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  1. Ok, Lowell informed me that I was wrong there is no way Vanquis would have combined two separate credit card accounts into one. Only after I gave the account numbers they said I had to take it up with Vanquis. But Vanquis had told me they combined the two but had told me in writting which I disputed. Their complaints team emailed me to say they will investigate and get back to me. I said "the police can't investigate the police"! Can I ask if I can send SAR by email and exactly what do I say or ask for? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I only ask about financial comp because I stayed home from work on the day engineer came and I wastill very stressed as I spent 5 days talking to them on the phone which was difficult because they guaranteed me I was getting their service. I told to send a engineer and show me where it was connected. Also my pay monthly phone acceptance got reduced to sim only after they checked my cresit file. I will do as you say and let you know what happens.
  3. On Novemeber 27th 2018 Talk Talk engineer could not connect my broadband so he called TT and told them he could not find the line. Yet a month later I received a final notice to pay £26 before it went to collections. It also affected my credit score badly so I contacted them and after hours of arguing they admitted it was a mistake and will cancel the debt. They said they would call me today to sort it out. I want to know what I can claim as compensation as they did offer it to me but were trying to convince me to take free phone service and BB. Can i ask to be compensated financially?
  4. Thank you I am doing exactly what you have said I should do as Harrow council still ignore me. Even the emails I use to get from locata don't come anymore. I will post the progress as I get it. BTW....I just came to find out that the landlady of the house that got the enforcement notice in August 2018 has been receiving housing benefit for 5 former tenants that all moved out. So how is it that the council shut down the place but the landlady is still receiving housing benefit from them for £838 x 5 for the past 5 months. Only when I asked Diana from Newday about it the payment got suspended last week. If that does not show collusion I don't know what does??
  5. Thank you. So you say I should send the sar to vanquis just to find out exactly what happened then I can make a complaint?? On phone they said they would have notified me and I guaranteed they did not simply because there is no way I would accept them putting the card with the £750 credit limit into the one with £400 as it put me over the limit by over £300, I could not avoid the over limit fee every month, what I paid was always far less then the fees added each month. Its as if they set me up to fail. Why give me two cards only to combine them after 4 months??
  6. Thank you but i dont understand what you mean by sending a dsar. I was going to go on the vanquis resolver website and fill my complaint as when I called on Fri they said they taken my complaint on the phone and will look into it but that like police investigating police. And they Sam said it can take up to 26wks but should be much less. I think they will try to cover them selves.
  7. Yes thank you. I will call then now and ask that they send me the statements for the 2 card accounts and also the one they combined. I had applied for the refund on interest charged and they said they will refund me end of Feb but it will go towards the debt on card. Debt that they caused.
  8. Thank you for replying. When I SENT the enforcement notice to Harrow all I wanted was help finding a place to rent even in the private sector because they have landlords or know of place that take housing benefit. But they only insisted on checking to see if i was medically a priority as that is the only way they would give me temporary accommodation. No mention of the enforcement notice they even changed the case number. Then my illness from May 2017 came back MSSA PVL and I had blood in urine and was admired to hospital for 7 days. On release 5 doctors from different departments had written letters to council saying my illness was caused by being outside and I have to take daily bath in antibacterial solution and have sores cleaned and dressed every 2nd day I needed to be housed. Just like in May 2017 I submitted to the council and 7 days later email came saying she passing them on to medical department to examine. From what I had been told was when they did that they should have put me in temporary place. 2 weeks later no reply I emailed to complain and next day I was told I am not priority no help. That was last week and since then not a word. I'm not even on locata anymore. I think they blacklisted me cos I complained in 2017. I have not spoke to shelter or cab cos can never get through. I just contacted [name removed - HB] solicitor a month ago and no one getting back to me. What I now want is to be housed and if I was mistreated since may 2017 I need to the council to investigate as there may be others that have not be patient enough to follow through as I have. Even sleeping in the park I will not let this go unless I have no case.
