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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, first of all I would like to say I'm really glad I found this forum. After looking through some of these recent posts, I've noticed that others have had invalid 16+ oyster cards made for them and also got into trouble with inspectors. My case however, seems to be slightly different. I am an 18-year old student currently in full time education. This means that I am entitled to a 16+ oyster card already, and eligible for free travel. However, I couldn't figure out how to make the account and actually get the oyster card. I've noticed a lot of people on social media getting these 16+ oyster cards. At first I assumed this was for people who didn't know how to set up the account themselves. There was one particular guy on Snapchat, who was advertising these 16+ oyster cards. He kept posting people using his 'service' and thanking him and since I didn't know how to do it myself I just decided to let him do it for me. I messaged him, and he said he will do it for £50. At first I was like what the hell, £50 just to set up an account? But since so many people used his service I thought it must have been a complicated process (which is a very stupid thing to assume now that I look back on it). But of course me being the stupid 18 year old, I thought to myself that I want to get an oyster card as soon as possible since I was tired of walking 1+ hours to get to college and the guy convinced me he will have everything ready for me within 15 minutes. I have recently started working my first job, and got my first couple pay checks I'm stupidly thinking "whatever I can afford the luxury of having this done for me". I send this guy a photo, my address, my full name and my date of birth. He sends me back log-in information and I pay for the £20 oyster card fee. Few days later my oyster card comes no problem. Now, I'm in my last year of college (finishing in 2019) but my oyster card expiry date said 2020. I message this guy on Snapchat saying why does it say the oyster card expires in 2020 when I'm finishing college in 2019. He says to me that on the system it will say I'm 17 years old, but because college is usually a 2 year course it will expire then. I was thinking that's really odd, I assumed the system would obviously say my actual date of birth. I should've noticed this is a red flag, but I had already received my oyster card I'm thinking that TFL obviously must have checked the account, and confirmed that I was eligible, otherwise I wouldn't have received the card. I just brushed it off without thinking much about it. Fast forward about 1-2 months of using the oyster card no problem, inspector comes on and I give him the card. He asks for my name and I point to the card and say my name. He asks for my age/date of birth. I was born in the year 2000. I say my actual date of birth, but remember that the guy said on the system it will say I'm 17. said "10th of May, two thousand-----and one" I added the "one" at the end thinking that it will say I'm 17 on the system so it would make more sense. Inspector says okay, and it was my stop approaching I let him know that it's my stop and he nodded his head. I got off and that was that. Didn't think anything about it at the time. Fast forward again about 3 weeks, my oyster card stops working. I didn't for a second think that the inspector thing and my card stopping was related at all, in fact I had already forgotten about him by that time. i'm wondering why my card stopped working. I'm talking to my friend at college later that day and I asked him if he's got a 16+ oyster card. He says yes. I ask is it working? He says Yeah. So I ask how did he get the oyster card. He said he made an account on TFL, printed out a form, got it stamped and signed by the college and sent it to the post office. I was like "oooh damn I didn't do that, that's why it got stopped". now I'm annoyed that my oyster card is not working when I paid £50 for it, especially now that I know how to set it up myself and the guy never gave me a form to give to the college. I look for this guy's Snapchat that got me the oyster card, and it seems that he deleted it. I'm really annoyed now but oh well, I guess it's a lesson learned I thought to myself. I had about 6 more months at college by then I just decided to start walking again so that I didn't have to pay another £20 fee. Now here's the ice breaker. About 1 month after this I received a letter. Boom - I have been summoned to court for the use of a 16+ oyster card that I was not entitled to. It says that the inspector which questioned me asked for my date of birth, and I gave him the wrong one in order to make the card appear valid. It then says when asked for my name and address I got off the bus without providing them?? This came as an absolute shock to me. I gave my name, I was definitely never asked for my address. I gave that date of birth thinking that's what it will say on the system. With the letter, came attached a print screen of my account details (which I haven't seen before). My date of birth was completely wrong. Wrong day, wrong month, wrong year. And now it appears that I have to be at court and pay a fine of about £400, plus a potential criminal record? I tell my dad the whole scenario because he has handled cases before. He gets a bit angry thinking why I didn't ask him to help me make the account, but I recently turned 18 and just wanted to do stuff without asking anything of my parents. he says I need to actually get a legitimate 16+ oyster card ASAP, to prove that I'm entitled to one. So I did, and it just arrived yesterday. I wouldn't really be worried about this that much since I wasn't aware of doing something wrong, I was just really stupid to see it. But it seems that even if you do something like this wrong mistakenly, you're still at fault so I'm a little scared. I've never been in trouble with the law before and had no idea what I was doing was illegal. What makes it even worse is the fact that the letter says that I got off the bus when asked for my name and address without giving them. But this is false, I did give my name and I was certainly NEVER asked for my address. But I'm guessing that they will take the word of an experienced inspector than a dumb 18-year old boy? Should I be worried? Should I expect to have