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  1. Thanks DX definitely not. there is some spiel at the bottom quoting 4th Nov 15, Supreme Court, PE v Beavis saying PE charges are binding.
  2. I’ve just got back from my hols and found another letter dated 19th July. It says the requirements of Sch 4 of PoFA in respect of keeper liability have now been satisfied, and my 29 days have passed, and Parkingeye has the right to recover any unpaid part of the parking charge from you, the registered keeper. the amount payable is £90 required within 14 days (so I think this has passed now) if this letter is ignored further action may include referring to a CRA etc does this all sound par for the course?
  3. Thanks FTM shameless aren’t they. Treating very very good customers like criminals. Safe to say it’s the last time I’ll be shopping at that store again. Maybe karma will catch up with it one day.
  4. Dear Mr. Our Ref: Re: Parking Charge Notice Thank you for your recent email. This matter has been escalated to the customer service management team. I was sorry to hear you were unhappy with our previous responses as it is never our intention to cause further upset. I am writing to advise that the information provided in our previous emails is correct. We are unable to intervene and appeal this charge on your behalf. Please follow the instruction on the parking charge notice you received to get this matter resolved. Nevertheless, all your comments regarding this matter have been noted. Thank you again for your contact. Yours sincerely, For and on behalf of Lidl Great Britain Limited Ms Stonyte Customer Service
  5. Many thanks much appreciated will do. they are total cowards saying they can’t cancel it, as Fitness First have shown how very easy it is to have a parkingeye PCN cancelled in the blink of an eye. It is a complete cop out
  6. i don’t sorry. I have already printed off my bank statement tho, and deleted the personal bits, if you want me to upload that? I’ve just called them direct. And their advice was for me to lodge an appeal as they think I’d have a good chance of having it cancelled.
  7. Thanks Dave, and thanks again to all for your brilliant advice as always. I've learned a lesson here, I honesty wasn't aware of such a short, or even non existent parking period. How are these companies allowed to get away with these stunts, it really is disgusting. I know there was signage there, but I assumed it was the usual periods, there was certainly no dramatic signage at the entrance, to which this parking period would truly deserve. Anyway thanks again
  8. my response today… Thank you for providing the letter picture, we have now sent this off to parking eye to get cancelled with immediate effect.
  9. Dear Mr. XXXXXXX Our Ref: 7xxxxxxx Re: Parking Charge Notice Thanks for getting in touch. I was sorry to learn that you received a parking charge. I appreciate this must be frustrating for you. In order to ensure our customers are able to park without waiting for a space we have Car Park Management in place with time restrictions on length of stay. You can appeal the parking charge you have received. This appeal would need to be placed in writing by yourself. Doing so allows you to retain your right to formally appeal any decisions made. Details of the appeals procedure can be found on the reverse of the Parking Charge Notice you received. When raising your appeal please include the following information: - Parking Charge Notice Number - Vehicle Registration Number To further support your appeal please attach / enclose any of the applicable following documents: - Lidl store receipt or proof of shopping with us - Disabled badge holder evidence - Further documentation which may support your case The Car Park Management Company will then conduct your appeal and communicate the outcome to you directly in writing. We hope that your appeal is brought to a speedy conclusion. Thank you for contacting us. Yours sincerely, For and on behalf of Lidl Great Britain Limited Anita Mcarthur Customer Service
  10. Lidl have responded this morning washing their hands of it, asking me to appeal direct to parkingeye
  11. Thanks DX, I've emailed 'disputes' now.
  12. I've just called Fitness First in Wigan, and apparently they will cancel the ticket for me. Apparently there is a 5 min grace period, but they have said I can disregard it now.
  13. Thanks LFI I'll do that. I'm sure I know the answer, but in any case I should ignore the letter and charge for now?
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