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  1. Hello, first of all I would like to say I'm really glad I found this forum. After looking through some of these recent posts, I've noticed that others have had invalid 16+ oyster cards made for them and also got into trouble with inspectors. My case however, seems to be slightly different. I am an 18-year old student currently in full time education. This means that I am entitled to a 16+ oyster card already, and eligible for free travel. However, I couldn't figure out how to make the account and actually get the oyster card. I've noticed a lot of people on social med
  2. CAN ANYONE WHO READS THIS PLEASE GIVE ME SOME THAT IS CORRECT AND FACTUAL BECAUSE I HAVE TO HAND IN MY DEFENCE FORM AND EVIDENCE TO THE COUNTY COURT TOMORROW. This is something I think everyone should read as it may help you defend a sec 21 and eviction. I will give as much information a possible without it becoming to long to read or confusing. I will refer to the Landlady as She or Her. In August 2017 I moved into a self contained unit in a house that had been converted to 6 flats each with electric meter, bathroom, simple kitchen unit but still classed as a self contained studi
  3. I just received a Local authority PCN, which correctly lists the make of my vehicle but incorrectly lists the model of my vehicle. Is the PCN therefore invalid? Thanks
  4. This is yet another important decision from the Local Government Ombudsman and one that once again makes clear that if a debtor who is subject to bailiff enforcement considers that he may be 'vulnerable', he must be prepared to provide evidence and outline how his 'vulnerability' affects his ability to deal with the debt. In brief, Mr B's complaint was as follows: Mr B incurred 5 penalty charge notices. He believes that there is a law from the year 1600 that means that he can’t be fined and so can park anywhere. He and his wife both have Blue Badges and he considered that
  5. I have a few queries that I hope people can help with 1) Can a party ask for Additional Information - if a Claim has not yet been allocated to a Track. Can a Court allow Additional Information - if claim not allocated? 2) If other case management issues are held the same time as a Strike Out application wouldn't that prejudice the Strike Out? 3) How long after the Directions Questionnaire should Allocation take place? 4) In Discrimination cases are Assessors needed for a Strike Out - as this could be Final Hearing. Thanks.
  6. Hello all, We have submitted a defence and then received the DQ. This was returned to us as invalid due to my partner filling it in and asking me to deal with it on her behalf. We have resubmitted another one and they have rejected this as the surname is different to the claimant. We are married now so my wife is using her current name, they wont accept it as the claim in in her maiden name. Can they do this? I feel like they are doing it on purpose because now we are over the 14 day limit to have the DQ filed.
  7. Hi I was involved in a minor car accident recently and the third party decided to go through insurance as i hit the back of his car and theres no DAMAGE!! . So i put in a claim through my insurance and they asked me a series of questions. They asked if i had any penalty endorsements and i said yes, i got a SP30 on 15 July and took out the car insurance on 18 July...anyway i didn't declare this. When i explained to them what happened at the accident i mentioned i was on my way to work and my insurance is only SD&P. It just came out my mouth, i was really on my way to work but i wasn't
  8. Hi folks. I'm new here. Hope this is in the right section. In short, I rented a shop and ran a business. I signed a lease for 2 years, commencing April 2012. At this time, I opened an account for supply of gas and electricity with British Gas. By April 2013, I decided to close the shop. My landlord agreed that I could vacate after just 1 year as we came to a financial arrangement. At this time, I contacted British Gas to advise them that I was closing up and asked for my account to be closed. I was issued a final bill in May 2013 and I paid in full. The account was closed. Recen
  9. I have been putting a lot of creditors off for over a year now but the defaults are really starting to hurt. I want to take on Barclays first as they sent a copy of a T&C booklet as their s78 response (as I know they do quite a lot). I also asked them under pre-litigation discovery and data protection laws to provide me with a full and exact copy of a signed agreement and they haven't bothered. I want to issue against them and had a quick look around the site to see if there are any template POCs I could use as I seen a good one around somewhere but cannot find it now.
  10. I'm writing out of frustration and legitimate concern with the standards and practices within the British Insurance Industry. I have just endured the long drawn out process of 2 car insurance renewals. Run of the mill stuff for any UK motorist. What do most people do? Either take on a non-competitive renewal or seek a more competitive deal from the market. My concern is with the use of comparison sites and the potential for insurance policies to actually be deemed as invalid through no fault of person seeking to be insured. My partner was unfortunate enough to have an accident l
  11. I recently parked in a CPZ outside of a marked bay. I received a ticket for not displaying a valid parking ticket but as far as I can tell the law says there should be yellow lines on the road to indicate a restriction. There was no yellow line where I parked. Can I successfully challenge the ticket?
