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Found 6 results

  1. CAN ANYONE WHO READS THIS PLEASE GIVE ME SOME THAT IS CORRECT AND FACTUAL BECAUSE I HAVE TO HAND IN MY DEFENCE FORM AND EVIDENCE TO THE COUNTY COURT TOMORROW. This is something I think everyone should read as it may help you defend a sec 21 and eviction. I will give as much information a possible without it becoming to long to read or confusing. I will refer to the Landlady as She or Her. In August 2017 I moved into a self contained unit in a house that had been converted to 6 flats each with electric meter, bathroom, simple kitchen unit but still classed as a self contained studio. She did not take a deposit to avoid depositing it. Even the kitchen and bathroom had been converted into flats. as it had been done a few months before the other 5 tenants and i had moved in there was a lot to been done yet the landlady still demanded the £800 monthly rent. In addition the electric had been sub metered and we/I were have not been given a top up key or card we had to give Her £10 every Sunday and she would use a disposable prepaid card then tore it up so we could not read what was on it. She was charging us 20p kwh day or night. She put the heating radiators on when it got cold in December and put it on a timer to suit her as she was paying for it. I noticed that the extension at the back had walls that were not straight and all partition walls had no insulation. Heating the place got very expensive costing Me £40 a week. That suited her very well that she gave every tenant an electric blanket for Xmas . All the other tenants praised and thanked her saying she was the best landlord ever. OK I WILL EXPLAIN VERY BRIEFLY By now it was clear that getting them to report her to the council would be futile so I did it myself in January. They told her and she gave me a section 21 as tenancy was 6 months. I read it would be invalid if name was spelt wrong and she put a O instead of A. I had broken my leg badly mid January at work so was off for the next 6 months and being self employed the council now paid my rent. BTW....4 other tenants all on ESA and taking illegal substance paid for by tax payer. I thought council would take action but nope. I lived in a hostile place but they slowly came around to listening to me when I showed them how she was robbing us. It was only 30 June 2018 that a enforcement notice came from the council stating no planning permission and illegal use as flats that has to be rectified within 4 months of the notice. I thought finally they took action even though very late. 11 July an eviction notice is put under my door saying I had to be out on 19 July. Seems she had had a tenant get all important mail so I did not even get the defence form. i text her and asked where all that information was and she just replied i have until 19th. On 18th in went to court with a few photos of the place and n244 to stop eviction and give me a hearing and got one for 20th. On the 19th she came to the house and thought I was out I could hear her shouting to a tenant in room 6 above me as I am 4, asking why he didn't tell her I went to court etc. I ignored them and did my research for hours trying to find something to help as I knew the wrong spelling would not be enough when she tell court a lie that I got all letters from court. I was up all night and went to court for 10am and she was sitting there looking all confident. what I did was to tell the judge that the sec 21 was invalid because the EPC she gave me was not valid as law state every self contained unit must have its own EPC. she must pay me £200 and face a fine of 5000. I went on to say the GAS cert she gave me was also invalid because it has a Beko gas stove test results in the kitchen....OPPS, there is no kitchen in the house or gas stove, I went on to say the law says if she sub meters electricity she can't charge more then what she is paying the supplier and if she did she is to pay me back double plus the bank of England interest rate (needs better explaining I m writing fast as its getting late) she charge 20p and at times was paying 10p. The Judge had to look up everything I said for 30 mins then came back and told her I made my case the sec 21 is cancelled. She did say anyone can say they didn't get the defence form and he explained that when I got the eviction notice I contacted her and took action in taking evidence to court, And that did not make a difference because my EPC evidence is water tight. She kept insisting about the defence form so the judge said he will give me the form and other docs and I should file my defence form in 14 days which is tomorrow. to make things worse she offered me £500 to move out as she needs the property empty to do the work and I turned it down. She turned my electric off this past Monday saying she was changing the meters. Yet I told her I was doing my evidence for court and she kept it off all day. My question is can counter claim and ask for the £920 paid in electric, £200 for epc, my time and expenses gathering evidence and the stress I been through in the past 2 weeks or do I have to file separately in small claim court? I also want the court to award me an amount that will get her to know she is not above the rule or law because she has 12 other tenants living in the same type unit as I and just yesterday she tried to rent flat 1 that got vacated when she gave a sec 21 because he spoke up to her Thank you for your time.
