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  1. My brother has worked as a car valeter for a firm for seven years. His firm has now made him and one other member of staff have a medical. Both these have diabetes. Neither of them wanted or felt they needed to have a medical and be singled out. The firm said it was regarding getting cheaper car insurance. The other person works as an accountant and never drives for the firm at all. Is this legal to force members of staff to have to undergo a medical they don't want to undergo.
  2. Hi, Sorry for the details but its been a long stressful journey that never seems to get better. We started the process of buying a new build property using the shared ownership scheme in early July. We used the builders recommended mortgage brokers and conveyancing firm. This is where the problems started. The mortgage broker messed up our income calculations and we ended up with a hard credit search from a lender that would not have lent to us. They then could only find 1 more lender who deals with shared ownership but needed 5% more deposit. We managed to get the extra 5% with help from family so continued with the purchase. We instructed the law firm and got a fixed quote. Later on they said they made a mistake and asked for more money after we had instructed them. All of this we can live with. But now, 11 weeks after we first instructed the law firm, the housing association who is part of the shared ownership transaction has said we must exchange next week and complete 2 weeks after this or they will withdraw from the sale, leaving us homeless if this does not complete as we are currently renting. Our conveyancing firm said they had been waiting for replies from the other side but did not chase them up even though it had been 20 days since they sent the queries. This left it too late for us to exchange and complete on time. We need advice as to where we would stand legally if we do not complete on time? Do we have a case to claim against someone for our financial losses so far? I can provide more details if needed. Cheers Digots
  3. My vehicle was being impounded by the high court enforcement because of an unpaid contravention 34J Being in a bus lane. This was issued on 11/05/2017 and my vehicle was being impounded by Equita on 18/07/2018. Luckily I arrived to my car on time and after discussing with the officer I said I do not recall or ever heard of receiving a fine for being in a bus lane and if I did, I would always pay within 2 weeks. He checked the system and said 7 letters were sent over the period of 1 year, however I received NO letters! I am sure the address is correct where I am living, I trust everyone living in the house etc. I always receive all letters including the council, I have had PCN tickets from council before but for this particular fine nothing at all, how can this be? This forced me to pay £513 up front! The officer then giving all details needed and I was able to check the PCN online and now have the evidence of the contravention but no letters which is very strange! I will be calling council to see why letters haven't been sent but I can image they will just be saying "we have sent them" here is a video clip of the contravention that was not known to me until I caught the officer impounding my vehicle: vimeo.com/285471611 After viewing the footage I've accepted the contravention but not paying £513 as I have received no letters, what can I do about this and how could of this happened? I would be willing to go court if I fighting chance... do they not need to provide evidence for letters sent?! Plus can we not go in a bus lane to make a left turn? Thanks!
  4. i've been at my current property now for almost 15 years , house lookrf after , rent paid on time. The house is rented through a letting agency. About 2 years ago , at the time of setting up a new contract (yearly) , I was advised the landlord wanted to sell the property , as such I was told a break clause needed to be added to the contract , giving the landlord the right to give 2 months notice. I had to put up with strangers looking around my house then for whatever reason the landlord decided he didn't want to sell. My lease has come up again this year and as well as a £20 rent increase I noticed that the break clause was still there. I asked for the break clause to be removed as it is not required anymore , the reply from the letting agency is that the landlord is happy to do this...for a further £20 increase!!! I'm not happy the agency is trying to make a quick buck , do I have any rights here other than the right to go and find another house ?
  5. My daughter is NOT self-employed but works for a company that requires her to meet clients within the region she works in. Her contract does not state that she had to have a car but she has been told that she must use her car to go meet clients. Fair enough. When she went to claim her fuel expenses they refused because they said she needs business insurance on her vehicle and once she produces a certificate to prove this they will then pay for the fuels at 45p per mile. W Why should she have to pay for business insurance, it is not her business. She has said she would be happy to get it insured for business and then claim it back from the company but they say they wont pay it. She likes the job and does not want to leave but as I say this was not written in her contract. Others within the company have forked out for business insurance just to get peace but my daughter is taking a stand on this. Where does she stand legally? Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  6. A local authority own a house adjoining mine and they had to carry out major structural work to their property. I was subsequently forced to move my tenant out to temporary accommodation for 3 months. I was in the process of putting on a new roof to my property. I then had to put on a temporary roof covering because it was agreed with the authority that there was no point putting on the new roof as they had to demolish and rebuild the adjoining party wall which was above my roof. It took the local council 21 months to sort their issues out from start finish. I wish to recover all my costs which amount to several thousand pounds. The temporary roof covering turned out to not be temporary at all plus we had loss of rents. Due to all the councils delays we incurred alot of hours travelling to the property for meetings where sometimes no one turned up. I really would be grateful if there is anyone who could help me . The stress for my tenant and myself has been awful. Thank you.
