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  1. Yes which is why they were kicking off at Well'ard ( Well'ard being Drakeford thinks he is so hard doing stuff before Johnson & Sturgeon. Well'ard was Ricky Butcher's dog in Eastenders)for his one size fits all lockdown
  2. Gething should have used the Ceredigion model and brought the other LA's on board, most were willing to, didn't have to buy into the Dido Serco mashup, health is devolved after all.
  3. A great truth in that article HB, the test & trace is a shambles, and Wales bought into that system, when they culd have set up their own like the county of ceredigion did, that has kept it under control. There is rising unrest and derision and much verbal tolchocking of Drakeford on social media. he also banned halloween, so expect a children's rebellion on October 31st, some are already saying they will dress up and go out regardless, don't think police would look good trying to fine some 10 11 and 12 year olds £1,000 for breaching lockdown, press would be all over it.
  4. Well CJ, chucking money to Data Loss Dido, Serco and Sitel worked well did it? Its more that they planned for wrong disease and still haven't caught up with it. Anyway I'm tuning out, have some PC games involving mindless violence to play Its time to kick ass & chew bubblegum and I'm all outta gum.
  5. You might want to read that link CJ, but if you want to ignore that's your choice. The blogger is a PHD in Public healh with field experience in disease control, so over several posts outlined how things were controlled effectively in the past, and how they have deviated with Central C & C that has not worked so we are where we are.
  6. They are the victims hidden in plain sight, the ones let down with the first wave.
  7. Hopefully they have ironed bugs out, its the False positives that are worrying. Other issue is in Wales appointment system still iffy and the 400 mile each way trip to inverness for a test is still going on.
  8. Does anything in this blogpost hold water then CJ? http://www.eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87546 its been posted here before about ways to tackle diseases. Its evident hancock & UK Gov have messed up, but labour would have fared little better, they all planned for Flu, got a SARS, then botched a Flu plan that was wholly inappropriate, chucking cash at Data Loss Dido and Serco for a Central C & C top down system which was certain to fail given the track records of the implementers. Obviously they used 32 bit software that had limitations in how many
  9. GDPR is the regulations which mandate how they can access and process data it supercededs the provisions in Tthe data protection Act by making them stricter. they breached GDPR when they asked DVLA for keeper data as they had no lawful reason to do so she wasn't parking on land under their control, merely using a right of access, their chucking in the towel so completely is evidence of that, the y want you to go away as they know they have messed up.
  10. Agree HB they wasted valuable time and money on known losers.
  11. Well we know how Mark Drakeford thinks it should be done, he'd lock down Wales until next year if he thought Sunak would cough up the gelt to pay for it but Wales is in more of a shambles than England. As health is a devolved responsibilitythey could have done like Ceredigion in Mid Wales, where it has been controlled effectively, but no they bought into the Dido/Serco/Sitel muppetry. Local Track trace isolate treat each outbreak according to its dynamic, one size doesn't fit all. the big risk is to all other serious illness and conditions like cancer, put on the back burner to "protect" th
  12. The MSM said so? Larry the No 10 cat is more trustworthy. The original computer models were based on a Flu Plan so did they allow for SARS in their modelling?
  13. Wouldn't have time in Wales too busy defending the Border for El Presidente Drakeford.
  14. Point is TJ Ceredigion put their own Test & Trace and systems in, so kept infections down, had Wales followed that way, we wouldn't be in such a mess now cardiff bay Labour doesn't understand or listen to anything from North of Merthyr.
  15. Might be better to drop CC get them to pay your CC cost then go after them as a new move under GDPR easy win there as by their own admission and actions have admitted they had no right to access and process your data.
  16. Of course they haven't factored in the False Positives either the App is far from foolproof due to the Bluetooth tech used. On another note Mark Drakeford is being a muppet . He is regarded as a useless Cardiff Boyo in the North, he pre decided a lockdown while claiming no decision yet, misleading the Senedd Now it looks like hospital appointments will be cancelled for duration of lockdown, they aren't confirming they can go ahead. Gething was caught in a BBC Wales interview stating businesses MUST close so Welsh Gov can claim the brass to pay then compensation during lockdow
  17. Drakeford is hated in North Wales, he is regarded as a champion onanist here.
  18. Meanwhile Drakeford in Wales is mulling over a COMPLETE Lockdown to close ALL business forf 2 - 3 weeks and confine us to our homes, Plaid are crowing for him to do it as of right now, panic Buying inbound over the weekend in Wales and no pesky English allowed in after 6pm tonight https://nation.cymru/news/first-minister-confirms-hell-defy-johnson-and-stop-travel-into-wales-from-covid-hotspots-at-6pm/ https://nation.cymru/news/news-in-brief-plaid-cymru-calls-for-covid-19-circuit-breaker-without-delay/ https://nation.cymru/news/first-minister-conf
  19. @ TJIs Cummings a closet Eugenicist, like Billy Gates, and George Bernard Shaw was?
  20. In the bailiff archive you will find threads where a Liability Order was sought for a debt of £1 and escalated to over £400 when the bailiff knocked, North East Lincolnshire Council was one that did just that. Mind you in a funny moment, a pub landlord has renamed his pub The Three Bellends, with images of Johnson, Hancock and Cummings, who would look perfect as a garden Gnome as a Spitting Image puppet https://metro.co.uk/2020/10/14/wirral-pub-mocks-three-bellends-johnson-hancock-and-cummings-with-new-sign-13423981/
  21. With great difficulty, as the "For Work or Education" exemption still applies, but Drakeford would like to close that and stop all movement out of the home county. lee has to go to London next week and Edinburgh week after to sort out site IT, he cannot stay overnight, as overnight stays in Tier 2/3 hotspots not permitted, so might have to go to Scotland with him, kip in car and drive back, while he kips.
  22. Drakeford bans English & Scottish from hotspots from entering Wales Of course in North Wales there are a great many who work in the English Hotspots and commute daily........... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/14/wales-to-ban-visitors-from-covid-hotspots-in-england https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-54540764 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8839829/Wales-ban-people-parts-UK-high-Covid-rates-entering.html
  23. lets have a step back in time and consider if we had had local track trace & isolate, Nightingales used for that purpose rather than being left empty, and not filled the general hospitals with covid making them reservoirs of infection http://www.eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87546
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