to pay the fine and/or get a criminal record? Court is supposed to be 6th of March, I'd like to settle out of court but if that's not possible, I'll plead not guilty because I was not aware of doing something wrong. I do admit and take responsibility for being stupid and not realising that the Snapchat guy saying "it will say you are 17 on the system" is dodgy and doesn't make sense. But that was when I received my oyster card, and I thought that as long as you receive one from TFL they would have checked the account and confirmed it eligible. Should I contact TFL asap and explain everything as I have here? I just need advice on this situation and how to approach this. Please note that I am an 18-year old who knows nothing about law. I would've never in a million years thought I'd have to go to court during my lifetime, considering my extremely boring lifestyle. But now that I'm here this all feels surreal and I'm filled with anxiety. Advice is greatly appreciated, and I apologise for the long read.
  2. Hi all, situation is as follows: Moved to a new property in Oct 2016 and got virgin installed on the 4th for 9 months on a student contract billed at £34.00 and had nothing but problems with them from the get go. First of all, they didn't even send the router to the correct house as it should've turned up on Saturday the 1st when I moved in. Secondly in February time I phoned them up to tell I wanted the payments to be taken from another account (let's call it account B) which was a joint account with my partner as it was originally on my own account (Account A). After speaking with them they said everything was fine and the payment was swapped over. I then ceased using my own personal account and went on holiday for 2 months (Mid feb - mid April). When I got home I found at that they hadn't swapped the payments over and they were still billing my account A. Because I hadn't anticipated this and was purely using account B for everything now I didn't have enough money in account A to cover the bills so it forced me into an over draft which I then incurred fees for. I got on the phone straight away in mid april time to report the problem and kick off I spoke to a manager who said that they hadn't logged the February call so had no evidence of me ever phoning them up to request a change. I was shocked by this level of service and asked to speak to another manager who I was told could help me. I was told this manager would phone me back in 2 hours’ time, but then 2 or 3 days had passed and I still hadn't got a call back. By this time, I was raging and when I explained to the new manager on the call back he apologised and explained that he couldn't give me any money back to cover the over draft fees but as an apology he could reduce the monthly price of my bill from £34.00 to £32 a month and bump my speeds up to 100mb from 50mb. He said he would do this as a good will gesture, and said he would amend the student contract to reflect these changes and that I didn't have to worry about it. It is important to mention that I didn't receive any paperwork from Virgin about this change which I thought was strange, but I checked my internet speed and it had gone up to 100mb so I know the manager had made the changes. It is now July time and my original student contract for 9 months should've ended, I have just phoned up Virgin to see why they haven't contacted me about a contract renewal and the advisor said the manager has entered me into a new contract when I called up to complain in April. They're now saying my contract doesn't run out until April 2018, and we are planning to move to another property in September 2017! The advisor on the phone said there is nothing she could do, and she has organised for a manager to give me a call back in 2 hours’ time (but I’m not hopeful this will ever happen) This whole thing has been an absolute nightmare from the start and is even a nightmare now I'm trying to finish it. Has anyone got any advice for me? Thanks in advance Josh
  3. Hi, Yesterday I visited my parents and picked up some mail that was there for me. 1 letter was from DVLA it said ''Failure to give identity as to driver - Bedfordshire Court Date 23/12/2015 The court have informed us on the above date you were convicted of the above offence. We have updated your drivers record....... I checked my drivers record and I have been given 6 points and a £700 fine and it states it was an offence last April. Doesnt state the issuing court or any other info. I've absolutely no idea what this is for. I've had no letter/s what so ever about speeding, giving drivers info, going to court or anything. This is the very first letter I have received. I don't live in bedfordshire but I do work in Bedfordshire What do I do? Who do I call? Thank You And i've just looked on my FB (lol) and it seems I wasnt even working on that date last year, I was with OH and son at home and the park in Northamptonshire
  4. Hello, First time posting here - really need your guys help! About 2 months ago I saw an ad on Gumtree pertaining to a sale of a car. After questioning the individual selling the car - I was told there was nothing wrong with the car. He gave me the new keeper's form and assured me he just wanted to sell the car for the cash. My brother at the time was with me for it's sale. The car has damages that need repairing as it has a few dents (one pretty severe) and a couple of scratches to take care of. I purchased the car via a bank transfer directly to that individual's account. Three days later I attempt to phone the individual and it seems his phone has been disconnected... I had my suspicions so I did a HPI check and found out the car has outstanding finance. I called up the finance company, and they have stated they are financially interested in the car. Since the two months I found out: I have registered myself as the new keeper, called back to still find financially interested (I had hoped the previous owner would have cleared this by now), gone to a free law advice service to draft a letter to be sent to the finance company and done a few repairs on the car (holding off on the major one for now). Today I received a 'slip' from Armstrong Nationwide Ltd (which I googled to find out to be a recovery service). I called them up and they asked to meet IN PERSON to fill out a questionnaire. My question is this: What do I do?