  7. Hello It feels like I'm running round in circles at the moment in regards to our council Tax debt and the zero co-operation I'm getting from the Council or Baillifs in regards to paying it off! We owe 2 amounts to Baillifs Penham Excel 1x £934 and 1x £1465 - both way over what we actually owe the council! Baillifs have been 4 times now and each time I've refused entry into the house to do a walk in possession, but today he turned into a smart a*** and said he would go away and get an order to take away my car (no finance on it and only worth around £1200). This has really worried me as I have to have it to get my 5 year, who is Autistic, to school 3 miles away and then my other son to nursery. Can they take my car? If yes, then would I be wise to change the ownership to my Mum so if they come back to take it, it isn't officially mine? The baillif has insisted that we pay the first amount in full and maybe they will come to an arrangement for the second amount if I allow the walk in possession. No bloody way, does he think I'm stupid? I've read about people who've done that thinking they can get a good arrangement set up only to find they've been ordered to pay it off at £400 a month and then have no option but to pay it or lose there things! Spoke to the council to see if we can pay the debt off at £50 a month direct to them and they refuse to help as "it's gone too far now" and they said if it get's handed back by the Bailiffs they will go for a committal to prison! I slightly lost my cool with the woman I was speaking to and told her that this is going to leave us no other option but to go Bankrupt as we also have other massive debts in our name, a repossession order on our house (which is my number one priiority to pay every month) and no one is offering to help us! Is there any other way out of this? I did suggest an attatchment of earnings, but she said that would be at least £250 a month, the £50 we're offering would push us quite a bit. HELP!
  8. Hi All, Back in January 2015 my wife bought a car from CARSHOP, she took out their finance with Santander Consumer. While in the office with the Finance manager of Carshop she filled in all the forms and handed them to him. He entered them onto his system to get approval. After a little while he said that the finance company had come back and that it would only be approved if GAP and a Warranty was taken out, in his words 'to protect them'. Now this warranty and GAP insurance totals £1100 and went onto the finance. After reading about 'Forced Warranty' it seems that it is a problem in the USA but I can only find one incident, with Carshop, on the internet. A few questions, is this legal, can we reclaim for miss-selling and how. Many Thanks
  9. Hi all, situation is as follows: Moved to a new property in Oct 2016 and got virgin installed on the 4th for 9 months on a student contract billed at £34.00 and had nothing but problems with them from the get go. First of all, they didn't even send the router to the correct house as it should've turned up on Saturday the 1st when I moved in. Secondly in February time I phoned them up to tell I wanted the payments to be taken from another account (let's call it account B) which was a joint account with my partner as it was originally on my own account (Account A). After speaking with them they said everything was fine and the payment was swapped over. I then ceased using my own personal account and went on holiday for 2 months (Mid feb - mid April). When I got home I found at that they hadn't swapped the payments over and they were still billing my account A. Because I hadn't anticipated this and was purely using account B for everything now I didn't have enough money in account A to cover the bills so it forced me into an over draft which I then incurred fees for. I got on the phone straight away in mid april time to report the problem and kick off I spoke to a manager who said that they hadn't logged the February call so had no evidence of me ever phoning them up to request a change. I was shocked by this level of service and asked to speak to another manager who I was told could help me. I was told this manager would phone me back in 2 hours’ time, but then 2 or 3 days had passed and I still hadn't got a call back. By this time, I was raging and when I explained to the new manager on the call back he apologised and explained that he couldn't give me any money back to cover the over draft fees but as an apology he could reduce the monthly price of my bill from £34.00 to £32 a month and bump my speeds up to 100mb from 50mb. He said he would do this as a good will gesture, and said he would amend the student contract to reflect these changes and that I didn't have to worry about it. It is important to mention that I didn't receive any paperwork from Virgin about this change which I thought was strange, but I checked my internet speed and it had gone up to 100mb so I know the manager had made the changes. It is now July time and my original student contract for 9 months should've ended, I have just phoned up Virgin to see why they haven't contacted me about a contract renewal and the advisor said the manager has entered me into a new contract when I called up to complain in April. They're now saying my contract doesn't run out until April 2018, and we are planning to move to another property in September 2017! The advisor on the phone said there is nothing she could do, and she has organised for a manager to give me a call back in 2 hours’ time (but I’m not hopeful this will ever happen) This whole thing has been an absolute nightmare from the start and is even a nightmare now I'm trying to finish it. Has anyone got any advice for me? Thanks in advance Josh