  2. Hi guys i really need your help i have a property which i have rented out through agency. Everything was fine until feb this year. I wanted to sell this house so i gave section 21 noticeon 15th Feb to end agrreememnt in May. this is more then enough notice from my side. since then tennents did not pay the rent. also i wanted to take pictures of the house for sale purpose. i gave 1 week notice to tennents that i will be attending the property with professional photograper. tennents did not communicate with me. so as planned i went to the property with letting agent and photographer. While we were taking photos one man entered the property and claims that he lives here with his wife. he had driving licence registered on same address. There was only 2 ladies registered on tennecy agreement. This man stared to be aggrasive and abusive towards us. We have to call police to get him out of the property. yesterday i had a meeting with my tennet(lady) along with letting agent. She clearly not intrested to pay the rent. She wants me to evict her through court. The tennency was for 2 ladies and 2 kids. But looking at the state of property its seems there are more then 6 ppl live there. so... thats the situation i am in. I would much appriciate your help/advise in this matter. Thanks
  3. Me and my ex have been renting a flat for just over a year, we have a child and have recently split up. When it was clear the relationship couldn't be saved I put in notice to end the tenancy agreement (It's a big expensive place that I didn't want to continue with on my own and she wouldn't be able to afford), she was asked to confirm which she did and we were given a moving out date. She confirmed she had arranged to move in with family with our child until she was able to arrange a place, I know that this is fact as I actually double checked and confirmed everything was in place to ensure both would be sorted when the flat was gone. She's now gone to the council in an attempt to obtain a council house and has been advised by them to not leave the property, even after our agreement has ended and the flat has supposed to be handed back. They'll then sort her a place when she has been evicted. This obviously isn't on. My guess is I can wave goodbye to my deposit if she goes through with this which in the grand scheme of things I'm a bit annoyed about but it isn't the end of the world. I'm more worried about if I could be taken to court for failing to leave the property (although I will have left) or if I could be liable for any rent she may tot up or anything along those lines? Will they take legal costs etc out of the deposit? Could I be blacklisted anywhere? Thank you!
  4. Hi im new here so i apoligies if this is in the rong section. Please some one give me some advice. I am privately renting a property. When i first moved in it was me my partner and my son. Due to some difficult circumstances me and my partner have seperated. I informed the estate agent it will just be me and my son living at the property. They called the landlord and he had no problem with this. Now the estate agent want to do a brand new tenancy agreement with new fees. Now im happy to pay fees for a new tenancy agreement However they have said they need to re-refernce check me of a charge of £150, and also re reference check my guarantor of a fee of £100. Now when i first moved in i already payed for these checks and dont they still stand ? nothings changed apart from my partner moving out so why should my guarantor have to be re checked when he was liable for full rent anyway? So they have sent me a section 21 notice to vacate in 2 months saying the landlord wants me out. However the landlord has said its fine they just want me out because i refuse to pay for checks ive already payed for?. In the section 21 it has also said i need to pay for proffesional carpet and curtain cleaning and show them invoices for this . There says nothing of the sort in my tenancy agreement just that it should all be the same as the pictures in the inventory. Now i have 2 months to either pay which i dont see why i should pay for something ive already payed for a year ago. Or be made to move?. Also my deposit is in a deposit scheme so if i find another private rental how does it work with my deposit being transferd? Sorry for such a long thread just need some advice? are the estate agent allowed to do this? when the landlord is happy for me to remain in the property with my son?.
  5. Dear CAGers, hope someone can shed some light on this On the 17th January 2014 I sent a notice to vacate to both my landlord and letting agency via Royal Mail first class sign for service telling them it was my intention to vacate the property from the 2nd March 2014. This was done under the understanding I make of the attached part of the contract on clause 4 under section "Ending the contract" Today I received a letter acknowledging receipt of notice and "reminding" me that I have entered an agreement for 12 months that because I am not allowing the contract to reach its term I am responsible to pay rent as every other bill to the house. I am also liable for payment of early termination penalty regarding the fees the landlord paid to the agency. My reading of this is that if I am allowed to terminate the contract at any time then I should not be responsible for either the rent or the penalty since I follow the conditions they determine in the agreement... All help greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi guys i have been given a letter from my landlord to vacate the premises by 9-02-2013. My rent of 525 was due on the 10th of this month but on that date i only had £350 which i paid on the 10th and waited until today (13th) to pay the remaining £175 from housing benefit which was cleared in my account today. I have recently gone down to part time working hours and simply didnt have the money on the 10th. We have been on time with our rent payments for the previous 12 months and find that his action is a bit harsh to say the least being that it was only 3 days late ! Is there a legal period of grace for paying rent? The letter states that i have caused him financial penalties (presumably his mortgage) and this is not acceptable. And failure to complete all payments will result in legal action! Any advice please? Thanks in advance
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