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  1. Hi sorry turned off the predicted texting. Yes iv read all the blogs about it but some were from 2 years ago i have ignored all their messages never had mail! Just that today was a glasgow number calling felt obliged to answer it. I refused to confirm my DOB and address i have now blocked their number no doubt they will try from another number just wanted a bit of reassurance that what i was doing right as i was told not to ignore from another blog. Thanks il try a bookmark it for future reference.�� How do i bookmark it ??
  2. Hi i know this is a 2 year old post but been trying to find an up to date One think i wrote one back in Jan. again its about the Harlands gym which i thought i had only took a contract out for 3 months to cover my wedding( trying to keep slim) anyway when i cancelked after 4 months me thinking i had pay over by a month. Have been issued with a bill for 335.00!!! For a whole year im regusing as i know i didnt it it out for so ling this is from April 17 well since cancelling last oct i have had letters from CRS and today a call from the Zinc group saying they are a debt collection agency working on behalf of Harlands. Obviously its the gym membership because i refused to give any of my personal details out over the phone they terminated the call and will be sending a letter to me with the info of the debt what do i do as i am in the progress of selling my house and getting another mortgage im worried now that this could affect my credit scoring i feel conned now as i only wanted a 3 month subscription. What do i do????
  3. Hi. Yes i intend to do that now thanks for for the advice no emails today
  4. I was saying it all tongue in cheek should have put in brackets not!!( a legit company) Like i said i enquired on here as i had seen previous posts. But when you get txt messages saying to contact this number urgently and see that they claim to be a credit agency freaks you out a bit so thanks for the advice i intend to ignore. Needless to say i have received another email responding to an email i made yesterday morning before i found you guys and again its very abrupt and rude. I will be ignoring future correspendence and have marked it as spam.
  5. Hi thankyou so much for your help and advice im not that naive but i was just a bit scared with how they are emailing and sending messages to ring them ASAP i found this group while searching Harlands and yes so all the previous posts/threads on this gym i did think just ignore them i was willing to pay the previous 6 months but now i have seen what you guys have put on in here i am just going ignore them. As i know i will probably get more emails with court. I was just dubious as i am changing my mortgage and i didnt want it to flash up on my credit file. Seeing as this is an alleged credit company.( CRS) thats why i wanted some reassurance that it does not. Even though i havent received anything on credit as such but you can never be sure what these can and cannot do. I will keep you informed of any more issues i have. Thanks everyone as i feel better now talking to you guys.
  6. i believe you then im not totally naive i know they havent given me anything on credit so yes how can it show. But on another site prior to me finding this i saw a guy say it had affected so was just looking for reassurance thats all!! Mmmm thats something to think about reclaiming the DD back from when i had my procedure. Im sure they will be lots applying to gyms this month i will not be doing this again
  7. Sorry not sure what your getting at!!! I already have a mortgage we will hopefully be moving so then when we look at our mortgage deals they usually do credit checks and what i dont want to happen is ohhh yes you have CRS on your credit file due to this gym subscription! My circumstances changed i got married also had a procedure was unable to go to the gym for about 6 weeks. when i changed my bank account over thats when i still noticed i was paying for the gym so cancelled it thinking i would be ok as i thought i had paid more than 3 months and wasnt intending of going back i didnt hear anything until Jan 2nd when i had a txt message to ring them urgently. That was my personal reason why i cancelled but obviously that is irrelevant when i have taken out a 12 month contract hence me enquiring on here for any guidance as i had seen previous posts from a year ago. Some say to ignore there threats but when there could be a chance of it impacting your credit score its pretty scary. I have requested a copy of my credit file and i cannot see it on there as yet.!
  8. id usually just think sod it!!! But its the fact im changing my mortgage that worries me. Just my luck it would flag up and i would be like crap!!! My hubby wouldnt be very pleased but its the fact they have doubled what i owe i will ignore them from now on and update on here just in case anyone else has problems it seems they are known for it.
  9. Hi. financial/personal reasons yes was told not not to contact them but they either email me or leave a text message was quite worrying at first as i was totally unaware about this debt. I have never received any correspondence through the post from them but yes i obviously signed a 12 month contract i now feel i was pushed into it. My word against them i know just worried about the credit score as i think the next course of action from them will be the court action.
  10. Hi just after some advice i can see this company has appeared over a year ago on here found this site while searching for this company. i cancelled my DD to the gym after paying for 6 months. I did this as my personal circumstances had changed and i thought i had signed up for 3 months, as i was introduced to this gym as i wanted to shake some pounds off for my wedding in August last year. I went to Fit for it hybrid gym for a week a tester i already attending a gym but was looking for classes and did not another normal gym!! They had an offer which was just for 3 months which is what i wanted. Long story short i actually signed the contract for 12 months now i have been faced with a 342.00 debt for doing so. I never had a copy of this and had to ask this debt agency to send me the copy as i didnt have one. I am not trying to get out of paying whats left owing but i feel 342.00 is atrocious. After ringing this company i have spoken to 2 guys who was rude and unhelpful and told me that they have sent letters to my address and so has the gym i have never received these and also a mandate for my DD i never received that either one of the guys told me i needed to speak to Royal Mail as they are obviously breaching their service by not delivering my mail. I then said well i receive parcels from oversees and bank statements and junk mail i find it strange i never received your mail. My main worry is that i am wanting to change my mortgage this year and this will have an impact on my credit score and i have visions off the high court enforcement knocking at my door ( yep i watch these on tv) i do want to resolve this but i feel that the amount they are asking for is ridiculous and unfair, but then the longer i stick my heels in the bigger affect its having on my credit rating. Sorry i know this is an old subject but its happening to me now:
  11. Hi. Just needing some guidence on CRS on behalf of the Harlands gym. Cancelled the gym membership after 6 months i personally thought id taken it out for a 3 months time scale as i was told its for how long you want it too be not like other gyms!!! I was wanting a gym based more on classes as i got married in Aug 17. Cancelled with the bank as i was having personal issues it wasnt until i had to look at my bank account realised i was still paying for the gym as i thought id got it for the 3 months sounds a lame excuse i know have been told i owe them 342.00. Well ok then the contract i signed was for 12 months and i have paid 6 months at 29.00 a month i worked it out for about 174 .00 but they have put costs etc on. Having rang and explained they have been really rude and condescending. They have apparently sent me letters and also monthly statements of what i have paid to my address i can honestly say i have never received CRS says i need to have a word with Royal Mail as obviously i am not getting my post through their service. I receive my bank statements and overseas parcels so really not sure why i havent revieved their letters. I am more than willing to fight this im worried the affect it will have on my credit rating as im looking at changing my mortgage i dont want this to have an impact while im still trying resolve this. At the moment they are just rude people who speak to me like im a low life. Feeling worried and scratching my head whats the best course of action as obviously i signed up for the 12 months which is now my words against theirs but no way am i paying 340 odd pound.
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