  10. Hi, just returned from Calpe in Spain and we were burgled in our Holiday Villa which was booked through a UK company. On our last but one day we locked all doors, windows and shutters and went out for 45 minutes, returned and all was OK outside, unlocked and went in and after about an hour noticed an iPad, watch, some jewellery was missing, our mobile phones were out on the sofa still there and nothing else was missing, all inside locks were still locked. Phoned the rep, whist waiting spoke to the one neighbour who said same thing happened last summer to a dutch family who had 600 Euro and an expensive pair of trainers taken but their GoPro was not taken, they reported to the rep and police came etc, we did not have insurance and wondered where we stand in that SOMEONE USED A KEY to get in, we had one and the Owner, Cleaners, Maintenance Etc have access to one, also previous guests, people with a grievance may have copied a key ? This Villa company does have a few mentions with other villas nearby on TripAdviser with similar stories, we used the Safe but it was only big enough for my bum bag containing passports, money and car keys etc The Guardia Police came and we filled out a report, they did not appear to be surpised or concerned. So a previous burglary should they have put NEW LOCKS on ? Are the UK Rental Company liable for lack of security and compensate me ? Any Advice please on where to go with this ? Thanks Milocoon
  11. My Sister worked in Germany as a self-employed riding trainer, paying all her taxes etc here. To cut a long story short she purchased a half-share in a horse with a horse-trader with a view to earning a share in commission when it was sold. It was indeed sold and my sister received commission in German currency which she paid into her English bank. Due to issues, the horse was returned and my sister re-paid the commission she was given back into a German account. Because of exchange rate, the commission converted back to German currency was less. She agreed with the trainer that she would care for the horse that was returned back in the UK. Cut to the day she was returning, under extreme stress he placed a letter in German in front of her demanding she sign it before she leaves. As my sister was due to board a ferry with a truck containing a horse and was severely stressed - she signed it. It was the first time in the four years they worked together that he had ever given her anything in German. He is now harassing her via social media - and it would be useful to know what sort of advice or protection she can expect. She assumes the content of the letter was regarding paying the costs of the horse while it was in England. Does English or German Law apply here? Appreciate any advice you might be able to help us with. Thanks Samantha
  12. A debt collection firm has agreed to write-off £414m worth of claims after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) found systematic failures in the company's systems and controls. Motormile Finance, which also trades as MMF, will write off debts that it had purchased from third parties owed by more than 500,000 customers. Motormile, which also trades as MMF, MMF Debt Purchase and MMF UK, describes itself as “one of the leading debt purchase companies in the UK,” and specialises in buying up old payday loans and other debts, and then attempting to recover this money. According to consumer website forums, the company has bought payday loans from a number of lenders including Cash Genie, Peachy, Mr Lender, Lending Stream, Swift Sterling, WageDayAdvance and PoundsTillPayday.co.uk. It is also understood to have bought car finance loans. The FCA said that after buying debts, the company failed to carry out the necessary “due diligence” to make sure the sums of money that were said to be owed were correct. It added: “This in turn led to unfair and unsuitable customer contact for recovery of those sums.” A redress programme has now been set up, affecting more than 500,000 people. The vast majority – who typically received a letter or email saying that the debt had been passed to Motormile – will see their debts written off. Typically the debt will run into several hundred pounds per person. In cases where the affected customers had started making payments to Motormile, it will be repaid to them. A total of £154,000 is being repaid to 2,148 people, which averages about £72 per person. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/nov/02/over-half-a-million-in-uk-have-their-debt-written-off-over-unfair-practices The company has set up a dedicated page on its website providing further information.
