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  1. Hey all, looking for a quick bit of advice here. I signed up for a membership with X4L on the 14th of May 2018, and have only used the gym a handful of times in that time. I haven't been at all during 2019. I now have free access to a local gym which a friend owns, so I cancelled my direct debit with X4L/Harlands on Jan 4th 2019. I then cancelled my membership via their Online Cancellation Portal not long after. After doing so, I received this email - Then this email the following day, Never realised that I wasn't supposed to cancel the DD until they had taken their last payment, but I didn't think it'd matter since I haven't used their facilities in months, even after cancelling my membership (which they can check, because they use fingerprint scanning to allow you access at my gym). On the 24th of January I received an email from HG (Harlands Group) notifying me that I owed them £45 because of admin fees. I sent them a reply letting them know that I would be fine paying the £19.99 for the remaining month of membership (which I never even made use of), but I would not be paying any of their silly admin fees. They never replied, and then on Feb 16th I received this email, So it has suddenly increased from £45 to £69.99? Am I in the wrong here? TL;DR - Cancelled via direct debit, then online using cancellation portal, received email saying not to cancel the DD (I already had by this point), offered to pay for the remainder of the membership (£19.99), now they're trying to charge me £69.99.
  2. I am hoping I can get some advice on my Xercise4Less membership. I signed up with them in 2014 and did attend the gym for 2 years. When i signed up the person who i spoke with told me that there would be no contract and that i could cancel my membership whenever i wanted which seemed to me like a good reason to join just incase i needed to cancel. i finally cancelled the membership May last year due to me and the wife having a baby and not being able to attend anymore so i didn't step foot in there for 2 years. I called in at my local gym and spoke with girl at the front desk explaining all this to her and she just told me to cancel my direct debit and said to leave it with her and not to worry, she never asked me to fill in any form just aked my name and she would short it. Since i have done this i have been receiving a lot of emails texts, letters from CRS most recent one being the 19th of January which has my old address on it for some reason and telling me i owe another £138.50 on top of what they already said i owed,which brought it to £243.47. The other emails i have received form them have my new address on and the total amount they first asked for was £207.47 this just doesn't add up??. I have spoke with them before over the phone which i regret doing back in August when i received my first letter and it didn't go well. Since then i have sent numerous letters to both xercise for less and CRS and only CRS have responded. I did say in one of my letters that i would be willing to pay the cancellation fee but that fell on deaf ears. I have been getting advice from your forum reading other poeples post on here, so i have ingnored them since. Any advice? Thanks Chris
  3. Hi, i originally join the gym through lifestyle fitness in February 2017. I then cancelled my direct debit through my mobile banking app in August 2018, just after the payment was made that month on the 15th. It is now December 2018 and I have received a letter from the CRS stating I owe them £250.52, “following our initial letter” even though I haven’t received a letter previously, haven’t received any emails stating I owe them any money or anything. i was under the impression the gym membership was cancelled when the direct debit was and I haven’t heard from them until now which is 4 months after the direct debit was cancelled. I am just looking king for advice as I don’t understand how I should be liable for paying this money when I haven’t been to the gym and had no word from them in regards to “late payments” I literally just assumed it would have cancelled This is also my first time posting a thread so I have no idea how this works haha thanks
  4. Hello Everyone, A little new here so please bare with me... On the 11th of October 2018 I started a gym membership with trugym (no obligation/no contract monthly payments) In the first 14 days, I visited ONCE. and once only. After that period I cancelled my direct debit with them as i did not like the gym or the hostile staff after only my first visit with an online form and accordingly then called my bank and did the same. The gym later called me and informed me I had not done it within the 14 days that was required so the direct debit would still be taken out...now my bank were not aware of this as i assumed i had cancelled with the gym so it made sense to cancel with my bank too (there have been instances where i've cancelled direct debits with companies but still they have managed to keep taking money out and its taken months!!! to get refunds with 10 phonecalls average) Anyway, straightaway Harlands emailed me a couple of days later and said they had charged me a admin fee of 25 pounds and i would have to pay 39.99 to clear my arrears. (During this period I went away as i am a FULL TIME student for my dissertation and was unable to respond) Next, I got the letter attached from the CRS saying I owe (167 POUNDS!!!) how on earth can i afford that being a student. I called them and asked what the charges were for and they stated it was tracing (for what?! they already had my address - I hadnt moved!) for admin charges and etc. what should i do! Id be happy to pay the 14.99, even the crazy 39.99 but 167 is ridiculous!!!!!!! PLEASE help - they wont stop texting at silly times like 11pm and telling me to call them! Much Appreciated, Sosa. CRS LETTER..pdf Harlands letter..pdf
