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  1. i have been looking at other topics and have seen that it has been said that they can't. But its different when you have people saying they can't and then the actual threat of it. I've been informed to post updates on here for help and thats what im doing. i have no idea what i am looking at or in that case what i am doing. Yes, there are similar cases and i'm not denying that. I've posted this response to try and get an opinion off someone who knows what their talking about. Thanks
  2. Hi, i have received another letter from them and im not sure what to do now. Im getting worried in case this affects my credit in the future. i think i have kept my personal details out of this letter post.
  3. so am i just not responding at all? Im just curious to what the outcome will be, will they keep messaging me? i want this over and done with and ignoring them wont make them drop the debt.
  4. Hi, There are so many threads i can't seem to find an example letter, would you be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  5. Hi, i originally join the gym through lifestyle fitness in February 2017. I then cancelled my direct debit through my mobile banking app in August 2018, just after the payment was made that month on the 15th. It is now December 2018 and I have received a letter from the CRS stating I owe them £250.52, “following our initial letter” even though I haven’t received a letter previously, haven’t received any emails stating I owe them any money or anything. i was under the impression the gym membership was cancelled when the direct debit was and I haven’t heard from them until now
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