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Found 21 results

  1. I'm living on a private street which is a dead end but my landlord isn't the owner of it, it's someone else. From one side we have access to the side road for a cars, and from the other a gate which leads to the main road. Three years ago the owner of the street decided to weld the gate for no reason. He done it in the morning when everyone living on the street were at work/school. I contacted my landlord to see if he has contact details to the person that owns the street, but he doesn't. Few months later someone made a hole in a wooden fence next to the gate and straight away we started using it because it's much safer than the side road. Few months later the landlord came back to put a new fence. But yet again in the morning hours when no one living on a street was at home. Then I contacted local council, but they said that the street is private and they can't help me. Half a year ago someone made another hole in the wooden fence. Yesterday they changed the wooden fence to the metal one. Again they did it in the morning avoiding people. In conclusion: The owner of the street welded the gate without giving notice, he is constantly avoiding people living on the street and no one has got contact detail to him. Side road even there are houses there is not safe in the evening because one of my neighbours was assaulted down there. Also one of the neighbours travels on a mobility scooter and because pavement is narrow she needs to drive on the road and avoid cars.
  2. Land rover main dealer had my car to do a service.They were supposed to have it overnight, but heard nothing from them the following day.I tried calling them but couldn't get through to anyone. Now I know why..spoke to them today and they admitted they had an accident in it. They never informed of this, so I don't know what damage was or how it happened.They say they've nearly repaired it. obviously they have waived service fee, but I must be due to compensation as: 1. I didn't have use of my car for a lost a week, and lost work as I coudln't attend my customers. 2.they have been negligent with my car, and didn't inform me ( I may have wanted to get it repaired at my own garage) what do i do?
  3. Hello, I'm looking for some advice. At the end of May this year I purchased a used VW Golf GTD from a main VW dealer in West London. The car was six months old and sold to me as a former demonstrator. I paid £22K for the car. At the point of purchase the dealer informed me that he was waiting on the spare key and I drove away with only one key. Seeing as this was a VW dealership, I felt I could trust that said key would be sent to me. After numerous emails between myself and the representative at the dealership, he finally informed me at the beginning of August that the key had arrived, yet needed to be coded to the car. This would require me to return the car for a morning. I live fifty miles away (a trip via the dredded M25) This is easily an hour and a half trip, each way. I challenged him on why it needed coding if it was the spare key, it should already be coded. He simply ignored me and advised me to bring my car in. Due to injury requiring hospitalisation, I was unable to do anything during July and August. I am now picking up where this left off. I contacted the dealership today to find out that the representative that sold me the car has since left the company. I spoke with the used car sales manger who simply told me that the car HAD to be bought to their dealership to have the work done. I have suggested that I take it to my local VW dealership but he refused claiming that they had issues in the past when dealing with dealerships not in their franchise group. As a 'gesture of good will' he has offered to have my car collected and driven to them to have the coding done. Then the car dropped back off to me, with some fuel added. I have no signed documentation from the purchase day stating that the spare key was missing and was 'to follow'. I only have the email chain from the dealer, confirming that he is obtaining the key for me. My wife is my only witness to the transaction and arrangement over the spare key. What are my options please?