  5. Hi everyone. I could really use some help with this nightmare. I opened a GymEtc membership about 4 months ago. Somehow during the process the membership application got duplicated and i ended up being double charged for 2 accounts. I stopped the duplicate account direct debit, then get an aggressive letter from Harlands. I called them, explained the situation and they said they would close the duplicate account and refund the 2 payments. 4 weeks went by and I got no refund. When I contacted them again they said it had been initially rejected by GymEtc, then processed but still didn't make it to me or my bank. At this point I said i would collect the refund from my bank and contacted them to reverse the 2 direct debits on my duplicate account. I was very specific and gave the references and dates. They instead reversed 3 payments on the active direct debit then cancelled it. After this happened I called the bank and they admitted the error and reactivated the correct direct debit. I then called Harlands to pay the 3rd payment which should not have been refunded but they told me they could not take payment as this was not showing on the account. They told me they would watch the account and now call me when they could take payment. They also stated they would mark the account to not be charged. Another couple weeks go by and Harlands send aggressive correspondence. I call again to ask if i owe them and am told again that I don't own any money. Today they send me a letter saying I owe 2 admin fees of £25 each plus a membership payment. If i don't contact their customer care then my account will be sent to debt collection. I'm on my lunch hour, I have called them 7 times. I waited 20 minutes at one point for them to pick up, when they did, the person cut me off just after I finished the above long explanation. I am at my wits end and I now want them to terminate the contract with no fees. What are my options for resolving this now?
  6. Good Evening Everyone! Another Harlands post unfortunately, I've had a good read through and followed some of the advice and am now at the next step and wondering what is my best course of action, Let me start with the background. I signed up to a rolling contract with E4L in Milton Keynes, I had used the gym over the months but unfortunately suffered a quite catastrophic knee failure that has made even a daily dog walk a chore (Joys of getting old I guess!). Because of this I cancelled my E4L DD thinking it was the best way to cancel (My fault, Should have checked the T&C's). I received an email but truth be told I thought it was a cancellation email and ignored it... On the 27th of December I received an email confirming that because I failed to rectify the situation they had added fee's on and I owed them £36.99 and if I didn't call them before 16th of January. I called them on the 15th of January to discuss this (I recorded this mainly because I always worry about situations like this!). I apologised and offered to pay two months to bring the account up to date, would continue my membership as normal.. I got told basically to pay the fee's and deal with it.... Nice! I then received a further email on the 23rd of January now saying because I hadn't called them I now owe them £73.98 and had to call them by 7/2/19. I've followed the advice here and sent them a written letter offering to pay what I owe less the fee's to cancel my account etc etc, I have proof of posting and tracking number for this. After this I've received two emails, the first being an Email from CRS saying I owe them £107. The second is an email from Harlands which is the following: Thank you for your recent letter. We can confirm all cancellations are dealt with online via an online cancellation form, this can be found on the Xercise 4 Less App or use the following link for the Xercise 4 Less website cancellation form: (Removed due to forum rules) You will need your W reference number which is W14960979 and then you need to input the branch that you use and your Date of Birth. Please note, to enable you to complete the form, your payments must be up to date and you must have an active direct debit in place, if your direct debit is cancelled and/ or you're in arrears please use the following link to reinstate and/ or make a catch up payment: (Removed due to forum rules) Once completed you will receive a confirmation of cancellation receipt. Your membership is currently in arrears for missed payments and therefore charges have been applied. These charges have been applied correctly under the terms and conditions you agreed to during your sign up. These arrears will need to be cleared for you to be able to complete the online cancellation form. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. I'm not sure what to do now going forward, Surely its not possible for them to continue charging me on the basis that unless I pay my fee's I cannot cancel my contract?
