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Found 12 results

  1. I had been given a PCN by Park Watch / Defence Systems in June for wheels over the line in a parking bay - £50 going to £100 if appeal fails. I appealed to POPLA, it was rejected so £100 charge stood. I paid £100 in october but they referred my case to Debt Recovery plus because they said the payment was late. The charge is now £160!! Even though I've paid £100...don't understand. I've emailed them and spoken to them and they're just bullying me and threatenign court action. I can't sleep with worry but I've paid £100 after being threatened and now they want more!! Surely this is not right in the eyes of the law??? I've seen some other threads about court summons and wondered the outcomes.
  2. I am looking for advice I resigned from my job a few weeks ago and have been placed on Garden Leave, I have another 4 weeks to work before starting my new job The problem is I am being put under great stress by my employer, and have been under pressure due to a family death recently to the point I'm not sleeping, not eating and generally affecting both my and my families life. It is that bad I am beginning to question if resigning was the right thing to do despite hating my job, that's how bad it has got. I must be on call during normal work hours should my boss call, and when he does he is very rude, angry and obnoxious, and also threatening to ruin my new career, I think the words he used were he would make me unemployable. You can see why I am stressed, it really is affecting my health. I am going to see the doctor tomorrow, and was contemplating asking for a sick note. I have no intention in starting work for my new employer until I am legally allowed to do by my notice period, and I know currently I would not be up to it. I am looking for any help on this matter, I feel my current employer will take any sickness I take as a ruse but I do not see at way out of this situation, I am at my wits end with the whole thing Thank you
  3. Im not very good with technology I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am desparate for some advice Im having a horrible time with utility warehouse. its causing me sleepless night and aggravating my health conditions. I have also had to have anti depressants put up from the stress and had to go to bed today for four hours after speaking to them. I am disabled suffer from anxiety stress and depression and also have CFS made worse by stress. I had utility warehouse on bills paid on time every month. sent meter readings as much as I could. (I had to get someone to read my meter cos A) im dumb and didn't understand them and b) I couldn't get to the meter it was low to the floor. After nearly a year they decided to tell me id been underbilled and owed a debt £500 £250 gas £250 electric. They came and put pay and go meters in and said I could pay back through them. They kept either not taking the payment or taking random amounts. One time I only had £5 left to top up and it took it and left me with £1. I was so fed up I decided to switch (not knowing they can object if you have debt, like I say im not very clued up at all) I tried to transfer to ovo, they allowed my electric to transfer, but not my gas. it was very stressful cos everyday id get a letter saying they were going to let me then they weren't. then I got a letter from ovo saying they now had my gas as well and I have been using their card to pay my gas. without problems. I phoned ovo to make sure this was correct and asked on the phone and they confirmed 100% they were as I asked them to. One month later I get a nasty letter from UW asking why I want to transfer. I phone up and said I had already transferred been using new company card and expected to get a letter from them regading making payment. They said I am still with them they wont let me transfer and they will send me their card which I need to use. I called OVO the new supplier 1 hour on phone to be told ive been misinformed, they do not have my gas its still with UW and they were so flippant like oh well we were wrong. yet ive been using their card for over a month top up. Im so miserable and stressed I have so many problems at the mo and health problems making my life a misery plus some scans and tests for cancer coming up which im so worried about. I have m/e and fibromylga get brain fog and really struggle sorting and understanding things. I don't know what to do or were to turn to sort this. it will take years to pay the debt with UW so am I stuck with them? and now am really let down by the new company who I thought wre great, and they have taken over my electric even though that had a debt with out taking the debt themselves. im so confused. any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks One fed up lady
  4. My mother is a pensioner her last years insurance direct debits for her house insurance were taken out of her bank account by a company called mypremiumcredit Her renewal came through 2 weeks ago and last week my mum received a letter from mypremiumcredit stating the company dont have her bank details on file in order to commence the direct debits for the new insurance cover (when she had cover the previous year with them already!) and if my mum does not pay within 2 weeks she will have to cough up the full amount which is almost £250 in one go!. They have also sent my mum a default letter - my mum is stressed out by the default when it is not even her own fault - she's never missed a direct debit with this company I rang the mypremiumcredit asking them why have they sent a default letter, the advisor said it their fault for not having my mums bank details on file, i replied the bank details have never changed, so why the default letter, the advisor said the default letter is a 'generic' letter thats sent out and it wont effect my mums credit rating - my mum is stressed out and worried - that the company even before her new renewal commences which is next week has alread received a default letter! What action can my mum take, where does she stand and can this complaint be pushed all the way to the Financial Ombusman?
  5. Hi I'm hoping someone can put my mind at rest. I was accused of shoplifting from tkmaxx a short time ago after I accidentally left the store still holding an item due to being harassed with kids and thinking of other things I had to buy whilst out and about. I was approached in the store next door buying groceries and was still holding the item in my hand with my handbag, ( I'd been holding it so long I completely forgot I had hold of it). I followed the security man back to the store of my own free will and offered to pay for the item but they refused. Once in store, I was spoken to like a piece of **** , when I in fact hold a very good good in the public sector and pay for everything I own. They called the police who were there 5 minutes and were happy to let me go without any further action whatsoever. I received a letter asking me for over £180 and giving me a chance to state my side of events. I wrote back explaining it was genuine human error and that I would have been straight back anyway as soon as I'd realised as I'm an honest person. I sent it recorded delivery too. I then got another letter stating they have a different version if events and will only accept a small reduction to £150. By this point I had found this forum and just ignored it. A few days ago I receive another letter saying I have never responded and they won't go away . Then the day after, I got another saying they will share my private data with companies which will affect my crb record etc. can they do this legally? The police were happy to leave it. Can I deny them the right to use my data in hhis way? Also, if I continue to ignore them and the DCA get involved, how does this affect my credit rating? I have an excellent credit record and don't want searches and entries from a DCA on my record as we are looking to buy a bigger home next year.?
