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  1. Guys Im really furious. Im just off of the phone after talking to some useless advisor who could not do anything to help me. I gave him as much detailed information as i could because i know exactly what went wrong. I argued the toss in every way i could but i just kept on getting the same answer. I have been told that every possible avenue has been exhausted and there is nothing he can do to help. He said It was 7 years ago and so time has run out to do anything more about his debt. His advice was go onto the Gov website and search for 'mandatory reconsideration not up
  2. As you said they dont help with how the debt came about but they agreed to take £15 a month for 12 months instead of the £102. So that's a massive help indeed. I was told to call the overpayments helpline and tell them i want to dispute this debt. So i will call them next and see what they say. Many thanks for your wonderful help
  3. Unclebulgaria67 many thanks once again, i could not get through to them., i will try again and let you know how i get on . i appreciate your help ;)
  4. UncleBulgaria67 many thanks for your reply i shall give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. Are these people able to halt my payments for now? Do i need to raise the dispute with them over the phone? London1971 many thanks for your help its much appreciated.
  5. Guys HMRC are deducting over £100 a month from my UC. Someone on here advised me to write a letter to the director and another copy to the well being champion. I have composed my letter but where do i send these 2 letters to as im not sure if its the typical HMRC address or a specific address to get the attention or these people.
  6. thanks for the link that goes to income tax address. I found this will i post to the second address? Tax credit renewal forms Send tax credit renewal forms to this address. You do not need to include a street name or PO box. Couriers should use a different address. Tax Credit Office HM Revenue and Customs BX9 1LR United Kingdom Complaints or change of circumstances Send complaints or changes in your circumstances to this address. You do not need to include a street name or PO box. Make it clear why you’re writing. For example, w
  7. Thanks for your reply. I am about to write this letter today, i know who to send it to but what address should i use? I will lay it on thick and hope to get them off my back for now. I think i should attempt to tackle this debt as there is no guarentee i can stay off of UC. Im not sure if this is still possible but i will wait until i receive the new SAR.
  8. Many Thanks for your very helpful reply and Yes your right its just awful how they don't seem to care about the damage they do and just claw it back. When it came to my income, from what i remember i had informed them of a new job which i had just started and it had a much higher wage that my previous earnings. I was anal about informing them of every change right away as i wanted to keep out of trouble. They ended up using my previous years earnings which were much lower for the calculation, i was not aware of this and as a result i was overpaid. By the time i realised it was too
  9. I was working in a Temp job for 3 months and now i am back on UC benefits and HMRC are taking £110 from my benefit money. I already requested the SAR last week. How can i stop them stealing money from me as this is torture. Im not working at the moment and they are forcing me to pay them back money i have disputed already and failed. I sent the 2 dispute letters to HMRC in the past. HMRC told me that 'i had done the 2 stages of the dispute'. I then wrote to the AO and they told me i had not followed the correct dispute procedure with HMRC although
  10. Ok great will get onto that its good to see they now have it online. I found the letters i sent to HMRC and these are my 2 tiers of the dispute so i dont know why HMRC claimed i had not done this to the AO.
  11. Hi Dx thanks for your reply Can i request that they prove the debt is legitimate? on the tax credit casualties website it says there are 2 tiers to the dispute process so i assumed i have not done the tier 2 to their satisfaction but i thought i had. The AO would not entertain me.
  12. Hi Dx many thanks for your reply. I did not know this at the time as i could not be bothered with the hassle at the time and i assumed that you cant avoid these HMRC tax credits overpayment debts. I have done the SAR and wrote to them on a few occasions and wrote to the AO but as i said i was told i had not followed the correct procedures. So i gave up. What should i do next? I am prepared to dispute it again or do what it takes to get rid of this debt caused by HMRC.
  13. Hi guys. I started a thread in 2015 regarding tax credit overpayments see the link below. I still owe HMRC £1400 according to them. I thought i had followed the right dispute process and when i wrote to the AO and i was told i had not followed the correct dispute process with HMRC i gave up. I ended up paying £25 a month to a collection agency and i have reduced the debt by £940, i had to stop these payments because of job loss during the lockdown. Now they have sent a fresh demand for the outstanding £1409. I'm in employment now but i still don'
  14. Thanks for your reply and help. I understand what your saying and these agreements were verbal or by text. It looks like find her address is something i need to concentrate on for now. Thanks for your reply i hope it does not come to that but as it has been said it might not be an affordable option.
  15. Im afraid that it sounds like im going to have to try and do the best myself. Im not sure if investigators have more powers or not to find out things i cant. Yes your right i dont want to be accused of harassment too as that's the kind of thing she would do. I will take a read through the link you provided and see what i think. If i knew this was going to happen i would have try and prepared myself with the right information in advance but now i dont have much to go on. Many thanks for your help
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