  7. Hello Last year, me and my girlfriend joined an X4L gym on a monthly contract basis. We paid the first month on the spot when joining (28th Oct) and shortly after had a bad experience. I went online and saw how bad this place is and we decided to cancel. I wrote down all the things I had to do and when, hoping to avoid this. I sent the cancellation request on 9th Nov online as instructed, saved the 'receipt' and also have the confirmation email that came through a few days later. I allowed the final payment to come out on the 27th Nov and then cancelled the DD on the 28th Nov. That's 48 days before the following payment would have been. I've stuck to the terms, yet here we are. As I mentioned, we both joined. I did everything for us both at the same time. I haven't heard a thing from them, but they are chasing my girlfriend. So far, their demands are 2 months membership plus x2 £25 penalties (sorry, 'admin fees'). Most threads around here are people cancelling DD without letting them know, etc. I can't be bothered to write a letter and post it, considering it's obvious they don't care and will just continue. I just wanted to check, am I OK to bounce their emails and forget about it? I know they have no powers... Or, shall I send a letter with the dates in, anything else?
  8. Hi everyone, Same old story, I cancelled my direct debit during August of this year and have been receiving the scary emails of debt collection from Harlands, who have then transferred this debt to CRS who continue to try and scare me. The difference I have compared to others is I had in fact posted my intention to cancel my membership, as I was moving away from the area as I had finished a placement role there, and was returning back to university. Now, to maintain that I cancelled my dd on the day of last payment I posted this letter a month and a few days before the scheduled date. I would have done this online, but I was in the situation where the internet was not set up in my new house, and I had evidence of my new address in paper form. I didn't think much of it and simply posted my intentions to the letter box on my street, addressed to the Xercise4less branch I frequented. Well it couldn't be easy could it? I received communication from Harlands in September, a month after the dd was cancelled, so the day the dd was usually withdrawn from my account. i was on holiday however and didn't read it. Then October came, and they emailed me again. This time I read it, and this is where the journey began. I owed them £72.80, (2 months of membership plus 2 emails). I decided to contact the gym manager with my situation as well as Harlands about the situation. Harlands? They decided to ignore me, and the gym manager didn't read my email but said they don't accept letters, which is (probably) why my cancellation never came into fruition. So, because my life does not revolve around chancers, I set up an auto response to harlands emails referring them to my initial sob story, while I focus on my studies. So now we're at this point, with CRS saying I owe them daft amounts, I would quote, but they sent the letter to my old address but I'm assuming it's over £110.40, their last quote. I'll be honest, I have learned my lesson that I should have read the contract in order to prevent this fuss occurring, but I am not letting them punish me this hard for it. So, I must ask, what should be my next steps, and should I seek to resolve this? Thanks in advance guys.
  9. Hi All, -I joined the gym on the 18th of April 2017 on an 11-month contract. -I tried to cancel my membership around August/September 2018. (17-18 months of paying) -The harlands online cancellation system kept popping up with errors when I tried to cancel. -I cancelled the direct debit as the online form was not working. -I received an email from Harlands on the 25th of September telling me that I was to reinstate my DD. -I responded and let them know that I had not been to that particular gym for over a year and that I had tried to cancel but it did not work. -I then received an email in October informing me that on top of the original membership fee charge of £9.99, they would be rounding it up to £34.99 due to an "administration fee". - Now they have rounded this up to £104.97 in total. - I would happily pay the £9.99 for the 1 month I missed. -So this cycle is going to keep going on and on as you cannot cancel membership if you have cancelled the dd. After reading on this forum for some time I have realised that they are not a very nice Company, however, any advice that you could give would be massively appreciated. I am an apprentice who makes no money whatsoever, so being asked to pay one-sixth of my paycheck before Christmas is appaling. Silo0o
  10. Hi, Firstly I know there are hundreds of threads for this same matter but I don’t think any apply directly to me. I received an email today from Harlands claiming that I owe them £104.97. This is for a gym membership I took out around February 2017 whilst working away from home. When I signed up to the gym I was told it was a 12 month contract and nothing else. I was surprised to see the payment still coming out a few month down the line once the 12 months was up and I cancelled the direct debit on the online banking app. Heard noting and thought nothing of it until today I received an email saying I owe them the above amount. The email contained an attached letter from CRS threatening legal action if I do not pay. I rang immediately to question why I owed them and it’s because I didn’t follow the cancellation procedure and didn’t let them know and that they charge me every month for missed payments, the £9.99 per month membership fee and £25 late fee. I asked what would they accept payment wise and he said if it wasn’t paid in full by the 9th October they would take me to court. I refused to pay the amount as I believe it’s daylight robbbery! My question is what should I do next? I cancelled the direct debit in July so there are 3 missed payments. Should I email them offering to pay the 3 months I’ve missed and then cancel it after? I really can’t risk this effecting my credit score as I am applying for a mortgage next March/April! But I really don’t want them taking my hard earned money just because they’ve decided to ask for it! Any help would be awesome!!
