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  1. I have recently been informed that towards the end of 2017 the DWP computer lost my records. I experienced problems with payments in Jan 2018 but did not think any more about it as they sorted my ESA payments out. However, last month I was informed that by mortgage company that they had not received any payments under old scheme prior to changes made in April 2018. I was contacted by Serco and completed the SMI loan agreement that was posted back early June 2018. I have been informed that these completed documents were received by DWP early August 2018 who subsequently sent them Clydebank DWP centre. I contacted the 0800 number ESA department who informed me that the paperwork was sent to Clydebank early August 2018. I queried why I had not received an correspondence reference the SMI loan. The adviser put through an emergency call back from Clydebank. This is when I learnt the delay was because my computer records were lost sometime in Nov 2017. Hence the delay as Clydebank did not have access to information they needed for my SMI loan application as not on the DWP computer system for some reason. The adviser took the relevant information from me and was very supportive though bemused by my situation. She is contacting me back reference SMI loan. However, my concern is as the claimant of ESA and IIDB why was I not informed of the loss of my data by DWP computer? Please, advise me on what I should do? If it was the other way round and it was an overpayment scenario; DWP would be straight on to me.
  2. Hi everyone. I could really use some help with this nightmare. I opened a GymEtc membership about 4 months ago. Somehow during the process the membership application got duplicated and i ended up being double charged for 2 accounts. I stopped the duplicate account direct debit, then get an aggressive letter from Harlands. I called them, explained the situation and they said they would close the duplicate account and refund the 2 payments. 4 weeks went by and I got no refund. When I contacted them again they said it had been initially rejected by GymEtc, then processed but still didn't make it to me or my bank. At this point I said i would collect the refund from my bank and contacted them to reverse the 2 direct debits on my duplicate account. I was very specific and gave the references and dates. They instead reversed 3 payments on the active direct debit then cancelled it. After this happened I called the bank and they admitted the error and reactivated the correct direct debit. I then called Harlands to pay the 3rd payment which should not have been refunded but they told me they could not take payment as this was not showing on the account. They told me they would watch the account and now call me when they could take payment. They also stated they would mark the account to not be charged. Another couple weeks go by and Harlands send aggressive correspondence. I call again to ask if i owe them and am told again that I don't own any money. Today they send me a letter saying I owe 2 admin fees of £25 each plus a membership payment. If i don't contact their customer care then my account will be sent to debt collection. I'm on my lunch hour, I have called them 7 times. I waited 20 minutes at one point for them to pick up, when they did, the person cut me off just after I finished the above long explanation. I am at my wits end and I now want them to terminate the contract with no fees. What are my options for resolving this now?
  3. I had been given a PCN by Park Watch / Defence Systems in June for wheels over the line in a parking bay - £50 going to £100 if appeal fails. I appealed to POPLA, it was rejected so £100 charge stood. I paid £100 in october but they referred my case to Debt Recovery plus because they said the payment was late. The charge is now £160!! Even though I've paid £100...don't understand. I've emailed them and spoken to them and they're just bullying me and threatenign court action. I can't sleep with worry but I've paid £100 after being threatened and now they want more!! Surely this is not right in the eyes of the law??? I've seen some other threads about court summons and wondered the outcomes.