  13. In view of two similar threads regarding right of forced entry for criminal fines, it might be good to clarify the situation where the front door of the debtor's residence is not immediately accessible: Flat block with secure entryphone system no trade button Postie has access code Flat block with secure entryphone system with trade button Secure OAP extra care facility with entryphone, Resident might have a speeding fine for their mobility scooter when plates were cloned or camera garbles the reg no of a speeding car (actually happened to a Flint Pensioner) Gated development with entryphone to street gates are 2 meters high and electrically operated by keypad and phone to residence Presumably unless they get in when someone lets them in or they ring flats at random hoping someone will let them in they cannot force entry to the external main door.
  14. Hi all, Long story, which I will try to keep short for you! I purchased a Humax Freeview recorder for £199 in Jan 2016 on my debit card. Over time it developed lots of faults, such as random crashes, missed programs, freezing and even not turning on. After researching the product online, I decided to take it for a refund - Lots of similar stories from other users. This was within a year of purchasing it. The girl on the till wouldn't refund to my debit card as the card I used to purchase it had been reported lost/stolen. I was made to take a refund onto a gift card, which I reluctantly accepted, thinking I'd buy another freeview box from them anyway. After reviewing the options, I decided on a £400 TV instead. Bought the TV and the picture quality was awful, with vertical banding (dark black lines) particularly on one side of the screen and generally poor quality image quality when compared to the 10 year old TV it was replacing! I took this TV back and swapped for another of the same - this one also produced a poor quality image, I got in touch with Argos via their live chat feature on their website today. The girl I was chatting to called the store that I got the TV from (FastTrack) originally and she came back saying they would refund £200 cash and £200 to my new debit card as long as I could provide the long card number and expiry date. I printed the chat transcript, called my bank to get these details and took the card number, the transcript and all my receipts into the store for my refund. They denied ever saying this to the girl at the customer service centre and said that they cannot refund to my card without the card, which I explained was impossible as it was reported lost/stolen! They wouldn't do it with a printed bank statement showing the original transaction either. They also said the store has final say on the matter and gave me an 0345 number for head office, which I called tonight only to be told I have to email head office as they were "only customer service, so we don't have the authority to override the store's decision". No phone number for head office apparently?! Has this happened to anyone here and where do I stand? I don't want to keep buying "blind" at Argos and would prefer to take my money elsewhere - somewhere I can actually see the TV in action before purchasing. Thanks very much in advance for any advice you're able to give before I write to Argos Head Office tomorrow Looking at their returns and refunds policy suggests the following can be used as a proof of purchase. All of which I can produce. WHAT COUNTS AS PROOF OF PURCHASE? Any of these: Till/kiosk receipt confirmation email e-receipt your order number If you can’t find one of the above, don’t worry. We should be able to sort everything out if you have: your card/bank statement the email address used to buy your item Hmm. Surely, as I can provide all the above (bar the stolen/lost payment card) proves I am the person who purchased the Freeview box to start with, so why are they not prepared to refund me?
  15. Greetings, i lost my business a couple of years ago and was left with arrears on my Business rates , the shop premises was leased to my Ltd Company but went into administration . The council served a liability order in jan 2013 in my name They have told me because i did not attend the hearing that i have to pay and the opportunity to dispute the liability has expired .. on top of this they are insisting i make large regular monthly payments which equates to 30% of my monthly take home pay saying they WILL NOT accept lower payments because of the age of the debt this is putting an extreme strain on my family and children Southend council have already sent enforcement agents to our home any advice will be greatly appropriated thank you here is their response to my question below Dear ***** I refer to your email received on * January 2016 advising that******* Limited should have been liable for Non-Domestic Rates at ******for the period **June 2012 - ** November 2013. Liability Orders were granted for this period of time on 9th January 2013 and 14th August 2013 in your name. When a Liability Order has been granted, the opportunity to dispute the liability for rates has expired. The matter will therefore not be investigated and account will not be retrospectively amended. I trust this has clarified matters.
