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  1. Agree with ericsbrother, they have done a phishing expedition, now I would check credit score just in cas the muppets at Lowell have stuck a Default there, something else to bite them with if they continue their muppetry.
  2. They are hoping you will respond so they can claim you aknowledged the debt so SB clock reset, in their twisted minds.
  3. There are several on prankster regarding Supremacy og contract, basically the Occupiers rights usually trump any PPC brought in by a managing Agent. BUT it does vary The PPC falls usually as no locus Standi to sue anyone on their own behalf .
  4. CAG is Consumer Action Group, this Forum, EB is ericsbrother who has posted many letters that rebut the PPC's ground for claim.
  5. Looks reasonable, but ericsbrother can give some final pointers, it could be worth checking the Parking prankster's Blog for some cases to quote where a PPC has lost in Court on a sue the Resident attempt where there is Supremacy of contract, and link them to that point in your defence..
  6. Think they are the same, but might be better to get in touch with an advice agency to help with completion, of the paper forms when they arrive.as the forms are full of detractors (questions that look the same but are designed to trip you up into making you look better than you are), and the DWP are strict with their timescales. Unclebulgaria will probably be able to give further advice on what to download and other stuff you have started the process which has to be started by phone according to the guide here: https://www.gov.uk/pip/how-to-claim
  7. Could be a faulty trace, or a wrong entry on a CRA file, has she checked her credit record, if not do so, Noddle and Clearscore are free.
  8. How old is the debt and what type, Credit card, Store Card Catalogue ?
  9. Each DVLA application MUST be separate for each NTK, they cannot assume that all is the same as first ticket, as the Keeper might have changed in the meantime. It's not beyond the muppetry of a PPC to send a Claimform based onb an old ticket to a former Keeper for something after they sold the car and notified DVLA.
  10. Hoipe trhey didn't use email, if so block and send them letter stating you can't accept things rthey may rely on in court by emeil post only, they could send you something 11:59pm the day before a Hearing and you could do nothing to challenge it.
  11. Sauce for goose, if camera car can stop for operator to have lunch, it should be ticketed, as broken down car was, but as is Private Land and A prohibition, no contract so no case, . One day a Judge will tolchock a PPC and their hapless representative and hopefully send a message to these serious abusers of Legal process, but I ain't holding my breath.
  12. Always handy to keep envelopes that contain stuff like NTK, as the postmark can be compelling evidence.
  13. If the camera car was parked up they would claim it was filming, anything to deny their operator was in breach of anything.
  14. If the bailiff fetches up, he has no right of entry for council tax, so don't let him in. and tell him that you are not the named debtor.
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