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  1. VCS usual MO, they cannot ever get that extra £220 in the Small Claims track its a willy waving frightener.
  2. Likely they don't answer the phone, they take great pains to avoid people phoning them with a convoluted press1, press 2 system, that makes it almost impossible to reach a human without getting cut off.
  3. Try PE they are the organ grinder, you can always say was backdoor and you had no Ticket, or NTK as had moved and likely DVLA had'nt updated your details by the time the ntk was sent (you did update address for V5 and Driving Licence?) lay it on thick like if you had known etc etc you would have paid. They might play ball.
  4. They will get hold of your address anyway through other means if you are going toi try to get thgem to remove it, might be better to confirm address, also that you had moved was backdoor etc and you might apply for Setaside with Court, but if they will pl;ay ball you will pay so long as is removed. Others like Andyorch and DX will have better options probably, but at this point playing hardball with them would be counterproductive.
  5. He is as nasty as the excrement being dumped into the waterways TJ
  6. They are taking a risk as if you don't get it they might well be screwed, This will be your Colt 357 magnum if they send it by email at 11:59:59 the last split second before the day of the hearing, its a trick they pull if they have and email addy to use, as you told them not to be used and you have this " Yesterday, while clearing out old e-mail addresses, I found an e-mail from you requesting a copy of my defence in this matter, despite the fact that you were specifically told on XXXXX not to use e-mail. I have no doubt that (a) you already possess a copy of the defence and (b) your mail was an attempt to mislead the court into thinking I was withholding evidence. I therefore also enclose a copy of the defence you already have. I have also mentioned your shenanigans in my Witness Statement." They will have pretty much hanged themselves, and you can go to town on them maybe ask for their WS to be disregarded. Other's will be along soon with advice and tactics.
  7. He might be a Trespasser within the meaning of the Police and Crime Bill, so can be dragged off to jail as if was a Traveller in a layby. Of course they wouldn't do that no matter how sorely tempted one of those Police Officer's was.
  8. Any suggestion of "On The Papers" should be resisted at all costs, no opportunity to challenge any fabrications they include with that.
  9. Probably the Police that protect No 10 might be able to remove him
  10. If you uplpoad anything marked as a Witness Statement that would be a good start,.
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