  16. Hi guys. The other night I had the misfortune to have bailiffs from Marston's attend my property. I was asleep on the sofa my partner went outside to see what the noise was as we live on a partly industrial site and we have locked gates to the shared access. My partner came in frantic and woke me up to tell me that men who identified themselves as Law Enforcement Officers were here to see me.. I went out to greet them and instructed my partner to lock the door behind me. Stupidly neither of us had the good sense to video any of this because if we did then the following events may not have happened. I asked them what their business was they said they were there to exercise a warrant for unpaid fines. I replied that this was fine and I offered myself for arrest as they had led us to believe that they were Court Bailiffs and not Private Bailiffs. Whilst I was talking to them, one of them said they had the power to force entry yet never showed me any warrant.. .whilst I was being distracted by one Bailiff the other opened my rear gate and the next thing I hear is my partner screaming that the other Bailiff is forcing the French Doors open. Anyone that knows French doors will know that unless you have very thick bolts top and bottom that they are fairly easy for a 14 stone thug to push open regardless of how good your Chubb lock is on the handle assembly. Unfortunately I just have 2 little bolt locks at the bottom of the doors and they are only attached by half inch screws. I immediately rang 999 and asked for Police to report a case of breaking and entering.. .but once I told the operator that they were Bailiffs she said there was nothing they could do??? is that the case? All you need to burgle a house is a uniform and a bundle of lies. Now that they are both in the house they start just going through our things saying that they would be taking everything unless they received full payment of £700. To try and settle with them I offered them either of 2 cars, a 1 ounce gold chain or my Rolex watch left to me by my Grandfather.. .and they refused each of them and instead began to dismantle my computer and the 7 year old plasma TV I use as a monitor for it. My partner and I at this stage were terrified as the Police had turned their back on us, the Bailiffs didn't really seem to want to take goods.. .more like create a sense of fear, disruption and panic in our house. I told them I would happily surrender what I owned. ..gold chain, Rolex watch and 2 cars but as it was my partner's rented (furnished) house and not a joint tenancy nearly everything else belonged to either my landlord or my partner and I offered receipts to prove. They then said that they would be taking everything anyway and we could use the receipts that I had just offered to show them to claim what they had taken by applying to the Court. Then we get to the what they really want. .I said I had just given up my job through illness before Christmas and we simply didn't have that kind of money but I could get £300. They said "You must know someone who will lend it to you" and my partner then rang her Mum who paid it on her Credit Card. Now what this fine related to was a car I sold over a year ago to a car dismantler who was supposed to have applied for a new logbook informing the DVLA he was the new keeper but clearly he didn't. Now because the vehicle was neither SORN nor taxed apparently the DVLA can now 'do' you for no insurance. Now here is my guilt...I foolishly ignored their letters thinking that eventually the DVLA would be updated eventually. I then exacerbated things by ignoring the Court letters too. In my defence I suffer from PTSD and other mental health issues not to mention physical ongoing Pancreatic problems so I know it's bad but I do bury my head in the sand and hope everything will all go away. Not the actions of a perfectly mentally sound individual. Now what I have done so far to try and remedy the situation is send the DVLA a copy of the bill of sale for the car.. .and naturally they say it's not their problem now. ..so my next step is to deal with the Court. I also reported it this morning to the Police as a crime and let me tell you that is no easy task as the operator this time said she would pass it along to their crime team who would get back to me within a few days....no crime number or reference of any kind. I fully intend to help my partner's mother instigate a chargeback on her Credit Card although it seems to be ill advised on this site. ..as this payment was obtained solely under duress. Any advice or imput would be gratefully received. Thanks so much in advance
  17. not sure if am posting in the right place for this but here goes : my local council and myself have been in dispute for the pass 12 months over an over payment they made to me some years agoh the dispute has been about the amount of money i pay back each month to clear the debt, this morning i woke up to find they have enforced a direct earning attachment with my employer dispite the fact that i have made payments to them every month for the last year or 2 without missing a single payment to what i can afford, now they are taking a percentage of my earnings that i can not afford putting me further and further in to debt making it so i can no longer keep up with my other debts theres been no court order and dispite sending them a breakdown of my earning some months ago they have decided that my other debts or outgoings dont matter.
