took about a minute or two to find a space big enough for my van and left at 16.37 buying my ticket at 16.35. So worst case scenario is i overstayed by 3 minutes with the best case being 1 minute. Do you think this an automatic penalty from these sharks or do they have a grace period? Also, are the ticket machines linked to the camera system for timings. Don't want a £100 fine around xmas time. Tried to contact the hospital for clarification but they haven't got a clue.
  4. Hi all, Just received a Notice to Keeper from Gemini stating that the vehicle broke the following condition, parking in a disabled bay. The registered keeper is disabled and was receiving treatment as the time within the hospital, to the best of knowledge the blue badge was displayed. is it worth appealing given these circumstances? The notice also says that they contacted the keeper recently, they didn't this is the first we have heard of this. Any advice would be appreciated. Date of infringement 18th October 2018 Date of the NTK 21st November 2018 Date Received 23rd November 2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? No 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up Not yet 7 Who is the parking company? Gemini Parking 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford Essex For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. BPA Many thanks, Jo
  5. On 19th October 2017, my wife (only legally) parked at Aintree Hospital car park. According to the solicitors who have chased me for money a breach of contract notice was placed on the windscreen of the car. They state that this provided 14 days to pay or appeal. They have told me that because they had no registered vehicle details that they requested this from the DVLA. The solicitors have refused to provide the date that they sent this letter to the DVLA or provide a copy of the letter or DVLA response. On 28th November the solicitors state that a pre-action letter was sent and provided 30 days to appeal or pay £60. They state that a further pre-action letter was sent on 19th January 2018. They then say that on 2nd March 2018 Court proceedings were issued. A claim form was said to have been posted on 6th March giving until 22nd March for a defence to be filed. A defence was not filed by me nor were any court directions complied with (e.g. directions questionnaire). Consequently a CCJ was issued dated 24th May. The only letter I had handed to me by my wife was the CCJ letter (24th May letter). I was not driving the vehicle on the day as I was working. I have made this clear to the solicitors but they say because no letters were returned that they are assured I received them. To make this more complex, I do not reside at the address were the letters were sent and I have not resided there for a period of time before the alleged parking infringement took place. The reason for this is that my marriage had broken down. I have made it clear to the solicitors chasing the money that I am not doubting that an infringement took place, nor am I doubting that the letters were sent out, what I have stated is that I was not driving the vehicle and that I believe the communications that were sent out are likely to have been withheld from me by my wife. To add further complexity the solicitors have stated that a defence was made. They have sent a copy of the defence to me which is not signed or dated. The defence has been put together as if it was written by me and states "it was not me (e.g my name driving) it was my wife (wife's name) driving. The defence was not written by me and I strongly believe it was my wife who wrote this. I have asked the solicitors to confirm the date the defence was received but they have refused to provide this information. My wife has admitted she was driving on the day and stated that she spoke to the parking attendant. Therefore the company have been aware from the outset that it was a female who was driving and not me (a male). I have raised this point with the solicitors but that have not provided a response to it. I would be grateful for any guidance that can be provided. For many different reasons I'm slowly getting my life back on track. I do not believe I should have to pay this fine but from reading around it appears I would need to pay to even have the CCJ set aside. Many thanks T
  6. Hi, I would be very grateful if I could receive any advice concerning the parking charge notice I've received on Monday. I've filled this up : For PNC's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 21/05/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 31/05/2018 3 Date received 4/06/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? yes 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] Not (yet?) Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is the parking company? CPM 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] North Middlesex University Hospital, London For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE Yes, IAS If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here NO I went to the hospital for a scan, I thought it would be quick and paid parking for an hour but I overstayed by 33 minutes. When I asked the guy at the Radiology reception, he told me that if I was to go back to my car to add some money to my parking ticket I would lose my place in the queue!! Now CPM wants me to pay £100 or £60 if paid within 14 days. Please advice if you can! Thank you!
