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  1. Hi DX I've had a start at looking at this tonight. It seems like such a mountain to climb now. Wrt to the WS, is the 'no stopping' the most appropriate for me, or more general parking ticket 'offences'? The ones that I have looked at seem to refer to a different type of scenario which is worrying me a little. It just seems like a case of not seeing the wood for the trees. I'm sure it will all clear up with time.
  2. Hi DX The previous letter gave all that. This letter begins with "This order replaces any previous order". As far as I can see, there is no other things left for me to do on this current letter, other than send the stuff over 14 days in advance.
  3. Hi I've just received N24 General Form of Judgement. It says my hearing will be heard on the telephone. I'm booked in for 23rd October. I guess this is the stage now where I need to prepare my case for the judge? Any advice you can offer appreciated as always.
  4. Just an update, Zenith Collections have now just issued a Notice of Debt Recovery. "The current amount outstanding is £160." "We are prepared to accept a reduced figure of £136, to avoid the possible necessity and expense of court action." Which is nice. It says debt recovery has been transferred to Zenith so I'm guessing from Debt Recovery Plus previously...
  5. Thanks BN I take it this is a good sign then like you say. I certainly won’t be making any payments to them.
  6. Just to update, VCS have now sent me a letter ‘trying to resolve the dispute’ by making me a reduced offer of £145, payable within 14 days.
  7. Thanks LFI, the more ammunition the better, and I am always grateful for that.
  8. Thanks DX i was a bit hasty posting it up. Mind you, legal letters are just so unconventional the way key dates just blend into text. In any other kind of letters these dates would be given paragraphs on their own. This is the legal world I am now well and truly entrenched in though! Anyway, I'll keep reading up on the website, and as you say this forum.
  9. Thanks lookingforinfo, I was completely unaware of that. That is pretty compelling stuff from the judge and hopefully helps reign these people in more.
  10. Ah sorry i missed that bit. So is that the next stage? As you say, seems like a bit of a gap then between that date, and the 14 days prior to date.
  11. Hi all Just received my N157 Notice of Allocation to the small claims track. They've booked me in for a date in October. I take it this is the part I need to put my case together in more depth? Thanks
  12. Just to update, I've now received a N271 Notice of transfer of proceedings to my local court...
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