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Found 8 results

  1. Today I exposed Fowler’s finance/Motors of Stoke On Trent, also known as Carfinancetoday. They prey on vulnerable people [removed]
  2. Hi all, Last Friday I was taken by a surprise to have received a 'Conditional Offer of fixed penalty' from Met police for the alleged offence. Use of a motor vehicle with tyre with any of the ply/cord exposed. Now the reason I was taken by surprise is because I had no knowledge of it but car and details are mine. I can prove that I was not even in the country so it could not have been me. the date is early November 2016 and speaking with close family, It dawned upon me that my cousin who holds a provisional licence took that car on that day and when stopped used my details. Now my cousin is no longer in the country and have moved back to Switzerland. If it was only a matter of £100 fine, it would have just paid and be done with it but i read it says 3 points too.. Any suggestions?
  3. Nice one. Lets expose these silly people who are supposed fans and admire these nobodies.
  4. BOOKIES OFFERS ODDS ON WHO'LL BE CAUGHT ...........ON ASHLEY MADISON London 19TH august: Members of adultery website Ashley Madison will be shaking in their stockings after hackers reportedly released data containing their names and personal details. With cheating spouses on red alert, Paddy Power has opened up the betting on who might be nabbed for a naughty night under the sheets. The bookmaker offers 1/10 for a Premier League footballer to score an own goal and be named, while it's 1/4 for a MP, or a regal 5/6 for a mischievous member of the Royal Family. Paddy even gives 6/1 for a record number of divorces in the UK in 2015, while it's now 5/2 that Madison will hold its IPO in London this year. Paddy Power said: "I've honestly only just heard about this website but the snake is firmly out of the trousers on this one and millions could be caught up in the scandal." Who will be revealed? 1/10 A Premier League footballer 1/4 An MP 2/1 A Roman Catholic Cardinal 5/6 A member of the British royal family 7/1 A cast member of TOWIE Ashley Madison Fallout 6/1 2015 to break the record for highest number of UK divorces The bookmaker offers 1/10 for a Premier League footballer to score an own goal and be named, while it’s 1/4 for a MP, or a regal 5/6 for a mischievous member of the Royal Family. Paddy even gives 6/1 for a record number of divorces in the UK in 2015, while it’s now 5/2 that Madison will hold its IPO in London this year. Never mind that Ashley Madison didn't bother verifying email addresses, so the existence of someone's details in the database doesn't actually prove anything, eh? That means anyone could have created an account using the email address of a top footballer, politician or - yes - member of the Royal household. Paddy Power may be finding the situation funny, but just think of the potential human cost of a data breach like this. We shouldn't be too quick to jump to conclusions. Even if account details are genuine, their existence is no proof that someone had an affair behind their partner's back.
  5. I'm writing out of frustration and legitimate concern with the standards and practices within the British Insurance Industry. I have just endured the long drawn out process of 2 car insurance renewals. Run of the mill stuff for any UK motorist. What do most people do? Either take on a non-competitive renewal or seek a more competitive deal from the market. My concern is with the use of comparison sites and the potential for insurance policies to actually be deemed as invalid through no fault of person seeking to be insured. My partner was unfortunate enough to have an accident last October, where she was a named driver on my policy. Now come time to use a comparison site and this opens up a nightmare. Do I declare the claim against my policy? Do we declare the accident my partner suffered? I decided best to declare both and suffer the potential for two incidents to be recorded even though there was actually one. I approached the comparison provider and two new insurers to ask this question only to find that nobody truly agrees. Comparison sites even ask different questions and map the questions differently to insurers. RAC - Only I need to declare as the policy holder Hastings Direct 1) Web advisor - only my partner needs to declare 2) Telephone advisor - both need to declare. I challenged this based on 1. The Tele advisor escalates this and informed me 3 managers debated and 2 came to the conclusion that only my partner needs to declare. Moneysupermarket.com - Only my partner There is clearly an absence of any guidelines in this area with arbitrary decisions being made. Whats more concerning is that a comparison site offers differing advice versus the insurers. Whats even more concerning still is that a consumer may answer incorrectly for a their chosen provider, without even knowing and hence their insurance could be deemed as invalid should they claim against their policy. Neither RAC nor Hastings seemed concerned about this. When I visited the ABI it was clear from their website that they have no interest in such issues.
  6. Tesco fined over 'half-price' strawberries claim Tesco has been fined £300,000 after admitting it misled customers over whether strawberries on sale were genuinely "half price". Trading standards officers said the £1.99 strawberries on sale in Sheldon, Birmingham, in 2011 had not been for sale at £3.99 long enough. The store charged the same amounts at its other stores in England and Wales. Tesco admitted four counts of unfair commercial practice at Birmingham Crown Court. Judge Michael Chambers said the case was "shocking by its very nature" because consumers had a "high degree of trust" in national chains. He said the promotion was "patently wrong and misleading". Tesco has apologised for what happened. The supermarket was told it would also have to pay £65,000 in costs. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-23755528
  7. As internet users, most have us have had the misfortune to come across internet trolls and bullies - but some of these sad individuals take their bullying/trolling to the extreme, posting the most disgusting vitriol that would never ever enter a decent persons thoughts. Up until recently these nasty little people got away with it - especially on Facebook! But not anymore it seems! There have recently been cases of the police taking matters seriously, especially when it comes to racist comments, violent threats and incitement of violence, malicious false slanderous statements and harassment - I myself experienced an unhinged person using both facebook and twitter to harass me with, that was until the police dealt with her. However - Facebook are set to be revealing the identities of these heinous people! About time I say! I wonder if they'll be so quick to carry out the abuse they think is acceptable, once they know they've not got the safety of "hiding anonymously behind their screens" any longer - or just "click a button" to disappear http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/jun/08/facebook-revealing-identities-cyberbullies
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