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/feb/28/gps-offered-cash-to-refer-fewer-people-to-hospital I thought GPs were already finding it hard to cope with the workload? This sounds an odd way to try and fix the system. HB
  8. Oh dear, I have spent from 8 am this morning till 3 pm at Manchester Eye Hospital. I parked in a Disabled Bay, correctly displaying my blue badge. I could not drive because of the eye drops which were not wearing off - giving me extremely blurred vision, so at 12 noon my daughter came to pick me up until my vision improved. At 3 pm she drove me back to retrieve my car only to find a Parking Notice Enclosed stuck on the windscreen. When opening it it states that 'Blue Badge Not Displayed'????? I find this rather odd as my badge was clearly displayed. My daughter went inside to challenge the 'parkie' guy only to be told that had gone home for the day. We took pictures of my car parked in the disabled bay, clearly showing the hospital in the background with my badge displayed. I really don't know what to do as I am loathed to give them any of my details..let them buy then from the DVLA if they want to go that far. It is not clear who the company is?? Back of ticket just repeats PARK SOLVE in big blue font. Parking notice states who to pay it to: Civil Enforcement Ltd. Do they not have to make it clear who the company is? I looked up Park Solve on companies house and there accounts so far show only £46 in the bank with a few addresses of a South African guy with lots of different companies..very weird. Any advice would be helpful as I have to return in a few days for more treatment. As an aside, there was a car parked nearby with at least 8 parking notices on it..wow, must have got a job lot. Do they not take photos of the offence as I would love to see my car without a blue badge displayed to back up their claim as this would be a miracle.
  9. ?? http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/war-hero-who-lost-both-legs-in-afghanistan-no-longer-allowed-treatment-at-english-hospital-because-hes-scottish/ar-AAoX9ON?li=AA59G2&ocid=ientp
  10. Nasty one in the Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4702178/Nurses-pay-150-000-parking-fines.html County Court judge upheld all the tickets.
  11. Hello September 2016 I visited our local hospital purchased a ticket and left before the ticket expired. . Although this was after my dads death I parked in the same place i had done loads of times whilst visiting my father who was in and out due to this illness until he succumbed to the disease. This was 08/09/2016 whilst visiting the fracture clinic on the 25/11/2016 I received a parking charge notice saying I had parked on private land without appropriate permit/authorisation. Luckily I had left the ticket in my door though it was two months after scanned it and sent them via email. Received a reply that stated I owed the money (£70) which didn't acknowledge the ticket just stating I owed the money. I have to admit i didn't pay much attention to the dates as I really believed their had been a mistake and the pay machine hadn't worked together with the cameras so I cant be exact on the replies to parking eye, though most were emails. After some correspondence tennis I appealed to POPLA as they instructed me i could do, then heard nothing for months and months then a letter came through saying the £70 was still outstanding. I contacted them to restate their must be a mistake I had bought a ticket (attached the image of the ticket showing had paid for the time they stated) appealed to POPLA as they had told me to do and heard nothing for six months so presumed the matter had been finalised. They said they had written to me and told me my appeal was rejected (which they never did) and I informed them this did not happen. Eventually two letters came through the post recently one was a parking charge notice, the other an appeal determination. Funny thing is the parking charge notice is dated the same day as the appeal rejection letter 25/11/2016. these were followed by a letter from EQUITA with the usual threats. I looking to resolve this matter but it appears parking eye are not willing to do so, what are thoughts on how to resolve this? Thanks
  12. Hi all, My wife has got a Legion Group PCN for parking a courtesy vehicle in the carpark at the hospital where she works without moving her permit from her own vehicle. If this weren't a hire vehicle I'd tell her to ignore, but I'm worried Hertz will hit her with a bill if we don't sort something out. We've looked at the appeals process and I'm unsure whether to complete it, if so, how. It asks for an address, which we'd rather not give, it also asks whether she was Driver or Keeper. Could anyone advise please?