  11. I cancelled my direct debit and was going to do it via the site as well but forgot. Due to this the members page now says I am in default even though my next payment is due in December and there is no way to cancel via the site. I contacted the gym who said I need to contact harlands. I had to send an email as they don't answer the phone. I was told I need to cancel via the members page which is no longer possible and reinstate the direct debit as you have to give one months notice. Their website says no contract and no tie in. Also in their terms and conditions there is no mention of any notice and it says if you cancel your direct debit or cancel via the members page that will cancel your membership. I have replied explaining this but why won't either side just cancel it? I just want to make sure I'm not charged anymore. Here is a link to their terms and conditions which are very vague. https://members.buzzgym.co.uk/docs/buzz_terms_and_conditions.pdf
  12. Hi, My partner had a 12 month gym membership with Xersise4less, unfortunately due to a foot injury she had to stop going after a couple of months we cancelled the DD (Stupid in Hindsight) now i am sure you know whats coming next they have passed it to Harlands / CRS and have of course added lots an lots of extra fees any help would be appreciated. Is there a way i can pay the 30 days notice and have done with this i refuse to pay the extra admin fees. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi everyone, I can see this issue is really common and I've already read some excellent advice on here. I just wanted to make my own thread just to double check I do everything correctly! Hope this is okay I've recently decided to cancel my gym membership at Lifestyle Fitness as I am now using a newly opened gym next to my work place. My membership was just a monthly rolling, no contract, cancel at any time thing.. I followed the FAQ available on the Lifestyle Fitness website which states to email any cancellation request to Harlands. I sent an email to cancel on 01/03/18. The same evening I also cancelled my direct debit as I did not believe I owed them any further money. My direct debit payments were paid on the fifth of each month. On 06/03/18 I received an email from Harlands with the below letter attached as well as a text informing me that I had an important email: re: Your membership to Lifestyle Fitness Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your membership agreement with Lifestyle Fitness. Your bank have advised us that your March instalment has been returned unpaid "instruction cancelled". You have therefore been charged a £ 25.00 administration fee which means you need to pay £ 46.99 to bring your account up to date. Call LIFESTYLE FITNESS HELPLINE - 01444 449171 immediately so we can collect this by DEBIT / CREDIT card and reinstate your Direct Debit over the telephone. If you wish to pay by another method, you must still phone to discuss your options. If you do not call us by 26 March 18 you will be charged a further £ 25.00 administration fee. Our telephone lines are open 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday & 9.00am - 12.00pm Saturday. They also left me 'helpful' information on what I had to do to cancel my membership - pay the above figure as well as another months notice. Despite this exceptionally prompt contact, my original cancellation email is still unanswered - who woulda think it Following advice on these forums my plan is to send the following letter: Dear Harlands, I refer to my membership at Lifestyle Fitness gym in XXX which was a rolling monthly agreement. Following Lifestyle Fitness guidance I informed yourselves of my cancellation on 01/03/18. I also cancelled the Direct Debit mandate. I now realise that I did not provide 30 days notice. I therefore offer to pay the outstanding £21.99 for the notice period. I will pay you no administration or cancellation fees and no further membership amounts. If you confirm in writing that you will accept the amount of £21.99 in full settlement of all that I owe, I will pay you promptly. If you fail to accept my offer within 14 days or you demand any higher amount, I will pay you nothing and my offer will be withdrawn. Yours Sincerely, My only real concern here is that they have my phone number. Letters or emails would just amuse me but phone calls would be rather annoying. Is there anything I can do at this stage to try to prevent that.. is contacting the gym themselves worth a shot? Thank you all for any help!