  18. From April 2017 insurance companies have been ordered to make it crystal clear in renewal notices how much they are increasing their premium from the previous year. The move, a new rule announced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is aimed at stopping sneaky eye-watering raises that customers often don’t notice and simply pay on auto renewal. From April 2017, insurance companies will have to display last year’s price in a prominent position on renewal notices The FCA says the move could mean customers save up to £103 million a year simply by spotting the big rises and deciding to use a comparison site to shop around for a better deal. The renewal rule will apply to all forms of insurance, so motoring, breakdown cover and home insurance. https://www.aspokesmansaid.com/money-and-insurance/stories/content-9129/no-more-sneaky--rip-off-insurance-rises-as-companies-ordered-to-clean-up-their-act
  19. I am mightily confused. I have been signing on for 12 months, at the start of my claim I signed a claimant commitment stating I will do X number of steps each week to find work, IE look in papers, ask family and friends, use UJM etc. I completed my job search online and always filled in my activity history on UJM, ensuring I recorded X number of steps as required in my claimant commitment. Part way through the year I was told not to use UJM instead I was given a paper template to fill that stated I must do 35 hours job search per week, this had a section to fill stating the time each task took. Some time later I was issued with a pie chart diagram which showed different activities I could include in my 35 hour job search. Now I have been given another paper template form which states I have to apply for and record 10 vacancies jobs per week. What the heck as happened to my claimant commitment, no where in that did I agree to a 35 hour week job search nor did it state when I signed it that it was a requirement. Secondly, I would never agree to applying for X amount of vacancies per week , what if the only suitable vacancies are ones I have already applied for. And now they have just reissued me a new claimant commitment to sign which is basically same as my old one except they have added “ engage with the work program” Can they enforce this 10 job application rule and what is in place to prevent me from just jotting down bogus applications. Obviously I am fulfilling my claimant commitment still but as there is no actual way to record that activity any more am I even obligated to carry it out. From what I can gather the 35 hour per week is only a suggestion and not enforceable as long as client shows they have took reasonable steps they cannot be sanctioned but I cannot find any info at all regarding the 10 vacancies per week.
  20. Hi guys i work for a company who look after the virgin media contract, i am working at the moment over 70 hours a week which is tiring me out to be honest, i have a family and have very little time for myself or my kids you keep telling them about it in the nicest way possible even though its hard to keep your cool sometimes and they take Sh*t all on aboard what i have to say. I am on template pay (pay per job) now i can make some decent money when i get the big jobs like quad's, triples and duals. But lately ive been finishing my own work by 3pm ready for home and i always seem to get lumbered with other peoples because they simply cannot keep up or had worse problems than myself in the day i never seem to get any help my way when im struggling and all my manager can say is swings and round abouts, seems to be enough swings but no round abouts my way. My biggest concern is the pay im owed, i am missing money from June, August, September and October and when i keep submitting my wage query's i hear nothing back this goes on for months and up to this day i still have not received any money im owed. I have joined the cable workers union but obviously want to the company to rectify this problem first without involving the union, a lad i work with has also submitted a grievance to the HR of the company and said they are looking into it he has told me to look on google for the template letter regarding pay but not having any luck could anyone be so kind to point me into the right direction and is there any law to me doing more than 12 hours a day can i refuse to work after 12 hours ?
