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  1. Don't worry whether a PPC "Secret Squirrel" is trawling these threads, sometimes when they see how something is going they pull the plug on their action as they know they are on to a loser. Gick, have you thought of using Linux, say Mint Windows 7 is end of life next year.
  2. They will do anything including lie and cheat to stop you setting aside their claim.
  3. They want on the papers as it almost guarantees them a default judgment, when the proper DQ comes from THE COURT, insist on a proper hearing,
  4. Yes the typical, oh damn there is a robust defence that will give us problems if the defendant wants their day in court, so we will try to get it "On The Papers" best to ignore Gladdys and insist on a proper hearing,
  5. No don't say a dickie bird about planning, they usually "forget to apply" so shoot themselves in the foot, this you can use later if required.
  6. Follow the advice of the team on here and VCS will find they are in a whole world of pain, after they have been spanked by a judge, or just given up, you can go after them under GDPR.
  7. If they don't have Planning they are knackered. Lack of Planning is a Criminal matter, so no contract can be implied or offered. Others will explain more.
  8. Who is the debt with and what was the original amount at default? Crapquest might well have inflated it with spurious naughty fees.
  9. DX's link lists similar cases and how they were tackled. If a garage sells hot food it can be assumed the purchaser might well eat it at the site. so a minimum of 30 minutes is reasonable if not more. Especially if it is time for a break in say a 4 tonne Sprinter with a tachograph in which case the compulsory break may well be 45 minutes.
  10. Probably some more toilet paper from Gladdys, and if they carry on a snotty letter saying the matter is so simple the PPC will win, so they are asking for the matter to go forward "On the Papers". which is where you insist it goes to court, they like to trick people into letting them get a default as they don't want their useless Particulars of Roboclaim to be tested in court if they can get away with on the papers.
  11. No Grace given? That of itself is unfair, so any alleged contract could well be void on that head alone. Really need pics if possible, there is likely something else they have shot themselves in the foot with also in there.
  12. Gladstones will not likely comply with CPR, but that is more ammunition for you. Email is never a good idea as it gives them the opportunity to serve or give stuff to you at 11:55pm the day before a hearing and will swear blind you had the info in time. they are devious.
  13. Have you acknowledged the claim online?, that is by far the best way, acknowledgement is to the County Court.
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