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Found 17 results

  1. hopefully someone may be able to help re: above applying for exemption via low income scheme nhsbs have told me over phone that they will only accept accounts as proof of self employed earnings. don't have any as I don't earn enough, I receive housing benefir council tax reduction and working tax credits have offered them the last 3 years certificates along side the income form, they say that's not good enough. any one got an idea what I should do now got treatment coming up for level 3 cant afford it.
  2. Hi, I am a bit confused about what I should receive as an NHS patient at a dentist. My OH and I have always gone private and paid lots of the years, but neither of us have a check up in over six years. I always felt I had good teeth and have flossed since my teens. Anyway, I broke a tooth last week and rang around to see if any local dentists were taking on NHS patients locally. I found one and booked the earliest appointment they had, which was last Friday. The dentist took about 4 x-rays and told me I had severe gum disease and no teeth could be replaced unti
  3. Hi guys, I used to be a lodger at someone’s house and he handed me a letter yesterday (100817) in my name dated 1 May 2017 titled NHS dental treatment charges - penalty charge. I went for a check up at a dentist on 4 March and they are claiming that I ticked the box for HC2 exemption for free NHS treatment (unsure – just wanted it over with as I was in agony at the time with toothache) It lists the payment as £53.90 treatment charge £100 penalty charge It also states on the back that if you are included in an award for Universal Credit (UC) and you had no earnings for t
  4. I recently received a letter from the NHS informing me I have to pay a penalty charge of £94 on top of £18.80 for my check-up. in 1980 I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and informed by my GP and my Dentist that due to my medication(Phenytoin) I would not have to pay for dental treatment. I have never been told by anyone that this is no longer the case. If I now have to pay then that's fine but I have not received any correspondence from the NHS informing me of changes to the rules and I object to a penalty charge for that amount for something I think is not my fault I've been with this Den
  5. hello all i was previously claiming ESA for the last 2 years, then failed a health assessment last december saying i have 0 points but my condition has got worse and not better. i was rejected and made a claim for mandatory reconsideration and spoke to my GP about what i should do with my nhs prescriptions, since i need 14 diff medicines every 2 weeks on repeat, he gave me a sick note and told me to post it to them with my mandatory consideration form ad then told me to just continue signing the ESA tick box, ifelt uneasy about it but he told me it will be fine and if theres any probl
  6. Good morning everyone! I've just returned home from my dental clinic. I didn't go to work today because i had this appointment. Can u imagine my shock when I came at the clinic by 12:00 sharp, it was the time of the appointment, only to know that the "hygienist is not in today".. They told me that they tried to contact me, but could't. But they are lying to me: there are no missed calls from them, no texts and no emails. Usually they do inform me of anything via text messaging AND email. If I was notified about such an important thing as a change to my appointment or its cance
  7. Danny-r

    NHS Dental Charge

    So, as a student, I've just returned home from University for Christmas to find a "Final Letter Before Action" letter from NHSBSA. Obviously I can't have official letters going to my temporary residence, so bank statements and important things are sent to my permanent address. For those that don't know, for students living away from home our parents house is still our 'permanent address'. The date on the letter is 9th of December. I was told by my Mum that the letter arrived on the 19th of December, yet the letter claims that it will take legal proceedings if the full amount is not paid
  8. Hi Hoping one or more of the gurus on here can answer this for me. I'm 64 years of age and live in Wales. Since having cancer treatment I have been having dental treatment to remove plaque from my teeth. Initially this was done at a hospital dental department and there was no charge for treatments, due to a shortage of hygienists the hospital passed me on to my NHS dental practice initially for 2 monthly visits which have quickly been reduced to 4 monthly simply because I'm managing to do a reasonable job of keeping the plaque down myself. Since going to the NHS prac
  9. Dear all, I have had an unfortunate experience with the General Dental Council (GDC) - they made a total hot mess (putting it mildly and politely) of a complaint I presented to them regarding a dentist on their register. I have initiated their complaints procedure and the response I eventually received some months later only added to my concerns. I understand I need to challenge their decision through the courts (high court it seems). Does anyone know the deadlines for this as I fear I have missed this due to the deliberate delay in receiving a response to my complaint? Also, d
  10. I used to be on the dole but on my visit a few months ago to the dentist, I told the receptionist that was working there I was no longer on benefits and could she update the system to show this...she also gave me a blue paper to sign which I did (I assumed this was normal procedure) after I had told her to update the system to show I was not on the dole anymore. Last week I got a NHS DENTAL PENALTY CHARGES NOTICE for £150.00! I was gobsmacked because I remember telling the receptionist to update the system to show I was not on the dole, so this would not happen. Luckily I had a
  11. Hi I have recently joined an NHS dental practice and have had an initial examination at a cost of £18.50 on the day a second appointment was made to have a filling done the following week the next day I realised that I couldn't make that appointment due to other commitments and so rang to re-arrange for around two weeks afterwards at which point I was told I could but it would be classed as a second treatment and that I would be charged £50.50 I'm unsure if the receptionist understood fully what I was getting at and so I have asked them to clarify what they mean in writing. The letter I i
  12. This is very worrying ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-30005682
  13. pin62

    Free Dental work

    Can anyone help me please, i was at the Dentist the other day for my check up. i had to have a tooth ground has it was very sharp and was cutting my tongue also the Dentist told me that my crown was in need of replacing has it had gone thin, I have had this Gold crown for over 10 years. I get free Dental work due to Disability benefits and wondered if they would replace my gold crown with another gold crown or not. when i first had it done I was working and paid I think over £200 for it. The tooth that I had to have ground down has a filling in it that has
  14. The price of NHS prescriptions is to rise by 20p in April and again next year. NHS dental charges will also increase by up to £5 from 1 April. In a statement, Health Minister Norman Lamb said the increases were justified given the increasing demands on the NHS, with spending on medicines alone almost doubling since 2000. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have scrapped all prescription charges. Around 90% of prescriptions in England are currently dispensed free of charge. There are exemptions for people on low incomes
  15. Hi all I went to the Dentist last week for the first time in a while, I had a checkup because its a new dentist, and I was told i had some tooth decay on my rightmost back molar. The dentist was foreign and he spoke so quickly, I honestly couldn't understand him half the time and I'm not used to going to the dentist, never having had a filling or anything like that. Anyway I didn't really understand my options so just went for the filling, not realising I can get a silver one from free on NHS because I am on ESA due to mental health issues. I signed their forms and arranged the
  16. Hi, I have no idea what section this would come under. I'm really hoping someone can give me some advice with this. My husband and myself are registered with a private dentist - that also sees our children (both under 16 and in full time education) On our last check up the dentist said my daughter needed specialist treatment and there were absesses forming along the top of her front teeth and she needed to see a endodontist (? think that's the name he said). He said this work was not carried out by NHS and the only way we could have it was private - and pay! We were presented with a wr
  17. hi, popped into local NHS dentist to ask if i could get treated / check up and if it would cost me, they said it would be for free as i was on ESA, so they asked for proof, i took esa proof, they signed me up, then i had some treatment, over 2 visits, at no charge. Few weeks later recieved letter from nhs, routine check unable, so please send proof of esa and fill in questionnaire. totally forgot about this, was going to go to dentist to sort it out. then i get another letter from nhs, ie pentalty charge notice and fine, totalling a sum of over £300! if dont pay, debt recovery, coun
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