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  1. Awesome thanks Slick, i will do that later today and post up here. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks Dx Can you advise which letter if possible? Also would i just need to offer 1 months money? who should i write to Harlands /CRS or Xercise4less?
  3. Hi, My partner had a 12 month gym membership with Xersise4less, unfortunately due to a foot injury she had to stop going after a couple of months we cancelled the DD (Stupid in Hindsight) now i am sure you know whats coming next they have passed it to Harlands / CRS and have of course added lots an lots of extra fees any help would be appreciated. Is there a way i can pay the 30 days notice and have done with this i refuse to pay the extra admin fees. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi sorry if i posted in wrong place could i ask for some help with CRS/Harlands https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?491029-Harlands-CRS-gym-membership-issues
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