  4. Hi all, My 2016 Ford Edge developed a fault that would take 2 weeks to repair because of this it meant me, my wife, 3 children and 2 dogs could not go on our planned holiday as we were driving to Spain. After much argument the dealer decided to lend us a demonstrator so we could still go on our holiday and the car would be covered under their insurance. Whilst on holiday we had a small accident that meant the car went into limp mode so had no power. it transpired that the car insurance was a motor traders policy and as such their insurance would not get us home or hire us a vehicle. We are left high and dry in Spain 3 children and 2 dogs with no way of getting home. during this time the Ford dealer asked me to take the car to a local Ford garage to see if the car could be taken out of limped mode. This incurred expense of around €200 as we had to leave the car and get a taxi and the garage charged us 2 hours labour in diagnosing the fault. Eventually the Ford garage arranged for the car to be picked up to be recovered back to the UK but we were left to sort our own way home. I was absolutely disgusted by this and was never told when we took the car that their insurance had no provision for helping the passengers out in the event of an accident. We are now home thank god the Ford dealer will not release my vehicle until we pay £250 insurance excess. I have pointed out that we were left high and dry with no assistance and that I spent over €200 getting the car looked at as per their instructions. They are now holding me over a barrel unless we pay the excess they will not return my car. I personally don't think they can do that because there is no outstanding bill against my car as it was repaired under warranty and the £250 excess is on a totally separate vehicle that they lent us. If anyone has any advice on what I can do I would really appreciate it.
  5. Hi, I'm a single expat (this is starting like a lonely hearts advert! ) but, I still own a house in the UK which I rent out. Currently it's empty and I've been paying council tax. I applied for the single person discount but it was denied on the basis that I was a landlord. However, I assume this is normally done on the basis that you are getting single person discount on the property you live in elsewhere. In this case that does not apply to me because I live abroad and am not getting single person discount on any other UK property. The property in question will be nominated as my main home for capital gains if I sell it and was my last residence in the UK. Do I have a case for disputing the denial of single person discount with the tribunal? I've email the council several times disputing their original decision and they have not replied. The council in question is Brighton.
  6. In view of two similar threads regarding right of forced entry for criminal fines, it might be good to clarify the situation where the front door of the debtor's residence is not immediately accessible: Flat block with secure entryphone system no trade button Postie has access code Flat block with secure entryphone system with trade button Secure OAP extra care facility with entryphone, Resident might have a speeding fine for their mobility scooter when plates were cloned or camera garbles the reg no of a speeding car (actually happened to a Flint Pensioner) Gated development with entryphone to street gates are 2 meters high and electrically operated by keypad and phone to residence Presumably unless they get in when someone lets them in or they ring flats at random hoping someone will let them in they cannot force entry to the external main door.
  7. Hi All I recently purchased a used car from a Main dealer for £14750 (5 year old) under the approved used scheme, after a week i noticed a minor fault with car and booked it in for the work to be carried out (they could not get the car in for 1 month) taking me outside the 30 day return period. When the car was in being fixed, i rang one on the previous service stamps (also from the same main dealer group) to find some information if the gearbox oil had been changed, they had only seen the car for the first 2 services at 4k, and 16k yet the book was stamped with the same main dealer for 28k, 39K, 48K, 59k. the dealer confirmed that the services had not taken place. and so did Audi UK head office who also confirmed the services had not taken place. So the car does not have full service history and 80% of the services are false, this invalidates the Audi approved warranty on the car. In the month i have owned the car i made a couple of changes £900 on sports suspension & £1000 on some new wheels. i think the dealer has broken the law by selling a car with falsified history and wondering what steps i should take.. the dealer has the car at present still and is saying to me the services he thinks were carried out by an Audi tech but not on the books..ie Saturday job.. and this is acceptable if Audi parts were used! this i feel in unacceptable as i paid a premium buying through a main dealer.. any thoughts or opinions on the above
  8. Hi, I bought a brand new OEM radiator from a BMW dealership to fit myself (I have a long list of reason why I don't allow dealerships to work on my cars). Upon fitting the radiator and filling it with coolant, it leaked. Now then, the dealership refuse to refund or exchange the item unless I get my car to them at expensive, which will be an expense as it can't be driven. They told me if I hadn't fitted the part already, returning it would be no problem - do they really thing I bought it to sit on shelves? There's no way I could have found out it was faulty unless I fitted it. Well I could have poured water into it, but I honestly thought BMW had some sort of quality control to save me this bother! Where do I stand legally? John. ps. They did exactly the same with a fuel pump I bought nearly 2 years ago, the fuel level sender on it didn't work. So in that case I was able to take the car to them - but I wasted an afternoon off work and they damaged the paintwork on my car by simply washing it - which then took THREE further visits to them to rectify.
