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Found 25 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have just joined the group to seek help if possible!! This morning I received two notices of Enforcement From a Company called Marston addressed to my correct name and address. Collection is on behalf of Waltham Forest Council for motoring offences in a vehicle I have no knowledge of, in a City I have not driven in for 20 years. Called Marstons this morning and they told me it has been through the courts in my name from an address I have never lived at last year, and the 2x £278.00 outstanding Sums must be paid by 10-08-17. They then
  2. I checked my credit file a week or so ago as I was about to get a car-loan to discover I now have a CCJ. My previously impeccable credit file (of 999) is now decimated. The CCJ (after downloading the details from Registry Trust) is linked to my married name (I am now divorced) at an address I left in August 2014. I had a post re-direction for 3 months after I left the address the court have used, and have lived at 3 addresses since then, and have been on the electoral register at all of them (all are the same local authority). I've contacted the court (Northampton Busin
  3. Morning Caggers, time i dealt with this issue . . . during my move to my current address, some 130 miles from my home town, I had been served papers at my previous address without my knowledge and only after being informed by Talk Talk of the hacking that it would be prudent to check my credit rating that I saw the default CCJ against my name. It has now been moved to my local court for enforcement , however on speaking to them I can try to get this set aside . . . i have tried to do this previously and it was rejected, but i forget why They are sending me t
  4. My disabled wife ordered a new car and it was agreed with the sales man and the sales manager that the car would have premium paint which would cost £450 extra however the salesman said if she signed the sales contract she would get the premium paint free of charge . A deposit was paid and a Contract was then signed by my wife and the sales manager which clearly stated the car was to have the premium paint . A few weeks later when she rang to inquire about a delivery date she was told by another salesman that the contract had been altered without her knowledge and the car was to be suppl
  5. Hello folk, On the 22nd of August I received an email from extra energy sending me my "final" electricity bill, which included a £25 fee for exiting the tariff before it expired. I called Extra Energy and they told me that my supply had been taken over by British Gas and that I should speak to them about it. The operator at Extra Energy wasn't very helpful although I did tell him that I did not want to change supplier. Reality is I would not be a BG customer even if they were the cheapest in the market, I had a very bad experience with them in the 90s and there is no way I would
  6. Hi all, Newbie here so please forgive me if this has been covered off elsewhere but I'm hoping for a quick bit of advice.... I made the mistake of leaving my car for 2 hours, 20 minutes and 3 seconds in a Highview car park on 11th December 2015. I'm certain that I was still present in the car for at least 20 minutes prior to leaving the car on a call, and any CCTV would back this up, doubt that's particularly relevant though. Anyhow, I've changed address since and have received no communication, or engaged in any form of dialogue with Highview Parking Ltd. As such I've had a l
  7. Hi, I seem to be yet another 'victim' of having taken out Tescos car insurance in good faith in September 2015, only to be stopped by the police in December 2015 & told that I don't actually have insurance!!! After my car being impounded, a raging rant at Tescos, letters to Tescos, etc, I was finally sent a CD with the recorded conversation with Tescos and a letter from them, disclaiming all responsibility. I now have a court date in May 2016 relating to driving without insurance and the risk of a fine and points. I'm aware from reading on the site that man
  8. i have submitted a Acknowledgment of Service via MCOL Can anybody please advice on how to defend my claim and what steps i should take please? Thank you In order for us to help you we require the following information:- Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Portfolio l LTD Date of issue Date of issue 11/1/16 What is the claim for Particulars of Claim 1) The Defendant entered into an agreement with Vodafone under account reference ('the Agreement'). 2) The Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and a default notice was served an
  9. Hi I have never been great at using forums but wondered if anyone had any knowledge on ccj's ? In short myself and my partner applied for a mortgage today only to be told my partners account was a problem. Checked with Equifax and there was a ccj registered in Jan 2015 against him. We have lived at the same address nearly 11 years and have never ever received any letters or demands about any type of debt. It doesn't say on Equifax what it is in relation to, just that its for £1000. My partner doesn't know what it is (not great I know ) or thinks it could be an old balance on a voda
  10. In simple terms this is 1 of my 3 accounts, its literally used for a couple of direct debits that I want to keep separate. Having second thoughts considering I keep missing them. I had a direct debit come out this morning which I had forgotten about, checked my bank and it had been paid so I thought best transfer enough in so i'd not go overdrawn which I did. And being extremely cynical of banks I take screenshots of everything just incase. Interestingly I just checked back and that same direct debit has now been bounced and if you have a look at my screenshots fro
  11. Hi folks, So I'm in a bit of a complicated situation, I'll try to sum it up as briefly as possible. I guess I'm just curious what people think/advice/am I doing the right thing/anything else I could do? Last year I split up with my ex. I knew he had looked into some sort of tax credits scenario a few months before we split, however I never filled in any forms and never saw any money, thus thought no more of it. In June of this year I discovered he's been claiming joint couples working tax credits under both our names since last year. When phoning the HMRC about this they "fixe
  12. Hello everyone, Thanks for all your help in advance! To cut a long story short, my partner is already paying a debt to Bryan Carter to avoid a CCJ as we didn't receive the claim form till the very last day of judgement. But now they're literally chasing him for two other debts (one in dispute, already submitted SARS to Lloyds) but this 'new' one that he has no knowledge of and it's not even on his credit file. He contacted Lowells 2 months ago to state that he has no knowledge of the debt and they also checked his credit file while he was on the phone and the advisor confir