  13. Hi and thank you in advance for your help, I need advice on the following parking issue: I arrived at a hospital car park and after waiting along time in the queue I got in but found no space. As my appointment was now past I could not wait any longer and decided to park the car in a non-designated space but made sure there was no obstruction to car park traffic. After my appointment (40min) I paid for my parking ticket (£1) when i returned to the car i found an EXCESS CHARGE NOTICE attached to the wind screen. The reason for the ticket is obstructive parking. Clearly this was not the case as there was ample space for cars to pass from all sides. I find the charge of £85 draconian and predatory. I am thinking of ignoring it until it reaches the court stage where I can defend my case as I feel that my circumstances (as a patient in a hospital) have not been taken into account by the ticket issuer (LOCAL PARKING SECURITY LTD). If the fee was going to the hospital funds it would be more than worth it but am finding it difficult to accept to pay this large amount to a private parking predator. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. I have been having a protracted argument with BMI hosiptal regarding a charge for non attendance of a consultation. They invited me to attend a consultation by letter but I did not receive the letter. They are now demanding £99 and have handed it over to ICON collections I have also had a letter today from PJH Solicitors stating I must pay ICON by cheque immediately. I would like to know the following:- 1. Can they charge £99 for a missed appointment 2. I told them I didn't receive the letter but they say that it was sent so that is my problem 3. Do I have to deal with a collection agency regarding this and why would I pay them anyway? Can anyone out there offer me some advice please? Cheers Woolfie
  15. Hi, I hope someone can help me with a unique query. I need to get in touch with a particular surgeon that operated on another patient who was admitted to the same ward as me - this is for a very rare and specialist medical issue that I also developed. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the surgeon's name as this was a few years ago, but i should be able to identify the name of the surgeon from a list of names if I received a list of all surgeons operating at that hospital during the time when I was admitted there. Is this something I could ask using the Freedom Of Information Act, or would the names of surgeons not be provided? Thank you.
  16. Not been on here for a while. Received a NTO five months after parking in a hospital. There was no pcn on the car so was surprised to get a NTO five months later. I have looked about this site and fired off a couple of emails which I will copy below. Can anyone help? Further to your letter dated 3rd October and request for payment. Please note that there was no PCN on the car and this is the first I am aware. The incident referred to is more than 56 days prior to the receipt of your notice. As such you have not complied with the requirements of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 to imply keeper liability. In which case, the matter must be taken up with the driver of the vehicle. As the keeper of the vehicle, I consider this matter to be closed and shall not enter into any further communication. Yours faithfully Good morning, Thank you for your email. Our client is not relying on POFA(2012) in order to pursue this PCN. Our client will argue the balance of probability that as you are the keeper you would have been the driver as well. Our client feels there is sufficient evidence to pursue this PCN and have maintained their instruction to recover the outstanding balance. If the account remains unresolved, it will progress to debt recovery. Kind regards Good Afternoon. Thank you for your email. As the vehicle is insured for two drivers, I am afraid this cannot be relied on in court. I fully intend to defend any court action, where I will furnish the courts with a copy of the Certificate of Insurance, showing two named drivers. Yours faithfully, Good afternoon, Thank you for your email. So just to be clear, you are going to submit the driver's details in court? Seems like this may be looked at as a waste of the court's time, why not submit the driver's details now to avoid this process? Either way, these details will be supplied and this PCN will be pursued. Kind regards I do not know who was driving! Just to be clear - this PCN was issued 5 MONTHS ago! There was no ticket on the vehicle and this has been your first contact regarding this matter. Are you expecting me to remember who was driving the vehicle 5 months ago? You need to read my last email properly. I did not suggest I was going to give the driver details in court! I wrote that I would prove there are two named drivers, meaning you cannot assume the owner was the driver! Your request is unreasonable, given the delay in sending out a NTO Good morning Thank you for your email. If there are only 2 named drivers, and it wasn't you driving. It may be easier to work out who was driving than you think. You said you will submit insurance documents which will name the 2 people on the policy. One will be you, and and the other the driver? Once this evidence is presented the liability can be updated. The balance will have increased by that point though, however, that will be due to your obstruction. Kind regards You are either not reading my emails, or being deliberately obstructive. I have repeatedly told you that I DO NOT know who was driving, as the incident was some 5 months ago! It is impossible to remember which of the two named drivers were driving the vehicle some 5 months ago. Why has it taken 5 months to issue a NTO ? Good afternoon, Thank you for your email. If you had a chat with the other person named on the policy I am sure between you, you would be able to figure out who was driving. The fact that our client gave the driver 5 months to resolve this before involving you as the registered keeper would stand in their favour as there is no time limit for this correspondence to be sent out unless you are reliant on the Protections Of Freedoms Act (2012), which our client is not. This will progress to the legal stage if you do not co-operate. Why waste the time going down this route when I can offer you an affordable payment plan that resolves this matter without legal fees applied? Kind regards Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  