  4. Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on this situation. I bought a pram online from a company in Bristol at the end of June. It was £593 for a bundle which included the pram frame/pushchair, carrycot, and car seat which was a maxi cosi upgrade which accounted for £99 of the price. The baby was born mid July. Opened the pram to find that the frame was scratched. There were a few big scratched and a LOT of little scratches, as if someone had brushed sandpaper over the frame chrome finish frame. Before knowing this we had used the car seat to bring the baby home. The particular pram comes in black but also comes with a colour pack of the buyers choice. I contacted the company and was told that the scratches were 'manufacturing marks' and I could either take a partial refund of £50 of send the pram back to them and they would then send it to the manufacturer for investigation. I wasn't offered a replacement. I contacted the manufacturer myself and they told me that their products are not supplied with any scratches or marks as a result of manufacturing. I went back to the company I bought the pram from and explained this. After several emails which went ignored I emailed them again to say that I had been advised I am entitled to either a refund or replacement and that I would like a replacement. The gentleman at the pram shop then phoned and denied ignoring the emails and that he thought that the manufacturer was dealing with it which was obviously a lie. He arranged to pick the frame, carrycot and pushchair seat up which all had marks/ scratches and agreed to replace them. All the above so far took about 2.5/3 months. He send DPD to pick up the items about a month ago and we heard nothing. Gave it a few days and had to contact them again, same gentleman who then lied to say he sent an email re th pram after he received it which he didn't. He then said that he has looked at the other prams he has of the same model and they're all scratched/marked so would rather give a refund. He then said that he needs to send for the rest of the items. He will refund minus the price of the car seat as it had been used. Initially this was fine but I have priced it up and to buy it separately would leave me out of pocket as it was bought as a bundle. If I keep the car seat I am left unable to buy a bundle which will leave me out of pocket. In addition, the colour pack is now discontinued and cannot be purchased in a bundle, I would have to buy the colour pack separately which is almost £100. I contacted him again and was told that he would refund the cost minus 99 for the car seat. I explained about the colour pack and my inability now to buy a bundle, and asked if I might be able to keep colour pack as a good will gesture as I have been without a pram for 4 months and he said that he will do it at cost price. Can someone tell me where I stand on this. I would rather send the whole lot back including the car seat and have nothing more to do with this company. I can buy the carseat cheaper online which might allow me to break even buying everything individually. I suppose what I am asking is, do I have the right to return the carseat and have a full refund as it was purchased as a bundle and he is either unwilling/unable to supply me with the main part of the bundle in a satisfactory condition?
  5. Hi, I am worried to death. Last Thursday 27 September 2018, I became aware that I had not one, but three Notices of Prosecution (NoP) against me for speeding in the same location. They are all SP30s from consecutive days, i.e. 17, 18 and 19 September. Naturally I was shocked and confused by this as I had not seen a camera flash or any police speed van in the area and wasn't aware I was doing anything wrong, just going about my normal everyday commute to the office in line with the regular traffic flow. I went and looked for the camera on the road in question but couldn't see one. I was really confused by this. I then received another two NoPs on Tuesday 2 October, this time for offences on 21 and 22 September. I was completely and utterly devastated by this. The following day, I received yet another for the 22 September at a different time. On this day (Saturday) I had been at work helping to run an event so I had been caught speeding both going and coming home too. This is now becoming a joke. Not only that, because I only became aware on 27 September, I am likely to receive more NoPs for 24, 25 and 26 September so I am expecting more to come. I could have the potential for 12 NoPs against me. I use a company vehicle, have zero points on my licence (which I pride myself on) and now face a total ban, and god knows how much in fines. Having now looked into this more, I now realise that a new camera system has been installed on the road in question on a trial basis, apparently it was activated on the 10 September. It is an average speed system; two cameras high up on top of lampposts which I simply didn't see. There was no warning signs, but since then signs have now been put up. There was plenty of warning in local newspapers and on the web but as I don't live in the local area, I live in a different county, I had no warning of these cameras hence the speed trap I've now been caught up in. I am absolutely devastated by this and feel victimised. I have got a solicitor involved but we have only spoken once and she's not filling me with much confidence. I cannot afford to lose my licence. I live in a pretty remote area; no way of getting to work using public transport, I need the car to do my job, I won't be able to get to my aged parents who live 30 mins down the motorway, nor my sister who has MS and lives in Liverpool and I would also have to give up my voluntary work as I wouldn't be able to get there. I have no child dependents. Obviously I have to take this ridiculous situation to court. How can one person receive so many NoPs in this way? How can this be justified? Cameras are supposed to be a deterrent not a trap aren't they? I feel I have had no fair warning to be aware and to alter my behaviour (which I am not denying by the way) but instead, I might as well have been convicted of murdering the same person six plus times. How is that fair or even sensible? It just doesn't make sense. Has anyone ever heard of the like and what advice would you give me? Any help or advice gratefully received as I'm desperately worried. Thanks.