  9. Basically me and my brother have been renting together a few years, made financial sense and we get on well. It is through an agent. He has since had a child(hes not with the mother but they get on) and he has been on the housing association list for a while as he wants to be able to have his son staying over etc. He's over every weekend anyway but stays at my dads. Last week he was accepted for a 2 bedroom flat with the housing association and is going to accept it so will wish to leave shortly. This leaves me in a tricky situation as I would like to stay here, it is his name on the tennancy and he obviously cant stay on it. The reason we went with his name was that I had a lot of recentish adverse credit + was self employed(this was over 5 years ago). I am still self employed and still have some adverse credit but its at the back end of the 6 years, some have already dropped off. The only recent things I have are an ee account which is spotless for 3 years. I believe they probably didnt even check me in any way. I do deal with the agents as much as my brother though if not more + pay half of the rent from my bank. Does anyone know what might happen in such a situation?,we are I believe here till October ie they charge £100 or so renewal fee(excessive I know). I know I can afford to keep the place on my own but again with the knowledge of how agents work I have a feeling I might have to go through all the application etc again. More £££, risk of credit fail and dificulty proving income again. Part of me thinks surely they could swap the names in the knowledge weve always paid without issue and in 5 years only had a washing machine repaired, bathroom floor replaced(due to damp) and a toilet flusher so we are low maintenance. I do know the landlord as he is a friend of my dads if that makes any difference. I presume its in their interest to keep me in as long as the rents flowing, + they still have the deposit + rent advance. I was thinking of maybe saying see where we are in October when the "renewal" comes up. Any views would be appreicated.
  10. Hi All, I am going in for the PPI fight, I will track my progress and hopefully successful outcomes here. I have had loads of loans and Credit Cards over the years, in fact so many that I can't remember them all, I have written a list and will try put them in some order for SARs and then hopefully get some advice from you guys as to which to go after 1st. I am doubtful how many will come up as being mis sold though as I recall saying no to protection insurance on most occasions, but you never know. My List: Mortgages Natwest Norwich & Peterborough UCB Intelligent Finance Loans Barclays Natwest (2 or 3) Prudential (EGG x2) Secured Loan - GE Money Credit Cards Natwest Barclaycard EGG HFC Banking - Marbles Store Card GE Capital (Debenhams) Time Retail Finance (Dixons/Curries) probably some more I forgot in the fog of time. Most of these will have been mid 1990s onwards so early ones may not be relevant. Questions: Are any categories listed above unlikely to be persuable? Which is the easiest company to deal with? Which would you recommend going for first? Would you SAR all and wait for the information first? If I don't know Account Numbers etc will I just send name/address to parent company address? Thanks in advance for any advice, NCB
  11. Hi all, and I thank you in advance of all advice given to me with a problem I have had with a repair I had done at a local Citroen Main Dealer Garage. I owned a Citroen C4 (59 plate), bought in August 2013. 3 month warranty as it was 2nd hand, even thought I thought I had 3 year cover - that's another story. I developed a faul with the car in late April 2014 and on th 7th of May took the Car to my local Citroen garage to sort out. They did a VHC - Vehicle Health Check/Diagnostics, and informed me that I needed a new EGR valve. I asked if it was a straightforward job, and the reply I received was that I'd be "in and out" within 2 hours. Turned up the next day at 8 am, and was to to come back at 10am. The car was operational, and drive-able at this point. I took it in as the Engine Management light came on and, it sometimes would "miss". I was quoted £305.48 for parts and labour (£146.65 in the end). I came back at 10am, and waited, and waited, and waited. 