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  1. For a Civil Debt they would have to have a Controlled Goods Order with the items properly listed and a copy sined by the debtor. before they could apply to force entry.
  2. Yes thanks both Have been on the phone to a UC call centre today to help someone in my Council ward, they said that there is NO paper based system, but if someone is blind or has a vulnerability that makes it difficult to access then what TomTom has linked to is a way to do it. That mythbuster link is very useful indeed. DWP are known for pushing easy options (for them) but will help at a Jobcentre if no other way.
  3. It will depend on what name was on the V5 at DVLA at the time of the issue of the PCN, if you could respond to BA we can advise further.
  4. Thanks for that info TomTom, they try their utmost to force them down the digital route where I live.
  5. Here is a link to the DWP online guide to claiming Universal Credit, there are videos explaining the process here. https://www.understandinguniversalcredit.gov.uk/making-a-claim/how-to-claim/
  6. They have to claim and access through an Online account and keep in touch by using the online Journal, enter changes jobsearch details. The application is done online and takes over an hour, if no access to computer at home might have to use Library computers if available. https://www.understandinguniversalcredit.gov.uk/making-a-claim/how-to-claim/ https://tech.newstatesman.com/news/universal-credit-tech-problem https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/Making-an-online-claim-Universal-Credit
  7. But get a free proof of posting, as it will be deemed delivered after 3 - 5 second class days
  8. Well It is designed to recreate a 21st Century Workhouse says the UN UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty said the welfare safety net has been "systematically and starkly eroded" since the Conservatives took power in 2010.
  9. Thanks CitizenB keep us posted, UC is a complete messup . There are stats showing that due to either no access to IT or lack of IT literacy, average 19% of people eligible will be unable to successfully claim UC,
  10. So as myself and HB reckon still worth a punt.
  11. Beavis is of no consequence here it is a prohibition not a Contract, you haven't agreed to any Contract that allows them to charge you £100, £160, or even one penny. As ericsbrother says the Byelaws hold precedence over anything VCS can do.
  12. That disclosure and the fact that a wrong entry of Reg No is de-minimis, so a trifle might be enough to discourage them from trying ourt, but blinded by greed they might be silly.
  13. Always worth a try, and the Residency thing will resolve itself after 6 months, they used to use the habitual Residence test back in the day to prevent someone from Liverpool say claiming in Rhyl. Has he looked at a benefit calculator like on turn2Us? This is the link to the UC from UKGov site https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit
  14. Room to argue with Estimates, did you have a proper opening and final meter reading as you say a meter was in a bad position?
  15. Hi CitizenB UC has been problematic at best. He will have an interview at nearest Jobcentre where they will discuss what he must to to look for work, Claimant Commitment etc. he might get knocked back and be refused as if he only came back permanently 2 weeks ago they may say he fails the Residency test. Unclebulgaria could likely provide some info also. He will have to wait 5 weeks for a first payment, and should if accepted for UC be able to get an advance payment, but that of itself is problematic due to the rate of recovery being high from their ongoing benefit. Most of it is done online with access through an online account. 19% of people average will not be able to claim UC due to their not having access to IT or unable to use the technology. https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/people/british-job-hunter-told-he-cant-claim-any-benefits-after-spending-time-in-spain/
  16. Thanks, thought there would be a way of nailing them. Post back when you have a result please so we can help further if required.
  17. Best Post, You don't want to email anything as it gives them another way to harass or send stuff at last minute 2002 they need an original agreement with the original T & C's. Sure other Caggers will be along soon also with advice.
  18. If that is Letter before Action, yes they will issue a claim all addresses are up to date? They love it where they can send stuff to an old address to get a naught Default. If you are sure it is 6 years even if it will be 6 years just before the 30 days up, send SB letter as it should be Statute barred They will have to prove it isn't if they make a Claim.It should be possible to rebut, as you would ask for sight of all documents they rely on including a signed Agreemewnt if pre 2007 cannot be a reconstituted Agreement. When was the Card taken out?
  19. If deffo over 6 years, send the SB letter from CAG libray as a reply and don't fill in and send anything else back, check credit files to make sure first. What was date of default and when was last payment made?
  20. Can't be a Contract if no PP as no PP is criminal, and you cannot contract with criminal, sure look up some of ericsbrothers posts on lack of PP in threads
  21. Could you post the documents as pdf with personal details redacted, and have they given you 30 days to respond and will issue a claim after that?
  22. Chances are there are discrepancies in the bills that make the amount on the claim inaccurate and possibly overstated.
  23. Thanks for updating, you should take some further advice on this, Its stressful but a large amount of income fr you is at stake.
  24. And do not fill in and send back any of their paperwork, I & E etc, that will only make them think they can get you to pay something, just the ericsbrother missive nothing else as said by DX.
  25. There is no need to water down ericsbrother's letters, the recipients are well aware they are cruising for a bruising (The late Muhammad Ali) if they persist in their futile actins so they are good to send as is.
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