  6. All supported housing funding to be retained in welfare system - Housing Benefit READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/all-supported-housing-funding-to-be-retained-in-welfare-system
  7. Royal Navy gets first unmanned minesweeping system READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/royal-navy-gets-first-unmanned-minesweeping-system
  8. Government moves towards a shake-up of broken housing complaints system READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-moves-towards-a-shake-up-of-broken-housing-complaints-system
  9. Hi We had a new central heating system, hot water cylinder and radiators fitted. Total cost was £14.5k We paid £2k before installation and £10k via a government loan, and have been paying the rest in instalments. Theres around £1k left. Part of the package was a check up inspection after installation. We had issues quickly. The heating worked fine and it gives hot water, but intermittently the hot water stops. We often cant run a bath. After about 2inches of water in the bath the water just stops, won't then come out of any of the taps in the house for 30 to 60 minutes. They didn't come to do the post installation check as promised and I emailed repeatedly about coming out. They didnt until 11 months after installation. They ran the bath and this time it filled, they said its probably a washer, and have refused to come back. I have chased them over and over to sort it out but they wont come out. They have chased me aggressively and threateningly for full payment. They now say how can I expect them to service it until I pay in full, and that by missing last payment I have broken my promise to pay. I'm not confident I'll ever see them again if I pay, and we'll be left never being able to run a bath. It's been a problem from the start and I have all my emails complaining to them. I have photos and videos of the tap stopping. It's a sort of stalemate and I'm not sure what to do next. I'd be grateful for any advice. Thx
  10. Have you ever tried to make a subject access request to Lloyds bank and been told that they don't keep data longer than six years? Well basically it's a lie – but you wouldn't expect anything else from Lloyds bank. They use an archiving service in Andover and you can get data going back at least 2001. Their address is: – DSAR Unit Lloyds TSB Customer Service recovery Charlton Place C46 Andover SP10 1RE And they even have a telephone number: – 0345 0707124 Although I don't know whether people are prepared to speak to you. Apparently the same archiving service is used to store data relating to TSB, Lloyds TSB, RSP, Halifax Bank of Scotland. In other words all the usual suspects who have ripped you off over the years and then try to obstruct you from getting a full data disclosure. You should still contact their head offices or your branch for your data disclosure, but when they come back to you and say that there is only six years then that is the time to start objecting and to make complaints to the information Commissioner. You can make an SAR request directly to the data centre as well, of course.
  11. In view of two similar threads regarding right of forced entry for criminal fines, it might be good to clarify the situation where the front door of the debtor's residence is not immediately accessible: Flat block with secure entryphone system no trade button Postie has access code Flat block with secure entryphone system with trade button Secure OAP extra care facility with entryphone, Resident might have a speeding fine for their mobility scooter when plates were cloned or camera garbles the reg no of a speeding car (actually happened to a Flint Pensioner) Gated development with entryphone to street gates are 2 meters high and electrically operated by keypad and phone to residence Presumably unless they get in when someone lets them in or they ring flats at random hoping someone will let them in they cannot force entry to the external main door.
  12. The Government is planning a major overhaul of disability benefits assessment - a system that has been described by critics as "cruel". http://news.sky.com/story/government-to-overhaul-cruel-disability-benefits-system-10638235
  13. The taxman has been accused of using small businesses and the self-employed as a “cash cow” after unveiling plans for a “draconian” new penalty regime. HMRC has announced that millions of companies and individuals with an income of more than £10,000 will have to file quarterly tax returns online. Those that are late in supplying information about their tax affairs will face a new “penalty point system”, similar to that used for motorists. Four offences will result in an automatic fine, which could be as much as £100. Every additional point will result in a further fine. Under the plans the points will only be “reset to zero” after two years in which all information has been submitted on time. The scheme will see those who repeatedly fail to file their tax returns on time face hundreds of pounds worth of fines. At present those who miss their annual deadline face a single automatic penalty of £100. HMRC is also proposing to treble fines for the late payment of tax. At present people are charged three fines worth 5 per cent of any outstanding income tax after 30 days, six months and a year. A consultation document published by HMRC proposes that the penalties should be 4 per cent after 30 days, 10 per cent after six month and 15 per cent after a year. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/15/taxman-accused-of-using-small-businesses-as-a-cash-cow-after-unv/
  14. I recently transferred from DLA to PIP. On my award letter it stated that any carer's allowance in payment wouldn't be affected by the change. However, as you can guess there is a glitch in the DWP system which meant that son's carer's allowance was stopped without warning. Easy enough to resolve with a phone call, but for anyone transferring it's as well to be aware that there could be a problem. In son's case as this happened over Xmas it was actually 3 weeks before he realised and in the meantime had incurred £54 in bank charges which DWP have agreed to refund.