  21. I have just emailed Virgin Media the following: "Dear Mr Mockridge, I am writing to make a formal complaint on behalf of my mother, Mrs C******** *******k. I have taken this matter into my own hands as she is, frankly, no longer able to cope with it due to the distress it has caused her. She has contacted Virgin Media Customer Services to inform them that I have her authority to discuss her account with you. My mother became a Virgin Media customer upon moving into temporary rented accommodation in September 2013. I read the information on Virgin's Home Mover website, which made a future move and transferral of services seem entirely straightforward. In February of this year she bought a house 1.6 miles away from her rented property. On 5th February my mother phoned Virgin Media to inform you of her intended house move, and to arrange transferral of services. Having been a loyal customer thus far, and having intended to remain so, she was shocked and upset to be told that, as Virgin would be unable to provide any services to her new address, she would have to pay a severance fee of £173.00. In other words, she wished to retain the service, but was told that it was not available, and transferral/retention of the service was not an option. Furthermore, she would be financially penalised for this. The lack of availability of this service, however, is down to Virgin Media, not my 71 year-old mother, and this is a forced cancellation, carried out by Virgin Media, not her. Regardless of your T's & C's this is plainly unfair. On the same day, my mother wrote to Virgin Media Customer Services outlining the above complaint, disputing the severance fee, and also pointing out recent correspondence from Virgin stating that, as the price of services would be increasing from 1st February 2014, customers were entitled to cancel "without penalty". (The same correspondence states that "the process to be followed is set out in our terms and conditions at virginmedia.com/legalstuff" - my mother is not a broadband customer, and does not own or use a computer or the internet, however I was unable to find any information on "the process" at this web address). She also asked for your help and advice, and stated that the matter was causing her to feel depressed. (My mother has been treated for severe mental illness since the death of my father, and my divorce, which has caused her to lose all contact with her three grandchildren for several years). On 18th February my mother wrote again to Virgin Media Customer Services regarding her imminent house move, the forced cancellation of services, her distress, to inform you that she had cancelled her direct debit, to enclose a cheque in payment of her most recent bill dated 7th February, to state - again - that the matter was in dispute, and to request - again - "as a matter of courtesy", a response to her letter dated 5th February 2014. On 4th March, my mother moved to her new address, an ex-council house in need of new windows, re-replumbing, re-wiring, and so on. In other words, all she could afford - she subsists on a modest pension and disability allowance. On 17th March, she wrote to Virgin Customer Services for a THIRD time, regarding your bill dated 7th March for £60.92, (billing period 19th March to 18th April, i.e. commencing over a fortnight since she had left the rented property), and referring you to her previous to letters. On 9th April, she phoned Virgin Customer Services. She discovered that correspondence was still being sent to her old address, despite having informed Virgin of her change of address weeks previously, and that the services for which she was both being charged a severance fee AND being billed (despite being unable to make use of them) were still active at the old address. She was also assured that she would receive a written response to her previous three letters. I visited my mother recently. She broke down in tears whilst trying to explain the situation to me. Clearly, she was extremely anxious, distressed and upset, as was I to see her in such a state. I instructed her to forward all further correspondence from Virgin Media to me, for me to deal with, as I didn't wish her to suffer any more upset or anxiety. To date she has still received NO reply to any of her letters. She continues to receive bills for billing periods during which the service was not in use by her, AND for which she has simultaneously been charged a severance fee. She has also received your "We're sorry to hear you've decided to leave us" letter/final bill reminder (dated 30th April), followed less than 14 days later by a default notice - on an account which is in dispute! I am only relieved that, as yet, my mum is unaware of this. She is an old-fashioned lady, and has never received a default notice or indeed any blemish whatsoever on her credit record in her entire life. I respectfully request that Virgin Media waive all outstanding charges (if indeed they can even be accounted for), all subsequent enforcement action against my mum (she did put the account in dispute months ago - as I understand it, enforcement action, including a default notice cannot therefore be taken), and immediately remove all adverse data from her credit file, with all credit reference agencies. I wish to be able to inform my mum - as soon as possible - that the matter is closed, and that she can stop worrying or getting depressed about it. That is my concern and my priority, as she is an elderly, vulnerable, fragile woman. I, however, am not, and shall be referring the matter to CISAS, the Telecommunications Ombudsman, Trading Standards, the Financial Conduct Authority, and my mother's MP, should the matter not be resolved forthwith. I look forward to your prompt response." Within an hour Virgin offered to halve the cancellation fee, bringing the total cost from £223.40 to £145.46 (cancellation fee plus revised final bill). Job done, or push harder?
  22. This is more for my own information as we may be in a simliar position soon but I was pass any useful infirmation on. The company I used to work for are currently looking to make staff cuts. They have put all staff under threat of redundancy. A Number of positions are being cut with the remaining ones having changes made to their title, terms etc. and staff invited to apply for these positions. One individual requested and applied for voluntary redundancy or early retirement. This was refused. He has then decided not apply for any of the postions. The company in response to this have told him that he HAS to apply for his position. This is a specialised trade. I believe that he has even been offered a contract and told that if he has any questions to speak to a solictor. Surely this cannot be right. If the position is not under threat he should never have been put at risk. It is the general consensus that this is just an excuse to rape their wages with many beig offered their old positions with a 10% pay cut, all be it with a slightly modified job title. What is the position of having to apply for your / a position in these circumstances, are their nay applicable laws rules etc ? What is or could be the consequence of failing to apply, could this, as they have suggested, be taken as a resignation ? As my current employer may be looking to make some staff cuts in the future too, I am quite interested in the reponses.
