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  1. Hey Slick. Zinc called me and I picked up as i didn't recognise the number. When they asked to speak with me I told them I'm prepared to communicate only it writing and they said OK and hung up. They have however emailed me a link to a letter they have sent. This link includes requests for details I have to enter before I can see the letter. Based on this potentially being used against me under the guise of 'we informed you' I haven't put any details in to get this letter from them so while they said they have contacted me, I don't know what this letter says. This sounds shady from a legal perspective. Am I doing the right thing here? I'd imagine if they were trying to take me to court they would have to inform me in writing. On a side note today I looked at signing up to a new gym in the area I liked the look of however this situation has made me cautious. Less than 5 minutes of googling told me the Lifestyle Fitness gym i wanted to join is also affiliated with Harlands I won't be signing up with them needless to say.
  2. Morning Slick. Update on situation. Sent letter, no response. Have been ignoring CRS as advised. This morning letter from Zinc saying they have been instructed to assist with resolution of account. If they call should I attempt to explain or just ignore them also? I'm guessing its too much to hope that they would see reason even if CRS are at fault there. Pam
  3. Update from today: Letter from CRS. They are passing my debt to Zinc Group Ltd in 10 days if I do not contact them to resolve this matter. No response yet from GymEtc Regarding my complaint letter
  4. Only just got around to writing the letter today. Will put it in the post today/tomorrow and advise if/when I hear back. CRS are now texting me and I think they have called a couple of times but I have not answered. Am I right in thinking that I should only deal with them in writing now? I have not had another email since they threatened court but I have had texts. Slick, for the letter I copied and pasted what you wrote and included the original letter. Thanks Just went and posted it. Will update when something happens next.
  5. Hi Slick I missed your last reply. I will do this now. I have just received another letter by email today threatening to take me to county court. How should I proceed? I’m almost tempted to say bring it. I don’t see how they can win given this whole thing started with their mistake. Could I make a freedom of information request and get their notes on their conversations with me? Pam
  6. Ok I suspect I will never hear from the gym again
  7. Hey Slick Today I got the letter from CRS demanding £490.09. I see what you mean about them being one in the same. Even the letter looks the same. I've received no response from the gym at all. They do have an old address for me on file but I gave my new one on the complaint letter. I have the proof they received it. Should I just continue to ignore and do nothing? The Gym don't seem bothered about this. I'm not bothered about going back, I've had enough of them and Harlands. Pam Edit: I just noticed they have my most recent address on file which was listed as a different one for the account so somebody has made an update to my details.
  8. Hi Everyone. Update on the situation. I posted the letter on 21st. I have the confirmation it arrived to them on the 24th (Which i have a receipt for and I've saved the page on the post office website showing it and the signature). I've heard nothing further from them or Harlands since though I suspect I won't hear from Harlands until their deadline expires which i believe is 3rd October at which point they stated the account would be sent to debt collections. What should my next move be if I get no response from the Gym?
  9. Letter in the post signed for and I’ve got the receipt
  10. Thanks for the comments. Been at work all today so haven't had a chance to reply. I shall take your advice and use your letter slick as I defer to your experience in this matter. Will get it printed and posted tomorrow.
  11. Ok, first draft below. Let me know what you think: Dear GymEtc Accounts relating to this issue XXXX - Live XXXX - Duplicate I write to you to raise a complaint at the highest level regarding the treatment I have received from yourselves and your agent, Harlands. I joined your Gym around may/June 2018 and after joining I became aware than an error had occurred during the sign up process and my account had been duplicated. I was then double charged for 2 months by Harlands, 2 sets of direct debit payments were taken from my account each month, one in 1st June, one in July. I cancelled the duplicate direct debit at which point I received a threatening letter from Harlands demanding I reinstate the direct debit. I contacted Harlands around mid July to request a refund and explain the issue. They accepted the fault and agreed to close the duplicate account and refund. Five weeks went by and I did not receive a refund. I contacted Harlands again who stated the refund was rejected by GymEtc in the first instance, then agreed in the second. They then stated it was released on 27th July and I should continue to wait. I stated this was 3 weeks ago and clearly there was a problem with their refund procedure. I stated I would now take this up with my bank and get a refund through them. The agent I spoke to at Harlands was called XXXX. I contacted my bank and asked them to refund 2 payments from the account XXXX on 1st June and 2nd July. I was very specific about the payments and dates. The agent mishandled my request and instead refunded 3 payments from account XXXX and cancelled the direct debit on my live account which i did not request. I contacted my bank the next day and they accepted there had been a mistake. They reinstated the direct debit. I contacted Harlands and spoke to an agent who refused to give her last name but was called ‘XXX’. I explained the situation to XX and stated I wanted to pay the £23.99 blench immediately, she stated the account was not showing as in arrears so she could not take payment. She advised me she would mark the account to not receive any admin fees and watch the account until it was possible to take the payment. She said she would call me to take payment when payment could be taken. She also told me to ignore all threatening correspondence as this would not be acted upon. I was never contacted by XXX or Harlands by phone regarding this. Another 2 weeks went by and Harlands sent me 2 threatening letters. At the second I called Harlands again to ask what was happening in my account and stated I owed £23.99, 1 months payment. The agent I spoke to told me my account was up to date and no action was needed. This was on 17th August, I did not get the name of the agent I spoke to. I was advised not to worry and there was no action to be taken and no arrears to pay. On 19th September I received another letter from Harlands, threatening me with debt collectors if I did not pay 3 admin fees plus the £23.99 I owed. They threatened to send the whole balance of the account to debt collectors if I did not contact them and pay immediately. I attempted to call Harlands 7 times on the 19th September to rectify this. My first call i waited 10 minutes and was cut off, the next 5 calls would not connect the call to Harlands customer service. The last call I waited 20 minutes to speak to someone, when i finally got through I explained the situation and asked for their help, they asked to put me on hold, then hung up on me. I did not get the agents name. None of the above is my fault. Harlands are now harassing and threatening me. I would like the following resolution: GymEtc to stop Harlands harassing me and from making demands for admin fees from me immediately The £23.99 payment I owe waved 3 Months free membership The letter from Harlands state they will pass my account to a debt collection agency 3rd october. As such I would like this resolution in place by 28th September, 8 days and 5 working days from writing of this letter. Regards User's name removed Edit: Removed a name
  12. Hi slick123, thanks for the response and thanks guys for your help with this. I called the bank last night who gave me £100 compensation for the issue. They opened a complaint and accepted liability as a banking error. They will be sending me a copy of the complaint in a couple days. Regarding the gym and harlands. I do still owe the gym a payment of £23.99 which I’m totally fine with making to bring up to date but I do agree that 3 months free membership does seem like a nice idea. I’ll write the gym a letter tonight. In the mean time I’m concerned Harlands might just send the account to debt collectors anyway before they respond.
  13. Ok, i'll do the bank. Tell me of this 'slick123' letter? Then I just ignore anyone they send? They cant come to the house can they?
  14. I have some time to sort things this afternoon so in summary: - Complaint to the bank - Complaint to GymEtc - Don't contact Harlands by phone anymore? Should i do anything with Harlands at this point? - Should I attempt to cancel on any of the grounds in the gym cancellation articles? I could do moved jobs as I have changed jobs in the last 4 weeks.
  15. I'm not and I haven't. I'll read the guide. I have noted the dates and times of events and I have some email correspondence with them. I did get a small gesture of goodwill of £25 at the time but their error has caused me all this mess.
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