17. Hi, i'm a newby on this forum and need a bit of advice re everyone's friends TPS. I have had two run-ins with them in the last month at my place of work. The NHS trust I work for have been using use TPS for their parking for about 6 years with staff paying a monthly parking charge which comes directly out of our salary. The first incident was a simple case of my parking pass falling out of my windscreen and ending up on the car floor. They issued a “Parking Charge” for failure to display a valid parking pass. I have appealed this one and await their initial reply. The second one was for my motorcycle which I sometimes park between two buildings. There are no “No Parking signs” or “No Motor vechicles beyond this point” signs etc in this immediate area and I have been parking my bike here for over 4 years and one of my ex colleagues for over 20 years without any issues. Following a Fire and Rescue service inspection it was deamed by Fire and Rescue that any vehicle parked here is a risk of fire due to arson. The site estates department obviously asked TPS to start ticketing to stop people parking rather than get any signs or notices put up to that effect. The ticket from TPS states “Parking attendant x had reasonable cause to to believe that the following breach of the terms and conditions of parking occurred on private land (details of which were clearly and prominently displayed and agreed to by the driver by the act of parking the vehicle). Issue Reason: “The vehicle was incorrectly positioned to the inconvenience of other users.” Then in scrawled pen “Fire Risk – one warning issued” I have to say that I did ignore the first warning that had the same lame “vehicle incorrectly positioned rubbish” on but scrawled in pen ( not in block capitals) was possibly Risk of fire which I read as “risk of fine” This was a load of rubbish as I was not blocking any doors, exits or blocking anything else causing an obstruction. Following issue of the ticket I contacted the estates manager responsible for parking and he informed me that Fire and Rescues issue was the close proximity to the building - apparently this needs to be 1.5 metres from the building and parking this far away from the walls would indeed be blocking access in the area. Obviously I have stopped parking here as it was a perfectly valid inspection by Fire and Rescue and I can understand their reasons - they are not my problem, TPS are ! Whats are your thoughts on both of these misdemeanors ? Parking charges demanded are £60 or 30 if paid within 14 days for each "offence". Looking round various forums the standard advice in the past seems to have been ignore these clowns i'm wondering if the situation has changed following the Barry Beavis v's Parking eye ruling and have TPS now grown some teeth and are willing to go to court which I don't really want to do and risk a CCJ. Thanks
  18. My mum has cancer and was in hospital but due to come out and I was a bit late picking her up. I have a disability badge and thought I'd parked in a disabled bay only to find a ticket on return, id actually parked in a mortuary viewing parking space which was clearly signed! The hospital is aintree university hospital and the ticket says breach of contract, I cant tell if its private or not, I have to send the fee to car parking, Liverpool, L9 7AL Do I have to pay it? Thanks Jan
  19. I am a detained paitent in a hospital and I am eeding to get access to my medical notes. The hospital wrote to me and said the DPA request I sent was valid and that it would tae them 40 days to respomd. But the hospital wrote to me again and said they wouldnt be able to meet the deadline . They gave no excuse at all. I would like a copy of one of my reports Please can you help me?
  20. Hi i want to request medical records from both my local NHS Trust and my GP. Would this result in two different charges or can you relate them in some way to make it all one request? Many thanks.
  21. Good morning All, I bought parking ticket for duration of my hospital appointment at General Hospital in Manchester. Upon return to my car I notice PCN stuck on windscreen from Civil Enforcement Ltd for reason 'parked in incorrect zone'. I find this strange because last time I attended said hospital for same medical reason I parked in the same zone, bought a ticket to cover my stay and no problem. Any advice on how to challenge this would be appreciated, thanks in advance guys
  22. Please, could any one kindly advice me. I used to be an employee of the Bucks hospitals (NHS) Trust working at the Wycombe hospital. I have now retired but they retained me as a bank staff helping them out when they are really short of staff. I occasionally work there at weekends and nights when parking is not a problem. Now UKPC which recently took over the parking management are giving me these parking charges which I feel are rather unreasonable. They recently gave me a parking charge while I was parked and inside the laboratory working. I just find it ridiculous because here I am providing a very important service in the hospital for the benefit of patient care and then these people keep worrying me with these parking charges. My question is, shall I just ignore them and wait till they take me to court? Is my contract with the hospital to provide laboratory testing not superior to any perceived contract that UKPC might think I have with them? After all to provide my service I necessarily have to park on the site. Moreover it is never during hours when parking is limited. By the way, when the hospital originally introduced parking control it was meant to be operative only during working hours. (9am -5pm, Monday to Friday). However, UKPC has now extended it to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I think because of the financial incentive they prefer it this way. I am prepared to fight it all the way but I just wanted to know what my chances are. I also question this idea of the hospital grounds being private land. is that really the case? is an NHS hospital car park regarded as private land? It is our hospital, we the tax payers, right? please give me all the advice available. Oh, I have not bothered to apply for a parking permit because I don't need it except the odd weekend day or night. Applying for a permit would only deny another member of staff who would really need it since there are only a limited number of permits available due to the limited number of spaces. Thanks to every one in advance.
