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  1. brassnecked many thanks for your reply, from the search i done as dx suggested it seems right enough to ignore them. dx many thanks once again, i found the info i was looking for . keep up the good work everyone.
  2. Hi Dx many thanks for your reply. My mistake the correct wording on the letter is a parking charge notice.
  3. Hi Guys I got a PCN for parking too long in a Morrisons car park in Glasgow. Is the law still the same in Scotland and i can still ignore this? Just wondered if there has been any changes.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Im afraid my licence has been delayed due to the virus and i have no idea if and when i will get it back. Once i have everything fully legal can i drive it again . The dvla are not answering calls or online chats and emails so i have no idea whether my application is being accepted or sent back.
  5. Hi Folks i hope everyone is well during these crazy times. Last year my girlfriend (now ex) was driving my car on the Motorway. I could not drive due to a ban. She was considered 'high risk' at the time, the car was pulled over one day due to my car being marked and her being the driver. Now my ban has come to an end and i am about to put my car back on the road. Is there a way of checking that my car is marked by the police or not? I dont want to be pulled over by the police while im driving my car especially if i have family in
  6. many thanks for your help , this forum is wonderful ;)
  7. i saved all the debts, amounts, default dates, original creditors on a spreadsheet for easy reference, i may have got them from old credit reports or from my old step change documentation.
  8. No everything seems fine although Link financial did do a 'hard' search on my file in Sept 2019. I do not know why they did this.
  9. just to note there are no defaults on my credit file. thanks again
  10. I just saw on my spread-sheet that BC put the default on 10-12-2010 however i got no evidence of this. Should i send a sar now or just wait and see what develops?
  11. Many thanks dx All i know is Link defaulted my account in 2013 and i had to go to the ombudsman to get it removed. I cant be sure is BC did default this account or not. BC did default the other account though. Will i do a sar on this account? thanks
  12. Many thanks dx I looked at my spreadsheet and from what i have noted there was a default on 11/01/2011 from BC. I thought the SB clock was ticking from the last token payment in 2016 and not the original default date. On the other BC account i have, it was also originally defaulted by BC however Link also put a default against my credit record,i had to go to the Ombudsman to get the default removed. I will check my credit file and see if link have defaulted me again or not. cheers
  13. I apologise i just seen you had replied on the new posts you have made, i never got a notification, thanks, i will reply on there.
  14. Many thanks dx. Am i right in thinking they are not taking any further action at the moment? ;) Thanks
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