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Found 8 results

  1. Good evening everyone! Here I wanna share my experience with you and may be get some useful advice. Here is the text I sent to the Council via their internet site form: I'd like to report you a regular and continuous shouting of my neighbour at night time. Every night after around 10 pm or 11 pm a very loud shouting of a woman comes through the wall from my neighbour's (the address is xx xxxx Road xx xxxx). Sometimes she shouts for no obvious reason, sometimes she shouts at her husband, sometimes she shouts while talking to someone over the phone, and sometimes she shouts at her little son, beating him up occasionally(I may provide you with an audio where you can clearly hear sounds of hitting, her shouting and his screaming). The woman is either mentally handicapped or she abuses alcohol. Whatever the reason, but her behaviour is obviously antisocial. She is a rowdy and inconsiderate neighbour. She just prevents me from sleeping. It is an absolute nuisance. I want you to make her stop or restrict the nuisance. Please inform her that she must not and have no right to shout or even speak in a raised voice at night when people try to have some rest after a working day. The woman is most likely unemployed and has no clue that people need to sleep at night. Now the shouting happens every single day after 10 pm or 11 pm and may last for hours. I can't bear it any more. This must be stopped. In around a week's time I got the following response from them: see the attached picture What would you do next, if you were me? In my opinion it was a sheer runaround, a reply without substance. They just don't want to do their job, and I pay more than a hundred pounds of council tax every month. The only thing I asked of them is to let the neighbours know that it is not good to be loud at night. As the noise is not of intermittent nature, but a regular one. What is the best thing to do next? Reply them and try to explain to them that it is not a normal noise, or move to another step and file a complaint about the Council?
  2. Hi can anyone tell me what my rights are regarding a Fridge Freezer which was noisy from day one. According to the manual some noise of the refrigerant is 'normal' but the noise is meant to stop after a 'couple of weeks' once everything has 'settled down'. It hasn't! It crackles and pops like a bowl of Rice Crispies with Tourettes! It is in the kitchen but can be heard in the lounge and upstairs when we are in bed. I was willing to wait a while to see if it stopped but it is clear now it has not improved. Not sure if this is relevant but this is the second one we have had. The first one was not the same as the one in the picture on the website and the door was dented. I spent ages (and lots of 10p's per minute) on the phone trying to find out which model was the one in the picture. After assurances that the first one must have been old stock the second one turned up and was the same. I informed the driver this was not the one we were told we were getting and he phoned his 'office/depot' and told them as well as writing this on the delivery note we signed. Would this count as rejection of the item at delivery? If not/so what action should I take? Thanks in advance PS It is less than 6 months old.
  3. We had some new neighbours move in about 3 months ago. At least 3 times per week they're banging, drilling, etc with power tools. They are fair to start and stop within working hours except once (so far) when the neighbour's Dad was making a fence in the back garden on a Sunday. I asked them to keep the noise down, they looked at me like a [email protected] and said "It's finished now anyway". They have parties once a fortnight where they have friends around for a drink and loud talking in the back garden until 11pm when they go indoors. To be fair it's not like I hear much when I'm in my lounge but when I go into the kitchen the noise is disturbing. I am often awoken around 1am after these parties by them slamming doors. I've complained to them a total of three times, that one time to the neighbour's Dad on a Sunday, and twice to the neighbour. Each time I've felt like I'm the bad guy, I guess after all they are working on their house and the parties could be a lot worse. Yesterday the neighbour's Dad came round and told me they'll be having a party that night and tonight (Friday night and Saturday night) and that it would end at 11pm. I thought fair enough until he said he'd told me this because he "Wont have my daughter intimidated". Intimidated? "By you going around complaining about the noise". I said "There are laws about noise". Funny enough, the 2 times I've knocked and complained it's been the neighbour's chap come to the door, not her. I think I have been fair, it's not like I went around there shouting about it, the times I've complained I've kept it pretty laid back so I don't see any intimidation, on my part at least. So now I'm thinking maybe the Dad thinks he's the hard man and he's basically telling me not to complain about the noise. Who's the d?ck here? Me for being a Victor Meldrew??
  4. Hello All, I had a Beko Fridge Freezer delivered on 18th February and as advised, left it for 8 hours before switching on. On turning it on, there were strange sounds, some clicking and loud screeching sound, a bit like a cat being strangled. I called Currys and was asked to talk to Beko, which I did. I was told this could be due to gases in the system and that I ought to wait a few weeks. It is now coming up to a month and the noise has not stopped. I asked for a Beko engineer, who came out today and said this was not faulty but the sounds were something found in the frost free type fridge freezers. While he acknowledged that it was problem, said nothing could be done as it is not listed as a fault. I have called Currys to say that under the Sale of Goods act I wish to return the item. The have replied that it is now a used item and also as they cannot power the fridges in-store , the noise is not their responsibility. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Its gone 3am in the morning and all I am hearing is banging from up stairs, a telly seems to be on, well it could be a computer console game, a load of running around, a child in the background. Its just too much. Help..
