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  1. Thanks for the speedy reply. I even said over the phone I was not looking for a new contract, and the manager said it was no problem he will just reduce the price and bump up the speeds as a good will gesture. Do you know of where I can get the address for the VM head office?
  2. Hi all, situation is as follows: Moved to a new property in Oct 2016 and got virgin installed on the 4th for 9 months on a student contract billed at £34.00 and had nothing but problems with them from the get go. First of all, they didn't even send the router to the correct house as it should've turned up on Saturday the 1st when I moved in. Secondly in February time I phoned them up to tell I wanted the payments to be taken from another account (let's call it account B) which was a joint account with my partner as it was originally on my own account (Account A). After speaking with them they said everything was fine and the payment was swapped over. I then ceased using my own personal account and went on holiday for 2 months (Mid feb - mid April). When I got home I found at that they hadn't swapped the payments over and they were still billing my account A. Because I hadn't anticipated this and was purely using account B for everything now I didn't have enough money in account A to cover the bills so it forced me into an over draft which I then incurred fees for. I got on the phone straight away in mid april time to report the problem and kick off I spoke to a manager who said that they hadn't logged the February call so had no evidence of me ever phoning them up to request a change. I was shocked by this level of service and asked to speak to another manager who I was told could help me. I was told this manager would phone me back in 2 hours’ time, but then 2 or 3 days had passed and I still hadn't got a call back. By this time, I was raging and when I explained to the new manager on the call back he apologised and explained that he couldn't give me any money back to cover the over draft fees but as an apology he could reduce the monthly price of my bill from £34.00 to £32 a month and bump my speeds up to 100mb from 50mb. He said he would do this as a good will gesture, and said he would amend the student contract to reflect these changes and that I didn't have to worry about it. It is important to mention that I didn't receive any paperwork from Virgin about this change which I thought was strange, but I checked my internet speed and it had gone up to 100mb so I know the manager had made the changes. It is now July time and my original student contract for 9 months should've ended, I have just phoned up Virgin to see why they haven't contacted me about a contract renewal and the advisor said the manager has entered me into a new contract when I called up to complain in April. They're now saying my contract doesn't run out until April 2018, and we are planning to move to another property in September 2017! The advisor on the phone said there is nothing she could do, and she has organised for a manager to give me a call back in 2 hours’ time (but I’m not hopeful this will ever happen) This whole thing has been an absolute nightmare from the start and is even a nightmare now I'm trying to finish it. Has anyone got any advice for me? Thanks in advance Josh
  3. Hi all I finally received the letters they have been sending me (they were sending them to my old address, where I lived with a friend when I originally joined the gym) and I have attached the most recent one as a pdf. In turns out my friend at the old address got the impression that they would send the bailiffs round when I spoke to him over the phone, but after reading the letters myself it doesn't specifically say this. It does mention a County Court Judgement which I think he wrongly was referring to? With the amount of letters been sent, I think he got confused but the amount i now owe is £240.50. I have found the standard template in another post which I was going to send to them in writing, but just wanted to check with you lot to see if there was anything I needed to add in to the standard template after receiving this letter. Thoughts? Joshmine gym.pdf
  4. Hi all Me and my partner both joined a Harlands gym in October 2016 and it has been the worst decision we ever made. When signing up we weren't given a tour round to see the facilities or offered any free-day passes or anything like that and was told me needed to sign a 6 month contract which was £22 via DD before we were even allowed in the gym. We reluctantly agreed because the gym is our local was disappointed to find that there was a severe lack of equipment in the gym and was very unsuitable for our fitness needs. For example it didn't have a squat rack, a bench press, and the dumbbells only went up to 30kg and there was only a single pair of each weight available. Some of the equipment machines were also unusable as a few of the tread mills and cross trainers were constantly out of order, and to top it all off they were constantly redecorating the gym so it stunk of paint/solvents and there were always painters and decorators walking around when you were walking off. Considering the size of the gym was also very very small, it was constantly overcrowded and the paints sometimes bumped in to you when you were working out! After three months of disappointment and telling the gym staff our concerns, me and my partner informed a member of staff on the reception that we would be cancelling our DDs because of the above reasons and the fact I had also been made redundant so we couldn't afford the memberships anymore as well as running a household. The member of staff agreed and said that was fine so I thought that would be the end of the case. A month after this the letters and harassment from Harlands began. They said that we had cancelled our DDs before the contract was up and demanded all monies owed to be paid as well as admin fees. After reading this forum quite a bit, I decided to heed other users advice of completely ignoring them which worked for a while. After a few months of this, Harlands passed the debt onto CRS who are calling me and my partner every single day and sending us sham letters saying that if we don't pay the debt they will send bailiffs round to our house to collect it! I know these guys are chancers and bank on people getting scared and paying, but I am determined to not let them win. The amounts both me and my partner owe are roughly £180ish each after 4 months of £22 membership fee and then the same on top in admin fees. We last paid our memberships in January 2017. Has anyone got any advice for me on what to do or should I just keep ignoring them? I really don't mind sending a strongly worded letter to their head office or the manager of the gym but don't know how to word it or what to include apart from the obvious. Ideally I just want them to bugger off and leave us alone! Thanks in advance for all your help!
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