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Found 13 results

  1. Hey all, looking for a quick bit of advice here. I signed up for a membership with X4L on the 14th of May 2018, and have only used the gym a handful of times in that time. I haven't been at all during 2019. I now have free access to a local gym which a friend owns, so I cancelled my direct debit with X4L/Harlands on Jan 4th 2019. I then cancelled my membership via their Online Cancellation Portal not long after. After doing so, I received this email - Then this email the following day, Never realised that I wasn't supposed to cancel the DD until the
  2. Good Evening Everyone! Another Harlands post unfortunately, I've had a good read through and followed some of the advice and am now at the next step and wondering what is my best course of action, Let me start with the background. I signed up to a rolling contract with E4L in Milton Keynes, I had used the gym over the months but unfortunately suffered a quite catastrophic knee failure that has made even a daily dog walk a chore (Joys of getting old I guess!). Because of this I cancelled my E4L DD thinking it was the best way to cancel (My fault, Should have checked the T&C's). I
  3. Hi, I've just found myself in a situation, whereby I was caught without money in my account on the day by DD was due - and now I'm being charged the £25. However, I would like to carry on using the gym, - and not pay the £25 - is that possible? Very annoyed, as I really am enjoying the gym - particularly because it's a good hobby when I don't have much money! However, my integrity is swelling, and I can't bring myself to let them rob me.
  4. when I was a membership the staff at X4L accidentally locked me in the gym. I was putting my pants on in the changing room and the lights went out. As soon I put my jacket on to leave the room I realized there was no one there and the steel shutters were down. This resulted me having to leave through the fire exit which caused the alarm to go off at 10 o'clock at night. The staff apologized to me and I carried on training there for two months. Come september I leave the gym to relocate to my university city. I cancelled the membership through my bank because I have read
  5. Hi Only signed up today but I've been reading quite a few posts. Can't wait to use Slick132 letters in regards to Harlands / CRS. How am I best starting the letters as they don't have my correct email or even my address (never moved yet never received any letters they've said they've sent me)? Thanks Annieb_101 x
  6. Hi, I am new to this site. My son received a letter from the bank the weekend stating that Harland s had tried to take money but there were insufficient funds to take the money. I phoned the bank for him and they are not charging him for this. As far as I was aware he had joined the gym last September being told by the staff that he could cancel anytime. Being that he is aspergers I'm pretty sure they must have said this to him. He told me that he phoned x4l when he had the letter and they told him he needed to make sure the money was in his bank by 24th which is tomorrow plu
  7. Hi everyone Sorry if something like this has already been posted a million times before but I'm at work and I haven't got time to trawl through all the posts trying to find a similar situation to mine! I took out a gym membership in October with Xercise 4 Less. It was £9.99 and I was going 3 times a week. On New Years Eve I badly dislocated my knee whilst at work and was put in a leg brace which had to be on for at least 6 weeks. I (stupidly) cancelled my gym DD because I knew that I would be out of action for a while with very little money coming in. Just £80 a
  8. Hi All, Like many others on this forum, I've been having a lot of trouble with Harlands/CRS/X4L and wish for it to stop. I've been putting off posting here for a while and simply been following the advice given to everyone else by ignoring the threats from CRS and Harlands and replying in writing. I signed up for a 12-month contract on the 3rd November 2015, and after 12 months decided to cancel my direct debit on the 22nd November 2016 after fulfilling my 12-month obligation. Initially I ignored the letters from Harlands demanding payment, however after they threatened to pass my 'd
  9. Hello Everyone I've noticed there is plenty of threads in regards to memberships with X4L but every single one of them seems to have some unique twist on it after a long time of receiving letters from CRS and now spratt edicott I decided to share my problem. On the March 13th 2015 I started 12 month contract with X4L which I wanted to cancel before the contract ended as the membership started to hit my budget after a while. Unfortunately the process to achieve this was rather difficult with my only option to give proof of redundancy according to the first email I
  10. Hi I was a member of the exercise 4 less gym for over 18 months and stopped using the facilities. I emailed the gym manager stating my wish to leave and cancelled membership online, I kept direct debit open for sufficient time and in my eyes did everything I was meant to. Around 2 month later I received a letter stating I owed £9.99 plus an admin fee, I contacted the gym and they took my number and said someone would call straight back.. .that never happened, a few letters later I apparently then owed 150+ because they kept on adding on admin fees Can
  11. Hi, Sorry for another thread. I have used this forum to help make my case so far, however I've had another letter and now I feel that i'm at a dead end. I've attached a copy of the letter I sent to CRS, this fully explains my particular situation. I did also send a very similar letter to X4L head office, but they didn't respond. I've also scanned in the response and I don't know what to do next. I don't have a copy of my cancellation form but I DID sign one. I was a loyal customer at X4L for 2 years and never missed a payment, so I absolutely will not pay a penny out of principle mo
  12. Hi all, Another victim of Harlands here! Was following slick's outstanding advice and thought everything was going well but having read a few horror stories I thought I'd check what my next move should be. Long story short: Cancelled my direct debit after 11 months, not 12 (oops). This was the end of April. Got the Harlands "you didn't pay your May instalment so now owe us two months' subscription plus a £25 default fee" letter on 18 May. Panicked, rang around a bit, told the X4L branch on the phone I wanted to cancel, was referred to the X4L membership team (in another o
  13. Hello I signed up for an X4L membership on the 25th January using an online offer of no admin fee, no sign up fee and first month free. I signed up on a Sunday and read the T&C's that I could cancel up to 14 days after signing up if I didn't use my code. A week later before going I was made redundant in my job. I went into the X4L website and sent a message telling them I would like to cancel my membership as I had been made redundant. I received no emails or phone calls back from them. Now on 9th April I got a letter through from Harlands chasing up for £94.98
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