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  1. > they keep piling on charges and CRS are now chasing me for over £100. My membership was/is £9.99 a month. > So....am I at fault? Do I need to pay? You are not at fault. It is entirely their fault for making this whole process so difficult, and I'd love to seem them argue otherwise against any British judge. Have you ever met any other company who makes it this difficult to cancel a subscription? Probably not! Because it's a (sort of) legal grey-area. You owe them nothing. In what world does it make sense to charge a customer £90 for cancelling their (£9.99/mo) membership less than a month early? What other reputable company would do this? Nobody. This is not legally enforceable! X4L/Harlands/CRS/Zinc are all part of the same group, and they all have absolutely zero legal power over you. They are not bailiffs. Nothing will happen to your credit and nobody will show up at your door. They will never dare take you to court, because they know that they stand no chance, but they might try to scare you. Pay no attention to this. You might get a few annoying emails/texts/phone calls, but do not answer nor reply to any of these - if you do, you're just giving them more to feed on. These people prey on vulnerable people who get fooled into thinking they're in the wrong. Ignore any and all communication with these people . Feel free to check out similar threads from 2010-2016 about X4L/Harlands/CRS/Zinc on this forum, you'll notice that every OP stopped replying after so long because these cowboys gave up on trying to take money from them after they realised that they wouldn't budge. Their whole business is based on taking money from innocent people. You'll be fine! Good luck. Keep us updated!
  2. Block the number and avoid all communication with Harlands/CRS/Zinc in future (whether it be written, email, text or phone call). It's not urgent - they're just trying to scare you into paying money that you do not owe. They have no legal grounds, especially since you're a minor.
  3. Quick update since it's been 4 months now - they never responded to the letter I sent and the case got passed onto Zinc. They try to phone/text me probably once or twice a week, I have never responded though. Blocking the number doesn't help, seems like they have an endless supply of disposable numbers which is a bit annoying, but whatever . They also send me the occasional email reminding them that I "owe" them money too. I've never received any physical letters. That's pretty much it. For anyone who came across this post because they're in a similar situation to the one I was, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Just ignore them. These people are powerless. They'll try to contact you endlessly and it's a tiny bit annoying, but eventually they'll bugger off. Nobody will show up at your door. Your credit score won't be affected. Their whole business is based around trying to intimidate vulnerable people into paying money that they don't owe.
  4. Thanks for the reply, will do. I've moved since joining the gym as well, so they have my old address on file. After reading previous threads it seems like they'll probably start sending a bunch of unwanted letters to that address, and I'd rather not bother my mum. Do you think I should write/email them in order to let them know that I've moved? Or just give no further correspondence?
  5. Hey all, looking for a quick bit of advice here. I signed up for a membership with X4L on the 14th of May 2018, and have only used the gym a handful of times in that time. I haven't been at all during 2019. I now have free access to a local gym which a friend owns, so I cancelled my direct debit with X4L/Harlands on Jan 4th 2019. I then cancelled my membership via their Online Cancellation Portal not long after. After doing so, I received this email - Then this email the following day, Never realised that I wasn't supposed to cancel the DD until they had taken their last payment, but I didn't think it'd matter since I haven't used their facilities in months, even after cancelling my membership (which they can check, because they use fingerprint scanning to allow you access at my gym). On the 24th of January I received an email from HG (Harlands Group) notifying me that I owed them £45 because of admin fees. I sent them a reply letting them know that I would be fine paying the £19.99 for the remaining month of membership (which I never even made use of), but I would not be paying any of their silly admin fees. They never replied, and then on Feb 16th I received this email, So it has suddenly increased from £45 to £69.99? Am I in the wrong here? TL;DR - Cancelled via direct debit, then online using cancellation portal, received email saying not to cancel the DD (I already had by this point), offered to pay for the remainder of the membership (£19.99), now they're trying to charge me £69.99.
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