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  1. Just out of curiosity how did you have a conversation with a police officer/civilian police staff member on the phone if you are deaf?
  2. Interacting with LPS now in any way, shape or form will get you nowhere. If it ever did proceed to court you can bet they'd bring it up to try to discredit you in front of a judge. It'd probably work too, as that kind of behaviour is never excusable. They may even report you to the police just to cause you more hassle. Do not speak to them in any way, either in person or by telephone. Keep all communications to writing.
  3. Letter here, apologies for the quality but I don't have access to a document scanner at the moment.
  4. I too have had one of these letters from Sky within the last week. I haven't been downloading anything but there's 4 other people in the house who could potentially have done so. It doesn't really give much info regarding, other than saying that "we've had to give them your details due to a court order they've taken out. Expect them to write to you soon." I'm expecting a threat-o-gram through the post in the next few weeks, probably demanding several hundred pounds. The laughable thing would be that you most likely could buy the DVD of whatever it is that they're claiming I ripped off for about a tenner, so even if I did rip them off, this is the most they possibly could have lost. And that'd be assuming it was them selling the film in the first place. I'll try to get a scan of the letter up in the next day or two.
  5. UKCPS are absolutely toothless. I received the very same "14 day notice before the matter is issued into court" letter about 2 months ago now, and despite me writing back saying "fine, I'll see you there, bring cake", I've heard precisely jack-all since. You've replied as much as can be reasonably expected, so ignore them from this point on. Only respond to them if actual stamped court papers arrive, but frankly you've more chance of finding Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket on your doormat in the morning.
  6. You'll in all likelihood get the "10 day notice before the matter is issued into court" letter. They will have probably increased the amount owing to £125 as well with no explanation or breakdown of what this is for. I had this letter on 29th July and I'm still waiting for my court papers. Utter shower of unwiped arses they are.
  7. Hi, I have had several run ins recently with UKCPS and the IAS. I would submit the appeal to IAS anyway, even though there is zero chance of the appeal succeeding. That way though you have covered yourself by liasing with them as much as can be reasonably expected. UKCPS almost certainly won't take it to court unless they think they have an easy win. I've been taunting them to take me to court but they haven't, yet.... IAS simply don't allow appeals. The GPEOL argument won't work as they will simply say that in their opinion it doesn't need to represent a genuine loss since the charge is not for a breach of contract. They claim that the charge is a pre-agreed sum for not abiding by their rules and that your car being there is indicative of your consent to pay the charge. They recently tried to claim £100 for an hour's parking after my grandfather's disabled badge slid off the dashboard. I wouldn't have been at all surprised if their trained chimp rocked the car to get it to fall off - stranger things have happened. In the appeal they stated that "any driver who parks in a disabled space without a blue badge has entered into an agreement to pay this charge". My response was that you would have to be certifiably mental or filthy rich to agree to pay £100 for an hour's parking. For comparison a space in the most expensive car park in Britain was recently sold for £480,000 in an underground car park in Kensington. By the IPCs maths, parking at the slightly less prestigious Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff will set you back a whopping £873,600 annually at £100p/h. The most laughable thing is that the "Independent" Appeals Service is owned and operated by the IPC, the very same trade organisation that UKCPS pay to be a member of. How they can possibly claim to be independent based on that is completely beyond me. When you break it down like this, it really does become clear what an absolute shower of unprincipled cowboys they really are.
  8. Exactly as you suspect. POFA does not apply North of the border, so they cannot chase the keeper. You can safely ignore them in this case.
  9. Update! Nearly 8 full weeks after my IAS appeal was rejected, UKCPS have gotten back in touch. I was beginning to think they'd forgotten. It looks like they're skipping the nasty DCA letters altogether and have gone straight in with a 10 day notice before legal action letter. They have also added on £25 to the amount owing (now £125) without stating what this additional fee is for. I have a feeling that'd go against them if it ever went to court. I highly doubt it'll ever go near a court but I'll start getting my evidence together just in case.
  10. Seriously? It's not a penalty, penalties on private land are illegal. If it was pay and display and the OP didn't realise, the most they should even consider offering to pay would be the cost of the P&D ticket, no more than a couple of quid. Not the spurious charge that the PPC makes up that doesn't represent any kind of actual loss. You have the POPLA code so appeal to them, there are plenty of examples on this board and others of templates that you could use, although if you use a template, be sure to tailor it to fit your circumstances, but make sure you include that the charge is not a Genuine Pre-Estimate of Loss (GPEOL).
  11. I know this car park very well. Do nothing yet, wait and see if you receive an NTK. Keep the ticket and receipt safe in case they do come after you, as this proves that you paid the required fee, and negates any claim that they may have. They have to send the NTK between 29 and 56 days from the date of the event, but if they've mucked up writing down the reg number, they may find themselves out of time.
  12. Just out of curiousity whereabouts in Cardiff was this? I got caught a few weeks ago doing 39 in what I thought was a 40, but turned out to be a 30. Wondering if it's the same spot.
  13. Was this an ANPR capture or a ticket stuck to the windscreen? Parking Eye almost always rely on ANPR. If so, they're well out of time to claim anything from the keeper. All your father will need to do is write back to PE, deny being the driver and request a POPLA code, this costs them in the region of £27 to provide this. Come back when you have this code and we will give you help with the appeal.
  14. I'd take down the attachment and redact the reference number and your name before re-uploading. I'm guessing you've ignored them up completely up until now, meaning you've almost certainly lost your chance to appeal to the adjudicator (POPLA), although this might be worth a try. As UKCPS were members of the BPA at this point (before they jumped ship to the IPC at the start of this year), they may still allow you access to POPLA if requested. UKCPS shouldn't be quoting the Court of Appeal ruling (the Beavis case) since this is currently awaiting a further appeal at the Supreme Court. In any event, that was for a very specific set of circumstances which almost certainly do not apply in your case (Beavis wasn't anything to do with parent and child spaces). It certainly doesn't set a cast iron case precedent that legitimises their entire operation. In any case your parking event took place over 2 years before the Beavis ruling so I don't see how they can rely on that now. UKCPS are absolutely toothless and will in all probability not take you to court. They're known as being one of the more particularly clueless PPCs. They're just sending you these letters now in the hope of scaring you into coughing up. I've got a case with them currently running and I'm practically begging them to take me to court but they won't bite, sadly.
  15. ANPR = Within 14 days Windscreen NTD = Between 29 and 56 days Anything else is non compliant with POFA and they lose the right to chase the keeper. Usually doesn't stop them from trying though.
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