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  1. DCBL are acting as DCA NOT bailiffs here, t a bailiff could only become involved with several IF's The PPC takes you to court and you lose, AND the judgment sum was for more than £600. They rely on using the Ch5 Can't pay reputation to scare people.
  2. Excellent If they did try it on your victory would be part of your evidence for the subsequent case if they fancy another tolchocking by a DJ.
  3. There was nothing other than that letter from DCBL before the Claimform, that doesn't look like a compliant Letter Before claim
  4. Also where do you get the idea its an Offence, it isn't Parking and leaving the site might be unenforceable especially if by CCTV as is another ball game with GDPR, unless an operative was on site saw yo walk off. But its no Fine never can be, so the Team will look at best way to counter their Invoice, as that's what it is an Invoice for breaching a Contract they aver you entered into by parking there.
  5. They would be ill advised to try a claim, given what we now know about the site and signage, but they are blinded by greed .
  6. Yes they are scared that your defence is sound and they are going to lose, they can't even get the document format right, PFD Format think they mean PDF. Best course is to tell them you are not accepting ANY documentation by Email in any format.
  7. If you answer the questions in the sticky linked by DX we can see exactly where you are at, but its not a Fine and never can be a FINE its a Civil Invoice for breaching a term in a Contract they deeem you to have breached for daring to park in an area they infest. The invoice is a Parking Charge Notice, never a Fine.
  8. Whatever the signage says incorrect entry is de-minimis, and anyway many cheapo ANPR fleecers use has a hissy fit with O and 0, and I and 1 5 and S
  9. Its by attending you kill their pig for them, an" On The Paper's" allows the fleecer to introduce downright lies that you can't challenge as you are not present to challenge them.
  10. People have lost trust in the App, as its allegedly pinging neighbours inside their home from next door with whom they have had no physical contact and possibly drivers in cars on a Motorway in a jam They are adjacent and close enough to ping but no physical contact but all then must isolate. Another take on NHS response from Dr North Covid: the curse of the district generals | Turbulent Times WWW.TURBULENTTIMES.CO.UK Well, today's the day when it is supposed to be all happening, yet I don't think there's anyone in the and who knows how this is going to play out –...
  11. Answer the questions in the sticky posted by HB in Post# 2 please then we can see exactly what you are up against.
  12. Meanwhile Drakeford is issuing dire warnings of collar's felt if English visiting the seaside in Wales don't follow Welsh Rules. In reality he would like to make England a Red List and impose Quarantine on English coming in, and Welsh coming home from England. he can't as there is much cross border work travel both ways. Would Boris have been better doing it the Drakeford Junta way?
  13. Reminds you of what Napoleon said in Animal Farm regarding equality. This App is a disaster, in some ways but with Dido Data loss at the helm you could never expect anything else. It will definitely cause a Pingdemic that will cripple the UK, as NHS staff and Civil Servants are pinged. Its already affecting retail.
  14. Uk is now a Pingocracy, locked down by the back door, as Johnson tries to umm, er, ahh, em umm, eh his way out of it. Its gone all Franz Kafka
  15. The forgetting to erect signs is often on purpose so they can have an initial feeding frenzy like a load of seagull's squabbling over a chip, that though with the 6 month gap with no proper signage should hang them out to dry. Local press are variable and they still buy into the FINE trope, time they got a grip and called them what they are an Invoice for breach of an alleged contract entered into by hapless motorist daring to park in their feeding grounds. Sentinel is now Reach Group along with many local rags, so part of same group as Daily Mirror. Sentinel used to be a great paper, must have gone down to commonality with the other Reach titles.
  16. Ask Yodel if they have a photo of the delivery address door where it was posted, that's something that is mandatory for DPD courier's its encoded into the delivery sequence on the PDA, Not sure if Yodel do that but it might be worth a shot for l;ater as it wn't match your door.
  17. Does look like a scare, they know they are on shaky ground with Residential parking, given there are decided cases that illustrate Occupier's usually have a supremacy of Conttact unless there is something specific in any lease or Tenancy agreement.
  18. Ezzyhaul are liable for their conmtractor's shenanigans, Euro car parts should get together with their ripped off customer's and threaten Ezzyhaul with something like their cowboys are becoming a Restraint on their trade, or something,.
  19. Which is were you get them, as ignorance of Law is no defence. Even a Golf buddy judges should pick up on the criminal element if no PP sadly some gloss over and disregard it.
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