  14. Hi all, i've been reading these forums for awhile after a certain run in with Harlands/Xercise4less as it appears i'm not the only one to fall victim to their harassment. I would really appreciate any advice regarding the matter - I know that it's not something to lose sleep over but i'm a bit fed up at the moment. Brief background: July 2018 - I hadn't used the gym in a couple months as I moved to a different area and joined a different one closer to work. I thought I had completed the 11 month obligatory period and decided to cancel the direct debit, but I was mistaken, I still had a month left (although I had not used the gym in a couple months by this point already) August 2018 - They send me an e-mail saying I owe them 36.99 (11.99 missed gym fee and 25 pounds administrative charges.) I ring xercise4less and harlands (a mistake) and do not manage to resolve the matter. I send them an e-mail that I recognise there is a month's missed fee and am willing to pay that, but will not pay them any more and will not offer anything further if they do not accept. October 2018 - They have continued to harass me via e-mail and the charges have accumulated to 110.97 and are they are now e-mailing via CRS. They say that if I do not pay, they will have no option but to take legal steps. So i've drafted a letter which I will send to them via post, but I was wondering if there was anything else I should do/add to the letter before I send it off! Again, thank you for your time and any advice would be much appreciated. Best regards, worriedwort
  15. Hi, I’m looking for a advice re. Issues I’m having with CRS. I cancelled my gym membership (in writing) in November 2014 giving 1 month notice as per my contract and at the time of cancellation all my DDs were up to date. Then going forward 3 years I noticed that Harlands were still taking DD out of my account (schoolboy error as I forgot to check at the time). I contacted Harlands who admitted their error and agreed to refund the money of £710. Then all went quiet. I chased them several times over two months by email and heard nothing, so I then evoked a Direct Debit Guarantee through my bank and emailed Harlands to keep them informed and asked them not to refund the money. A couple of days afterwards Harlands then refunded the money even though I’d sent them several emails asking them not to do so. I then contacted Harlands asking them how to refund the money they’d transferred to me in error and heard nothing. A couple of weeks later I received an email from CRS saying that I owned the £710 (which I’m happy to pay back) plus a £290 admin charge for breach of my contact. Since then I have tried to return the £710 by posting a cheque for that amount to them twice, both times it was returned saying they couldn’t accept the payment without the admin charge. Apologies for the long winded post but I have no idea what to do next, I’m more than happy to pay the £710 but refuse to pay the additional charges. I just seem to be going round in circles with them. Any ideas as to how I should now approach this. Am I right in refusing to pay the admin charge. Thanks
  16. Hi Only signed up today but I've been reading quite a few posts. Can't wait to use Slick132 letters in regards to Harlands / CRS. How am I best starting the letters as they don't have my correct email or even my address (never moved yet never received any letters they've said they've sent me)? Thanks Annieb_101 x
  17. Hi, I had a 12-month membership since Sept 2016 with Xercise4LEss. £9.99 a month, I was a uni student. I didnt realise it rolled over onto an automatic monthly membership. earlier this year I realise I was still paying for a membership I no longer used (I've now finished university). I went into the branch and asked the guy at the desk and he said it has to be done online. I went to cancel online, and I didnt have my "W-Number". -> Could not cancel. This was the nottingham branch of Xercise4Less. I now live in London. It did happen a second time I was going back to Nottingham, and I popped in again and was told it has to be done online and I should ring a number. I rang the number and it said something like "hi this is X4L customer services. Busy atm. Leave your number, we'll get back to you" ->> Left my number, they never came back to me. I then just cancelled the direct debit because obviously already been paying £120+ for a membership I wasnt using (didnt know I was paying for!!). I got an email saying I had to pay £25 admin fee. I sent a complaints email to customer services. They didnt bother to respond to my complains but simply put "you have to pay" More emails were exchanged back and forth..time went by and then it went from a "you have to pay £25 admin + 2 months membership (~£45) to I now have to pay £69.98. 7th September is the deadline for paying that otherwise it is passed on to a "debt recovery company" or something and they threaten the fees will increase significantly. My question is this: 1) What would you advise I do? 2) Can HArdlands/this debt recovery company they use etc. FORCE me to pay? 3) Can / Will they take me to court of £70? 4) Should I pay, or should I ignore? Many thanks! Ryan
  18. Harlands/CRS/Trugym claim I owe £86 from a gym membership from around 2013. The account was with Zinc from 2014 to 2016 and now back with Harlands/CRS. On 30th August I received a letter (via email) of possible 'legal action' or 'outsourced to external agents'. What is my next move? I am not about to phone then and CRS don't have a website as they are Harlands. I go away on holiday on 19th September and don't want any nasty letters on my return. I hear that no gym has ever taken anyone to court so what can they really do to me for £86!
