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  1. Cheers Dave. Do you have a link to that case or any further details on it? I already have plenty of notes and photos saved, also links to numerous articles about relevant case law etc. I'm happy to continue to file their correspondence into the round filing cabinet unless they nut up and try taking me to court. I've spoken to the resident and she's stated that if it does end up going to court, she's happy to give a signed statement confirming that she is the leaseholder of the apartment and the corresponding parking space and has given my driver full permission to b
  2. Thanks DX. I appealed to the PPC and also to POPLA as the keeper, and have never identified the driver. Their NTK paperwork is non-compliant with POFA anyway as it does not identify the creditor or state the time period that the vehicle was parked. I'm happy to continue ignoring them, just wanted to double check that there wasn't anything else I needed to do. Thanks CD
  3. Hi all. Long time no see. I used to frequent this part of the forum many years ago but my knowledge in this area may be a bit out of date. I've been involved with a bit of a long running battle with a company called NSGL Ltd over the last 6 months or so. The driver of my vehicle has been visiting a friend at her apartment complex which has it's parking areas managed by NSGL. Said resident has an allocated parking space but does not own a car so the driver uses that space whenever they visit. However the driver has collected approximately
  4. I'm in a similar position myself, I'm just in the process of buying a new property following a divorce. What I found is that as a general rule, anything that's purchased before the Decree Absolute is granted is technically a joint marital asset and she could make a claim for part of it. Issues with child custody are sorted out at the family court and this can be expensive so it'd be in your interest to try an independent mediation to try to agree these things in advance. Your solicitor is right, if you're serious about divorcing you need to initiate this process before you do any
  5. Hi BF I've heard back from the ex's solicitor today. She's advised that this appears to be an error on the court's part that they were not aware of. They've now written to the courts asking for the sealed order to be updated to reflect the amended order under the slip rule. So fingers crossed, looks like this may be sorted. Thanks for your assistance with this. I'll keep you posted on how it progresses.
  6. Hi there. This sounds like an absolute trainwreck in slow motion. As far as I know there's no such thing as an automatic right in law for the mother to be able to live where her children currently reside. Plus I'm not sure why the police would force you to let her back in as surely this would be a civil matter rather than a criminal one, unless they were just "keeping the peace". It'd be interesting to see that letter she produced if you still have it. What's your current living situation? If you're renting and if it's just your name on the rental agreement then sh
  7. Thanks BF. I've sent them an email as follows; If I haven't heard back from them within a few days I'll follow it up by post, and see where it goes from there.
  8. Thanks BF. The only thing I can think of is that they may claim that they never received the signed amended order. I communicated my intention to return it via email and then sent the signed paper copy the next day. However it was about 3 months ago and I can't remember if I sent it via recorded delivery or not. If they claim to have not received it I'm not sure what more I can do.
  9. Hi Bankfodder Yes, your take on the events is pretty much spot-on. The court, in their financial order decided for whatever reason that I should be eligible for the costs, the breakdown of this was £550 court fees, plus my ex-wife's solicitors fees of £250 plus VAT, making £850 total. I communicated my intention to her solicitors to appeal to the court regarding the costs as I felt this was unfair. They responded with a revised offer of a 50/50 split as they were keen to put this thing to bed quickly, and my appeal could potentially have drawn it out for several mor
  10. Hi all It's been a long time since I've used this site, I used to be a frequent poster, mainly in the parking subforums. I'll try and keep this as concise as possible, although it may get a bit confusing, so apologies in advance. Also I hope this is the right subforum for such a matter, but I couldn't see anything more specific for divorces/family law. So here goes.. My now ex-wife and I divorced last year, after our relationship broke down due to irreconcilable differences. She initiated the divorce proceedings so was the petitioner, I was the responden
  11. Just out of curiosity how did you have a conversation with a police officer/civilian police staff member on the phone if you are deaf?
  12. Interacting with LPS now in any way, shape or form will get you nowhere. If it ever did proceed to court you can bet they'd bring it up to try to discredit you in front of a judge. It'd probably work too, as that kind of behaviour is never excusable. They may even report you to the police just to cause you more hassle. Do not speak to them in any way, either in person or by telephone. Keep all communications to writing.
  13. Letter here, apologies for the quality but I don't have access to a document scanner at the moment.
  14. I too have had one of these letters from Sky within the last week. I haven't been downloading anything but there's 4 other people in the house who could potentially have done so. It doesn't really give much info regarding, other than saying that "we've had to give them your details due to a court order they've taken out. Expect them to write to you soon." I'm expecting a threat-o-gram through the post in the next few weeks, probably demanding several hundred pounds. The laughable thing would be that you most likely could buy the DVD of whatever it is that they're claiming I ripp
  15. UKCPS are absolutely toothless. I received the very same "14 day notice before the matter is issued into court" letter about 2 months ago now, and despite me writing back saying "fine, I'll see you there, bring cake", I've heard precisely jack-all since. You've replied as much as can be reasonably expected, so ignore them from this point on. Only respond to them if actual stamped court papers arrive, but frankly you've more chance of finding Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket on your doormat in the morning.
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