2pm. I get asked to have a chat with the Manager. They said that after installing the EGR valve, they took it on a test run, and, for some reason, the car developed a mind of its own and continued accelerating by itself. They advised me that they needed some more time to find out what had happened. They offered me a courtesy car, which I had no choice but to take. Almost daily for almost a week I had to phone for an update. At no point did they bother try calling myself. Then they asked if I could come down to the garage on the 14th of May. The manager said that they weren't too sure what was wrong with the car, it could be an ECU replacement, but they weren't sure or the complete wiring loom. I asked if they could try the ECU? He stated, that they wouldnt be able to do so unless they charged me £450-£650 plus vat and labour. I said that was unfair, as the problem wasn't the ECU when I brought it in. He said, he couldn't guarantee that it even was the ECU and it was a chance I would have to take. If that didn't work, then the wiring loom would have to be replaced, and I was lookng at anything between £2300 to £4500 for that job. The car cost me £6k and had only done less thatn 50,000 miles. He said I could leave the car in their storage yard until I could get the money together, I told him I was exceptionally unhappy with the service and believed that this had arisen from whatever work they had carried out. I had no choice but to take the car home. It limped home and became unroadworthy or safe to drive since that date. Move forward a few months later, the manager never got back to me. I made a complain in writing. No response. I become ill, lose my job, miss payments on the car, and it gets repossessed. In the meantime I speak to their Head office, who said the new Manager would get in touch. I speak to him and he stated his boss is away for 2 weeks and he will get back to me as soon as he gets back with a resolution. 1 month goes by and I try calling again. Left a message with their reception. I miss his call, but he leaves a voicemail, which I still have a recording of. In the voicemail it states how apologetic he is for not getting back to me etc. I have a phone call the next day from him. He says that the only thing they could do was to bring the car in and "have another look at it maybe" - I explained to him the situation, he said that there was nothing he could really do then. I asked for a full refund, he said that he wasn't in a position to give me a refund. And here I am. I believe that under Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 I have a good case of getting a refund from Citroen. But I have no idea how to go about it correctly. I am happy to take this all the way if I have to, and I am even contemplating contacting the car dealer who sole me the car under the the same Act maybe? I now owe a nightmare Motorfinance company thousands, completely out of pocket, had no car, and am beyond stressed, which doesn't help my illness. Can you please assist? I want to put up a fight and get my money back from these pariahs. Thanks
  12. Long story cut very short; I have a 2006 Vauxhall Zafira auto. About 12 months ago the auto box was not "kicking" down when required or would just jump around the gears. Light also came up on dash and "rad coolant level low" showed up l Took it to a Vauxhall main dealer who could not find anything wrong with the car and told me to just keep topping up the rad when the light comes on as there "may" be a small leak somewhere, even though they could not find one. Had a full service done, 2 days later coil pack failed and AA fitted new one at cost telling me it was most prob due to one of the spark plugs not being put in properly, did not as for written confirmation of this (yes I know I should have) Complained to garage who stated it would not have been them but offered a free service next time round. Told them about coolant light again and was again advised to just top it up. Gear box was still not right so took it back to same garage three more times. Last time I asked them to check the gear box oil as on one of the forums it states that could be the problem. Was told oil was nice and clear and no issues. Again told to just top up the coolant when the light comes on. Three weeks later engine light came on and car broke down. AA took it to same vauxhall dealer, this time was advised segments from the radiator had leaked into the gearbox oil and a new gearbox and radiator was required at a cost of 3K. I obviously argued the point why this was not picked up before but was told "nothing to do with us mate" attitude ! Wrote many many emails of complaint etc but was just told it needed a gearbox and they offered no explanation as to why this had not been picked up before when they had my car in for service etc. When I was last at the garage I was advised the MD of "Go Vaauxhall" (the garage I took my car to all the time) was in his office if I wanted to talk to him personally. I obviously said I would and was walked over to another building as he was on the top floor. The only way to get to his office was via a spiral staircase, now I am disabled due to spinal injuries and use either a walking stick/crutches or wheelchair, something the garage are well aware off. I managed to get myself up the stairs as there was no lift and into the MDs office. After shutting the door he asked what my problem was ! I tried to explain all the issues when he in a loud voice started to argue. I decided this was not the correct way of dealing with the situation and walked out of his office. I again sent emails with my concerns