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  1. Yes sadly too late, if you paid it all off now it would still show for 6 years with a "Satisfied" marker so still damaging.
  2. If two thuggish looking individuals were seen climbing over a six foot fence into a garden where young children were playing whether legal or not, a passer by might dial 999 and the bailiffs would be having collars felt until all was sorted.
  3. Still a great result, another PPC loses money chasing what they weren't entitled to in the first place. Nice One.
  4. Thanks DB but the temptation for a bailiff to step over might be too great, presumably if there is an unlocked gate to open and walk through then all is OK.
  5. Have to agree with E Munch, if a fence is like a foot high and say a small shrubbery that can be stemmed over, it would be down to a court, however if the bailiff was attacked by a couple of vicious cats, or a small dog lurking under the shrubbery then that would be their own fault. Especially if any door was locked.
  6. Bailiffs use of ladders to get in through a window, and climbing of fences (they wouldn't like mine as they would get hands ripped by splinters then attacked by vicious cats when they got to the other side) went out with the 2014 Regulations, and they can only get in trough an unlcked or ope door.
  7. Yes could be a final fling of desperation to get as many Default CCJ as possible before they are clamped (oops) down on.
  8. Be good if it works, but until a PPC is given a severe tolchocking by a Judge, nothing will change in the short to medium term.
  9. No point in using POPLA it doesn't exist in Scotland, the PPC hopes people will bite if they threaten enough. If they were silly enough to try court, they will get a severe tolchocking as you could never have been where the alleged breach occurred. Ignore them unless thet send a LBA then use on of ericsbrother's style letter to tell them where to go.
  10. Respond to the Claim Form using MCOL, register an account and tick Defend all. DX and the others will be along soon to give exact details of how to respond. Do NOT ignore this.
  11. Really good news, another strike against the ludicrous greedy Private Parking rip off. A judge surely has to give a PPC a real tolchocking soon with these roboclaims.
  12. Now you have paid they will likely not be bothered, matter closed as far as Council concerned. Make sure you are taken off the next bill. Others might know more.
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