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  1. Doesn';t stack up on a cost/benefit calculation, plus the environmental damage, loss of habitats that will get the Eco Warriors and St Greta giving her Trump glare to the Tories.
  2. its the size of tunnel bores as well, they would need widening to allow clearance for 2 trains to pass probably. Will do some more research into the issues.
  3. Sort of HS2 would not really be able to run on other standard lines, so still not integrated in reality, so maybe updating existing is best option.
  4. The EB snotty letter speaks more of that you know they have no leg to stand on, using "their" form merely encourages them to carry on hoping you will fold and cough up if they send a Claimform
  5. Which is why they say they can't update existing infrastructure, the tunnels are not big enough to accommodate Eurostar, or Continental stock. also platforms etc
  6. Just to note that what they are doing where someone has to migrate to UK, even if there is a dispute going on, tax Credits send the details to Debt Recovery and start dragging it back at up to 30% of UC Standard allowance without a by your leave.
  7. Yes Eurostar would foul the platforms and be too big on standard infrastructure, which is why HS2 would be needed to connect the tunnel with other parts North.
  8. Yes we know about that , it's the way the Torygraph punts things, in reality commonality on loading gauges and rolling stock makes sense, but the UK loading gauge and profile is smaller than on the Continent is it not?
  9. HS2 was part of an EU designed link going back to the days of Jaques Delors An article from 2012 in the Torygraph by the late Christopher Booker is worth a read. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/9015342/The-continent-is-the-final-destination-for-HS2.html
  10. Wonder if this is a Capita infested Council, as in the Revenue back office is outsourced to Capita to run, and Capita also own bailiff companies, Equita and Ross & Roberts. Which council is this? London1971's advice is salient and make sure you tell the Councillor the office are being bull headed, and they were a bit quick getting the LO, as that will also add £50 or more to the outstanding bill, helping you repay it (NOT)>
  11. Look at the signs in the area and see if there is any way they could claim a bean for some Contract they unilaterally try to impose on you, as HB says come back if they send a Letter of Claim giving 30 days.
  12. By paying them you are undermining any case they might try to bring. pay as you are and don't stress out.
  13. They would rather believe the ludicrous dodgy research of the ERGs Shanker Singham, commonly referrerd to as 'Ol Snake Oil, rather than Bloomberg.
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