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  1. She is getting a roasting Paula belonga jail it may seem Post Office Horizon IT inquiry: tearful Vennells’ claim she worked as hard as she could dismissed as ‘absolute rubbish’ – live | Post Office Horizon scandal | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Victims’ lawyer responds to tearful monologue by former Post Office chief executive
  2. Bear in mind if they do issue a Claimform the AOS should put as defence the fact they have already been unsuccessful with this claimand provide the Notice Of Discontinuance at the opportune time.
  3. Another part is para 13 where they try to go behind Beavis as the £100 was judged to be inclusive of debt recovery and the extra £70 is a Penalty in all but name, but as stated by other's the signage is pants.
  4. Yes travel plans should be changed if possible, as FTMDave says you would definitely lose if yo don't turn up, they have made such a mess of this they shouldlose hands down.
  5. That's such a perverse judgment its almost unbelievable Looks like totally ignored everything and just gave judgement on something that's not compulsory as in name a driver or appeal did judge confuse having to name a driver in a motoring offence case like speeding with the civil?
  6. It gets worse according to the Heil they wanted to raid the pensions of the falsely accused and convicted Postmasters. Post Office bosses 'plotted a raid on the pensions of wrongly accused sub-postmasters' | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Post Office bosses plotted to raid the pensions of wrongly accused sub-postmasters to make up discrepancies in accounts, it was revealed...
  7. Well done you That judge was bang on point with a surgical dissection of their WS he will have used your WS to ground his forensic examinationof their bull poop.
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