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  1. For the first time in my career I've been graced with having a manager (operations manager) who is actually not an egotistical *****, he actually does a pretty good job to boot..... BUT, one of his subordinate managers is trying to replace him, he just doesn't realise it yet. My manager is over everything, directly runs the dept I work in, the other manager runs another small dept for him. Other manager on the surface seems like a nice chap, really friendly with everyone, very loud and chatty, always walking around making it look as though he's well liked, but he's also m
  2. Thanks all, car is now sorn, cannot tax for 5 working days, got an official email from the insurer today confirming the claim status, so I can get insurance sorted now with something official as backup, the broker needs to amend their records or ill be going elsewhere.
  3. Strider440


    I know this TBH, but I also know what the DVLA are like once they issue a fine, completely automated system, refuse to drop it, ends up in court with them losing. I know 3 people who've been issued fines when SORN, with the vehicle on a private driveway parked facing the road, the ANPR pings it and a fine is issued automatically, the person driving doesn't actually do anything bar drive the van........ Or at least it was like this maybe 5-10 years ago.
  4. Strider440


    Do they still send these vans out to look for newly SORNed vehicles? Due to an insurance mess up, i've got to take my car off the road, I have a driveway, but i've heard of people getting DVLA fines due to the reg being picked up on the ANPR vans, vehicle on my own property is there anything wrong with sticking gaffa tape over half the plate to stop the ANPR pinging it? I'm assuming not as it's fully on private property........
  5. Ok, it's all gone tits up....... From tomorrow I have no insurance, car is being taken off the road, been told it'll take 5 days to update the claims record. SO now I have to SORN my car, totally screwed up situation.
  6. My experience is that the claims team are really quite helpful, but the sales/renewals people are reluctant to budge, so I wonder if it's a case of they only give a damn about meeting some sort of sales targets. They probably think they have me by the balls, think I can't go anywhere else, but if they blank me i'll cancel the insurance, take the car off the road and then threaten to charge them for transport costs, as well as contacting the ombudsman if they don't fix the issue. I wonder how I go about getting my record changed to reflect the truth of the claim........ Because that's th
  7. Ok, I contacted them (which was difficult in itself), they confirm it's a no fault claim, BUT it seems to be on the national database as being my fault, which means wherever I go i'm going to either get screwed OR declined........ I'm not sure what I can do, i've got a few days only, probably going to have to take my car off the road until it can be resolved.
  8. Bottom line up front Have gone to renew insurance and told i have a fault claim on my policy from last year, I had an accident last year, the other driver was at fault, I had dashcam footage, there were multiple witnesses, he was prosecuted by the Police, but somehow the insurance company have decided it was my fault and now my premium is more than double at £700, for a car I barely use now having moved house. The other driver tried to claim injuries from my insurance, solicitors got involved, I had interviews with them and then once the Police made their decision I was told it was basic
  9. Actually your wrong, we're people, not machines, to err is human and any business that does not account for possible mistakes, nay actually encourages mistakes, is utterly foolish. And sexist what? Are you feeling ok? would you like a safe space?
  10. It was more of an open ended post, to get responses on the general situation. There are personal mitigating factors (at that time), such as recent involvement in a serious car accident and lack of sleep due to a newborn baby (2 weeks old at the time), which they know about and makes what they're doing even more of a [removed] shot below the belt. The system failures which I raised, those that preceded the mistake, are issues that (it turns out) many people knew about but have been too worried to mentioned for sake of retribution. I believe that a robust "system" should eas
  11. And what if your IT systems go down, or the internet connection, or the mail server? I'd be very surprised if this request was as urgent as you've been told, there has to be some leeway. Doesn't mean you won't get into trouble, it depends on whether your company is retarded enough to think that making examples of people helps to motivate staff.
  12. Sorry, that's not a fix, it's a sticking plaster. I'm not kidding myself, I understand it's hard for most people to see this when they haven't work my sort of background, but systems should be robust enough to mitigate against mistakes happening, to the point where the only way to screw up is deliberately. When the same problem occurs again and again (even going back before I joined), you have to wonder why there is a reluctance to even consider fixing it. In both the automotive manufacturing sector and the defence sector, if you went back to a customer with "oh we foun
  13. Here's the deal... I made a mistake, not denying it at all. First actual mistake i've made at this employer. It turns out this same mistake has been happening for years, I believe the root cause is their database/system, which takes no action to mitigate against such mistakes and actually in this particular case encourages mistakes. The root cause is defined as the non-human element that would have absolutely prevented the error if removed from the equation. So for example, if you were told to cross a narrow foot bridge and fell off because there was no hand rail, wh
  14. Why does every debate on nuclear "issues" always bring weapons and power generation into the same room? They're two entirely different things!!!!!! My option on power generation? Chernobyl is the worst nuclear disaster in human history, but the remaining 3 reactors were kept running for decades after the incident and the whole place is now a tourist destination. Guess what my opinion is.....
  15. I don't work for them, they screwed me over last year, but i've moved on. This is a reference for his employment tribunal though, not a standard employment reference.
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