  15. Can any legal buffs tell me if the Microlise "Spy in the cab" system, as some call it, can be used in a disciplinary, or does the employer have to rely on the CCTV system that is installed?. I was on the understanding that the microlise syatem was to check on drivers standards of driving, not whether they missed part of a route or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. hopefully someone can advice....I have an xbox oone console with a just expired warranty. A forced system update has failed and I've been left with a bricked console thst is stuck in a continuous update failed loop....I have spoken for hours with microsoft xbox support and followed all their troubleshooting guides but to no effect They have informed me that they can repair it but I am responsible for the cost of repair but surely as it's a fault caused by their firmway update, they are responsible?....any advice will be greatly appreciated
  17. Hi, It will be 8 weeks next Wednesday since I drove from Newcastle on Tyne to South Yorkshire to have a new stainless steel exhaust system fitted to my Mazda MX5. They offered to send my old system back to me by courier at no extra charge which I thought was great as it is a lot to fit in a small car. They have not returned it, when I call the owner says he will look into it and call me back but never does, then he said it was because he lost my address, then it was promised for last Friday delivery, yet again , after I sent an email to which his reply sounded genuine and very apologetic ( I had threatened legal action) My question is what do I do now? the parts that came off would cost many hundreds of pounds to replace. Do I get a solicitor involved or go to small claims myself. Do I start drawing attention to my plight on his business Facebook page and on mx5 forums? Thanks in advance
  18. Complaints against telecoms giant Vodafone have surged by more than 50% after issues with a new billing system. Regulator Ofcom says there were 32 complaints about Vodafone made per 100,000 customers in the last three months of 2015 - an increase from the 20 in the previous three months. Vodafone was the only provider to receive more complaints than the industry average of 10 per 100,000 customers. The figures were recorded as Vodafone moved pay-monthly customers to a new billing system and, as well as billing, customers flagged up issues with pricing, charges, complaint handling and service. Vodafone apologised to affected customers, as it admitted suffering "some problems" with the "highly complex" switchover. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/vodafone-complaints-billing-system-203511307.html
  19. From April 1st 2016, all heavy goods vehicles of more than 3.5 tonnes must have a working On Board Unit (OBU) in Belgium. An OBU is only required if the tractor unit has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of over 3.5 tonnes. The point of reference for the definition of the weight that needs to be registered in the system is the Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR). This toll will be levied on motorways and a number of regional and municipal roads. The OBU must be switched on whenever you use a Belgian road. The system is based on the ‘user pays’ principle. This means that everyone pays a fair contribution for using the roads. In order to ensure a smooth introduction and allow users enough time to get ready, Satellic is making the OBUs available to you from October 1st 2015. We just ask you to pay a deposit of €135 per OBU which will be reimbursed when you return the OBU undamaged. Satellic will collect the toll on behalf of the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels-Capital regions. How does the system work? 1 Every domestic or foreign heavy goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes on Belgian roads must have a working OBU from April 1st 2016. 2 The OBU detects where the vehicle is and which route it is following, via satellite signals. 3 The system adapts the road charge to the type of road. 4 The OBU calculates the toll to be paid. The tariffs depend on the maximum authorised vehicle weight, the Euro emission class and the type of road. The toll is calculated according to how many kilometres are driven and where. 5 The owner receives an overview of the amount to be paid. The amount due is paid to Satellic, which transfers the toll to the three Belgian regions according to the use of the road network. 6 Fixed, flexible and mobile checks across Belgium verify whether the heavy goods vehicles have a working OBU. More
