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  1. If he's offering to settle he must have squeaky cheeks the team will dissect his WS and help point you in the right direction.
  2. One thing you must do is get the FINE narrative out of your head, they are not fines, they are a Speculative Invoice for breaching the terms in a Contract they allege they have by you parking in a car park they infest. Now if you made an effort to pay, or it was impossible to pay, as sole method a broken machine, and any mobile app system convoluted and difficult to use, or impossible as no mobile signal, any contract they deemed exists would be frustrated by the inability of you to make the required consideration, as in actually pay.
  3. Simon might be getting squeaky cheeks, a so is inviting you to pay something, if your defence is robust enough and his WS is going to be the usual CTRL-C CTRL-V cut 'n paste probably better to ignore
  4. If they got rid of Hancock, likely all your data still belonga Palantir and Cambridge Analytica, ass it will go ahead regardless, bet Contracts already signed.
  5. If they did go for Enforcement, might be HCEO if they lump the 2 debts together or it will be a minimum of £ 75 for Compliance letter giving option to make arrangements to pay, then £235 when they knock. If you can't afford to pay ask for a Variation to set affordable repayments with the Court, they can't argue with that, if it goes to Enforcement its a whole extra world of pain. If you can't clear them within the 28 days from Judgment, you are stuck with them on your Credit Record for 6 years
  6. They are Forthwith Judgments as well, so will have to be dealt with as are collectively way over the magic £600...... If cant be challenged and paid off in one go a variatrion Order sought to set affordable payments.
  7. Its surprising what gems you find in the "unimportant" bits. Especially if are suing Keeper.
  8. Will definitely as FTMDave indicates be a cut#. paste jonbby, is there lashings of Beavis in there to justify any Unicorn feed tax? They won't get a strike out at least they did it without sight of yours so they will have filled it with waffle and stuff of no relevance. Do put up as much as you can of it.
  9. The UK Tory Government are worse than a gang of WW 2 Spiv's or the Family Slitheen from Dr Who, the Ferengi from Star Trek TNG Hancock, Johnson and SAGE should all be in jail.
  10. If she does NHS England is toast, it will have services outsourced to a new Clinical arm of Serco, oer a US health corp that bought the NHS patient data from matty the Spiv.
  11. Was he visiting for County Court as HCEO, or as one of Marston's for a criminal fine? There will be a slightly different approach to get them away permanently. What Bailiff Co was it?
  12. It would put them on the sick list for rest of season.
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