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Found 14 results

  1. I've recently missed a payment for my gym membership at Fit4less. I requested the direct debit to be taken out on the 26th of every month, although they attempted to take out the money on the 2nd - at that point I didn't have enough funds in my account to pay this. If it was on the 26th the payment would've been taken fine. Since then I've got charges outstanding for £96 (roughly) as I still haven't paid it. Am I right to fight back to Harlands and tell them that it wasn't taken on the correct date?
  2. Hi all, First off, fantastic community here. I have spent a fair amount of time researching and it really is incredible how companies can act. I have a slightly different situation which I couldn't find anything comparable from searching the forums. I signed up for a 12 month Fit4Less membership where the first payment was taken October-2016. I cancelled the direct debit sometime about August 2017 where the last payment was taken August 2017, this was due to me moving about 1.5 miles away and wanted a gym in walking distance. Therefore, I have only paid 11 of the
  3. Good afternoon. At the end of last month around the August bank holiday weekend (2017) I decided to cancel my direct debit to Fit4Less because of an upcoming medical condition. On the same day I sent a message to my local Fit4Less on their website contact page saying I would no longer be able to attend and so I have cancelled my direct debit. I had no response. on September the 4th i receive a letter from Harlands saying: Dear MR ***, re: Your membership to Fit4Less We are writing with regards to your membership for Fit4Less as we have been advised
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I’ve been reading some of your posts as I too received a letter from Harlands on 20 July demanding a missed payment and administration charge amounting to £42.99 after cancelling my Direct Debit (DD). My thoughts on reading the T&C on Fit4less and the advice given when I joined by the gym crew, was that I didn’t need to give any notice and cancelling my DD would be fine. Little did I realise that the contract with Harlands asks for notice! The letter advises me that 16 July payment has been missed and to contact Harlands by 3 August. Based on your th
  5. Hi Guys First off thank you all for your advise on the site it has come in useful for me but I could do with a little more help if thats ok. I recently cancelled my membership with a gym called fitness4less. When I joined they said all i had to do was cancel my direct debit to cancel my membership and foolishly I took this at face value. I cancelled and then received the letter for Harlands saying I owed a months money + an admin fee. After a quick google search I found you guys and the letter from Slick. I amended it, sent it off and a couple of days ago I received a letter fro
  6. Hello everyone, I signed up today the 13th of February with a gym membership with Fit4less in Brentford. I decided to do that online so I selected £24,99 per month no contract. I received 2 e-mails after subsrcibing, one welcome e-mail from the club and one with my DD information, the terms and conditions and other relevant information. After reading the e-mail and reading also a lot of reviews for this type of gyms I decided to cancel my membership the same day. On the e-mail they state 'Please note that if you completed this membership agreement whilst not in the
  7. Hi everyone, it is a long time since I used this site, but would really appreciate some help and knew this would be the safe place to do so. It seems many others have been in a similar predicament. Joined Fit4Less in Halton, Leeds last summer. I was not really using it during Nov/Dec so cancelled the DD in mid December believing that I was under no contract terms as had taken a rolling monthly contract. I was away for a few days over new year and returned to a letter from Harlands requesting £16.99 missed payment and with a £20 charge slapped on for admin costs. This
  8. I joined this gym in May 2016 went for about 2/3 weeks before things changed and i stopped going 5 months later I realise I am still paying my direct debit which is totally my fault as i simply forgot to cancel it. October 2016 I cancel it after the payment came out £19.99. Funny enough I get a letter through the door a day or 2 later saying that your direct debit had been cancelled we see this as a mistake. Please get in touch with us to reinstate your direct debit. (Amazing that I have been paying for the past 5 months and not going at all but never got a letter to
  9. Hi there guys, I've signed up for Fit4Less gym on 23rd of February 2016. When I was in the gym to sign up the lady told me that it's a rolling contract and I just need to cancel the direct debit in order to cancel my membership. I then received an email with details about the direct debit and a PDF attached with the Terms&Conditions which I've also attached to this post. However three months ago my work and university duties became so time consuming that I didn't have any time to enjoy the gym so I recently decided to cancel my DD thinking that it will also cancel my gym con
  10. Hi all, I've spent a lot of time reading threads in to Harlands and am pretty confident that my situation isn't really dire or anything, however I could really use your help. I terminated my contract at fit4less Croydon by terminating my DD in online banking. I had read fit4less T&Cs on their website which quite clearly said something along the lines of "we do not enforce long term contacts" "to cancel anytime simply contact your bank" Hardlands then sent a correspondence out but obviously I know how DD's work so I needed to make up a payment for the following month because
  11. Dear all, Great website and excellent information. Below is an explanation of my current situation. It's a bit long but I have given as much info as possible in order to be as accurate as possible. Here goes... I was forwarded on a letter from my Mum today (I've recently moved back from abroad and have been using my parents' address) from Harlands regarding my recently cancelled Fit4Less membership. I cancelled my membership earlier this month as when I checked their website I saw that they stated: Monthly membership – paid via Direct Debit Membership agreement
  12. Hi all, After reading through many reviews and experiences of the cancellation issues with Harlands - I wanted to ask a few questions before I took any action which would get me into trouble/involve admin fees. I joined Fit4less in in September for £17.99 a month (no contract). I did use the gym at first but have not had the time to go recently and so would like to cancel the membership. However, I would like to do it in a fool proof manner so I don't end up falling into the trap of such charges and admin fees, that I have read about. What I intend to do: Send an e
  13. I joined Fit4less a long time ago (over a year) It was know as Energie Fitness. I have never had a problem with them until recently. When the gym became Fit4Less tehy asked me to update my DD details with them so I could continue my membership. I did so and was told I could cancel anytime. My partner gave birth to twins in June and since then I haven't had the time/energy to attend the gym. 3 months passed with me not going once so I thought well I'll just cancel my Direct Debit. A few weeks later I received a letter from Harlands redirected to my new address. Dated 15th Sept, 2
  14. Hello, Here is the deal. Before joining the gym, the company advertise between two options; A pay monthly, no contract 24.99 pound per month offer or a 12 month contract at 19.99 - No more no less. At the end of the 12 month contract Fit4Less decided to keep me charging 19.99 for the 13th month (and so on). I though 'who gives them the right to do so? My contract is finished', so i called my bank and canceled the direct debit. After some time i received a letter from them claiming that they were unable to charge another 19.99 from me (that would be 14th month) I called them, had a ch
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