  23. I appreciate this may be a little complex, so I will try and be clear. The first paragraphs are background, skip to the for the issue. I am Sales and Marketing senior manager for a business, with 8 outlets. I am responsible for all sales and marketing activity and measured by sales performance (revenue). Each outlet has a manager, and they are responsible for the day to day operation of the unit, and measured against the profit. This structure is a little unique in our industry, where usually the unit manager has control of local sales and marketing, and would be measured against both sales and profit, and my role would be a head office support role. So in effect I have more control than usual and the unit manager has less control than the norm. The unit manager and I are on the same rung in the hierarchy, reporting into the MD. One of the units was added two years ago, and was an underperforming unit. We knew it wasn't a great business when we bought it, but the plan was to invest in it, and turn it around. But we were having to undo many years of neglect and poor management. The unit manager joined when we bought the business - we'll call him P. P and I have had a rocky relationship, and he doesn't agree with our business structure, wanting to have more control over his unit. This has caused us to lock horns on a number of occasions. I have backed off a little of recent, as I was worried I was becoming seen as a 'problem'. Recently our relationship has been better, but only because we avoid discussing anything controversial. P's unit has had major investment, but business is slow to turn round. And last year was pretty poor. We are battling with a long standing poor reputation, and the service levels are still very poor and there is no real change forthcoming. Until these improve, I am restricted with how much more revenue I can generate. :?: The MD is off sick long term, so the CEO has become more involved in the day to day business. - having not been very close to what is happening for a number of years). I have been asked to attend a meeting tomorrow, along with P and another senior manager, the purpose is to explain the poor performance and how we can turn it round. This is where my challenge arises. At this meeting, I will have effectively two options, accept that the performance is not good enough (I.e. I am not doing my job - not that I believe this is true); or pass the blame to P and the continued poor service (I can prove this as we use a 3rd party monitoring service - which I administrate), but this will enviably be the final nail in our poor relationship, and likely leave me unable to perform my role in the long term. Either way. I really feel like I will end up on rocky ground and my career in jepordy. The stress of this meeting is making me sick. Part of me just wants to walk away from the whole thing, but can't really give up the salary or company car without knowing I have some certainty of another role. Roles at my level are limited, so I can't just walk into a job, and would likely have to take a lower paid and lower seniority role. Help!!
  24. The Government has announced plans to put an end to anonymous phone calls from British companies in the UK or based overseas. Telemarketers will be forced to display a valid phone number when they make phone calls - or face heavy fines in a new crackdown on nuisance calls. The welcome change to the law means it will be a legal requirement for direct marketing callers to show a valid caller identity that shows up on phone displays when they call. The changes make it easier for people to report any company that makes unwanted calls. http://www.which.co.uk/news/2016/01/cold-calling-firms-forced-to-display-phone-numbers-429776/ How to stop the nuisance callers First, make sure you’re not handing your details away. If you don’t want to hand over your own phone number when filling in forms, use this one instead . You can complain about a cold caller to the ICO here . If the cold caller is from a claims management company, such as those calling about PPI, you can also complain here . Cold callers aren’t supposed to call you if you’ve signed up to the Telephone Preference Service .
  25. UK mobile networks look set to be forced to make it free to unlock phones at the end of customers' contracts, it was announced in The Budget. Currently, each major network offers different options to consumers who want their phone unlocked, with most charging for the privilege. Unlocking a phone allows customers to switch networks as they please. Following this week’s Budget, the government says that all mobile users should be able to have their handset unlocked at the end of their deal without paying. While it is hoping to get networks to sign up voluntarily, the government has promised to pass laws to force networks to comply if an agreement can’t be reached. http://www.uswitch.com/mobiles/news/2016/03/mobile-networks-set-to-be-forced-to-unlock-phones-for-free/?utm_campaign=insight&utm_content=160321&utm_medium=email&utm_source=uswitch&utm_term=mobiles-content-pod
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