  6. Hello, on the 9 May 2015 I bought a Asus laptop that is working perfectly but it has a noisy (to my ears)operating system. I am an Audiophile so the computer has to be more quite than it is. I took it back after to Argos after 2 days and explained that it was to noisy for me as I play Classical music and there are a lot of very quite parts. To be far I don't think there is anything wrong but it's just a little to noisy. The lady did listen to it and said that it was the operating system and so could not get a refund. In law is it possible to get a refund do you think. Regards Paul.
  7. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone can help, but here goes. My bf owns a ground floor flat in a block of HA maisonettes. When he first bought it about 5 years ago all was well, however for the past 4 years it's been a nightmare. The tenant across the hall sleeps all day (fair enough) but has music blaring from about 10pm until about 5/6 in the morning. We also believe he is dealing drugs from the flat (though have no proof). And there are people coming and going, slamming doors all times of day and night. BF spoke to him at first, as did the 90 year old tenant upstairs. When that didn't work he contacted the Housing Authority, who have told him that they have spoken to him and have at this time given him FOUR FINAL WARNINGS!!! With no improvement. He could have coped with that, but just over a year ago the 90 year old was moved from the flat above BF to opposite as they were renovating all flats. As you can imagine at 90 he had no desire to move again. Since then the HA have moved a succession of teenagers into the flat above. And yes I realise it's their flat and they have the right to choose their tenants and obviously the kids do need somewhere to go. The previous tenant would play loud music occasionally but not for the length of time as the tenant opposite so BF didn't complain. About 8 months ago new tenants moved in, boy and girl about 18 ish. From the start there's been terrible unexplained noises ( which after seeing girl out in roller boots we now know what it is!) Throwing contents of ashtray over balcony onto shared grounds. Stomping etc. He hasn't bothered complaining about this because of the lack of action with the tenant opposite. After a sleepless night this week with approx 6 hours of extremely loud music (funnily it's never at the weekend) screaming, shouting etc he had enough and complained. HA were worse than useless and said they'd see what they can do. As a result BF has been forced to sell property as he can't take any more stress. I realise that he is legally (and morally) obliged to notify any prospective buyers especially as there have been official complaints, would he be entitled to any compensation from the HA who are woefully inadequate from any loss in value as a result of nuisance? Also, any help with advice on getting HA to do there job properly would be gratefully received. Sorry it's such a long-winded post, I hope someone can help.
  8. Hi, I would welcome any advice regarding noisy neighbours. A brief story: I moved into my ground floor flat a couple of years ago through a housing association. I was quite happy until the neighbours children above me ( a two bedroom flat) started making a racket. Banging doors, running, jumping about, dropping heavy things on the floor, screaming and shouting etc. I complained to my neighbours at first and then the landlord. Anyway too cut a long story short they got moved because they were overcrowded - two adults and three young children. Now I have new neighbours - two adults and a young child. Then I find I am being awoken at 5.30 in the morning by their child (about 6 or 7) STOMPING across the floor! The first couple of months I have lived with it. But just recently it has finally got to me and I paid my neighbour upstairs a visit. Admittedly I was a bit angry but I explained to them that I wasn't too happy about being awoken at 5.30 AM. He sort of apologised and explained that his child has Autism! Anyway, since then I have had an email from my landlord that is as follows: Dear *** "I understand that you knocked on the door of your neighbours recently to complain about their family noise. Your actions appeared threatening and frightened the female tenant and her daughter who has special needs. If you have further cause for complaint please do not contact them directly but contact Greenfields instead. I do have to remind you though that there is nothing we could do about family noise so discussing this in a polite manner would have been the best way forward in the first instance. Should you have cause to complain in the future about family noise I will suggest mediation as the best way forward so you can come to a mutual agreement with mediators present." I have replied with my own email as follows: Dear *** yes I did knock on the door regarding noise from their child STOMPING across the floor at 5.30 in the morning which I wasn't too happy about and for your records I was not threatening. Can you please elaborate how I was supposed to have 'threatened' them? I was annoyed, yes, but at no point did I threaten them! Since they have now escalated my own complaint into a complaint of their own. I wish to make a counter complaint against their allegations. May I remind you that under the tenancy contract I signed: Under part C, section 1: You are responsible for keeping to the terms of this Tenancy Agreement. You are also responsible for the conduct and behaviour of the members of your household and visitors to your home, including pets and young children. and also section 7: Everyone has the right to quiet enjoyment of their home without suffering nuisance and disturbance from others. You, your household and visitors should respect other people who live in your neighbourhood. Your responsibilities for your own behaviour, members of your household, pets and visitors are not only confined to your home, our staff, contractors and agents... As this implies that the parents are responsible for their children's conduct YOU are infact in breach of the agreement that I signed. Any further complaints will now be directed towards Greenfields as requested. But I will now start making notes of the times and dates of any disturbances. Perhaps you should inform the tenants of that? Regards As you can see I have quoted my tenancy agreement which is a legally binding contract. At no point did I consider myself threatening and feel they are just trying to make it sound worse. Can somebody please inform me of my rights? Can I take my landlord to court for breach of contract? Best Phil
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