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Found 14 results

  1. when I was a membership the staff at X4L accidentally locked me in the gym. I was putting my pants on in the changing room and the lights went out. As soon I put my jacket on to leave the room I realized there was no one there and the steel shutters were down. This resulted me having to leave through the fire exit which caused the alarm to go off at 10 o'clock at night. The staff apologized to me and I carried on training there for two months. Come september I leave the gym to relocate to my university city. I cancelled the membership through my bank because I have read
  2. Hi my okd friends I need an EXTREMELY URGENT advice from you good people. Wished to refurbish the old house after 30 years which meant change of everything including wiring and water system etc. I employed a firm of archirects who with a QS sent tenders out and as the result we instructed a firm of contractors to do the job. After a while architects left the scene so we employed a building controller in their replace to interact with builders. There was to be a contract drawn by QS for "minor work project". Unfortunately a copy of it was sent to me last week! As I had
  3. Hi guys. The other night I had the misfortune to have bailiffs from Marston's attend my property. I was asleep on the sofa my partner went outside to see what the noise was as we live on a partly industrial site and we have locked gates to the shared access. My partner came in frantic and woke me up to tell me that men who identified themselves as Law Enforcement Officers were here to see me.. I went out to greet them and instructed my partner to lock the door behind me. Stupidly neither of us had the good sense to video any of this because if we did then t
  4. A member of my family is in an NHS hospital. He has had a stroke that means he struggles to recognise places. He has been assessed as having capacity, and wants to go home, so he is being discharged to living alone, carers coming in a couple of times a day, but basically, free to go where he wishes. However, until all the carers etc can be sorted he is being kept on a locked ward, and the staff will not let him leave the ward. Surely this is false imprisonment, if he has capacity they can't imprison him? They have also said things like "you have to have a key safe fitted be
  5. I am considering getting an I PAD 2 from Ebay as they are quite cheap now. I will only use people who have a high rate of satisfaction score I have seen one that is locked to EE. I have curently an excellent internet dongle package from 3 which i am more than happy with. So my question will be: 1. Will EE give me the code to unlock the internet connections so i can run it off my 3 sim card. 2. How can i check if it has not already been blocked or associated with an I cloud account??
  6. Hi everybody, this is incredibly urgent and i'm getting no help from AQUA, I got a Credit Card from them a month ago, and i transferred £800 over not realizing you're not really suppose to, and after some research some peoples accounts have been locked because of this. Now I have no money at all to feed myself or even get to work!! and they're saying my card is being held in a queue to be reviewed at "Head Office" and they're acting as if this isn't a problem for me. It was transfered from a bank account in my name, it's so stupid. Has anyone got a number for there "Head office"?
  7. Hello, I'll try and be brief here. Years ago i returned home from work to find i had been broken into, I reported this to the council and they came around and put a steel door on the flat effectively making me homeless, I kept going on at them to do the repairs but they just kept putting me off, this block of flats was due for demolition a few months later. A couple of weeks ago I filled out a housing form for Sandwell council and have been refused housing because they say I owe them £1090 for all of the time that the steel door was on the flat but all of this time I had no access whatsoev
  8. Recently, I found myself locked out of my apartment after dropping my keys out of my pocket without realizing. I knocked the door and thankfully was let in by one of my housemates. No trouble.. The problem came the next morning when I tried to phone the letting agency to request a new set or keys or to get new keys cut. What they told me was pretty frustrating and frankly I was a bit shocked. Basically, since it was a weekend, the guy (who I believe is the manager of the agency) told me there was absolutely nothing he could do and to call the agency back on Monday morning. I got quite voc
  9. This is an odd one, and apologies if the forum isn't correct for it - this seemed the most appropriate. Several weeks ago, I purchased an 'unlocked' iPhone from the Carphone Warehouse. Immediately upon receipt, I sent this phone to an online company which colours the housing of the phone. A couple of weeks later the phone was returned, looking great. The only issue is, the company responsible for changing the colour also managed to lock my phone to a UK mobile network. Unlocked phones from the CW lock automatically to the first SIM card placed inside the phone and what appears to have ha
  10. All customers of Lloyds Banking Group, including Halifax and Bank of Scotland, will be unable to access online accounts overnight ahead of TSB bank website launch. All customers of Lloyds Banking Group, including Halifax and Bank of Scotland, will be unable to access their online accounts overnight ahead of the TSB website launch on the eve of its split from Lloyds. The new TSB bank will appear on the high street from September 9 when Lloyds offloads 631 branches and five million customers to meet European competition rules. Customers will be able to log in to the new TSB website,
  11. Hundreds of business customers due to switch to TSB this summer have been locked out of their online banking accounts after new cards failed. Gerald Davison, an author on Chinese ceramics, was unable to check his online business bank account for five working days after a new TSB card failed. He usually checks his account four or five times a day to confirm book payments. He said: "The whole thing is quite ridiculous – I'm really angry about it. I'm totally dependent on online banking and Lloyds are destroying any goodwill I felt towards them." Mr Davison banks with a Lloyds TSB bra
  12. Hi Earlier this evening at 5:55 pm I returned to a private Pay & Display car park to retrieve my vehicle only to find the whole car park secured, locked up with no one in sight. The usual closing time is 7pm however there was signs stating that on Sundays, the car park closes at 6pm, as such every effort was made by my self to make it back on time. Another notable sign warns of possible lock ins, word for word it reads: I was unable to find an office number or even a company name to try and contact them I went into a shop facing and asked t
  13. A while back I signed up what I thought was a good deal with Virgin for a HTC Sensation for £17.99 per month. I didn't realise that when I signed up, if I cancelled at any time that I would be committed to pay the whole term of the contract which they have just informed me is £464. I'm now in real financial difficulties due to unemployment and I explained my situation to them over the phone, but they said that there's nothing they can do because they said I had already had a loyalty discount on the existing contract. They will not allow me to cancel without paying the £464 in full.
  14. Finally where he belongs! A couple have been sentenced for conning almost two million pounds from people, promising them they couldwrite off their debts with banks and credit card companies by finding loopholesin their loan agreements. Basil and Amanda Rankine amassed £1.8million pounds from customers. http://www.itv.com/news/central/2012-09-17/couple-sentenced-over-2-million-fraud/
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