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  1. Last contact with Zinc was on the 26th September. It has been 2 months and I haven't heard anything from them or anyone else. Perhaps this is the end, but as it was demonstrated last time, never say never with harlands. What do you think is next?
  2. By ref number you mean my debit card number? What if they try taking out their alleged "debt"?
  3. I'm moving into a new apartment on Saturday. I'm going to update everyone on my credit file about my relocation. Should I also tell Harlands/CRS and Zinc? CRS have backed off but Zinc have been sending me a couple of phone calls. Ofc I keep ignoring them.
  4. Hello again guys. After another 3 weeks of silence I received a phone call from Zinc group today. I told them IWO and hung up.
  5. I'm moving out of my apartment and back into my parents house for two months. I'll be moving into a different apartment in September. Should I inform Harlands/CRS about this just incase they send mail to my old apartment? Or is a postal redirect better.
  6. This has been going on for 6 months and it doesn't look like they're going to stop anytime soon even though they went silent for 2 months. Received an email from Harlands/CRS on 08/06/2018. It is the one threatening legal action or passing onto Zinc. Received the exact same email on the 27/02/2018. Word for word. Also received phone call today and on 06/06/2018. Ofc I did not answer. Text messages on 18/06/2018, 08/06/2018, 29/05/2018. This is getting particularly annoying now. Is there anything I can do to stop them from contacting me ?
  7. I realized after I uploaded the letter I forgot to edit the address out. But it won't let me delete the document. Can you delete it for me please?
  8. Hello, You were right. They had stopped sending emails but it has been brought to my attention that they sent a letter to my family's house on the 9th of May (the address I provided to the gym when I signed up). Despite telling them my current address in my original letter. It also seems they can't get their legal babble correct. It says in the T&C they only accept cancellations online. Here it says cancellations in writing only. I assume I should just treat this as begging letter and ignore it, right?
  9. They last contacted me on the 20th of march threating to pass my case onto zinc if I didn't pay by the 27th. I didn't pay and its well past the 27th of march. radio silence since... nothing by email, text or writing. Maybe zinc rejected their case or they just gave up. I think this is over for good
  10. Gyms can't mark your credit file without a CCJ. To get a CCJ they have to go to court and their arguments will not stand in front of a judge. They will be laughed at.
  11. If you write a letter demanding for communications in writing only and they do not comply, i.e. by still emailing/phoning/texting, is that evidence of harassment ?
  12. Its been over 2 weeks since I've sent the letter. I've got a certificate of posting saying it was sent on the 21st of February at 17:42. It looks like they completely ignored it or they never received it, I'm still getting text messages from the CRS/Harlands asking for the usual. Texts are being forwarded to 7726. I find their emails funny to read so I probs won't block them haha. But my offer has now expired.
  13. forgive me but my legal vocabulary isn't very good. by counterclaim, i meant a defense in a country court. i see. reading carefully they say 'we may' not 'we will'. i'll block and bounce all emails from harlands and crs, and then eventually zinc. what happens after zinc? does it go back to harlands or is it dropped entirely?
  14. That's great. I assume there's no need to inform my solicitor about the legal action threat? It would be quite time-consuming if I have to create a counterclaim.
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