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  1. I paraphrased your sentences on no contract being made and sent two lines as my appeal with no evidence. Let's see. Appealed via online.
  2. I tried to find a contact number but it feels like a long process. I currently have the SIP ticket for Monday (when this fine happened). I also euro car park ticket for Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri which I can attach as proof. It was also the first time I had parked in a Euro car park. How do I mention the above coherently in an appeal? Please see my current appeal below: *PCN number* To whom it may concern, Thank you for taking into account my appeal. I am appealing on the basis that the alleged contravention did not occur because of contradictory signage. Thoug
  3. Alright. How do I get in touch with the council? Who do I speak to and what should I ask?
  4. I have attached the parking charge notice. Will get the pictures of the car park tomorrow. I have updated PCN and scanned the back of it in. Can also use a scanner to scan it but easier to take a picture, edit and convert to pdf. As the form is filling all my pictures in various different angles, I have attached a PDF instead that has all these pictures. Was going to upload to imgur.com but I need 10 posts to be able to post link. Hope they help. docs1.pdf
  5. [quote=nogymguy;5143054 1 Date of the infringement (Date of event 14/08/2018)[/b] 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 04/09/2018 3 Date received. (Date issued is 21/08/2018). I hope this makes sense. The letter received states: Date of Event: 14/08/2018 Date Issed: 21/08/2018 Date to pay within 14 days: 04/09/2018.
  6. Hi All. The SIP and Euro carpark are both right next to each other. I bought a Sip ticket on my first day parking and parked in the euro car park side. Was parked here for 5 days. Made this mistake on the Monday. Then bought 4 Euro car park tickets for 15,16,17,18 of August. I have retained the ticket for all 5 days. It's a confusing area to park. The Euro car park is on the left of the big Sip car park. This is where I parked. Google maps location link: edit. won't let me paste link. 1 Date of the infringement (Date of event 14/08/2018) 2 Date on the NTK [
  7. Hi dx100uk. Thank you very much for helping me out. A year later, Zinc group calls my mobile phone once a week and they occasionally leave a voicemail to ring them back. Have not done so ever. And not received any letters through the post from them. A little annoying but the location on the call says Glasgow and the number begins with 014. That's how I know to let the phone ring out.
  8. Hi folks, I listened to everyone here and sent them a letter but CRS did not even acknowledge it. I received a letter today saying that if I fail to respond to this letter, they will have no option but to pursue further action. What do I do now? I occasionally get their phone calls which I don't answer. This is all a bit messed up. They are acting like thugs because I cancelled my gym membership. Silly isn't it.
  9. Hi, I have made changes to the letter. I will post the letter today. Should it be typed on a computer and then posted or hand written? Should I sign it? I also received a phone call and an email few days ago which I didn't pick up or reply to. Thanks everyone for your help.
  10. Hi, I will do that. Can I please have a link to the letter since I can't find it, Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, Read some posts here to get an idea of what I'm dealing with. I joined the gym late December and had 1 month free then my first payment went in January 2017 for £30ish. It was a 12 month contract. I cancelled my membership in January as I sustained an injury and was not sure when I could be back in. I messaged the gym yesterday who said to go contact Harlands (which I'm not doing unless suggested to me by you guys) The letter states This is the first and only letter I have received from them by the way. What should I do? Hope this won't af
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