  12. Hi everyone. Today I parked on the bay shown in image 1 (from google maps). There was no other spaces on the street except the end of this bay, I parked my car in there but some of the back of my car went over the yellow lines as shown in image 5 and image 6 (taken with my mobile). The reason why there were no other spaces was because on the other spaces up the street, as shown on image 3 (google maps) and image 4 (mobile), there were cones and notices stating that those spaces were out of use for roadworks. The cones were only on the other side of the str
  13. Hi CAG I took out a cashplus card last year and applied the creditbuilder option to my account with them. However over the past few months as it is not a card I ever really use I didn't have the 4.95 they request each month as part of the credit builder. Which left my account in arrears of a mere £39.00 I topped up my account on Sept 30th with £39 to cover the arrears and then sent them an email confirming that I had done so following the directions they had given me when chasing the £39. On oct 7th I checked my credit file and noticed that they had put a default o
  14. Hi, I have been searching through the forums and found various threads but nothing that quite covers this area. If I have missed something them please direct me and I will have a look. Here's the story, my girlfriend previous studied a degree course and had a student loan for that course. She went into full time employment then decided to change careers so went back to uni to obtain a degree in pharmacy. A few months ago she was offered a student loan. She contacted the SLC to confirm this was correct as she thought she would not be eligible as she alre
  15. I had an IVA that was completed over a year ago fully paid. On my credit file i still see some entries for people such as Barclays Bank saying certain accounts are still defaulting every month even though they were settled as part of the IVA. I have spoken to them on the phone and they claim all the data is correct and it should not be showing. Does anyone know how i can get this data updated ?
  16. Hi all, My tenant has made a claim against me for harassment a few weeks ago. As a defence to his claim, I made a counterclaim providing a witness statement but the tenant is now asking the court to consider my witness statement as invalid since my signature on this last is not the same than on the tenancy agreement signed. Many thanks,
  17. Hi everyone I've read here with interest for about a year now but decided to register to post the following, partly for advice but also because I am in contact with a Magistrate (a friend) who has kindly offered some advice (which I don't have yet, we will be meeting up next week). So, sans advice, here is what has happened so far: I have several PCNs issued. All of which I'm sure are valid. There is a time limit on the streets near my workplace and due to the nature of my work I have occasionally been caught short. My fault. I had paid all PCNs I received (except 2 which
  18. Hi all I have had a claim progress against me for an old CC debt and I have just received the reply to my defence from the Claimants solicitors. In this reply, they have included a DN that is different to the one they sent me back in 2009. This new one looks to be compliant, whereas the original DN had (1) demanded full repayment of debt and (2) did not allow me full time to repay. Also, the original creditor never actually sent me a Termination Notice but they did sell the debt to another DCA prior to the date on their DN and that DCA then contacted me (again prior to the date on t
  19. Hi, I realise you get a lot of these but here's mine. My partner who is disabled had an emergency appointment back in April at our dentist. The car park used is local council owned but on arrival she could not find a space so she parked adjacent to another car with her disabled badge clearly visible leaving plenty of room for other vehicles and pedestrians to pass but not in a marked bay. She received a parking ticket with the usual code 86 warning for not parking in a bay however after checking ALL the signage in the car park, at no point does it state th
  20. Hi, my son was banned for drink driving before he even had a licence in 2004 and was jailed (rightly so). He has since been completely clean and requested a provisional in 2007 which he received with the endorsement on it. He has moved address twice since then and informed the DVLA of this without a problem. Last year he took driving lessons and applied for a test, passed his theory and then his full test, at all times providing his documentation (paper) to the test centre. Because he has not received his full licence in the post, he has contacted them to be to
  21. Hi all, newly regsitered so hope you can advise.... i received a letter from the masgistrates court today for non payment of a £961 fine. It's the first notification i've had of this so obviously i'm concerned. i spoke with the court and thet said it relates to identifying in Oct 2012 an invalid licence held for a vehicle i sold nearly 3 years ago. They also said that the DLVA had today sent them notification i don't own the car. I now have to go to court tomorrow to do a statutory declaration which i am apprehensive about, and they informed me that the DVLA may re prosecute depe
  22. Hi all. Mr Lender has provided me with a copy of the original CCA but failed to provide me with a copy of the original default. I have been arguing with them back and forth. They have given me a copy of a standard default but not my original one. No original details, even the date is wrong on it. I have pointed a few things out to them about the default and they said as a good will gesture they will remove the interest incurred on the balance but not the charges. I have placed the account in dispute. For a loan of 450. They were trying to get 1300 out of me. Now as a
  23. Hi, Received a claim from Swindon CC for £7,226 for a credit card debt with Nationwide 13 July 2009. Sent AOS and requested info from Nationwide Copy of credit agreement CPR 18 request (as seen in this forum) Received agreement - copy attached. Now looking to file a defence based on them not replying to CPR 18 request. The reply with the Agreement stated "Please note that we are compiling further information and I can confirm that no further action will take place until this has been provided to you" As I was made redundant last year and we have unsecured
  24. I recently received a letter from Quinn-direct car insurance stating: ' Due to recent investigations we have reason to believe that the above policy is invalid. In these circumstances QUINN-direct does not accept that the insurance has existed with us.' I remember having this insurance policy a year ago for 2-3 months. I did not made any false information when I took out that policy. Does it mean it Voided? Do i have to inform my current insurer about this? Should I contact Quinn-direct to resolve this situation?
  25. I was recently issued a penalty fare notice on the DLR after forgetting to touch in at Royal Albert DLR. The ticket inspector starting writing my name down on the notice, copying it from my ID, then realised he had misspelled my name. (He didn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, I must say.) He scribbled out the misspelling and started again, so the ticket now has a large scribbled blob where my surname should be, followed by my surname spelled correctly. As a Penalty fare Notice is a legal document and cannot be altered or amended I believe this makes the ticket
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