  13. Dear Sir/Madam, I work in health care. While working I received a phone call from enforcement officer who had court order to seize my assets to recover debts. Now having said this, let me begin with this - never asked for any debts and nor have borrowed any money from banks. I still don't even own car or house. Fortunately no educational loan either. Following this initial shock and support from senior colleagues who understood my situation kindly offered to help and contacted the officer. Came to realise that there was overpayment from nhs
  14. I received a letter from Boston County Court asking me to fill in an earnings declaration as Arrow/Carter had applied for an attachment to earnings on a ccj that they apparently obtained in 2010. I have no Knowledge of this and have not entered into any correspondence with them regarding this 'ever'. What do i do?????? PS as i was away it has already gone past the 8 day deadline that the court gave, i did try to call the court on Friday but couldn't speak to anyone. Also i am self employed
  15. Okay i just wanted to share a little success i have had in the last few weeks. I have had my credit card(opened 2006) in dispute with lloyds banking group for the past 18 months stopped paying 12 months ago due to the fact they could not provide me with a signed valid credit agreement. So last month i decided that i would ask if they would consider a full and final settlement for the debt as the account is still in dispute and that i wanted to put an end to this account once and for all. They sent me back saying only willing to accept 90% of the debt (£1980). So i left this an
  16. I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I had my Mercedes clk convertible SORN'd and uninsured in a secure lock up underground car park. I am the owner and was the registered keeper. I say was as someone unknown to me had the car transferred into their name by the DVLA. I never received any correspondence from the DVLA. I phoned the DVLA and they won't give me any information as I'm not the registered keeper. It's ludicrous. I owned the car outright and had known the previous keeper and was with him when he purchased the car 6 years prior to me owning it
  17. Hello everyone, newbie here Ive searched through the forums and found similar cases but expect for one important thing. Ok so heres my story My 4month old HP laptop's cd/dvd drive didnt work - it couldnt burn cds or even read them. So i took it in because i had the knowhow insurance. the rep in the knowhow section in currys, took my details and said it will be sent off so it can be looked at. bearing in mind this was the 1st time i have had a laptop, i had no idea that needed to back anything up and i didnt even think of backing anything up because it was a cd d
  18. Hi! 4 weeks ago I found a default on my credit rating from HSBC Bank. I have no knowledge of this, having never had an account with them. Sent a letter to them and recieved one asking for more address's as they cannot find me on their system. They recived it 3 weeks ago and no reply. I phoned them up today and they say they cannot find me on the system and that I need to take a copy of my credit report into a branch for them to scan into the system so they can find me. this is what my credit report says.... HSBC BANK Loan Default Satisfied 05/07/2009 Seen an
  19. Hi all hope everyone had great Xmas and 2014 brings everyone all they need, wish, hope or could want I was hoping to some enlightenment with regards what is allowable and deemed acceptable for Councils to be able to do Reason for question is I have been harassed, intimidated, threatened and bullied by 2 - 3 Council employees since moving into this Council house and the last letter and action taken by Council was last straw so I asked them to provide me with every single piece of information they held about me or I was mentioned or associated in such information via Subject Acce
  20. I have received a Judgement for Claimant today which orders me to pay £1661.42 by 26th November (today's date). The Judgement is dated 19th November. However, I did not receive any papers or any notification that I would be taken to court to get a CCJ. I have recently moved and as I was unaware of the debt I obviously did not notify them that I have moved. I do have a post redirection in place which is why I have received the judgement today. But surely any documents would have been forwarded by the post redirection. I have neve
  21. If an employer is found liable for disability knowledge because the FHSO new of the disability but did not inform management (vicarious liability? )or undertake a risk assessment is the employer then by default liable for not making reasonable adjustments (obviously they did not as they claimed lack of knowledge of the disability).
  22. Every morning while taking my son to school, I have noticed a red BMW parked on the zig-zags of a pedestrian crossong which is located outside another school. So this morning I decided to dial 101 and pass the info onto the boys in blue thinking that over the next few days aropund the time of the school run, they would keep tabs on this. How wrong I was! "It's nothing to do with the police anymore sir, it's something you should report to the local council. They deal with inconsiderate parking matters". So I asked whether the law had changed and it is no longer then an offence which poten
  23. I opened my account was Barclays in April, the account was a young persons one as I was under 18, later on in that month once I turned 18, I went into branch and upgraded my account to the Current Account Plus. I had already got my standard debit card and all my details and my works pay going into this account. From various TV adverts, posters, and their online banking website I seen that they had a contactless card which seemed pretty cool to me as I just had the standard one. I went into my local branch to enquire and the cashier said that my existing card would be auomatically s
  24. HBOS should repay millions of pounds to depositors in the failed Christmas saving company Farepak, after being found to have played “hardball” in the months leading up to its collapse. A High Court judge warned that the bank, now part of Lloyds Banking Group, risked being seen to have acted “unacceptably” by forcing directors of Farepak to take £10m from customers in a matter of weeks, despite knowing that the company was heading for insolvency. While fully exonerating directors of Farepak, Mr Justice Smith pointed the finger of blame at HBOS for precipitating the collapse of the compan
  25. Hello, I received a statutory demand in late Dec 2011 for over £10,000 which was set aside on the request of the legal department of the company pursuing the money. I informed them that I had no knowledge of any outstanding debt or subsequent court proceedings and explained that it must have been a family member who had used the account without my knowledge who had since been witholding the correspondence from me as it was not sent to my address but to my deceased parents house where I had previously lived and where they now reside. The guy who served the statutory declaration told me that the
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