  23. My friends DH is 60 and has early dementia, he is currently in hospital due to dehydration and bed sores and has been doing well, apparently due to his dementia and the fact that he is in a situation where he is scared - IE in hospital and not with his wife he 'apparently' attacked two nurses and drew blood. They have taken him from the care of his wife and put a DOL on him. He is NOT violent with her, its the situation he is in that may have caused him to lash out. My friend is terrified that he will be taken away from her, she can cope with him at home whilst I appreciate that nurses need to be protected, he is a scared vulnerable ill man and surely he cant be penalised for that. She has a meeting next week, but feel that she needs legal advise to ensure that the fact that its the environment that's has caused the issue not the fact he is dangerous and needs residential care. What would be the next step for her to ensure her rights as well as his are ensured
  24. From the BBC. Some hospital trusts in England are making more than £3m a year from car parking fees, Freedom of Information (FOI) requests have shown. Of more than 90 trusts that responded to FOI requests, half are making at least £1m a year, the news agency Press Association (PA) found. The Patients Association said the charges were "morally wrong". But many trusts defended their revenues, saying some or all of the money was put back into patient care. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35157425 HB
  25. Hi. New here I guess I am here because of the obvious reason, and probably the same reason a lot of people are here. Finished my shift at work today to find a bit of paper stuck to my car. First let me say, I do not intend paying the "fine", no matter what it takes. Here are the basics: Parking Charge Notice Issued by Vinci Park services. Breach code: 04 - Parked upon Double yellow lines/hatched or kerb marked areas A payment of £40 is due within 28 days If payment received within 14 days a reduced charge of £20 will be accepted. I've got an address and an email address on the back if I wish to complain or appeal. I was just about to ring them when I thought better go online first and see what kind of things to say. I have since found a template letter and some general advice to send it as soon as possible, and I've also seen other general advice to just ignore it, and/or wait until they chase it further before sending letters. My situation: I have a staff parking badge in the window. My car was parked in a proper parking bay, but due to the person in the spot behind me having parked half in and half out of the bay which they were in, I had to park a bit out of the bay and my front wheels were in a yellow hash marked area. The yellow hash marked area is not at a junction, it just seems to be there for not much reason at all, and separates an area of staff parking and an area of the nursery drop off point. It also goes round a corner, which is very weird and I've never seen anything like it on a real road. (The nursery is on hospital premises, which I like to park near as I drop my daughter off before work, and it means I can just park there, take her in and go straight to work, instead of going to the drop off, taking her in, and then having to find another space.) People park in these yellow hash areas every day, and I have to say I have parked there once or twice before without a bit of paper appearing stuck to my car. Even today, there was a car at the other end of the yellow box and several cars on some of the double yellow lines, and up on the curb. It is the same every single day at the hospital, which makes it even more weird that this one day I seem to have been singled out..... when I wasn't causing any kind of obstruction, and at least i had attempted to be in a proper parking bay, but just had a part of my car in the yellow box. ( I wouldn't think anything in any part of the yellow box in question would cause an obstruction - it just seems to be there because they had some extra paint or something) So - I have a template letter ready to email them, thanks to the parking cowboys website... Is it indeed best to send/email this straight away? Should I "sign" it? As I have also read admitting who the driver was could be a mistake. In this case- my wife also works at the hospital, and sometimes one of us will take our daughter to nursery, and the other will pick her up and take the car. Is it possible to still send the letter and leave it unsigned, but leaving enough details like car reg etc, and the charge notice ref number? Any other advice on what's best to do would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
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