  20. I've got some issues at work, for months now i've been experiencing problems with various other employees causing hassle for me, spreading lies, giving me the cold shoulder and encouraging others to do the same, as well as certain individuals sabotaging work and generally trying to make me and 3 others look like we're not doing our jobs. I'm not one to stand by and let someone do that to me or my colleagues, so I took a stand, I made some noise, nobody wanted to know, nobody wanted to upset the apple cart. On several occasions i've told my direct supervisor about how this is affecting me in a negative way and undoubtedly affecting my work too. The last time I spoke to my supervisor (on a Monday), the very same day my manager went digging into weeks/months worth of my work and picking out faults, resulting in a disciplinary action made up of dozens of small errors. He claims he found a single fault on that Monday, BUT instead of bringing this fault to my attention, having a quiet word and sorting it out, he let me make the same mistake again several times over the course of 3 days, before putting together a huge report and taking it straight into a disciplinary action. All the time knowing full well that I'd already made it clear that I was under a lot of stress. Then we get a pre-disciplinary where i'm told what to expect, i'm told to bring supporting evidence, I questioned that I can't get any evidence because i'm not allowed to access that area of the database, he explicitly tells me that "you know you can, we all know you can and you could if you wanted to". Disciplinary day, I get a whole load of stupid little issues thrown at me, I discount more than half of them with my evidence, but it's clear the whole thing is biased and that whatever I say wasn't going to make a difference. He then starts questioning me on how I got my evidence, the meeting ends and now i'm being investigated for misusing the database.......... This is utterly ridiculous, it's clearly a personal matter, he's mad that I was making noise and standing up for myself, etc. He knows i've been under a lot of stress and he's wasted company time and resources by turning this into a witch hunt when he could have resolved it on day one. It's really p!ssing me off, this guy was investigated for bullying another colleague before he was promoted years ago, i'm sure everyone can see what he's doing, HR, his own manager, etc. I don't know how these people can sleep at night and I don't understand how they can think someone like that is good for the business! So now im in a situation where I know he's watching every move, I can afford to make a mistake, but i'm so stressed by all this that I can barely think straight and it's taking me nearly twice as long to do anything!
  21. Dear Sir/Madam, I work in health care. While working I received a phone call from enforcement officer who had court order to seize my assets to recover debts. Now having said this, let me begin with this - never asked for any debts and nor have borrowed any money from banks. I still don't even own car or house. Fortunately no educational loan either. Following this initial shock and support from senior colleagues who understood my situation kindly offered to help and contacted the officer. Came to realise that there was overpayment from nhs in 2012 for which they had send notifications and orders to Old address which again is staff accomodation no longer lived since 2012. The court sent enforcement officer to seize my debt. Further to this, it was myself who contacted my employer in 2012 that they were paying me when I was not working any longer for them. I was waiting to pay them back. After 2012 , I had changed 4 addresses due to work and this organisation never bothered to ask me or obtain information. They seem to have been corresponding to old address and then sent notifications from the court to the same address and court sent bailiffs behind me. After all this they found me in some other address and called me with threatening messages to seize my assets ( dont have much ). Now in the eyes of the court I have to pay interest and court charges for no knowledge of what was happening with sudden bolt from blue. They have messed up my credit report and asking me to pay private solicitors because the stage is too late. I am lost for words here. Also type - 'Barts overpayment error' in google please ( it s not letting paste link here ) This trust is notorious for bullying and harassment of staff members ( please type Barts nhs bullying) - it affected my personal health too. My points are - I definetly owe this overpayment, I had decency and courtesy to tell them they overpaid and was waiting for them to contact me either by email instead of sending notifications to wrong address ( staff accomodation where they can physically check If I still lived or not and tried to send me notifications before Enf Officer embarassing presence and unnecessary tensions created in life for which I had to take leave resulting in thin staff in already overstretched nhs.
