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  1. All they will do at the moment is send threatening letters and some will be from powerless paper Tiger DCA's.
  2. I would concur with UB as you appear to have terminated the agreement correctly as per clause 7.
  3. They are very likely to have made mistakes that would be fatal to any claim they made.
  4. It an obtuse way as DX indicates was a good job you didn't appeal Take a photo of both sides of the PCN and convert it to pdf and upload it/
  5. So this wasn't a windcscreen ticket, was a notice to keeper through the post, now on Private land a loading bay is not enforceable, and before DX jumps in with some proper advice, its NOT A Fine, its a speculative Invoice for breach of a term in a contract the allege you entered into by daring to park ob land they infest Just a couple of questions, at the time you parked you definitely didn't see any "Prominent" signage stating was loading bay etc? Other thing was your appeal outed you as the driver, but all is not lost anyway.
  6. They would be very silly to try court as already stated, so little to worry about for now bar some frighteningly worded demands from the paper Tiger DRP.
  7. Don't think simple will be too happy when he views that video, as it will have to be part of any WS as an exhibit. Might make him cut and run.
  8. Are they pursuing you as Keeper or your wife as Driver, looks like you mightt have outed her as driver but all not lost, they can do diddly to tour credit score unless they get a CCJ, and that is not a certainty for them especially as you will have good evidence to challenge any claim.
  9. according to OP's original it was an emegency appointment at a MH Unit, so will be room to challenge. Go and enjoy your break plenty of time to deal with this and they usually mess up somewhere in the paperwork chain that kills their chances anyway.
  10. Charles is a bosom buddy of WEF Fuhrer Klaus Schwab, whose father was one of Hitler's crew, also his late uncle Edward supported Hitler so we are told. All likely high ranking Masons
  11. So raise a phone and say smile for the YouTube video, they usually leg it rapido then. But best policy just say nothing and close the door.
  12. They likely do want a bigger monthly payment so have started a Threatogram chain.
  13. Yes Oldham Council are a nasty sort of crowd, they send police to harass victims of mainly Pakistani Grooming gangs
  14. Khan and Prince Charles need the Serious Fraud Office to investigate them it may seem.
  15. They are all useless, this might be of interest Politics: a strange business | Turbulent Times WWW.TURBULENTTIMES.CO.UK I really don’t want to write another piece about the Tory leadership contest. And even though the Sunday newspapers are full of it, they don’t really have...
  16. If one ever came to the door and you find are a TVL Goon, say nothing and close the door, they are powerless, and the letter's will keep coming if you don't repond the second cycle likely will not be to you but to The Legal Occupier. You are under no obligation to contact or deal with TVL in any way shape or form. Plenty of information about their shenanigans here: TV Licensing TV-LICENSING.BLOGSPOT.COM Your unofficial guide to television licence rules, regulations, loopholes and enforcement in the UK.
  17. That must pay within 5 minutes is an albatross around any case they might try under that term
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