  19. I cancelled my gym membership in February 2018 over the phone to a gym colleague and was told I would be able to use the gym up until March 2018 for the 1 months notice payment. However come June, I noticed they were still taking the payments out of my account, I contacted my bank and they were able to refund me the 3 months additional payments that they took out. I went into the gym and they said that you're not able to cancel over the phone even though I can clearly remember making the phone call and being told that it would be cancelled. The manager of the gym said that I'm still a member of the gym but offered me the ability of not having to pay the 1 months notice but would not be able to refund me the 3 months that they took out without me knowing (which I am fine with as the bank refunded me). So that was that, and I thought it was all sorted and then last week I got a text message from an unknown number saying: 'You have been sent an email from CRS regarding your account. Please check your inbox/junk folder or call the helpline on 01444 449165' I checked my emails and couldn't find it, maybe because I used an old email that I can't remember anymore, but I wasn't too sure what the text message was about anyway so I just left it. Then this morning I got another text saying: 'Please call CRS on 01444 449165 between 8:30am and 6pm. We sent a letter a week ago and need to discuss this with you. Thank you.' As a note I have moved house since, so I haven't seen this letter. I've read some other posts on here, but they're slightly different to this situation and I just want this resolved asap. Thanks!
  20. Hi guys, Read some posts here to get an idea of what I'm dealing with. I joined the gym late December and had 1 month free then my first payment went in January 2017 for £30ish. It was a 12 month contract. I cancelled my membership in January as I sustained an injury and was not sure when I could be back in. I messaged the gym yesterday who said to go contact Harlands (which I'm not doing unless suggested to me by you guys) The letter states This is the first and only letter I have received from them by the way. What should I do? Hope this won't affect my credit rating. Thanks for your replies.
  21. Hi there, First post! I’m a student an as it is summer and i’ve not been getting my student loan recently and only work part time i’ve struggled a little with money recently. My DD for xercise for less failed. Like many others on here i’ve been charged that famous £25 ‘admin fee’ in an email. The email reads: Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your agreement with Xercise 4 Less. Your bank have advised us that your August instalment has been returned unpaid "refer to payer" as there were insufficient funds in the account to pay the amount due. We will therefore debit your account on 23 AUG 18 for the total amount of £36.99 made up as follows: Instalment Amount £11.99 Administration Fee £25.00 Total Due £36.99 You’ll see that it says they will debit my account on 23rd Aug. I dont get paid until 24th so i’m assuming they will then add a further £25 ‘admin fee’. After reading various related threads on here i came to the conclusion that i don’t wish to pay the £50 ‘admin fees’ that i will inevitably be charged and so cancelled my direct debit. Afterall, this is the first payment delay there’s been in the entire 15 months ive been attending the gym. I’m thinking about emailing they gym and, alike to other posters on here, offering them their August membership fee that I owe and then hopefully continue with my membership. I’m aware by cancelling my DD i’ve probably tarnished my relationship with the gym but I just think the fees are extortionate. Thanks in advance
  22. I've recently missed a payment for my gym membership at Fit4less. I requested the direct debit to be taken out on the 26th of every month, although they attempted to take out the money on the 2nd - at that point I didn't have enough funds in my account to pay this. If it was on the 26th the payment would've been taken fine. Since then I've got charges outstanding for £96 (roughly) as I still haven't paid it. Am I right to fight back to Harlands and tell them that it wasn't taken on the correct date?