  22. Hello, on the 9 May 2015 I bought a Asus laptop that is working perfectly but it has a noisy (to my ears)operating system. I am an Audiophile so the computer has to be more quite than it is. I took it back after to Argos after 2 days and explained that it was to noisy for me as I play Classical music and there are a lot of very quite parts. To be far I don't think there is anything wrong but it's just a little to noisy. The lady did listen to it and said that it was the operating system and so could not get a refund. In law is it possible to get a refund do you think. Regards Paul.
  23. I used to be on the dole but on my visit a few months ago to the dentist, I told the receptionist that was working there I was no longer on benefits and could she update the system to show this...she also gave me a blue paper to sign which I did (I assumed this was normal procedure) after I had told her to update the system to show I was not on the dole anymore. Last week I got a NHS DENTAL PENALTY CHARGES NOTICE for £150.00! I was gobsmacked because I remember telling the receptionist to update the system to show I was not on the dole, so this would not happen. Luckily I had another dental appointment this week and explained to a receptonist the above, she said she could not understand why the receptonist months ago on my last visit had not updated the system and told me to email the practice manager who would investigate this and also locate the blue slip I was asked to sign (after telling the receptionist on my visit a few months earlier I was no longer on the dole) I emailed the practice manager explaining I had told the receptionist on my last visit I was no longer on the dole and to update the system to show this. This is the email I received in response from the practice manager ' Thank-you for your recent email, in which you state that you were not in receipt of any benefits on (date), as you has NHS treatment there is a set NHS fee to pay. The charge is levied irrespective of any misunderstanding or error on either part(patient or receptionist) as at the end of the day there appears to be no confusion as to whether you were in receipt of any benefit. It is incumbent on the patient to pay any fees due just as you would pay at a supermarket check-out, where you are in receipt of goods or services. May I also point out that the form you signed is a statutory legal obligation which must be disclosed by us the the NHS upon request. There is currently a no if’s no butt’s campaign by the NHS to recover lost fees and we would ask you to bear this in mind when receiving treatment from ' The error is clearly on the receptionist at the time who failed to update the system to show I was no longer on the dole, if the system had been updated when I had told them this would not have happened, the practice manager is fobbing me off, what can i do ?
  24. Just a heads up: TalkTalk business apparently have a new billing system which they are piloting. This is somewhat ruthless and is going through past accounts and sending out bills for dormant or shut-down accounts. It also appears to be automatically escalating to DCAs (in my case). I had a TalkTalk business account in 2012. I moved the DNS records (website and mail provision) and internet service from them in January 2013. Stupidly I did this half way through a billing cycle. I settled up with talktalk, who agreed to write of the part-billed month. All good, heard nothing from them for about a year until I received a bill out of the blue & nasty letter threatening to cut me off... for a service I wasn't receiving. Phoned them & they explained it was sent in error & cancelled it all off again. I received another bill via email on 29 December 2014 for £9.19 and then a letter from "Debt & Revenue Services", their chosen DCA, this morning, demanding £49.92 Spoke to the DCA who could offer no explanation as to the billed amount or where the bill arose from. I then phoned TalkTalk who couldn't explain the amount on the DCA letter, but attempted, after some audibly confuddled calculator thrashing, to explain the £9.19 as the part-billed month from January 2013 that they'd already agreed to write off! This amused me somewhat. I suggested that billing a customer out of the blue after two years was probably not acceptable, nor was failing to reconcile their accounts for two years, immediately raising it to a DCA was a bit dim and it would be interesting to hear what offcom* would say on the matter. Perhaps they should consider writing off the amount? NOW. Cue some time on hold while they went off to seek guidance. The guidance was given and the "debt" (remember they'd agreed to write this off back in February 2013) was written off. The explanation given for the out of the blue bill was that they are trialling some new software and it's being a bit ruthless with old accounts. I'll still complain to the FOS about the DCA letter, as the amounts remain inexplicable & I like the idea of them being charged £550 which they can pass on to TalkTalk for being stupid. Hopefully this will be the end of the matter. I suspect though that I'll hear from them again in error. *offcom don't actually adjudicate over broadband, you have to speak to either CISAA or the Ombudsman Services: Communication people
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