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  1. Hi all ive just received a PCN from Halton Borough Council for failing to pay the bridge toll on time. This was a completely genuine oversight. The system is completely flawed anyway and designed to trip you up. Has anyone else ever received one of these, and should I pay it? its currently set at £20 but will go up to £40 after 14 days, however I made the crossing twice during the day so I will need to pay double this. Thanks
  2. Thanks DX. Letter sent now. Ive also had a look at the cases EB mentioned earlier, which is all very interesting reading like you said. It’s reassuring to know cases have been won against them, and its amazing what lengths they seem to go to, to try and reel you in.
  3. Thanks Ericsbrother. I’m just amazed that 3 years down the road these people are still at it. Is this a new tactic or an old chestnut? Thankfully Ive still got a record of all my previous correspondence with them. It seems a lot to take in looking at historical cases and not all of it is easy to find. Obviously I have my old records to back me up should it go any further, but if it did end up in court would I require the services of a solicitor or do I fight off my own back. Apologies for my ignorance. in the meantime I’ll fire off that letter back to VCS and if I do hear any more I’ll let you know. Thanks again for your help though I really appreciate it and it’s amazing you and DX etc offer your support.
  4. Thanks Ericsbrother, looks good to me. I’ll send such a letter back to them and they can take it from there. Thanks DX for replying again also. I’ll look into the background of these things further like you say. However not sure where that last part of your message come from, it was you that made the original silly remark wasn’t it? Or have I missed something there?? Cheers
  5. Thanks gents looking forward to seeing one of Ericsbrothers snotty replies and sending it on to them.
  6. Thanks Gick that’s a great start Ericsbrother gets back or DX seemed to be helpful also.
  7. Hi VCS have just sent out a Letter Before Claim to me, 3 years after their last correspondence! June 16 was the last time I was on this message board and I received some great advice, and I thought that was going to be the end of it. I am unable to respond to my original thread now as it is so dated, so will anyone else still be able to view it? If somebody could please offer some advice on how to respond it would be much appreciated, and if you require further details of course I will provide them. Many thanks Dave
  8. Thanks as always for your replies. I will now send out a brief letter to BW, with the quote mentioned above. Cheers
  9. Hi everyone Just by way of an update, the latest love letter off BW, costs have now risen again... Principle Dept, and initial legal costs £154.00 Est. Interest £5.06 Est Court Fees £25.00 Est Solicitor Costs £50.00 Est Total £234.06 I've got till 27t July to avoid proceedings being commenced. The tossers have also tried calling me again. Any advice you can offer will as always be appreciated. Thanks Dave
  10. Thanks Ericsbrother for your replies. Just to keep you updated I've now had a txt message to remind me if I'd like to pay BW off.
  11. Thanks DX will do. Although Im not back in work for another week so doubt I'll be able to get snaps of them in daylight unless its urgent. However, in the meantime, I have attached the two pdf's VCS used when handling my case. Although not the exact spot were my car was parked, I think they give you a good idea of what they are all about. Also, for your info, I had the pleasure of a call off BW earlier today. I missed it, however they left a message on my answer phone. This is the first time I've had a call off them. If they call again, shall I ignore, or is it better I answer and state my intentions to them? Thanks pics .pdf sign.pdf
  12. Here are some snaps I took at the car park overnight. As you can see, they are before and after shots, with camera flash on, and off. As you say, IAS said this was not a case of defence due to the fact I was a regular user of the car park, or words to that affect. However the irony is lost on them - totally ignoring the fact that because I am a regular user of the car park, I am therefore a bona fide user and not a one off chancer taking advantage of it. This was a one off honest mistake over off peak hours when the car park was completely empty - the whole justice system regarding this case stinks and I just get the impression the law (certainly IAS) is firmly now taking the side of these parasites.
  13. Hi everyone, thanks for all your replies I've tried to attach a photo of the letter, hope it works...
  14. Hi DX and Erics Brother et all Many thanks for all your replies with my previous correspondence. As you can imagine, the threat level has now raised to 'Final Notice' level. If I don't pay the £154 by 18th June, CC proceedings will begin against me. After my earlier lackadaisical approach, I have done everything you have asked of me since I got in touch with you, and if you are able to assist me further, I would be enormously grateful for your support. However, do you require any further information on my case, would you like me to send copies of my report to you in any way? I feel since I wrote my initial report, I might be able to bolster it in an extra way, but I am also conscious that if I don't have a leg to stand on, I might be better off coughing up now - although this is not my intention as I feel like I was treated completely unfairly in this case. Thanks and best regards
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