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  1. Not when sending stuff to fleecers, is ok to Court, it gives them an avenure to cause you hassle, you might email a follow up stating that you do not accept any legal documents via email then block them.
  2. You should not have emailed snail mail, now they can submit any additional stuff last minute.
  3. If you appeal usually yo out yourself as the driver, thereby removing POFA protection for you as keeper if they don't know who the driver is.
  4. That seems ok it puts them in a spot, the last thing Simple wants is his rubbish POC and cut 'n paste WS to be challenged in a hearing.
  5. It most likely will be a phone or online during the Coronavirus crisis. If your WS has trashed his robo POC, and he thinks he will lose he might bail and discontinue.
  6. Anything they are invoiced for by Dido, Serco and other beneficiaries of the Johncock largesse might be dodgy
  7. Its just that Dido can't add up, She is to the Lords what Diane Abbott is to the Commons.
  8. You can insist on a hearing in person, by phone or online I think, your reason is you want to cross examine the person who wrote their WS on several points. Also but not given as a reason obviously is that the fleecers lies cannot be challenged if Judge is looking at paper submissions. . Others will be along soon with further pooints.
  9. Bet they didn't get fined TJ Anyway, a good take here on the mess, Dr North has coiuned a name for the Jounson, Hancock double act, Johncock, and Dido is called a female sex aid https://www.turbulenttimes.co.uk/news/corona/coronavirus-a-few-modest-proposals/
  10. Concur with DX, make sure you save and back up your proof, if they were silly enough to try a letter of Claim, a snotty letter stating have proof of payment and invite them to lose money, and pay you for a GDPR breach for accessing your information and processing it unlawfully. Appealing is useless they would refuse it.
  11. Hi Ladywop, I have had to remove your image as reference numbers and some personal info still showing. If you could obscure them by covering them rather than felt marker and re upload as a PDF please, that then only allows logged in and Registered Caggers to view it, otherwise a jpeg in the post would allow anyone browsing to see it.
  12. Acerbic takedown of Muppet Johnsn, and the Data Loss Dido debacle mthat is test & Trace. Dr North asks what will they do imposing telephone number fines that people can't pay? Well maybe they send in bailiffs to evict them and snatch their home if an Owner Occupier? Off to prison if tenant and all goods taken and sold under a new emergency power given to bailiffs to take the lot regardless? The bailiff firms will love that, they have been doing no business recently. https://www.turbulenttimes.co.uk/news/corona/coronavirus-the-cummings-dividend/
  13. take the bits out of those threads that apply to your case, then post it here as pdf for fine tuning
  14. Is best to appear, or take advantage of a telephone/online hearing, otherwise any lies or misrepresentations by Simple Simon cannot be challenged. If the WS is robust enough chances are Simple will bottle it and bail out, then you can hit him with GDPR.
  15. If you draft a WS along the lines suggested, include a photocopy of the ticket as Exhibit X related to point about they say you hadn't paid, then say well not displayed so breach of T & Cs, can't do that to you as keeper as POFA not met. A robust WS might well make Simple cut and run, he won't want to be tolchocked by a DJ for his rubbish POC and potential abuse of process. If he cries off you can hit him for around £500 for flagrant breach of GDPR. Its either WS and submit, or cough up his "generous" offer (NOT) of a reduced invoice. Or sit on hands and wait for the inevitabl
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