  23. Hi, I joined a local gym on an offer that stated 3 months at £9.99. I went regularly for a month and a bit but the parking was shambolic and they had about 5 spaces and the rest was on street parking in a busy area and eventually i got bored of hunting for spaces to go to the gym. I eventually tracked down the portal and it had barely any information on it and no way to cancel. Having been on a Harlands membership before or so i thought with Simply Gym i did what i had been told by them and cancelled the membership. After the last payment should have gone out i received a text and email stating that i owed the £9.99 and a £25 admin fee. I emailed back saying there was no option to cancel the membership so i cancelled the direct debit. I received no response for over a month. I then asked for confirmation confirming this was a minimum term. I then emailed back and confirmed i was happy to pay the remainder of the contract but not the admin fees so just the £9.99 I received another email today adding more admin fee's onto this taking the cost up to £59.99. I rang them today to state i had not had a response from my previous offer and they have not emailed back and now added another charge. I got no where as you would expect. Should i just pay up or should i ignore it? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, I have cancelled my Direct debit with Xercise4less around 4 months ago due to money problems as I had just moved into a new house and didn't realize how much bills were going to cost, I did not have the money to pay them so I cancelled the direct debit through my bank account. I received the email below from the Harlands company. "We refer to our previous letter and note that you have not contacted us. You have now incurred a further £ 25.00 charge and are £ 73.98 in arrears. Under your Membership Agreement, you have promised to pay this debt. If you continue to refuse to honour that commitment, we will have no option but to take further steps to collect the outstanding balance. We want to help you resolve this situation but you must call us. Ignoring our letters is only resulting in further charges being added. Please call the HARLANDS HELPLINE on 01444 449033 to clear your arrears by Debit/Credit Card and reinstate your Direct Debit. If you are unable to clear your arrears in full then we may be able to help you but you must call us to discuss this. If you do not contact us by 17th September 2017 your balance of £ 157.91 will be passed to a Debt Recovery company who will add their fees to your account." I have checked my emails and can not see any emails from them previously? I would have dealt with this sooner, they are threatening to charge me 160?! I am now in a place were I can pay the 11.99 a month to Excersise4less but surely I don't need to pay the admin fees, that is too much money, can they make me pay these? I do not know what to do and can't afford to pay £73. I would be happy to pay 11.99 a month again to the GYM
  25. Hi. Just needing some guidence on CRS on behalf of the Harlands gym. Cancelled the gym membership after 6 months i personally thought id taken it out for a 3 months time scale as i was told its for how long you want it too be not like other gyms!!! I was wanting a gym based more on classes as i got married in Aug 17. Cancelled with the bank as i was having personal issues it wasnt until i had to look at my bank account realised i was still paying for the gym as i thought id got it for the 3 months sounds a lame excuse i know have been told i owe them 342.00. Well ok then the contract i signed was for 12 months and i have paid 6 months at 29.00 a month i worked it out for about 174 .00 but they have put costs etc on. Having rang and explained they have been really rude and condescending. They have apparently sent me letters and also monthly statements of what i have paid to my address i can honestly say i have never received CRS says i need to have a word with Royal Mail as obviously i am not getting my post through their service. I receive my bank statements and overseas parcels so really not sure why i havent revieved their letters. I am more than willing to fight this im worried the affect it will have on my credit rating as im looking at changing my mortgage i dont want this to have an impact while im still trying resolve this. At the moment they are just rude people who speak to me like im a low life. Feeling worried and scratching my head whats the best course of action as obviously i signed up for the 12 months which is now my words against theirs but no way am i paying 340 odd pound.
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