  9. I had 2 vanquis credit cards for about 6 months that were under their credit limits and were being paid every month. It wasn't until Vanquis combined the two accounts without asking or notifying me, that I fell behind on payments that were now incurring a over limit charge and late fees as i could not make the minimum payment on time. I then went on to defaulting and it going on my credit report in 2013. It was only when I looked at my credit file that I noticed the reporting was completely wrong. I contacted Vanquis to ask why the two accounts were merged and was told they don't handle it anymore. Before I make a complaint to Vanquis I want to ask if what they did was legal. It was their action that caused me to default so I will seek legal advice if what they did was illegal. Thank you
  10. Can anyone with the correct answer please help me as I feel the council are ignoring me as my case may reopen a mistake they made and got away with a year ago. After the council made a mistake handling my case they referred me to a place called New Day housing who help those the council find not In priority for emergency housing. Harrow council guaranteed they were professional and housed many tenants without complaints. New Day with the consent of Harrow council placed me in a property in private sector and a landlady that knew the agent personally for 8 years. The conflicts of interest were clear to see. I had to take the place a studio flat in a house that had been converted to 6 studios flats. I took the place as it was the only one offered by New Day and I was homeless that day. A lady named Diana did all the paperwork and assured us that she would be there if we had any problems. All 6 of us had just moved in within a month of each other and all refered by Harrow council. I came to find out that Diana had never been to the property and did not even know that each studio needed it's own EPC. I complained about the poor building work and unsafe electrical wiring for 5 months to both Diana and Harrow council but nothing was done. I then complained to Brent council and 3 months later they issued an enforcement notice for the place to be shut down as it had numerous violations including no planing permission or HMO license. Yet Harrow council guaranteed me that Newday were a professional association who would have made sure the place was safe and legal before placing anyone. I sent the enforcement notice to Harrow council because they had duty of care that they said they no longer had 14 days after I had lived in the property. The person who had handled my complaint when I was found not in priority a year before emailed me giving me the name of a housing officer who will help me I emailed her and she replied saying she was not my housing officer I should call Harrow housing advice. 14 days later I became homeless and I went to Harrow council after calling and emailing got me nowhere and I was made to fill a locata form and simply told it's not their problem. A month later the housing officer called saying she was away on vacation and gave me an appointment to go see her. Instead of addressing the enforcement notice and the reason I was there asking to be housed temporary while I looked for a place that took housing benefit, she brought up the initial reason from a year ago asking me for all my medical evidence. I said I'm not there for medical people's and she said they only help if I was found in priority from A medical condition. I have now been homeless 5 months and Harrow council and New day say it is not their problem and the help that I never got will never come. I am asking if anyone can tell me if I have a case against Harrow or New Day. Thank you PGN
  11. Some of you may have seen my thread about invalid sec21...this is in relation to it and put me it that situation.I will give a short explanation and if anyone can give me a certain answer I will be grateful. In August 2017 when my lease had ended and had to move out but had not yet found a place, I asked Harrow council in the borough I lived in for 17 years if they could refer me a some landlords that they have on file that take HB as half my rent was paid that way at the time. They said they don't house people as less they are in priority need etc and being a single male I had no chance. I made it clear that I don't want to be housed only to be put through to landlords that have registered with them. They could not even do that. Infact I can quote the housing officer as saying "today a man came in with a broken back and will still did not house him"! Again I explained and was then referred to a place called New Day. In one day they found me a place and as I was pretty much homeless on that day and them telling me it was the only one they had I had to take it but it was now in Brent. The house was converted to 6 studios each with its own sub meter so we were being sold electric for 20p kwh or should I say being sold 40kwh for £10. The place was done very badly with walls not straight , no insulation, light bulbs that would actually busts when on to long and on the ground floor sewer pipes right under laminate floor. I could not understand how the guy could even live there. I reported it to the lady from New Day and she said she would look into it. days gone by and nothing. In the next few weeks I reported it to Harrow council and they just wrote me a letter saying they were glad a had found a place that was safe and conformed to all the rules for rented accommodation and they expected me to live there for 6 months and be a good boy. And th letter also said if the place I was in had been found to be not suitable they would be responsible to house me immediately, On September 22 2017 a letter cane from Brent council saying the are investigating this property and the result will come in due time. It was then the landlady gave me a sec21 2 months later but no one else. So I know it were revenge but would be hard to prove. I stayed i9n the damp until 30 June the enforcement letter came that is to shut down the whole place for many violations. i went to court to fight the eviction and won then I got her to compensate me so I move as she would have to reapply for sec21 but could no cos no EPC.....you can find it all in my thread about SEC21 and EPC. I moved and am now in a B&B looking for a place to rent. My question is, since New Day acted as agents to Harrow Council and they are a small group of 4 people, should Harrow council be responsible for housing me completely because they failed to inspect the place I was put in and when I complained they wrote me to say New Day were professional organization who not put me in a place I was describing? The enforcement notice proves everything, What can I do Please??
