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  1. Hi all back in February last year I had my pre payment meters, both gas and electricity, changed so as I could pay by direct debit as I was struggling with illness and was in and out of hospital so was unable to top up on a regular basis. I gave my account details to setup the direct debits and the meters were changed and I was given the monthly amounts of £18 for electricity and £35 for gas. Roll on to July this year and I received a gas bill for £600 as they had not been taking the direct debit for the gas bud did so for the electric. I truly did not notice that the DD was n
  2. Hello...Had gas/electric supplied by Flow Energy until 6th May 2017 before switching to another company. Final bill issued by Flow Energy 13th June 2017 - advised they would take final d/d 14 days later. Have now received a letter on 2/5/18 from Allied Credit International Ltd from Glasgow stating that the amount is due. (Also, letter dated 23/4/18 but not received until 2/5/18). Have checked bank thoroughly and Flow Energy never took the final direct debit as they said they would at end of June 2017. Also never received any communication at any point from Flow Energy since that e
  3. Long story short... My son has set up and abandoned xbox accounts more times than I've had hot dinners. Trouble is he has set up monthly game passes on at least two of those. He has removed details of most accounts from his xbox, so I cant trace which account has the monthly subscriptions on. I have been debited for one subscription on my own debit card, which was for a trial my son started in December. I opened a teenage bank account in February this year with his own debit card. He used this for another subscription. My son cannot remember which accounts he has used.
  4. I am looking for some advice dealing with the DCA chasing after an alleged debt they say I had with Npower. I paid every month by direct debit and as far as I was concerned all paid off and sent the final meter reading on the day I moved out. I called them few months later and was told what the final bills was £36 and paid off. Now a DCA sending letters, but the company name is Npower Northern which I have never known. My bills had the name Npower and not Npower Northern. Have they changed names? How can there be an outstanding amount when paid by monthly
  5. Hi everyone I'm hoping for some advice to resolve an ongoing issue with Vodafone. My next planned action is to write to Ofcom but I would appreciate any guidance as to the best approach. In short, I'm a former Vodafone customer, I recently discovered that they have trashed my credit rating without communicating with me. My attempts to resolve this have so far proved futile, despite contacting the Ombudsman. The background (and I'll try to keep this as brief as I can) is as follows. I had been a satisfied Vodafone personal customer under the same mobile numbe
  6. Hi there. I'm wondering if you could help. I've got a bit of an usual BT billing issue and I'm looking for some advice. I'm coming to the end of my minimum term with BT and I've placed in my cancellation. However, it turns out that due to some billing glitch, I haven't paid a single payment to BT for the whole year contract. I'm one of those who just let direct debits come out the bank without really paying close attention ( I really should.... I know!) They are now requesting the full year payment upfront which I obviously cannot afford. I've logged into the BT website to check th
  7. Have had letter from them to state in future they are switching to 6 monthly billing instead of quarterly. No doubt there will be a large range of those who won't be able to pay - unless you go with their preferred method of payment, Direct Debit.
  8. Good morning everyone, This is my first post to a forum like this and I am looking for some advice. I have signed up to a 12-month Virgin Media contract in November 2016, due to expire in November 2017. Since I signed the paperwork in the shop, I have had a number of issues and conflicting accounts according to the service agents I speak to. 1) I signed a contract in a local high street store outlet. The sales agent was the store manager. I asked explicit questions about billing and the charges, several times, to make I understood. I got confirmation of the maximum amoun
  9. Plusnet, a BT owned company, has today been fined £880,000 by Ofcom for continuing to bill more than a thousand ex-customers. http://tinyurl.com/lgdmhyl
  10. Signed up to a new 12 month deal with BT in Jan 2017 only to find out 2 weeks later the had generated a Quarterly bill from Dec 2016- March 2017 which then cancels my monthly payment with them.... i have rang them a they say the only way to get me back onto a monthly payment is to pay the £144 quarterly charge now upfront and then they will credit my account accordingly... I feel like i am being held over a barrel on this one..... Are they right or can i challenge it.... They have admitted it's there fault i was placed on a quarterly scheme as i had been on a monthly payment for last 12 m
  11. Guys. I am with THREE (not for much longer) on PAYG. I hardly use the phone at all for anything other than receiving calls and the occasional text or call out. The package is the 1,2,3 so is very cheap and a £10 credit usually lasts me months. I topped up on 24 Jan and that would normally be it until maybe May or June. But yesterday I received a text from THREE asking if I want to top up. The balance was £0.59 Now I know I have not used it and I always have mobile data switched off, so wanted to know where Three has used my money. I logged into my3, but as I am PAYG
  12. Centrica-owned British Gas has to pay 9.5 million pounds ($11.9 million) in compensation to customers who faced billing problems after the household energy supplier upgraded its system in 2014, UK energy market regulator Ofgem said on Tuesday. Ofgem said British Gas, Britain's biggest energy supplier, had shown failings in its registrations, complaints handling and billing processes for business customers and over 6,000 new customers had experienced delays registering with the supplier. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/british-gas-pay-9-5-million-pound-customer-11075233
  13. Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some help! (and sorry it is so long - I don't want to dripfeed) In January, I moved into a new build property. I contacted my previous suppliers (SSE) and asked them to move my account over to my new property - a simple process, I hoped. I was wrong! In March they came back to me to say that they couldn't take over my account, as British Gas had me classified as a business address. I then spoke to British Gas Business - advised them that the house is indeed residential, that I wanted it corrected to show this and a bill so I can pay my balance wi
  14. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/vodafone-billing-meltdown--what-8160549 Isn't this something we have been telling them for at least the last 18 months !