  6. Hi all I'm new to the site. Can anyone help me I'm at my wits end now with debt. I had a company go bust on me 18month ago, taking me for 26k leaving me in alot of debt. I am fighting a court claim at the moment for 2k with a blind company. Awaiting a court date. I have returned home today to find a letter from hceo saying they will be removing goods. The total is now 3k? I have checked my credit file and there is a ccj listed against me with the creditors details. Could I have missed the court date? What situation am I in with regards to the officer? Can he enter my home? Can he take the car? ( my wife needs it for work and to get kids to school) im only working 16hrs wk at the moment. We are 20k in mortgage arrears and thinking of BR or an IVA. Most of our stuff is joint owned. The reason I'm taking the company to court is because the credit was in a company name and they are Persuing me. I'm really at my wits end now. Please help. Looney
  7. Hi, I hope I can get the answer I am looking for here, I am sick with worry...... I am currently on the housing waiting list (social housing), I am in rent arrears (with landlord in private sector housing). Here is my confusing and need clarification please...... Due to my pending eviction, am I right that the local council will not allow me to make a homeless application (upon eviction) as its seen I have caused this and made myself intentionally homeless and therefore do not qualify? If so, I realise I will have to seek alternative accommodation, will I still be able to remain on the housing list? (I am sick with worry over this, if I get suspended from bidding.... Being able to qualify to go onto the waiting list, one of the terms is that you mustn't have rent arrears with neither council or housing association (no mention of private sector) and I didn't have arrears when I was added to the waiting list.....However, I do now (private sector), will they throw me off? I am petrified to call them and this will cause me so much stress...
  8. Hi All my partner has been dismissed from work today and we have been told by a number of people we wont get any benefits as he was dismissed for gross misconduct .we have 2 children and would like to know if this is the case? can we be left with only our child tax credit to live of and no jsa? any help would be appreciated please Thanks
  9. Hi all I am an only child with elderly parents. My mum has depression, i have quite bad anxiety & my dad has just had a heart attack & is in hospital awaiting Angiogram & after either a stent or surgery. A very worrying time that is affecting my mum's depression & my anxiety. We all kind of care for each other at normal times & i help out a lot, but am not an official carer. This morning i've received ESA50, perfect timing hey! So now i've got the added stress of filling that form in. I have filled it, or similar in before & not had to have a medical assessment as i guess by sending in a letter from my gp & proof of medications, they saw that as sufficient. I just have a few questions. 1. Have others sent in Dr's letters & not had to go for assessments, what is the best way. 2. Does Honey Bee's sticky about ESA50 contain a template to follow. Because my illness is classed at Mental, i'm unsure what to write. 3. I am currently staying with my mum until we know more about my dad's situation, but i have a flat & when things are more on a level i spend half my time there & half with family. I'm unsure as to which one i should use as my address. My flat is part of my rehabilitation but all my correspondence goes to my family home. The benefits people know about this as my ESA adviser told them. I have also attended the interviews at mandatory JC+ Anxiety is awkward because there is no given day that i can say that i will be ok, so the part about days i cannot attend i don't know!! Any help appreciated Gaz
  10. Hello, I've had a letter come through today from Collectica which states I owe £755 from fines dating back two years ago. The total amount still outstanding to the courts is £455, so the rest are bailiff fees. These were initially being taken out of my benefits (I've been on Jobseeker's Allowance for some time now) but I signed off for two weeks to attend a work trial. When I signed back on, there were similar deductions being taken off which I assumed were the fines again (I owed no other money out). I then had to move at the end of June abruptly. Today's letter is the first contact I've had from the courts or Collectica for some time. I wasn't aware the courts were looking at taking enforcement action and they say it's been sent on since the beginning of July. They've also said that, despite my move, they've sent out all the relevant documents and have met their obligations legally. I'm staying with a friend and his family while I sort myself out after a couple of years of severe depression due to my mother's illness and subsequent passing. Things were pretty much looking up until this happened and I'm really unsure about what to do. I've not contacted Collectica yet as I'm scared it'll make things worse, and I'm worried if I tell them about this letter or the fact there are bailiffs, I'll be out. Obviously I'll need to explain this to them though. I'm not going to say I'm not at fault though - I should've managed my affairs better and had this sorted a long time ago.
  11. ok this is going to sound terrible but.. ive got an autistic child, shes always been hard to handle but shes finally managed to have me crying in the corner today took her to meadowhall shes played up the entire day she refused to eat her dinner but stole some of my wifes and mine screamed all the way through debenhams for a drink dispite having just finished all mine jumping up down on the floor, screaming, hitting said i would buy a drink, no stopping her at this point fed the other dauighter in the car as couldnt face sitting in the food court with her got her home, and 8pm still going its really got me down, its non stop all day long, shes up at 3 or 4 in the morning, im not sleeping ive spoken to the autistic society and all theyve said is read our fact sheets its gettting to the point where i really cant take much more, shes ruined the last couple of family hollidays and were going with friends this year so im expecting them to never speak to me again as our appartment is above theirs its not just her as well the other daughter is under assesment for learning difficulties and we have a 3 month old any suggestions on coping anyone please!!!
  12. I have sent in my esa50 five weeks ago. Just got a call today from a witheld number.They were saying my name and asked if I was that person, But the line was very poor I asked who they were but had to give up in the end as, The line was very poor. Do ATOS ring you from a witheld number.Or am I stressing for nothing thanks for your help.
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