  12. Extra Extra Read All About It!!! After the Landlady received my defence form and all the evidence including how I will be asking the judge to allow me to ask for compensation, she contacted the court on Tuesday and withdrew her claim. It was only on Wednesday morning that I receive a email from the court saying she had withdrawn so no further action had to be taken and she would have to refile the sec21. I should have been glad hearing this right? No way I was fuming!! All the hours spent reading up on everything I could find, downloading hundreds of pages including pictures that had me buy 2 packs of 500 sheet paper, printer ink 2 x black & colour and worse of all, paying HP to print page s from my own printer and paper. How the h..l did that happen? Has anyone else heard of that? They locked up my printer until I paid for certain amount of pages. To top it all up when I finally got my defence ready it was 53 pages x 3. I was vexed! So no way was she getting off with only having to pay the court fee of £330. I called them and asked where was JUSTICE because her sec21 was already found to be invalid and the Judge only extended the case because she said anyone could say they did not receive the defence form. So he gave me the chance to do so. Then she saw her way out and withdrew it so no harm no foul. No way Jose. I said I have to have my chance to discredit her and if not given it, they had become her enablers and every landlord would do the same thing. So they said I should refile as the claimant instead and informed her of this. At 5pm yesterday she came knocking at my door and I didn't answer because I was watching "say yes to the dress" on quest red. Then she said "i can hear the TV can I come in to talk to you?" I said no call me later.....then she puts keys in and opens my door. I said "are you crazy lady!!??" Don't just unlock my door and enter...I could have you arrested! Then she said could I go out to her car her son wants to talk to me. I said its a tag team now is it?/ I will after I finish watching Say yes..........haha. I will make a long story short because I agreed not to tell anyone especially the other tenants, but they made me an offer and after I weighed the pros and cons i accepted it. So that's what has happened to me in the past 20 days. Thank you all that advised me it helped. I can only say to any one in this situation not to just bow out to the tactics used by some rogue and maybe even legit landlords. If you look hard enough and most importantly read the rules and regs you will find something that they may not know so you go from defendant to claimant.
  13. Sorry i have not updated what is happening with this case. I thank you all for your advice or comment. I had to go through a long process with Western Union in getting the transaction from 1st November 2013 to 1st July 2014 that I asked for because I found 2 more errors with sending by WU and it leaving my current account at separate times instead of once. I did not notice the other 2 because they did not put me overdrawn. A financial expert is looking at it all to make sure I have a solid case. I cannot really comment about it to much as it may be fraud in the bank or in wu. I can only say if any of you have used western union around 2013 to 2014 you may want to check how payment went out. If you find a debit card charge made in 2 or 3 payments then you may be in the same boat as me.
  14. Thanks for looking out King12345 You are correct i am looking for a stand alone flat to rent in Harrow, Middlesex, that cost about that same as what I were paying here ( but council helped pay a lot.) I am not relying on Brent council because I don't see the sense in handing her Enforcement notice that actually go into effect tomorrow 6 August 2018 if she did not appeal, then it the PONR. I just wonder how they give the Notice ordering that she cease using it as HMO hut they still paying the full rent of the other 4 tenants. Maybe someone reading this from the council can explain because I really think they are her enablers. She came to see me on Friday before I went to court asking if there was anyway we could work something out. I said say what's on your mind as I also saw that she came with a woman holding a bunch of papers. She started off by saying "i don't know why you are trying to punish me by wanting me to pay you to move, I offered £500 you said you want more. Because of you all the tenants are wanting me to pay them"! I replied, "are you saying I approached you and asked for cash and I will move out" she said yes. It was then that I said there is nothing to talk about. I took the screen shots of the text when she offered me £500 to move and handed them in to Court. when I got back from court I found that the other tenant being evicted on 9 August accepted a pay off for £150 not to go ask Judge to set it aside and she would rehouse every tenant. And they believed her!! I guess the other tenant will find out for himself this Thursday when bailiff come.
  15. Good looking out SgtBush.... since 11 July when the eviction notice came under my door i have done everything by myself searching online for the correct info and trying to find case law dealing with the resale of electricity by her purely for profit. I have been sleeping 2hrs then have to be at work 6am when coming home today i actually fell asleep standing up. Don't know how I managed that. I will write what happened when I take in my forms on Friday.
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