but was just told if I wanted my car back I had to pay for the new gear box, which I eventually did as I needed a car as they advised me they did not have a loan car for me to use. Got the car home only for the coolant light to come back on ! Called the garage and this time they fitted a new "cooler" tank. Three days later new gearbox started to muck around again. Called AA who advised me ALL the gear box oil had come out due to a faulty seal. Called the garage yet again, not a happy bunny at this stage !!!! Was advised I had to get the car to them as they could not recover my car for me and they had no loan car's as it was now the Xmas break. Finally got the AA to take my car back to them on 7th January this year. They fixed the seal over the next three days. Sent more emails etc with no offer of compensation or anything at all. Due to my disability I was taken into hospital for another major spinal operation and have not been able to do anything for the last three months. I have now taken civil action against the garage at a cost of £70 to me claiming half the money for the gear box as I cannot afford the extra fee for claiming the full amount. Just received an email telling me they are going to fight this in court and are obviously in a better position than me to get my point across as they will have their own legal team etc. Is it best for me now just to give in due to the size of the company and if it cost me any more money, which I would now have to borrow ! I just feel I have been "had over" and it has cost me to try and prove this and the garage are just taking the pee !! Will it cost me any more money ? I have been advised by the court they are sending out a form N181 for me to fill in. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my "little" problems I am having with a Vauxhall main dealer. Regards Brian
  13. Purchased a car from a main dealer who in previous experience we had received good service. However, purchased a car almost £7k, low mileage, service history, 12 months warranty and MOT. Payment was part cash and part finance. On the original test drive we heard a noise and was told by the salesman that it was the brakes from being parked for awhile and would soon settle down. To be reassured, we took another test drive in it at different time of day on different roads and the noise was quieter, albeit still there. The dealer agreed to carry out a full service and MOT at no extra charge and we arranged the finance with their colleague. Within a week we were getting an engine maintenance light come on and took the vehicle back to the dealer. We waited with it and within an hour they said they had 'cleared' the fault. We drove half a mile down the road and the same warning appeared on the dash so turned around and returned to the dealer. We booked it in for them to investigate it further and once again they said it was 'fixed' but it returned again a few days later. Eventually, they managed to clear it. The fuel consumption is absolutely ridiculous but we put some of that down to the model and engine size not being sufficient enough to carry the load, as lots of owners reported similar. Last week they had the car again to investigate the original noise which hadn't gone and they said it was rear brake pads and discs but agreed to contribute half towards it having had a hissy fit in front of the service manager, lol. The dealership agreed the noise was still there after they test drove it having done the brakes and it was booked in again for today with a courtesy car available until they get it resolved. They attempted to charge me for the insurance on the courtesy car but I stood my ground. So, my question is this: as there is some finance on the vehicle and we've had so many problems with it, can we approach the finance company as they are jointly liable and if so, what could be a reasonable outcome? Not looking for crystal ball answers, just legally how do we stand please?
  14. Took a car I recently purchased to Kwik Fit for full service and advised that front discs and pads were worn to the metal and advised they needed replacing. As I do around 100 miles per day and drive my kids around I agreed to get the work done, and I need the car. The cost to replace the discs and pads came to £368.70 on a 998cc Yaris, when I looked at the Toyota fixed repair price for the same job on the same car it is £210 inclusive. I have been a loyal customer of the Consett Kwik Fit for a number of years but this has really upset me. I did say the price seemed high, but was told that it was right. On the phone when I was advised they were unsafe I'm sure I was told the brakes were £240 to fix which would seem more reasonable. I had paid for the service in advance online so when I went to pick up the car I was only paying for the brakes. What can I do? I was scared the car was unsafe so felt I had to choice but to agree to the work and pay the bill. I now feel totally stupid and ripped off.
