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  1. Hi guys, Cheers for the feedback, I think this blatant attempt at swindling is beyond the level that even a clown could manage. With regards to my letter, I do believe that it won't be in their archives, and there would be no proof of sending as I used a post box, and didn't get it signed for on collection. They could easily have just binned the letter for all I know, is there any chance they'll investigate and pursue their claims? I guess another fear is, could keep pushing up the value I owe them up to a suitable amount in which they may take to court? Of course, my assumption is t
  2. Hi everyone, Same old story, I cancelled my direct debit during August of this year and have been receiving the scary emails of debt collection from Harlands, who have then transferred this debt to CRS who continue to try and scare me. The difference I have compared to others is I had in fact posted my intention to cancel my membership, as I was moving away from the area as I had finished a placement role there, and was returning back to university. Now, to maintain that I cancelled my dd on the day of last payment I posted this letter a month and a few days before the sched
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