  5. Writing this on behalf of my friend looking for advice. He bought a car in December 2014 from a garage, with Barclays finance. A couple of days ago he decided to check the car value on Autotrader and did the HPI check - turns out that car had a category D and was written off. The date for this is 19th of March 2015. He contacted the garage and they told him all cars are HPI checked and the finance wouldn't go through if the car was written off - which could be fine, as the category was recorded 3 months later. he tried to contact DVLA, but as this is cat D - there's nothing on V5 and they've told him to contact the insurance company. He's current insurer wasn't helpful and there is no info on the HPI report as to what company has written it off. Now the questions are - what can he do in this situation ? He clearly paid over the odds for a written off car, as the price was almost 8k on finance. How is this possible that the car had a category recorded 3 months later ? What would the next steps in this situation ? All help is much appreciated.
  6. Hi there, I purchased a used Alfa GT 1.9 JTD from a private seller advertising on autotrader around 1 month ago. this was the advertisement posted: M-JET 16v 3 DOOR GT COUPE, WITH FULL LEATHER INTERIOR , FULL SERVICE HISTORY ALL MANUALS 2 KEYS AND PLENTY OF RECIEPTS, RECENT CLUTCH AND SERVICE,REAR SPRING AND DROP LINKS, 6 SPEED MANUAL 150 bhp POWER AND ECONOMY ALL UNDER ONE HOOD.TWIN TAIL PIPE EXHAUST,SOUGHT AFTER STYLISH ITALIAN THOROUGH-BRED COUPE ALL IN COLOUR CODED AZZURE, BLUE, Next MOT due 04/09/2015, Tax expires 31/01/2015, Full service history, Electric windows, Air conditioning, Parking aid, CD player, Leather trim, Height adjustable driver's seat, Folding rear seats, Sports seats, Metallic paint, Alloy wheels, Power steering, Cruise control, Central locking, Alarm, Immobiliser, Driver's airbags, Side airbags, Passenger airbags. 5 seats, £1,999 the private seller took me for a drive and I had a short test drive in it. everything seemed fine during the drive. the HPI check was clear and he showed me the totally clear MOT certificate issued the week before. I bought the car and have been using it for driving to work etc. i noticed a few minor issues immediately (as you would expect from a used car) but last week the whole car began to judder. i took the car in to my local specialist garage who said that the car should not have passed its MOT test and would have failed on at least 5 separate points as well as several advisories. the MOT certificate I was provided was completely clear. The certificate is legitimate (i check on the mot check website) but the results are clearly falsified. I am unsure what to do. I cant afford to buy another car without some kind of refund. what rights do i have and what would your advice be moving forward. if i report the car to VOSA my worry is i will be left without a drivable car - they will fail the MOT and i assume will get no refund to my outlay. i don't want to sell the car on as i don't want the same thing to happy to another person, and i don't want to scrap the car as i will lose most of the money i have just spent. if I ring the private seller he will tell me to sling my hook "buyer beware, sold as seen" etc thanks for any help and advice you can give. Torison
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