  15. Hi, We purchased a new car and paid the car via debit card. The total amount was paid from my wifes card. Before we bought the car we asked the salesman if it was paid with my wifes card the car would have to be registered in my name, and he said that would be no problem. If that was an issue we would have paid them cash but saved us carrying cash with us. They taxed the car, we signed the paperwork and he gave us the green section of the v5 but they had put my wifes name on the new keeper section. I told him that it was my name and he apologised telling me that they would give me a letter to send to dvla. I emailed dvla who replied saying they can do this with a letter confirming the mistake. The salesman has now said they cant give a letter because of their audit and because they are regulated by the fsa. Not the biggest issue in the world but when I get the v5 back im going to have to change into my name giving it another owner ! Ive phoned dvla back and they say they cant do anything without a letter from the dealer. Also called the dealer back again but she is not budging and now says she cant remember the conversation about me asking for the car to be put into my name. Thanks
  16. I heard from a guy at where i work today that these rules are being challenged. I work for an agency at a place that i wont yet name, and have been there for a few years. When the rules about paying the same came in, the place took on 'flexible' workers, at a lower rate than main employees. This means the agency people are getting paid less than main workers as well. I wondered if anyone had heard about this, and if anyone knows where i can follow the court actions on it.
  17. This has been bandied about for some time. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2224349/Poor-drivers-priced-motorways-new-road-tax-proposals.html
  18. Good morning... I took my 1989 Cavalier into a large chain of Vauxhall dealers in Cambridge for a hose pipe. I was only going to buy it and fit it myself but the service chap told me that the rubber combined with the oil could have become corrosive and it'd be better done in the workshop, free of charge seeing as it was such an old car and easy to work on! (Bonus, I thought! The dealership I normally use in Stapleford have been amazing with my old Cavalier and love having it in the workshop, normally giving me healthy discounts!). It came out with a hosepipe fitted but the Vehicle Inspection Report was nearly ALL Red (Red Green and Amber). They said you MUST have these faults rectified; Oil leak from the cam cover gasket - I replaced it three months ago, it hasn't used a drop of oil since, yet apparently, they could see it "Pouring out" of the cover Reversing lights inoperative - Both my brake lights blew for some unknown reason and I took the Reverse Lights out to replace the blown brake lights. They insisted this was not the case and I needed a new switch to be fitted Both rear tyres needed replacing - With 3mm of tread on them? Really? They're in perfect order. And finally, I loved this... Steering/Suspension; Power Assisted Steering Inoperative - Requires further investigation... At this point, I paid the £11 for my hosepipe and walked out, collecting my car. It's not got Power Steering! Be careful even with main dealers, because when it went into the other branch of this network, it got all greens. They're thieving ****...
  19. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-2195853/New-household-bills-squeeze-EDF-Energy-pulls-cheapest-fixed-price-deal.html
  20. Bit of a long shot here but does anyone have details of the main man still at Egg Derby. If there is such a person nowdays. Was going to proceed with a claim for unfair charges but suddenly realised who exactly am I after for these charges. Account is an old Credit Card. It was sold pre Barclaycard to a DCA so this would I believe let Barclaycard off the hook. I have never seen anyone trying to claim back charges from a DCA that they have not put on themselves (By that not seen anyone on here trying to get a DCA to cough for OC's unfair charges) The remainder of Egg was sold to Yorkshire Bank after the Credit Cards were sold on. Would anyone have any idea's as to who I should be chasing or is this dead in the water and not worth the stamps and paper to try and reclaim now? Many thanks for any idea's.
  21. G4S or whatever they call themselves now cannot train enough security staff so we are going to use more of the armed forces. With the best will in the world just how long have they known the date of the Olympics? typical leave things till the last minute and get the Army to sort it out.
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