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  1. They've been doing this with me too but their area code number usually starts with 01444 so I know it's them
  2. Thank you ... I have read other threads but when I get a letter that "seems" threatening I'm still going to worry as it "could" affect things later down the line. I'm not getting as many phone calls now and the texts have stopped - just need the letters to stop now Thanks again
  3. Ah okay thanks, thought I blanked everything out. They've said that they "Will commence further action" Do you know of any cases where they've actually taken the legal action?
  4. Hi, Sorry what do you mean by "doesn't say will anything" Still really new to all this, kinda hoped they would have accepted my payment offer and buggered off Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm still being hounded and I'm getting pretty worried by this as they're threatening legal action. What will happen next? Thanks,
  6. Hi, I eventually got round to sending the letter and CRS replied bang on the 14 day mark saying they won't accept the £9.99 offer. I sent the letter to Harlands but didn't hear from them. CRS have since posted me another letter and attempted to contact me several times. Where do I go next? Thanks Anna
  7. Thank you, I presumed that. Yeah I have the drafts saved, who do I send them to, X4L or Harlands? Thanks x
  8. I genuinely have no idea, I signed up over 15 months ago and planned on cancelling after the £1 pet month had finished x
  9. Ooh ok .... never thought about that, any advice on how I'd go about that? Thank you x
  10. I'm not going to get it back so I'm not bothered about that. Do I still need to give notice if a new contract hasn't been signed or even seen? X
  11. Backstory ... I had signed up for a 12 month NHS offer with X4L at £1 per month. I only went to the gym once but kept the contract going until the 12 months were up. I then forgot to cancel so actually paid an extra 3 months at £9.99 (no further contract). When I realised this I cancelled my DD through my bank, I realise now I should have given 30 days notice. I contacted X4L when I first received the "your account is in default " message and they told me I had an admin fee to pay!!! From then on I've ignored everything and only ever received phone calls an
  12. Hi Only signed up today but I've been reading quite a few posts. Can't wait to use Slick132 letters in regards to Harlands / CRS. How am I best starting the letters as they don't have my correct email or even my address (never moved yet never received any letters they've said they've sent me)? Thanks Annieb_101 x
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