  15. Apparently there is a voluntary code of practice in place which now limits back billing to 3 years for micro-businesses. http://www.energy-uk.org.uk/publication.html?task=file.download&id=5196 A micro-business is a business with less than nine employees. Apparently many of the suppliers have adopted back billing practices for micro-business customers which are better than the three-year maximum. If anyone has any comments or examples to show, please post them here.
  16. can anyone please give me a clue as to what bg are up to my duel fuel account is a fixed till sep 2016, not had my meter read for over 12mths I submit my own readings, nothing unusual in that, but what I do find unusual is that even though my account is in credit they have decided after revieving my account that my d/d on my electricity should rise from £59 pm to £133 pm. further my elderly parents who are on a similar plan have been informed that their d/d on electricity is to rise from £40 pm to £77 p/m their reason for this being that their useage is less than they (bg) have forecaste
  17. Complaints against telecoms giant Vodafone have surged by more than 50% after issues with a new billing system. Regulator Ofcom says there were 32 complaints about Vodafone made per 100,000 customers in the last three months of 2015 - an increase from the 20 in the previous three months. Vodafone was the only provider to receive more complaints than the industry average of 10 per 100,000 customers. The figures were recorded as Vodafone moved pay-monthly customers to a new billing system and, as well as billing, customers flagged up issues with pricing, charges, complain
  18. Hi, I'm hoping for some advice. My wife has a cell phone contract with Vodafone and in March she visited our local vodafone store and added 2 additional lines into her account. These were data only sim cards for use in portable devices that Vodafone offer on a 1 month minimum term contract (ie cancelled with 1 month notice.) These were used for a short term requirement, and in May she contacted Vodafone to give notice to cancel and remove these two sims cards via the online webchat. The customer service representative accepted the request and confirmed that the cancellation had been
  19. Surprise surprise http://www.bbc.com/news/business-35129788 But will it make any difference? No sign of it so far. I wonder what Kenneth Radley Davies Smadley Bradley Madley Mavies - their alleged in-house legal assistant and Npower's tame solicitors Wilkins Chapman will make of this. I wonder how many of Npower's victims have they frightened and bullied over the year simply in order to keep Npower's shameful dishonesty and incompetence from being revealed to the public. Of course, £26million is a drop in the ocean and no doubt their execs are all enjoying their bonus
  20. Hi Guys I desperately need your help. I'm in a massive battle with Npower over inflated bills and they are being useless as ever. The problems started 2 years ago when they decided to change our meters. I was told this was a legal requirement (very rudely I might add) by npower. Once the new meters were installed, we started seeing problems straight away. I've been with npower for nearly 5 years and have always paid a direct debit to make sure that we didnt have a huge bill every 6 months to pay. However, once the new meters were installed, we didnt get a bill for a year down t
  21. I proved that BG had overbilled for six years and I believe the documentation establishes proof that they accpeted this. When finally pushed in a corner, they refunded one year of overbilling ayaing that they were not required to go back more than one year. Can this be correct? Eam
  22. Dear CAG, I'm posting to ask your advice about potential to take legal action against npower. A customer of many years, my billing was recently disrupted by their apparent billing meltdown, during which time i received a letter advising an amount was to be written off to comply with backbilling regulations. I was subsequently made aware that they'd re-commenced billing by an automated message asking me why i hadn't paid my bill. I called to advise it was because i hadn't received a bill and today, twelve months later, it still isn't resolved. When i received my bill it incl
  23. British Gas have not submitted me a bill for 17 months due to them saying my account moved elsewhere which it didnt and now its back with them. Under the back billing code of practise I believe they cannot charge me for anything over 12 months. Ok - my account was closed Feb 2014 but they still collected my direct debit payments until Dec 2014 when they decided to send me a final bill closing my account at Feb 14 and I was in credit so they refunded me my credit balance. So from March - July 14 they cannot charge me for the gas? July 14 - to date I agree is chargeable. Can
  24. Today I called Cymru Water because we have a £300 credit on our bill (we pay £50 a month direct debit) and wanted to adjust our direct debit since we had such a large credit. The rep immediately said our meter must be slowing down since we have 7 people in our house and were apparently using too little water for that many people. (possibly correct) So they are going to replace the water meter. Oops, darn, but oh well. Our problem is this: They say that once the new meter is installed, they will check the readings every few weeks and then use these numbers to 'c
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