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  1. Thank you for this. And the last time I complained to DWP it got me know where. Just as the police can't investigate the police...dwp would not undermine one of the own. So despite of them saying the complaints process has to be followed before going to ICE, do you think I should just write to my MP?? I just wonder if my case would even be seen as they must receive a lot of requests. Thank you
  2. This case has turned out to be what appears to be false accounting and a major cover up by UC. As of 12/2/20 i was still waiting for the MR decision when i asked about making a complaint, i found out that the MR was never submitted. Five different case workers spoke to me trying to explain why the payment noted in my journal on 17/5/19 was legit and not false accounting or what i said may have been a payment made to someone else then using me to cover it up. For that reason i am a victim of maladministrarion by dwp so have taken my case to CAB t
  3. My case is very confusing and I have been waiting 5 months for a decision on a mandatory reconsideration. Hopefully someone can give me a clear answer so i can take it to the correct person to handle it. On 10/4 I was put on UC while i was in receipt of SDP and PIP. This happened when my ESA stopped and i was moving to JSA. The jobcentre said i had to go to UC so i lost my SDP. 3 weeks later i was told i was not eligibal for UC so go claim JSA. Now a month had passed and once again i was told go on UC i did 10/5 and asked that it be back dated
  4. LATEST: I spoke to CAB and there is a case to answer as the person I spoke to use to be a DM for DWP. He said the lady was wrong to stay on the phone while she ordered me to the job center, she should have called me back when I got there or had them call her. I'm to seek legal advice and so I do not predudice the case should not make further comments here about it. So I will keep you informed of my progress in weeks to come.
  5. Yes you are correct I moved all recordings to a usb, SD card and even iPad for safety. I am calling the council now as on my account still says claim active but suspended with next due date as 27/5. If not paid by then I will be 8 weeks in arrears and landlord will issue me with a notice to vacate. That DM has really destroyed my life that wasn't all that great to begin with. But before she popped up I only had to worry about dialysis. Now I have lost 20kg in weight since her first contact beginning of March. I am recovering from lung infection past 5 days and as I am 51 and alone
  6. Yes thank you again. As you said better I have the recording and it be illegal then have nothing and be a fool. Especially when DWP said they don't record out going calls. Could this be because they know that their DMs sometimes go out of line?? I used the app Otter (hope I'm not breaking any advertising rules if I am please delete) as it also transcribes and ACR as it saves to Drive, Dropbox or Cloud.
  7. Yes thank you for that. I was all geared up to follow up until I received the DWP response to my complaint against the DM . When I made the complaint I stated to them that "the police can't investigate the police" so I did not expect anything to go in my favour when they said they will pass to their own complaints dept. And having one DM undermine the other would never happen and by no surprise I was correct. It's a shame I am not allowed to upload the letter because you would agree when I say there was a big cover up. Because they say she only called me twice a day aft
  8. You stated that you didn't think wreckless endangerment case could be brought against the DM but if you read the doctors letter, and she had it in front of her when she made me rush aylesdtit 200m to job center in 6min. I don't think I could manage it if i were 100% fit let alone very ill. And I have not mentioned that I have a fistula under my neck. This is a very serious matter that I must take to CAB.
  9. Ok I understand. The purpose of uploading the letter was to show what has put me in the situation I am in when doctor clearly stated I was a very ill person. And missed the assessment when I was in hospital yet ESA stopped and HB stopped.
  10. I will try upload the letter she had from the doctor yet she still made me rush to The JC ignoring my pleas to call me when I got there. It says file shud only be 4 88mb. I took it with phone is there a way I can make it smaller?
  11. Yes I am sure you are right because she read the letter I sent in from the hospital and still forced me to walk quickly to the job center. She asked me how long it would take me to walk to the JC, I said about 6 mins she said she would call me back. 10 mins later she called and I was out of breath so she accused me of not being me because I was breathing heavily. "Why aren't you there yet when you said 6 mins and I called in 10"!? I said it was not a straight walk I had to rest a bit she said stopping fibbing I was no where's near the job centre.
  12. I called DWP to find out the progress of my complaint and after waiting 1hr 23min I got through. I lodged the complaint on 2 April 2019, my ESA got stopped on 4 April 2019. As of 2 May 2019 my complaint had not even been sent to the complaints department as I did it on the phone. On 8 April I asked for MR and on 12 April I sent in additional medical evidence showing my past and future treatment. In my MR I said my complaint is part of it because the DM took it personal and so she could have done anything with the letters i had uploaded from the jobcenter beca
  13. Yes she was calling my mobile and I was recording the calls. I was unaware that only my side was recording so only I can be heard. But those who have listened to it say it is clear from my responses that I was under duress. It is just a shame that she can not be heard saying I shouldn't insult her by calling her Madam! I said as I did not know her name out of respect I call her Madame. I have told the council of a change in circumstance so I hope they will reinstate my HB. I know there is no way I can work with tubes hanging out my arm but when apply
  14. Thank you. This forum is not long enough for me to explain what I went through with the decision maker on the phone for two weeks. As this subject is about whether I could get HB whilst being on PP SDP I won't go into to much detail about how I was harassed by the DWP DM. To give you an idea so you could say whether I was harassed, she would call and demand to know why I did not answer the phone earlier, she'd call at least 3-4 times every 1-2 days and worst of all after I had told her I had been in hospital for 5 days with low BP of 72, anaemia and blood in my uri
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