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  1. They've removed what they said, do we want it posted back up? Dear All, Thank you for all support and input. Just keeping posted that Barts waited until obtaining court order before passing latest address to bailiffs to threaten and harass ex employee s. They also confirmed that they could have had obtained latest address to send me details before going to court or even sent details through email through which I communicated to them but did'nt. My solicitor had look into all the evidence and he was happy to say norms were not followed. Therefore misleading ministry of justice
  2. This is the trouble with arrogance of power to see things in the way they want to see. Law exists to maintain fairness and justice not for prejudices or victimise or to even to be used by people with money - current issue with barts if you have worked in that trust not only my knowledge but others too. Many good professors, doctors, staff members have left.
  3. Thank you for informing about this. I spoke to BMA with regards to recent concerns and they are on the ball. I told them clearly I want to declare it to them. With the hospital , it was my own hospital consultant who was nice and took message from them to realise that those notifications were sent to wrong addresses , also forwarded email to show them my conduct was right in informing the trust that they were overpayment issues and even the court order had hospital accomodation address ( where I lived 3 years ago) as of yesterday. I could'nt beleive this. Thank you for informing about t
  4. I was over payed by 6000 pounds , I have no idea that interest rates and court fee and others has reached 13000. Other thing is that you made a point that bullying and harassment is small issue --hope you have watched news about careers destroyed , health affected to point of breakdown. I am one among those . It took while to return back to normal - These nhs trust needed enough patient complaints for CQC to come out with damning report while people within the trust were silenced with harassment and bullying.
  5. Payment error happened from their side and just because we don't give updated address it doesnt mean that they can't use email to get that information. I have worked for that many trusts and do you expect me to keep updating my address to every single trust from the past. Is that feasible. I have never declined to pay it back. Hope that helps. Common sense dictates if I had done it to others, I would first thank them and then inform that we will be in touch with to discuss about having it returned. There were none. They stopped and passed directly
  6. Okay, When I informed them that they were over paying they were communicating with me over email. They got back to me over email with regards to all the details including the last day of my work and they stopped. I have trail of emails showing that. It is not that difficult in modern era just to try email that too when I have previously responded . when we know we don't live there ( staff accomodation ). Common knowledge dictates that their is email, phone and postal address to try for. No emails received although I used same email address to communicate to them, lacking sense to even th
  7. Pasting a link from BBC to show you how bad the problem is - I know it is not easy to beleive me ( but many solicitors are saying they are following the norms ) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-20920740
  8. Thank you for reply. Whole process is very stressful including financial demands and at the breaking point. I have plenty of things to catch up on the top these . Essential services being affected by blindly allowing some people who knows how to use the system ( Barts credit department ) and court without even thinking the consequences that may have at my life and my work. To say -- ' public system shooting itself in foot'.
  9. Thank you for your email. I am not blaming any body including myself. I never asked for loan thats point number one. The overpayment is their error. I had courtesy to let them know and stop it. To use creditors and debtors they never were and are any banks. I contacted them over email to let them know over email and they took details of my last day of work over email. Never bothered to thank and say could we please negotiate in getting back. English may not be my native language but that is no reason for some body to use the existing system to maintain fairness in society just because thi
  10. They cannot and should'nt have done anything like this behind my back and drop a bomb shell on me. I never at any point of time did I refuse and decline or do anything else. Also what else is missing ( received e-document from court clerk or admin today ) I am also planning to meet local MP with all the proof I have including my email to Barts and Council taxes to proove my addresses.
  11. As mentioned in the thread I went into state of shock and obvious from my speech over the phone with Enf Officer as I told him it was dangerous to do what he did while I was in the middle of serious work and also asked him if he or ( ministry of justice ) will be responsible for patient care if something happens and also that how badly their decisions could affect my career. By then he was near a different town and could nt hand over physically the document. Today, I contacted county court who sent me some e-document. Further, I spoke to Barts credit control d
  12. I have no idea what these terminology mean. But thats what even the enforcement officer sounded saying like. I openly challenged all of them with regards to common sense approach to a problem than the nuisance appoach having devastating impact on my career including that I was dealing with sickest patient in intensive care when I received a call from officer to send me into state of shock and confusion which I went into asking my colleagues to take over. I am lost for words - is nt legal system be fair
  13. Yes, I contacted BMA who said stage is too late and I need legal help. Tried contacting solicitors who were charging massive amounts. Contacted high court clerk explained how silly that the order still has old address and send enforcement officer to current one. So she tells me to obtain stay order and send all the emails and council taxes I lived as proof and they may consider relooking at this.
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