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  1. Thanks again Dave. I'll save those links to have a read of over the weekend and decide how to proceed next week. I tried calling the court today to confirm that the notice of discontinuation was genuine but I can't get through to them. I've emailed them anyway just to check. I can't imagine PE trying to pull a fast one by sending a fake notice and hoping they get a default judgement, but at the same time I wouldn't put it past them. I'd like to think that kind of behaviour would get them royally screwed six ways from sunday if they were to try it. But we'll see. Cheers CD
  2. Update!! Arrived home tonight to find a letter from ParkingLie. They have discontinued the claim. There's a copy of a Notice of Discontinuance on the back that's dated March 8th. Just over a week after they sent their £70 settlement offer. I'll be contacting the court tomorrow to make sure that this is legit and they're not trying to pull a fast one. Thanks everyone for your help with this. Now on to the claim for the GDPR breach... Thanks CD
  3. WS deadline is the 19th, hence my surprise that PE sent theirs so early. I'm looking at getting everything printed off and posted at the end of tomorrow at the absolute latest.
  4. Cheers Dave, I couldn't have done it without you. Top man. LFI: Of course you'd think they'd realise they're beaten already but this is Parking Eye we're talking about here, so anything could happen. If it goes ahead "on the papers" then there won't be any expenses incurred with regards to attending court (which also fists their "legal representation" argument). Hopefully we get a decent judge who either schedules this for a normal hearing, or just strikes the thing out entirely. Of course there's a chance that all of this could be for nothing if they've neglected or simply forgotten to pay the hearing fee. It was due to be paid yesterday by 2pm so we'll see what happens on that one. Thanks again both of you for the help. CD
  5. Top notch service as always. Thanks Dave and LFI. I'm currently applying a new coat of gloss to my WS based on the suggestions mentioned. I'll post a new draft up shortly for consideration. Thanks CD
  6. Legendary, cheers Dave. I've updated the first part as you suggested and have inserted a section regarding Loading vs Parking. I'll wait until you've had a proper look later before I post up a second draft. Thanks, as always for your help CD
  7. Perfect, thanks Dave. Yes, the remaining parts of their "pack" were an aerial shot of the site, with the locations of the signs marked, pictures of random signs, copies of the NTK and all the letters they'd sent, plus the heavily redacted contract. Rest assured I'll be including the non-redacted version as part of my evidence. Basically as far as I can tell it was a carbon copy of the "reply to defence" pack they sent a couple of months ago. Hence why I didn't see the need to include it all again, plus it'd have taken me ages to scan it all one page at a time but I can do if it's necessary. Cheers CD
  8. Right, PE's witness statement and my own are now (hopefully) attached. Thanks CD PE_WitnessStatement_Redacted.pdf Draft Witness Statement - Redacted.pdf
  9. Morning all. Received the witness statement and "evidence bundle" from Parking Eye. Unsurprisingly they're happy for this to go ahead on the papers. No surprises there. The claimant also has until 2.00pm today to pay the hearing fee, or else the claim gets struck out. Will wait and see what happens here. I'm going to try and get this scanned up for your perusal today, and also my first draft at a witness statement, as I'll likely need to get this in by the end of the week regardless.
  10. My thoughts exactly. They must have cottoned on to the fact that I have their unredacted contract which should sink their case and hopefully land them in hot water. I'm now wondering if they're going to bottle out before the hearing or whether they'll try and see it through. An update received from the court today; The District Judge has made the following comments: “Objection to lay on file for consideration by the Judge on the date at the time of the hearing as per paragraph 2 of the order of 24/1/24” So it looks like this is not going to get looked at until the day of the hearing at the earliest. Means I'm going to have to get my witness statement and evidence pack in order in case it does go ahead on the papers. I'll start putting something together and post it up here for feedback once I have a first draft.
  11. Hi JK. It wasn't that I didn't plan to, I just didn't realise that it was necessary as this was a request to the court and didn't concern the other party. Doesn't matter now, as it's sorted. Nothing back from the court yet but I did receive a letter from ParkingEye today offering to settle for £70, not the £200-odd that they're claiming in court. I'm almost half tempted to write back to them to say "give ME the £70 for wasting my time with this rubbish and I won't countersue you for the GDPR breach".
  12. Yes that is encouraging. Have sent it to info@parkingeye.co.uk and to the court again, this time confirming that they have been sent it. Fingers crossed that'll be sufficient. Thanks as always for the prompt response Dave. I'll keep you posted as to developments. Cheers CD
  13. I CC'd that one but I got a bounced back message. Doesn't matter now though I've had a response this morning though from the hearings team. Stating that due to civil procedure rule 39.8 I need to copy in all parties on my objection. I'm guessing I just need to write a short letter to ParkingEye advising them that I am objecting to the paper hearing, but in my letter to them I don't need to deep dive into the reasons why? Or in the interest of transparency should I just forward my email in a letter to ParkingEye as it is, so they can't claim shenanigans later on? Thanks CD
  14. Saw that, there was no specific "listings" email. I tried phoning them earlier to find out but had to hang up after 30 minutes on hold. I'm sending it to the enquiries address listed at the top and CC'ing it into cardiff@administrativecourtoffice.justice.gov.uk as this seems to be the closest thing they have. Fingers crossed that'll be sufficient. My sincere thanks to everyone who has helped with this so far. I'll keep you posted. Regards CD
  15. Ahh I'm with you now. I've got the enquiries address already but I'll try and find a listings address for Cardiff CC as well. Thanks for your assistance with this. Cheers CD
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